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It was a slow Tuesday afternoon at Derek’s Guitar Shop. As at many retailers, Derek’s sales business continued to decline in the age of e-commerce. Unlike many other businesses, however, he had a service end to his shop that helped him to stay in business. Sure, lots of people would come in to look at his wares and even play them a bit, then order a guitar online. But many of these budding musicians were clueless when it came to setting up a new guitar properly, so he got them to pay him to put in a little work to make their new purchases sound as good as they would have if they’d just bought direct from him in the first place.

He wasn’t sure what to make of the woman in the sundress and cowboy boots who strolled in a bit after lunch. She was of medium height with a slim build, but he certainly noticed and appreciated both the swell of her breasts and the curve of her ass, neither of which seemed to be confined by any sort of underwear. Her eyes were hidden behind sunglasses, her beautiful face framed by sun-bleached blonde hair that went all the way down her back.

“May I help you?” he asked from behind the counter after watching her browse his selection of acoustic guitars for several minutes.

“Yes, please,” she said, turning and giving him a dazzling smile that showcased her perfect cheekbones and straight white teeth.

“Looking for a new acoustic?”

“I am,” she replied. He puzzled over her accent. Definitely European, which was not all that common in this part of Florida. Or in his rundown shop, except for when his friend British Bob stopped in. “Can I try this one out?”

“The Baby Taylor? For sure,” he replied, grabbing a light-gauge pick before walking over to her and pulling the guitar down from the rack. She stood awkwardly with the guitar after he handed it to her. “Oh, would you rather sit while playing? I guess it’s kind of big for you to stand and play.”

“It’s not just that,” she replied, her accent dancing through Derek’s head. “It’s more…I’m not very good and don’t like to play around people. Do you have a practice place?”

“Sure. You can use the studio I used to use for lessons.” He reached out for the guitar, gestured for her to follow him to the smallish windowed room across from his register that contained two folding chairs, two small amplifiers and a pair of old, beat-up Asian-made electric guitars. “I’ll leave you to it,” he said, handing her the guitar and pick before closing the glass door and returning to his stool behind the register.

He enjoyed the view as he watched her get comfortable with the three-quarter-sized guitar from across the shop. She strummed a series of major chords with surprising ferocity, the bright tones leaking out through the door and into the store. She looked the part of a country star with her black dress printed with pink roses and those oversized sunglasses, smiling as she became lost in her guitar playing.

As the minutes passed she loosened up, her chording becoming more precise and the rhythm of her right hand losing its initial choppiness. He recognized bits of her playing, some early Beatles here, a bit of “Mrs. Robinson” and the big chorus of “Lola” there. She’d occasionally segue into fingerpicking or riffing but by and large she strummed away producing bright tones like a joyful songbird on a sunny summer day.

A phone call from a supplier broke the spell, led to him shuffling through some paperwork for a few minutes as he talked to his Fender guy. When he looked up and over at his customer again he was stunned by what he saw. “Hey Manny, I’m going to have to call you back,” Derek said, hanging up before the sales rep could even reply.

Derek was shocked, amazed and aroused all at once by what he saw. The woman had stopped playing the guitar and began playing with herself! Her sun dress was bunched up around her waist and she was rubbing her shaven womanhood with her right hand while the left held the guitar in place across her upper legs. She’d removed the sunglasses and her eyes were closed in concentration as she rubbed her clitoris, a serene smile on her lovely face.

He tried not to stare but couldn’t help himself. He hadn’t had sex since a drunken one-nighter several months ago after a gig at a roadhouse two counties over and felt his groin stirring. She had to know he could see her…was she merely putting on a show or extending an invitation?

He continued to watch, flexed his pelvic muscles, both enjoying the sensations along his encased erection and feeling frustrated by its captivity as the woman continued to enjoy herself in the practice space. He thought about locking the door and putting the “closed” sign on but decided that would be a creepy move, that he wasn’t going to lock this alluring stranger in his store like he was some sort of predator. Instead, he moved his stool so his back was to the entrance door and his profile in full view of the rehearsal space, then leaned back, unzipped his black jeans and fished Sivas Escort his hard cock out of his boxer briefs.

The woman’s eyes popped wide open when she saw Derek lightly stroking himself. Though he appeared to be just around average in length and girth he was circumcised, unlike her husband and most of the men she’d been with back in her native Switzerland. She found herself growing even wetter as she watched, began working her index finger along her labia, thinking how good it would feel to have this stranger’s cock buried deep inside her. Finally she gently penetrated herself, sinking a finger in to the second knuckle while thumbing her fully aroused clitoris.

Derek gently ran two fingers along his engorged length, lost in the visual sensations she provided to accompany his tactile ones as he gently squeezed his head. Even from 15 feet away the woman could see the shiny dollops of precum he’d drawn forth to lubricate his head. She felt proud to know that she was able to elicit such a response from a stranger.

Their eyes locked on one another as they each individually continued to pleasure themselves. The woman wore a relaxed smile, while Derek’s face showed a more serious expression. His eyebrows shot up when she brought her shiny finger to her mouth and licked her essence off, then pointed toward the front door and pantomimed locking it with the twist of her wrist. Derek stood and began to tuck his cock back in; she shook her head in response.

Accepting her challenge, he walked to the door with his member out and flipped the sign to “closed” before locking the door. When he turned back around he saw her beckoning him over with her finger. He walked toward the practice room without hesitation and opened the door just as she pulled the guitar up off of her lap and leaned it against the wall.

“On your knees,” she immediately instructed. “I want you to see how good I taste.”

Ignoring the mixed metaphor, Derek crouched before her and without a moment’s hesitation placed his mouth between her splayed legs, her sundress falling over the top of his head. He felt her hands touch his head through the thin cotton as he kissed around her several times, enjoying her scent and feeling her warmth and wetness as she scratched his scalp. His tongue darted out, stabbed between her delectable folds several times before slowing down and lapping along her pussy, trailing downward and then upwards to her clitoris, lost in her sweet, tangy taste. He began to lick between her lips while rubbing his nose against her aroused clit, reveling in her smoothness and her scent.

“That feels so good,” she said. “Sometimes when I play guitar the vibrations just get to me, like they did today. Being surrounded by all of these instruments and feeling the music surge through the body of the guitar and knowing that a talented musician like you was near just got me so turned on!”

Derek paused in his ministrations, then chuckled when the woman pulled her dress away from his face and their gazes met. “Talented musician?” He played out a few times a month, both by himself and with a few different combinations of friends, but hardly thought of himself as much of a musician.

“Oh, I’ve seen you play before. At the park and at the county fair with that blues band. But I had no idea you worked here.”

He reached a callused finger between her legs, trying to make up for the absence of his tongue. “Work here? I’ve owned this shop for years.”

“So you’re Derek…oooh, I like the way your rough hand feels on me. But…there’s something else I would rather feel. Stand up.” He got up, his 45-year-old knees creaking a bit, suddenly embarrassed that his half-hard cock was dangling freely through his fly. The woman’s eyes were drawn to it, and a moment later she took it in her hand. “I liked watching you.”

“I really enjoyed watching you,” he replied. “You’re very sexy.”

“Well I hope you enjoy this as well,” she said before leaning forward, undoing his belt and button before pulling his jeans down to his knees. She grasped the waistband of his underwear, pulled it down and toward her to free his length. For Derek it felt like the longest 10 seconds of his life, but proved worth the wait when he felt her cover his head with her mouth. She expertly swirled her tongue around it several times, savoring the sweet-salty taste of his precum’s residue, then extended her tongue along the bottom side of his shaft. She began to suck, creating a powerful vacuum that quickly brought him to full firmness.

“My god, that feels so incredible,” he hissed, his eyes narrow slits as he looked down at her. “You’re very talented.”

She backed off, his cock exiting her mouth with an audible plop. “Thank you. I love sucking.” She continued stroking along his length. “And fucking. I don’t have much time. Do you want to fuck? You seem to be ready and able.”

He moaned as she took him all the way down, then licked his scrotum and Sivas Escort Bayan all along the underside of his length as she backed off, her tongue holding him perfectly horizontally as her greenish eyes locked on to his hazel ones. “I live just upstairs.”

“No,” she replied. “Here. In your shop.”

“It’s not the most comfortable place…”

“Just lay down. The floor seems clean enough.” Derek chuckled; a friend had given him one of those little vacuuming robots a while back and he let it do its work after closing up the shop a few times each week. A bit of time on his back on the old rug-covered hardwood floor seemed worth it for this crazy opportunity.

He pulled his tee shirt over his head as she watched. “Now your pants.” They were already down by his knees but he hastily removed his hiking sandals, then pulled his well-worn jeans down and stepped out of them.

“Ta da,” he joked, trying to deflect some of the embarrassment he felt at standing there naked and erect in his shop.

“Mmmm, I think I’m going to enjoy this,” the woman said as she reached forward and stroked him once more, ran a finger around his crown several times before letting go.

“Just a moment,” she said, reaching down into her purse and rifling around for a bit before pulling a condom out. She examined the date on it and then brought it to her mouth, tore the foil open and fished it out, explaining her actions as she placed the reservoir tip against his own tip and rolled it all the way down to his base. “You’re probably clean but I don’t want anything dumb to happen. Now, lie down.”

As Derek lowered himself to the floor she stood up and over him, hiked her sundress up a bit, giving him a tantalizing view of her yearning wet womanhood. “Take your dress off,” he said, his voice taking on an unexpectedly boyish tone, modulating unsteadily between request and demand.

“I don’t think I will,” she replied, briefly standing over him before lowering herself until her knees touched the floor and her dress covered their genitals, her hands on the back of her calves. “We haven’t much time, after all.”

Derek gasped as she skillfully moved her hips around over him, felt her warmth as she positioned her pussy over his cock as it lay near his belly, her parted nether lips forming a channel that she rubbed along his latex-encased length. He reveled in the sensations as he looked up, her face a mask of concentration as she moved about, a smile breaking out on her face.

“Does my Derek like being teased?” she finally asked.

“I’m not the one who’s in a hurry,” he joked back.

“Shit, you’re right,” she replied, her right hand sliding beneath the folds of her dress. She grasped Derek’s slick covered shaft, pulled it toward her and guided it between her own folds. “Oh my God. There’s nothing like that first moment when a new cock enters me for the first time. Never believe any woman who says they’re all alike. Each is as unique and amazing as the man who has it.” She meant it; though she and her husband continued to have sex like a pair of newlyweds even after two decades together and a trio of children in the house, she allowed herself the occasional tryst for excitement’s sake.

“You’re the amazing one,” he muttered as he thrust upwards, surprising her with the sudden motion of his cock followed by his hands on her hips, pulling her down until he was completely inside her, his wiry pubic hair almost tickling her smooth skin. She felt amazing, like a perfect warm hug around his manhood as he held her close. A moment later she flexed her kegels, literally squeezing him. “My God…it’s like your pussy is just perfectly molded around me.”

“Shhhhh,” she replied, losing herself in the sensations of this new lover as they moved together. She reached down, took his hands in hers, began to move with and against him almost like she would with a piece of exercise equipment at her gym, using the strength in her well-toned upper body to push against him, to pull them together, to set a fast-paced rhythm all their own.

Derek quickly realized she literally had the upper hand against him, decided to let her dictate the pace and depth of their penetration, intuiting that she craved control just as much as she craved cock. He let himself get lost in the sensations, close his eyes, not focus too much on her beauty lest he come too quickly and break this spell she’d cast on him. He opted to live for the moment, moving only his hips while luxuriating in how amazing each small movement they made together felt.

“Fuck…this is incredible. You’re just so good,” he finally said after several wordless minutes. She smiled once more at his words, squeezed his hands to telegraph her delight as she continued to take her pleasure from this new partner. She knew she was close; orgasms were relatively easy for her, something she had several times daily. She also knew time was running short, that she had to pick up the kids from Escort Sivas school soon.

“Are you ready to come, Derek?”

“I’m getting there. But I don’t want this to end.” She smiled at the absurd thought of spending endless hours fucking on this floor, of the rug burns they would each have afterwards and of how sore her pussy would be after all of that activity. And then she gasped as her pleasure took over, as her brain and body and even her heart combined to bring her the bliss and release that she constantly craved. Derek felt her tight pussy contracting around him, reached around to cup her ass and began to thrust harder in hopes of coming with her. But the constricting force and reduced sensations from the condom kept him in check while his partner writhed with her pleasure.

She finally looked down on him, beaming, touched his face, breathing heavily. “That felt really good. But you didn’t come?”

“No. Stupid condom,” he said with an exaggerated frown, slowly rocking inside of her.

“That’s good. Because I really want to suck you dry,” she said, pulling her dress over her head. He gasped at the sight: the flatness of her belly, the firmness of her partially tanned breasts, paler than the rest of her torso but clearly no stranger to the sun. Her breasts were topped with perfect pink nipples that protruded a half inch or so and quarter-sized aureole.

“My God…if you’d been naked when you were on top of me I probably would’ve come in no time,” he chuckled as she rolled off of him and stood up.

“Let’s get you up on your chair,” she remarked, pointing toward his stool by the register. “Enough of this floor.”

Derek stood, back aching slightly, and walked the handful of steps across the shop to his perch and sat down, legs open, cock standing proudly. He flexed several times, eliciting a giggle from his partner as his sheathed erection bounced.

“Nice trick,” she commented, squatting before him, feeling a pleasant burn in her leg muscles after the 10 minutes or so that she’d spent riding him. She reached toward the base of his shaft with both hands, carefully grasped the condom’s ring and pulled it off, tossing it toward his wastepaper basket. “Now it’s time for me to perform some magic.”

She opened her mouth wide, engulfing him in one long slow motion until his entire cock disappeared in her mouth, his tip sliding easily down her well-practiced throat. She held him there for 15 long seconds, delivered intense, unexpected sensations as she gulped, constricting his spongy head until she needed air once more and slid off.

Derek looked down, marveled at what a mess she’d made, thick saliva dripping from his length. “Oh my God that was an amazing trick. You made me disappear.” She pumped him with her right fist by way of a reply, then took half of him between her lips once more. She wanted his cum and set to work releasing it, spiraling her tongue all around his head, licking, applying suction, stroking his shaft while tonguing his head, stabbing at his meatus, cupping his balls. He could scarcely believe the range of sensations she was eliciting, how varied her technique was.

Sooner than he might have liked she felt his head and shaft expand between her sweet, hungry lips, his balls begin to contract as they prepared to shoot for his essence.

“Fuck, I’m going to…”

“Yes, come for me. Give me your seed,” she commanded, fervently stroking him while sucking on his head.

“Don’t stop don’t stop oh fucccckkkkkk,” he muttered as his first thick shot spurted forth, practically deflecting off of her tongue and down her throat. She pulled her head back, kept stroking him as he continued to erupt, his creamy ejaculate landing on her cheek, her chin, her lovely long neck and finally down onto her breasts. She took him back in her mouth, literally sucked his last few dollops out, savoring the salty-sweet taste, the thick texture, both familiar and foreign at the same time, thicker than the loads she took from her husband almost nightly, perhaps a bit sweeter as well.

Derek shuddered, spent, amazed at how hard he’d come, how much she’d brought forth from him, though it had in fact been several days since he’d felt inspired to masturbate. “You come so much,” she said, delighted and surprised, looking sweet and slutty as his cum began to separate, the watery portion sliding down her body, the dollop on her chin hanging until she gathered it with her thumb and inserted it between her lips, gulped it down appreciatively. She did the same with the other spunk on her face, then rubbed the rest into her neck and chest. “It’s good for the skin. Lots of vitamins.”

“Mmmmm. In that case you can come by for some lotion any time,” he smiled, reveling in her sexiness and openness, surprisingly unembarrassed now to be here naked with her. “Come here,” he said, pulling her up, standing with her, embracing her.

“No,” she said surprisingly, turning her head when he tried to kiss her. “That’s…I don’t think we should kiss. That’s for my husband.”

“I should’ve known. Of course you’re attached.”

“I am,” she said, holding her left hand up, the tan lines from her missing wedding band obvious. “I don’t like to chord with my rings on so I took them off.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32