Lockdown with Mum Ch. 02

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Ass Pounding

Saturday and Sunday were beautiful for Jack and his mum; they only got out of bed to eat. Their lovemaking was wonderful, so varied; they were both willing to try anything. Over dinner on Sunday night, Jack said, “Mum, I’ll have my finals in five weeks, that will depend on the lockdown. I thought if every morning when you go over the accounts for your clients if I could go over them with you as we will be tested on how we read a set of accounts?”

Mum replied, “Jack, that’s a good idea. I always print out any accounts that I’m analysing; I prefer a hard copy to a computer screen. I’ll print two copies, then we both can analyse them then we can compare notes, I can have six sets of accounts every day, in a week, you’ll be an expert in no time at all.”

On Monday morning after breakfast, they both got on with their work; Jack knew when his online lectures were, he was free every day from after three in the afternoon. After the afternoon coffee break, they did their analysis; mum was excellent at it, she could pick up the smallest detail, which could affect the profit and loss account by a couple of per cent. They could spend an hour every weekday doing this, Jack learned so much from doing this with mum.

They still dressed for dinner though in mum’s case some nights she only wore lingerie under her apron. They had managed to overcome the monotony of the lockdown with something that they both looked forward too. Mum did her work; the fees still came into the office from the companies that were still working. The companies that were not working then mum and her staff were helping them obtain financial assistance from the government. Jack was getting all his lectures online, which allowed him to still study and research everything that he had been taught.

Jack had moved into mum’s bedroom, but during the day he and she could still have their own space, doing this and their dressing for dinner made all the difference. They both again could lead separate lives during the day and have the excitement of their lovemaking in the evenings and in the mornings, but as often happened during the day as well. One could arouse the other then they would do it, it all came so naturally.

They had passed the third week of isolation, the government extended it for another three weeks, but now when you went shopping, you had to wear a face mask. They always kept Friday night special, with Champagne and dressing up. Mum had taught Jack a lot in bed; he had also introduced her to things that she had never experienced before, especially giving her oral. With her husband, mum had given him oral but never received oral from him. She loved it, in the morning, when they awoke, they both showered then went back to bed, Jack would later give his mum oral, she would cum in his mouth then they escort şişli would make love.

The other thing that Jack introduced his mum too was anal; mum loved it, she wanted it every night after dinner. Jack’s cock could stimulate mum’s G-spot; this gave her intensive vaginal orgasms; she loved it. She told Jack that he was the first man to fuck her anally. Jack wondered about this as in mum’s collection of dildos and vibrators, in her bedside table, there was also a strap-on. He never asked mum about it.

Mum adored Jack’s massive cock; every morning, she would wash it and rinse it carefully in the shower. Mum loved the fast recovery time because of his youth; his cock was always hard for her. Mum still had her period, she had gone to her doctor, and she had put her back on the pill. Mum had been so worried in case an accident happened and she got pregnant as Jack was having sex with her three times a day.

Jack had asked his mum how she had managed to get on the pill so quickly during lockdown? Mum said with a smile, “Jack, I’ve known May, for a very long time. I told her that I had a younger man, and there was chemistry. I told her that it would be better if I were on the pill. I’ve helped her a lot with her accounts; she knows that I’m not stupid, she gave me the pills, so we’ve nothing to worry about. After your father died, May and I used to go out together; her husband died shortly before your dad. She’s an excellent doctor and has always been a good friend of mine.”

Jack then wondered if May had used the strap on with mum. May was a tall good looking woman, she had a daughter Kay, who was a couple of years older than Jack, Kay was like her mum, big-breasted, Jack had dated her a couple of times but had not got very far. Kay was a teacher now and had her flat in the city; she no longer was part of Jack’s social group.

That night, after dinner, Jack and mum had an intensified session, mum was getting louder; she was showing her feelings more visibly. Mum had had another body shaking orgasm tonight. They were lying in bed, kissing and touching, Jack said, “That was good tonight mum, how was it for you?”

“I loved it Jack, our lovemaking just gets better and better, it makes me realise how much I’ve missed having a cock.”

Jack slid his hand between her legs; he started stroking her hard clit, Jack said, “Mum, you’re fantastic in bed, you give so much pleasure, did you never think of taking a lover after dad died? You are a beautiful woman.”

“It was tough after your dad died. I missed him for his company; we hadn’t been sexually active for a long time before he died. Remember, we had separate bedrooms. I think that I told you that his snoring was keeping me awake. I thought about it, but I didn’t do anything about it.”

Jack nişantaşı escort slid two fingers inside mum’s dripping pussy, mum purred with pleasure then continued, “I had to go to May’s for my yearly check-up, I was her last patient of the day. May had to check me internally, as she did it, I felt myself getting aroused. May told me that everything was good; she still had her gloved hand inside me. I told her that I was happy to hear this. I also told her that what she was doing felt so good. She smiled, then asked if I wanted her to continue? I told her that I would love that. May then made me cum. That was the start. We went out for supper and ended up in bed. May introduced me to oral and anal, but how we did it doesn’t compare with how you do it.”

“Jack, I love what you’re doing to me; you’ll make me cum if you keep going. Anyway, that’s when I realised that I was bisexual May and I started to see each other at least twice a week. We both loved it, she was there for me, and I was there for her. We have had a lot of good times, have I surprised you?”

Jack kept fingering mum’s pussy; she had spread her legs wide for him, Jack said, “Mum, I’m happy for you, it she gave you relief and excitement, I’ve no problem with it. When was the last time you saw her?”

Mum answered, “When she put me on the pill, we were still active up until the lockdown started. There hasn’t been an opportunity for me to see her, but she suggested that I come to her Clinic as her last patient one day.”

“Did you tell her about me?”

“No, I told her that I had met an accountancy student who had spent time at my firm, one thing led to another, and I needed to go on the pill. I think that she was a little jealous of me. Jack, you’re making me horny, your cock is so hard, let’s do it again, I want to go on top and give you a great ride.”

Mum got on top of Jack, gripping his cock at the base, she ran his bulbous head up and down the length of her wet sex slit several times. Mum positioned it in the middle of it and pushed down, Jack’s massive cock disappeared inside her greedy cunt, she smiled as she built up her rhythm, mum said, “I need this, it’s the fourth time we have had sex today, I can’t get enough of your cock, I’ve never had a craving for cock like this in my life.”

Jack loved the way she was riding him; it reminded him of their first fuck, Jack said, “Does May enjoy sex as much as you?”

“She loves it, she’s always horny, she must be missing me, but you satisfy me perfectly, do you want me to see her in the future?”

“That’s up to you mum, does May like cock?”

“I think so, she hasn’t been with any men that I know of, she has said to me a few times that she misses cock, she uses dildos and vibrators but said to me that fatih escort she prefers a hot cock inside her, why do you ask?”

“I like her big tits; May has a good body. I’ve always had a fantasy of having two women in a threesome, would you be interested in that mum?”

“That excites me, May would love your cock, I’m sure of that. She’s very open-minded. I think that she’d be interested but how could we arrange it during lockdown? That could be a problem.”

“May’s a doctor, she’ll make house calls, if she’s agreeable, then it wouldn’t be a problem. It would be down to you mum, and how you handle it. Did you tell her anything about your student friend?”

Mum laughed, but she was now riding Jack faster and harder, Jack sensed this was exciting her, mum replied, “I told her that he had a massive cock that filled me. I also told her that when he ass fucked me the head of his cock stimulated my G-spot, and that made me cum, she was very curious when I told her that, I would have to tell her that it was you that’s fucking me, that might make it easier as I think that she likes you. I haven’t made any arrangements to see her so I would have to phone her. I’m sure that she would be interested.”

“Mum, what does May enjoy in bed? What arouses her?”

“Everything Jack, she’s like me, her tits are very sensitive, she can cum if you play with them or suck them. She loves oral, giving and receiving. She loves anal too, I’ve ass fucked her with a strap on, she likes everything, she can be very noisy, she likes to talk dirty. When we’re together we can be very dirty; she loves to cum. I’m sure that she’d love your cock. We once had a threesome with one of May’s friends, that was very dirty, May would bring her maybe every three months or so, she is another widow that loves sex. Jack, this is making me so horny, I’m so close to cuming.”

Mum then moved up a gear; she was going up and down on Jack’s erect shaft with a slightly circular motion, she was also gripping Jack’s cock tightly at the base and head of each thrust. Mum’s big tits were wobbling everywhere. Mum looked so graceful and purposeful as she pounded her pussy on to Jack’s erect shaft. Jack was relaxed, he was enjoying everything his cowgirl was giving him, mum said, “You are hitting my cervix, having that stimulated is unbelievable, I’m so close, I need to cum.”

“Mum, cum for me, let me feel your hot cum on my cock, cum mum, cum for me.”

A minute later mum had a body-shaking orgasm; her whole body was shaking and trembling, this lasted a good minute then mum composed herself. She leaned down and kissed Jack so tenderly with so much affection; mum said, “That was a good one, Jack, you know what I love, you know how to satisfy me, four times today you taken me to places most women don’t know exist, I love every minute of this.”

They kissed again, after the heat and hard grinding of their lovemaking, their kisses were so soft and smooth, then the phone at mum’s bedside rang, mum looked at the caller ID, then said, “It is May, leave this to me.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32