Little Queen

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The first death was painful, a burning sensation engulfing her entire being, as though she were attempting to breathe inside a pool of acid. The second death, when her husband laid eyes on her ghostly form, was painless, like blowing out a candlestick, but the inner agony of watching her husband collapse on the steps to the land of the living in sobs was worse than any death she had experienced before.

Orpheus stumbled back into the world of the living, practically crawling as he cried until he retched. She felt herself falling backwards, deeper into the Underworld. She tried to reach out for him, to call his name, but to no avail.

“It’s not his time, Eurydice,” said a voice from behind her.

She turned, a dizzying sensation she was not accustomed to in her new Shade form.

“What do you mean?” Eurydice asked the speaker.

It was Persephone, who she was all too familiar with now. Her black curly hair stuck out in strange angles beneath her gilded diadem, a blackened crown with sinister red jewels interwoven with dead flowers. Despite being a goddess, she wasn’t tall, as Eurydice always expected goddesses to be, but rather, petite and rather curvy, her chiton straining against her breasts and hips. When the low lights of the stairwell hit, it looked as though souls were trapped inside the fabric, moving and trying to break free.

“Walk with me,” Persephone replied without answering Eurydice’s question. She held out her arm.

Eurydice hesitantly linked arms with the dark queen. She knew better than to say no to Persephone. Her anger far rivaled her husband’s.

“Where are we going?” Eurydice finally decided to ask.

“My garden,” Persephone replied. She always had a high, almost singsong voice. It reminded Eurydice of birds or other springtime creatures, which was odd given her darkened appearance.

“What’s in your garden?”

Persephone’s lips curled in a smirk. “Plenty of things. Food, since you’re to stay here now. Flowers. Benches. My nymph attendants.”

“Oh.” Eurydice’s mind whirred with questions, but asking them felt unwelcome. Persephone was a goddess, after all, and Eurydice a dead mortal.

“You need not mourn your useless husband,” Persephone said.

Eurydice winced. “He wasn’t useless.”

“Most men are,” Persephone sighed. “My husband is kind. Too kind. And yours had a good heart with little brainpower to back it up.”

Eurydice frowned. “That’s a bit mean, don’t you think?”

Persephone shrugged. “The way I see it, he was given the greatest opportunity in the world, and he failed. He is an embarrassment, and you can do far better.”

“Do better? What could I do? I won’t see my husband until he dies.”

Persephone Escort Bayan pursed her lips and hummed in thought. She really was beautiful, Eurydice admitted to herself, but in a terrifying way. She wondered what it would be like to touch her lips, but perished the thought. She would wait for Orpheus.

They had arrived at the garden then, and Persephone opened the gate for her. Eurydice’s breath caught.

It looked to be the only living place in the Underworld. Plants, exotic and colorful, climbed the cavernous walls. Nymphs played their lyres and sang to the trees, making them blossom, drop fruit, and immediately wither.

Persephone picked a few flowers as Eurydice watched the scenery, wondering where the sunlight in the underground was coming from. Before she could ask, though, Persephone approached her with a crown of roses.

“To your husband, you were a beautiful instrument. But to me, you are a queen.” And she rested the roses atop her head.

Eurydice blinked. “A…a queen?” She couldn’t believe it. Persephone, the Bringer of Death, the Goddess of Spring, the Queen of the Underworld, was calling her a queen. “But I’m just—”

“Mortal? Mmm, yes, you are. But I like mortals. You forget I spend half of my life up there.” She pointed upwards. “My friends, before coming to this place, were all mortals and nymphs. Mortals not unlike yourself.”

Eurydice blushed. “You…you mean…”

“I did not take men as lovers before Hades. I had plenty of women at my disposal.”

At my disposal. Eurydice wasn’t sure how she felt like that, but she felt her face heat up as Persephone stepped closer and brought a hand to the small of her back.

“Let the touch of a fellow queen heal you from your unfortunate man.”

Before Eurydice could protest—not that she particularly wanted to, though it did feel like cheating on her husband, regardless of his failure—their lips met. Persephone’s were fuller, rounder than hers, but softer. Eurydice hadn’t felt solid until now, but with the grip of Persephone’s nails against her white chiton, she swore she felt a pulse in her own skin.

As expected, Persephone tasted like pomegranates and other delicious, tart fruits. Eurydice had never been like this with women before—it wasn’t something that occurred to her as possible—but she couldn’t help but wonder if Persephone tasted this sweet everywhere.

Persephone unfastened Eurydice’s chiton, letting the layers of white fabric tumble to the earthen ground. She let those hands wander down her smooth body, Persephone’s dark skin contrasting with Eurydice’s pallor.

“Beautiful,” Persephone whispered.

“I…I am?” Eurydice asked. She always found herself a bit too chubby to be beautiful.

“You’re perfect. You look like a fertility goddess.”

Her hand slipped between her legs, and Eurydice almost fell forward, making Persephone step back.

She chuckled. “You’re soaked, Eury. You like this.”

Eurydice emitted an embarrassed noise and brought her hands to her face.

“Give me a moment. I have the perfect thing for you.”

“A…a thing?” Eurydice was left breathless as Persephone’s hand retreated. With a few flicks of her hand, her clothes were gone, and Eurydice covered her mouth to hide her gasp.

Persephone was a goddess, literally and visually.

She was built like her—large breasts, tummy pooch, wide hips. She didn’t get a good look between her legs, though, because immediately, an artificial phallus was summoned to cover the area, straps over her hips holding it in place.

She tilted her head. “You look nervous.”

“I’ve never, um, done this with a woman. Or a god.”

“Then you’ll find this is barely different. Want to feel it?”

Eurydice nodded, and Persephone brought her hand to the phallus. It was some sort of finished, polished wood, about as wide as three of Persephone’s fingers and perhaps as long as the only penis Eurydice had ever seen. The straps made of leather, but were soft.

Persephone leaned back, having a seat on the bench behind her. “Come here, little queen.”

Eurydice stumbled forward, a knee on either side of Persephone’s hips.

“Let’s get you warmed up, shall we?” Persephone cooed, running a finger up and down Eurydice’s soaked slit.

Eurydice trembled and fell forward, a shocked and aroused gasp escaping her lips. She focused the pad of her index finger on the sensitive nub for a while, and Eurydice clung to Persephone as though her life depended on it. She felt her walls clench on nothing, making her moan even more as she dug her nails into Persephone’s arms.

Persephone giggled and slipped a finger in. “Look at you,” she laughed, kissing her forehead as she curled her finger.

Eurydice couldn’t reply. This was far better than anything she had ever experienced with Orpheus. She knew, rationally, that she was no longer alive, but Persephone made her feel reborn, more alive than she ever had been.

Persephone hummed and added another finger, and Eurydice flailed atop her lap. She didn’t expect the stretch to be so easy, so pleasant. It felt as though Persephone had memorized all the delicate places in her body already, making her lost in the sensations. Orpheus seemed like such a small, minor matter, a bump in a path to true passion.

“Are you ready?” Persephone asked, withdrawing her soaked fingers and resting her hands on Eurydice’s hips.

Eurydice managed a nod. It was irrational, but she felt she would perish without Persephone filling her up.

Slowly, Persephone helped lower Eurydice onto the shaft. There was a slight burn to the stretch, but it wasn’t necessarily a bad sensation at all. A low moan ripped from her chest as she sank all the way down.

“Are you alright, my little queen?” Persephone asked.

“Yes,” Eurydice managed, her voice coming out much breathier than she intended.

Persephone held her up by her hips and slowly began to help her rise and fall. In her grasp, Eurydice was a shaking, sweating mess. Never had she felt so warm, so wonderful. She would’ve dared say loved, but she knew better than to expect such things from a god.

“More?” Persephone asked. She was being so careful with her, and Eurydice almost hated it. She wasn’t some fragile virgin.

She gritted her teeth. “Please.”

Persephone smirked and picked up the pace, holding her down atop the phallus and beginning to thrust upward. Eurydice choked on a scream, not wanting to startle the nymphs in the garden.

“Don’t worry about them,” Persephone chided. “They’re used to this. All my attendants gain pleasure from me. Would you like that, little queen? Would you like to be my attendant, being fucked whenever I so desire?”

It sounded like a wonderful place to be. “I would,” she moaned. She half-wondered if it was only her aroused brain telling her this was a good idea, but that would be something else to sort through. It wasn’t as though she had any duties anymore, being dead.

Eurydice couldn’t sit up on Persephone’s artificial cock anymore. She was going too fast, and her head was dizzy with her impending undoing. She laid forward on Persephone’s shoulder, and Persephone wrapped her arms around her to hold her close.

“Let go,” Persephone said softly, holding her down with some effort as she pounded into her.

With an ungodly force, she climaxed, holding onto Persephone. She clenched her teeth as her walls closed in on the phallus, groaning as she slowly relaxed. She wasn’t seeing correctly. The garden and her goddess were a blur before her as her heart hammered in her ears.

Persephone kept the rhythm for a bit, slowing down as her orgasm ebbed. Eventually, she pulled out, summoning the artifact away.

“I wanted your husband to succeed for your sake, but I wanted him to fail for mine.”

“What do you mean?” Eurydice asked, laying against Persephone’s breast, breathing hard.

Persephone tucked Eurydice’s hair behind her ear and leaned forward, her lips whispering into her ear. “I wanted this beautiful mortal flower all to myself, but most of all, I wanted your happiness. Your man failed you. Let me succeed.”

Eurydice closed her eyes and leaned into the touch. “I will. And you did.”

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