Little Girl Lost_(1)

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Here is a young love / incest story I wrote over a year ago. It was well received on another site, so I have copied it here. Tell me your thoughts.

I have been with Gina for about three years now. She is all the woman a man could ever dream of having. Sweet, kind, considerate, with a considerable desire to please! We had been living together most of that time, living as a family, Gina, her daughter and I, with only the marriage part missing. See, Gina had been through a rough life. Shitty childhood, crappy marriage, an all around rough time, and she was showing it when we met. She had no self esteem, working a dead end job, no future and no hope of a future, but I saw something in her that I thought was special, a special caring that was only partly obscured and, I felt, only needed a little polishing to really come out, and in time I was greatly rewarded for my efforts. With some loving and a little time she came out of her funk and began to have dreams and goals again. She still wasn’t ready to marry me like I wanted, but she wasn’t about to let me go either so I was content.

Gina was a petite strawberry blond, about five feet in heels, trim figure, B cups, and she never once complained about my eight plus inch cock being a problem, in fact she always attacked it with gusto, and even after all day or night fuck sessions she didn’t admit to being sore.

Her daughter Kari was already a few inches taller than Gina, her body was very thin and flat chested, but with a nice well rounded ass. She kept herself plain, no makeup to hide her freckles and her strawberry blond hair was straight and shoulder length, she would probably be a slightly taller version of her mother.

One early fall day Gina and I both decided to play hooky from work, as it was a warm day and we had not had much private time away from her daughter Kari. I loved Kari as if she was my own, but she did have a habit of interrupting me and her mom’s more passionate movements, frustrating the hell out of me. We began that day as soon as Kari was out the door, our clothes a trail from the kitchen to the bed room, shorts, then socks on the floor, shirt on a chair, bra on a door handle, you get the idea. We were both horney as hell so once the love making began it only took us a few minutes to complete, but that was OK because we had all day.

As we lay there, me on my back, Gina with her head on my chest, our breathing slowing, our skin cooling with sweat, Gina began to speak, “Joe… you remember that time I asked you what it was you always wanted to do, but didn’t think you would ever get the chance?

“Which one, see the top of Everest or screw a young Rachel Welch” I teased?

Gina slapped my chest and said “I’m serious”.

“Sorry” I replied. “I’m not sure, remind me”.

“A few months back, you and I were down town that warm afternoon… you were a little buzzed…” she paused.

It came back to me, one of those throw away statements you use to get a reaction out of someone. I had said I always wanted a virgin, but had never been with one and it looked like I never would. I asked “the virgin thing”?

“That’s it” she said.

“What about it? You gonna tell me you were a virgin and Kari’s not yours?

“NO” she said and slapped my chest again, “but what would you think if I said you could get that wish”.

Wondering what the trap was, I proceeded cautiously, this kind of teasing could be fun or get me in trouble! “I would wonder if you were trying to tell me to pack up and go”.

Gina lifted her head and looked at me “I have no plans to let you go, you’re stuck with me for the rest of my life so try again”.

“Oh no” I said, I’m not looking for trouble, especially exposed to you like I am, motioning to my cock with my eyes, “If I answer wrong I could be in a world of hurt”.

Gina smiled and gently grasped my cock, her hand seeming tiny in comparison, she smiled and said” relax, I’m not done with this yet…. Do you remember what I told you about my first time”?

“Yeah” I said “Sounded pretty typical, a lot of anticipation and a big letdown, at least for you”.

“Well… that’s not the whole truth. I never told the real story to anyone, but I have no doubt the others involved told a whole lot o’ people”. She became quiet again, then she lifted herself up and sat facing my cross legged, hands clasped together between her legs. “I was running around with this group at school. I thought I was so cool that they accepted me. The popular kids had their friends, the nerds had theirs, and I just didn’t fit in anywhere, so I found this group of losers. They played me like a fool! I would steal stuff from the store for them, I stole money from my parents for them, I did whatever they wanted because I wanted them to like me… I needed them to like me”.

I remained quiet, she didn’t unload on me like this very often, so when she did I knew how important it was to her. I let her go on.

“One day my FRIENDS invited me to a party one was having at his house. His parents were gone, and left him alone. Wow I thought a REAL party, with beer and maybe pot, man was I excited. It was Friday and we went straight to his house with four other guys, they said there would be some of the girls in the group coming later. God was I an idiot….” Again she was silent, staring at the ceiling, I saw a tear on each cheek, in a whisper she said “They raped me….”

I sat in stunned silence. I knew her parents had been losers, the best thing they ever did for Gina was both die the same year she turned eighteen. This was not the time to speak, I had nothing to say, this was beyond my experience and what happened was way beyond my control, all I could do was give her all my attention. “I’m listening sweet heart”.

She dropped her eyes to me and gave me a smile “I know you are my love, and that’s why I knew I could trust you with this. I never even told this to Kari’s father…. All weekend they kept me in that house. When I tried to scream they stuffed a sweaty sock in my mouth, when I struggled they slapped me, they hit me… and when I kicked at them….” Again she paused, sobbing, her tears ran freely down her cheek, she sniffed and absentmindedly she ran her nose across her upper arm. When she composed herself some she continued “They held my legs open and each took a turn with me, one after another, hour after hour, again and again. They called me names no young girl deserves to be called, said this was all I was good for”. Now she was becoming more animated, angrier “They called their friends and more came over, some with their girlfriends who watched and didn’t do a damn thing to stop it. It didn’t stop until Monday morning….” She stopped and sighed then again quietly continued “They threw me my clothes said if I told anyone they would just say I asked for it, or their parents were lawyers and a loser like me couldn’t get them in trouble, that kind of bull shit. They kept saying that shit, and other stuff while we walked to school, well half way there I took off running for home, all the while them laughing and saying ‘run home loser, run home to the drunks’, hell they knew my parents wouldn’t do a damn thing. When I got home I ran inside and my mom was in front of the T.V., vodka in her hand like always, and her eyes glassy and shit, all she did was look up at me and spit out ‘what do you want’”. Again Gina stopped to collect herself, wipe away her tears, and to swallow her sobs. I didn’t know what to think, this was pretty heavy stuff, and I was feeling helpless and I wasn’t even there. Eventually she went on “If EVER I needed the love of my mother, or just another human being, it was that moment, and my mother was so involved with her booze she didn’t see her own daughter standing in front of her crying out for help. I was still covered in their filth, I couldn’t out run the smell of their sex, so I went to my room, stripped out of my clothes climbed into the shower and washed it off… I washed my clothes not feeling anything at that point, I just felt numb. Mom was blotto by then, so I took one of her half drunken vodka bottles and polished it off myself, puked and then climbed into bed for two days… and you know what”? Her sobs returned and she struggled to finish “my parents never checked on me”.

Wow, I was emotionally drained after that and still at a loss for words so I continued to be silent.

Gina broke the silence by saying “Now you know why I’m so fucked up” and she gave a little laugh.

I reached for her, all I wanted to do was fold her into my arms and protect her from the demons I now knew had been, and were still tormenting her. She melted into me and her sobs grew to a full cry and I just let her cry, stroking her hair, and giving her the love she had been denied as a child, and loving her all the more for telling me her story. “I don’t know what to say, I’m afraid I just don’t have an answer for this”.

Gina pulled back finally with a weak smile “you don’t need to say anything silly, your love has helped me more than you can imagine”. Placing a hand on my chest and running her fingers in my chest hair she said “I never knew love until you came into my life…. I mean, I knew the love of my child, and the love I had for her, but the rest of me was empty, and I was afraid of what my life would be like without it”. Gina began to pat my chest, and looking down she said “which brings me to the question I need to ask you”.

“Anything” I said.

“Kari is so much like me. She is always complaining about being unhappy at school, you know, no one likes her, she’s not pretty or popular…. You know she hasn’t even had her period yet”.

“That’s no big deal, what did the doctor say her last check up”?

“It doesn’t matter what the doctor said, to Kari she is still inadequate, and it’s just another thing to be self conscious about. She’s going to be fourteen next week, she’s in the eighth grade and all this is important to her, and I don’t have any answers that she likes”.

“OK… well we will work together and get her through this. You can ell her your story….”

“Are you kidding? She’ll just think I made it up to keep her away from the losers she hanging out with….”

Now it was my turn to interrupt “Wait, how do you know she’s hanging with losers”?

She dropped her head again and said sheepishly “I spied on her” and quickly added “I’m her mom and I have a right to”.

Laughing I said “Whoa there little lady, I think you should keep tabs on who she’s with and what she’s doing, you’ll get no argument from me”.

“Well, I thought you might not understand so I didn’t tell you. I volunteered at her school a bunch of times and I saw who she was with and I saw myself about her age.” Gina looked into my eyes and continued “This is why I want you to be Kari’s first”.

“WHAT” I said, incredulous? “I love her as my own daughter, and what you’re asking is definitely a violation of that kind of trust”.

“I know, I know, but hear me out. Of all the men I have ever known only YOU have shown me true love, and of all the men in Kari’s life only YOU have shown her true love. Look… her insecurity is binding her to these losers, ties that I can’t break. I’ve been trying since I found out….”

“How come I haven’t heard about this before” I asked? “I haven’t seen any troubles or heard her talk about these guys….”

Gina jumped in and said “Because she loves you, I’m just her mom, but you’re a man, a big strong mysterious man”. Then smiling she added “The bringer of happiness AND pleasure, she knows there is something special about you. I wish you could see the change when you come home at night. Before she is all doom and gloom, she argues and moans about EVERYTHING, when you come in it’s like a switch and she is suddenly all sweetness and nice, and everything is great. She loves you and she wants YOU.

I sat there stunned again “Did I mention it’s illegal? Look, I know you’re worried, but if we work together we can solve this without a lifetime on any sex offender list”.

“That won’t happen, I can guarantee it” she was adamant.

“How” I asked? “How can you? How can you know what she wants, what she feels”?

Sobbing again she answered “Because I KNOW…. Do you know I went back to hanging with the sons o’ bitches who raped me? I didn’t even have sense enough to stay away from them…. I didn’t think I was worth anything and Kari is just… like… me. She doesn’t think she is worthy of love and my love just isn’t enough to save her, I need you…she needs you…. Please Joe” she said “Take her, take her like you took me, show her a man’s love just like you showed me, show her she really is worthy of a man’s love before it’s too late, just like you showed me”.

I stared at Gina, not blinking, and she stared back until she broke the tension by taking hold of my cock and saying “Do it or I’ll bite this off”.

I gave a nervous chuckle “You might have to, I don’t think I can do it….”

“Please” She begged. “Look, I know I’m asking a lot, but you are the only man I trust with my daughter. I sure as hell don’t trust the kids she’s hanging out with…. Please Joe…. I don’t know what else I can say”.

I sat a moment then said “OK, I believe you mean everything you say, and I believe you really are worried, but sex… my god that opens a whole can of emotional worms doesn’t it? What if she doesn’t want it, or worse, what if she does, and she likes it? Too many what ifs… I don’t think you have really considered all the possible problems.

“The hell I haven’t” she answered seemingly offended. “Look, I know you pretty well and after all I have seen I know you won’t force yourself on her, no matter how turned on you are, I can trust you to make the best decision for Kari”.

“OK, I agree, and that’s why I’m against this now, I’m thinking of Kari, but now consider if she does like it, if she really enjoys it….”

“She will” Gina interjected.

“Maybe, maybe, but what happens when she does and after she has tasted it she wants more, if I don’t give her what she wants she could end up right back with the people you don’t want her to, and now she’s even more lost. Do you think she’s just going to say Sex hikayeleri ‘that was nice, an now I can now wait until I find a nice good boy to love me’?

“I know, I know, I’ve thought about that to and I am fine sharing you with her until she figures things out”.

I again sat speechless, I admit the idea was beginning to turn me on and my defenses were breaking down, so against my better judgment I asked “OK, what did you have in mind, how is this going to happen, what was your plan?”

She smiled now, put her hands together and said “well… I kinda made reservations…for her birthday next week.”

“What, dinner reservations” I asked?

“No… Disneyland, for the whole week Tuesday to the next Monday for the three of us” and she looked at me a little worried.

“Gina” I implored. “You’re asking me to do something like this in a place like that?”

“Please listen to my reason before you blow me off…. I figure this will be a wonderful memory for her, and to have it on her birthday in the happiest place on earth… the memories will be so strong and powerful, she will KNOW she is loved, and she will KNOW she IS worth something” then when I didn’t answer she asked “So what do you think?”

“I think I’m as crazy as you”.

Gina brightened up, her tears almost dried, she sniffed and said “You’ll do it?”

“I will but on my terms OK?”

“What are you terms” she asked all business.

I thought a moment to gather my thoughts and said “OK, one thing is you will not be there when it happens, not in the room, not even in the same building, I want her to be completely comfortable and not worry about you interrupting”.

“Yeah, I think you’re right… I thought I might want to be there for her, but I see your point, I’ll give you two some privacy” she nodded her head then asked “Anything else?”

“Another thing is afterward you will not ask her any questions, if she wants to tell you she can, but I don’t want you to ask her a single thing about what happened, it’s a private matter between me and her and its none of your business” and I gave her a look to show I was serious.

“Agreed, anything else?”

“Yeah, one other thing” and I motioned to my cock, which I have to admit had started to fill with some desire as I became used to the idea of what Gina was asking, I said “This isn’t exactly small, and I don’t know that she won’t get hurt”.

Gina gave me a sly smile “I can’t guarantee anything, but I can say two things that might make you feel better” as she spoke she again reached for my dick and grabbed hold of it and continued. “One, she IS my daughter and I have never had any problem accepting you. Two I know for a fact she has been using my vibrator. I put that thing away after our first time and never touched it since, but it keeps ending up in different spots in my drawer, and it’s not exactly small either. Now, lie back” she said as she stroked my now hardening cock “and let me show you how happy you have made me”. And with that she took my cock in her mouth and we had sex for the second time that morning, and the emotional rollercoaster didn’t let up even after four lovemaking sessions that day, but we moved ahead with her plans.

This all started on a Wednesday, and since we weren’t leaving until the next Tuesday I was shocked when she said I would have to forgo sex until then, Gina wanted me to be good and horney for Kari. I was and then some when the day came to leave, we hadn’t told Kari and since it was a birthday surprise. Gina and I both got time off and packed that Monday while Kari was gone. I was walking around with a hard on that wouldn’t do away, and Gina would only give me a sympathetic pat on the arm and tell me it was for the best. Hell even the dog began to look good, and it was a boy!

Tuesday morning finally arrived, Gina and I were sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee when Kari came in and asked “what are you still doing here”?

“Good morning to you to” Gina said with a smile, which Kari returned with an ‘Oh MOM’ look. Gina went on and sprang the surprise “What have you been bugging me about wanting to do on your birthday for about as long as I can remember”?

Kari’s eyes brightened and her mouth opened “Oh my god, oh my god are we really going really, really, really”?

“Just as soon as you get some breakfast in you, we got a long drive”, Gina said.

I was all smiles outside, but inside I was screaming to be let off this crazy ride, but I also knew I was going to see it through. We were soon on the road only stopping for gas and rest room breaks. At one stop Gina left us alone for a few while she had to pee and Gina sat close to me and speaking softly she asked “Are you still OK with this? I know I kinda pressured you, but I really want you to be OK with this”.

I looked into her beautiful green eyes and said “Yes Gina, I did feel some pressure, but I love you and would do just about anything you asked, but I also love Kari and the same thing goes for her. If she really wants this I will gladly give her this”.

“I’m so glad” Gina said as her eyes began to water. “This means so much to me…. I love you”.

As we kissed Kari walked up and in a snide voice said “Get a room you two”.

“Don’t knock it till you try it” Gina said.

“Like that’s gonna happen any time soon” Kari shot back.

With some confidence Gina said “You might be surprised”.

I nudged Gina as if to say shut up. We continued on our way, Gina and I up front holding hands, Kari in back dancing in her seat to just about every song on the radio. I had a hard on just about the whole ride it seemed and Gina noticed it, teasing me every chance she got with all kinds of innuendo. Finally we got to the hotel went to our room. Kari began pestering us to go into the park, but we said no since it was going to close soon and convinced her to go for a swim in the pool with us instead. Kari changed in the bath while Gina and I changed in the room, Gina laughing at my erection, knowing I was stuck. With a towel over my crotch we went to the pool, and I managed to get it down befor I went in, but I had to get out and cover up soon after, I was going nuts.

When we got back to our room Gina told Kari to shower and I watched her cute ass as she walked away. As soon as the she was gone Gina looked at me and said, “You like that don’t you, dirty boy, then she came up to me and said “You poor thing, I should have known this would be too long for you”. She began to push down my suit and whispered, I think I can allow you one little cum, heck, we don’t want you hurting Kari with this thing”. Gina was on her knees, my cock in her mouth, and I came, just like that. Gina stood and smiled at me and wiping her mouth she said “Wow, you were ready, but now you really do have to wait”. She pulled me to her and kissed me. “You better pull those up before she comes out”.

That night we wandered around looking at the nearby shops and getting a bite to eat, going back to our room after dark. I was able to move around in my shorts and T shirt without anything popping up, the quick blow job helped out a lot. Gina and Kari had matching pajamas, two piece cotton ones with pink button tops and pink shorts with a draw string tie. Gina filled hers out better, but Kari was looking cute, and as usual she was always cute and bubbly with me, even asking if I would sleep with her that night. I’ll admit it was a long night for me my dick was hard all night, and the trip to the bathroom in the morning required a lot of contorting to hide the obvious bulge in my shorts.

We ate breakfast and hit the park at opening. All day Gina wouldn’t ride any ride that could get you sick, giving Kari and I a lot of alone time. Kari seemed to really enjoy it, grabbing onto me when she was scared, screaming and laughing. Finally the day was over. Being the off season, the park closed early so we slowly walked back to our room with Kari saying this is the best birthday ever and she wished the park was open later. When we got to our room Gina said she had a surprise for Kari, and she brought out a bottle of Champagne from the room refrigerator that she had hidden there when we left.

“I get to have Champagne” Kari asked wide eyed?

“Yes, this is a day of firsts” Gina said with a smile, and then she raised her glass “To Kari and the happiest place on earth”.

We all raised a glass and drank. Gina then shooed me into the bathroom to shower while she and Kari sat on the balcony to enjoy their Champagne. I came out in my shorts again, holding the towel to cover my excitement, and Gina quickly ushered Kari in to shower and get ready for her big night.

When she came back Gina handed me an envelope and said “The card in here explains it all to her”. Gina piled up the pillows at the head board and pulled back the blankets, then she said “Come here big guy” and she pulled out a big ribbon.

I said “You’re kidding, you’re gonna gift wrap it”?

“Why not” she asked sounding hurt?

“OK, OK, go ahead, but not too tight, don’t want to cut off the circulation” I said with mock seriousness.

“I’ll be back at midnight, if you need or want more time let me know and I’ll stay away longer”. Gina looked at me with her deep green eyes, and with love in her voice she softly said “Thank You Joe… I love you”.

“I love you too” I said, then “You better go the showers stopped. We kissed and she was gone.

I sat there nervous, my cock limp now that things had reached this point, my nerves overwhelming the excitement. Kari stepped out of the shower room and stepped to the mirror, I was out of site of her, but I kept catching a glimpse of her ass as she brushed and dried her hair. Finally I heard her finish and put things away, and then she stepped around the corner and gasped.

Kari put her hands to her mouth and said “Oh my god”. With her mouth open she looked around the room probably looking for her mom. “What’s going on Joe”.

I said “This birthday card explains it all Kari” and I held it out to her. Kari stepped close enough to take it and I was having serious doubts about what we were doing.

Kari read it in silence, her face never changing from the initial shock, her eyes darting back and forth with each line. She finally looked at me “I’m not sure I get it”.

“Your mom wants your first time to be with someone who cares deeply about you and she felt you would like that person to be me” I said with more than a hint of nervousness. This is crazy I thought, I’m going to jail for sure.

“Is she making you do this” Kari asked looking confused?

“No sweetie, not at all, here, sit” and I patted the bed next to me and after she sat down I explained the whole background story, not her loser friends, but everything else, even many of my arguments against doing it. “So it’s up to you” I said “we can do whatever you want to go only as far as YOU want”.

“Wow… I don’t know what to say” she said with a shy smile, this really is a surprise”.

I reached out to touch her cheek and I said softly “Kari I want you to be happy, I’ll admit I wasn’t too happy with this idea, but not because I couldn’t want you, but because I loved you and I wouldn’t want to hurt you. What I am offering you can be both wonderful and terrible. The passion of sex is strong almost as strong as the feeling of love, and I don’t want to confuse you, I don’t know if you are ready to tell the difference”.

Kari stared at me then “Joe… I care deeply for you too, I don’t know if it’s love, but it is strong and deep, but I’m not sure I’m ready for this”.

I gave her a big smile and I felt some relief, here I was sitting naked with her, a ribbon wrapped around my cock and we were having a mature conversation. I said “That’s fine honey, you don’t need to decide now, take your time also know that I will only tell your mom what you want her to know. If you just want to watch TV but make her think you went through with it, I will”.

Kari now smiled again and cocked her head to the side and asked “Anything”?

“Yes, anything”.

Kari hopped up next to me and said, “rub my feet” then she wiggled her toes.

I got up and got some lotion, then after pouring her another glass of Champagne I settled at her feet and gave her a slow foot massage. Kari reclined back, sipping the Champagne, “Mmmmm” was all she said for a long time. I rested each foot on my leg as I rubbed it. The sight of her and the sounds she was making began to waken my cock and when she opened her eyes she got an eyeful of my half hard cock, but she didn’t say anything, then “Would…would you paint my toe nails”?

“I would love to” I said and as I stood I asked “Where’s the polish”? She said it was in her suitcase so I walked over to it, my cock bouncing lazily with each step, and her eyes did not leave me. I returned and before I began to clean and paint her toes, I poured her another glass and she was quiet the whole time. Every time I looked up at her face she would smile, her beautiful green eyes sparking then when I finished I walked back to the bathroom and put the polish away and when I returned Kari had unbuttoned her pajama top, but still held it closed. I smiled and sat back at her feet, “Did I do a good job”?

With a nervous giggle she answered “Yes”. I moved to sit next to her, adjusting my cock for comfort and she looked down at it and asked “Does the ribbon bother you”?

“It was your mothers idea, but I am leaving it until you are ready to take it off” and I looked into her eyes expectantly. Kari was silent, then she looked away shyly and I moved my face closer to hers and said softly “You unbuttoned your top… are you trying to tell me something”?

With a nervous confusion Kari said “Yes… I mean… yeah… I think. Oh Jesus… I don’t know what to do, I’ve never done this before, I won’t know what to do like my mom does, you’ll hate doing it with me”.

“Hey hey” I began. “It’s OK, This isn’t about me, this is about you and your pleasure”. I reached for her face and gently guided it to look at mine, “Don’t worry about me, I’ll get off, no matter what you know or don’t know”.

Kari looked at me, her Sikiş hikayeleri eyes looking into mine, her hand touched my thigh, she swallowed and said softly, almost so I couldn’t hear, she said “I want you to have me Joe”.

I smiled, happier than I had any right to be. I kneeled in front of her, my cock hanging heavy and said “I think it’s time you unwrapped your gift”. Her fingers grabbed the ribbon with trepidation, and slowly pulled. The ribbons knot opened and she gently pulled it off, smiling with pride that she was able to do it. I asked “Do you like your present”?

“Oh god yes” and she swallowed hard “So far” and smiled wide.

I bent forward and gently kissed her lips, they were soft and she smelled sweet. Our noses brushed, eyes closed, I parted my lips slightly and she followed my lead, and then my tongue gently began to explore her mouth. She took in a sudden breath and tensed, but then relaxed when she realized what we were doing, and then she melted into the pillows. After a few moments, my hand reached for her shirt slowly parting the opening, her hand moved to my arm and began to rub it as if to say it was OK. I slid first one shoulder then the other out of the shirt, and with her nakedness Kari suddenly seemed a little self conscious, her kisses became stiffer, and her arms came into her chest. I pulled back and looked upon her, her small breast buds, puffy and pink, her belly flat and toned, I then looked into her eyes and said “You are beautiful”.

“Liar” she replied and looked away embarrassed.

I sat back and took her hand, guiding it to my manhood, “Here, feel this? I don’t get hard for girls that aren’t beautiful”.

Kari looked into my eyes searching for the truth and finding it she beamed “You are so handsome, I can’t believe this is happening to me”.

I looked at her pajama shorts, and then said “Let’s get these things off”. I untied the draw string and when she lifted her hips I slid them down leaving her white cotton panties. I saw her slit outlined in the panties and couldn’t resist the urge to touch her there I said “If you feel uncomfortable anytime tell me and I’ll stop, OK”?

“OK Joe, but I don’t think that’s gonna happen” and she gave me a look of desire.

I bent forward again and began to kiss her, my hand gently rubbing her pussy through her panties, she let out her breath as my hand found its way under the fabric, and began rubbing her forbidden flesh. My lips traced a path from her mouth to her small buds, my tongue flicking her emerging womanhood. Kari’s breathing began to quicken and deepen, my breathing matching hers, my cock now hard as steel, I quickly sat back on my heels and pulled her panties down and off her freshly painted feet giving Kari her first look at my cock in the full blown passion, the veins popping, the uncut head emerging from its hood an angry purple, Kari’s eyes grew wide, doubt now crossing her mind, but not mine, she was her mother’s daughter, she would accept me.

My face moved to her pussy and she opened her legs to welcome me, just a hint of strawberry blond pubic hairs on her soft mound. I found her pussy wet, the strong smell of her desires, and the sweet taste of her sex. My tongue explored the immature folds of her outside and then explored the welcoming warmth of her inner channel, her hips rising to my tongue, her voice moaning my name, her fingers running through my hair, writhing in pleasure, my heart pounding in my head, I would be denied no more. I rose to all fours and as I moved over her she watched me intently with those green eyes of hers, and her soft hands moved to my well muscled chest, and brushed the soft hair they found there. I was on top of her, and she submitted to me, accepting what was to come. Bending to her flushed face I kissed her full, red lips, and then with her eyes closed I took hold of my cock, placed it at the entrance of womanhood, her passion juices made a slick opening and I pushed inside. Her mouth opened and she took in a sharp breath, and then slowly released it as I continued my penetration. Deeper and deeper I slid, nothing resisting my inward progress, no cries of pain no sign of rejection. I was in completely. I looked into Kari’s face and saw the contentment of an angel, her eyes opened and her smile told me all was well. Slowly I began to move in and out, my chest held above her, thrust out and proud. Kari began to moan softly and I asked “Does that feel good baby”?

She looked at answered “Yes, it feels better than my wildest dreams”.

I continued to move in and out and Kari tried to meet my thrusts but she was a little awkward which only made her more endearing to me. Finally I could tell by her breathing and the way she was moving she was close to an orgasm so I asked “Are you gonna cum baby? Tell me when your gonna cum so I can cum with you”.

“I’d like that” she said, “Cum with me. Are you gonna cum inside me”?

“God yes I want to, but I’ll come wherever you want me to, just tell me” I answered feeling my own orgasm rising inside me, a volcano about to erupt.

“I want you to cum inside me to Joe, I want to feel you do it all inside me” Kari panted then she began to stiffen, a squeal escaping her lips she said “I’m cumming! Oh god, I’m cumming”.

Our lips locked, my hips pumping madly, her body taking each pounding thrust and turning it into rapture. I felt my cum explode from my cock, each spasm a powerful burst of semen, Kari flinched each time, then slowly, the moment subsided, my hips gently grinding hers, wringing the last drops of pleasure from our union, I collapsed next to her. I opened my eyes and Kari was looking at me, and she said softly “That was incredible”.

I smiled back, drained, and said “It’s always incredible when it’s with someone you care about”.

Kari rolled to my chest and began to run her fingernail over my belly, the same way her mother always did. She asked “What now”?

I laughed “Rest is what’s next! I need a chance to recover”.

Kari’s head popped up quickly and with hope she said “You mean we can do that again”?

Now it dawned on me what she was asking “Oh, you mean is that the last time we can be together”?

Kari put her head back on my chest, “I don’t want this to end. It wouldn’t be right to give me a taste and then take it away”.

I kissed her head “Don’t worry your pretty little head about that, since I have had a taste of you, I don’t want that to be the end either”.

“Really” She asked raising her head “Promise”?

“Cross my heart” I answered.

We kissed again. A short time later we heard the door lock, and in walked Gina, face flushed. She came to the bed and sat down, the smell of alcohol strong on her breath, she stroked Kari’s face with love in her eyes. Kari held her moms hand and kissed it, and then with tears in her eyes she said to Gina “This is the best birthday I think I will ever have”. Gina, tears in her eyes also, kissed Kari, then me and without saying a word she undressed and climbed into the other bed.

Kari and I spooned, listening to the silence of the room, and her moms breathing. The feel of Kari’s naked flesh soon had me responding. I began to explore her body with my hands, my lips tasting the salt from her sweat at her shoulders, my cock rising Phoenix like began to push between Kari’s ass cheeks, she turned to kiss me, her tongue darting out to explore with more confidence than before. Kari rolled over completely to face me, her hands searching for what she wanted, finding my cock rock hard and ready for her. I reached behind her, ran my hand over her back and down to her ass, I began to become dizzy with desire, I threw back the blankets, and moved my face between her legs again, the taste of our sex intoxicating, I pushed her knees up and apart roughly, Kari grunted in response. My tongue explored from her young pussy to her tight ass, first gently rimming the outside of her sexy pucker hole, then plunging deep inside, again and again. Kari gasped the first time, but with each successive thrust she grunted louder and louder, making sounds of animal passion. Then through gritted teeth she said “Oh god that is so nice. Oh god yes, oh god yes… Yeeees”. I sat up on my knees again and said roll over, show me your ass. I knew Gina might be watching but right then I just didn’t care, I wanted Kari, and Kari wanted me.

Kari rolled over and got on her knees, I positioned myself behind her, grabbed her hips, and quickly was ready. Kari, submissive before me, prepared to again accept my massive member, so I took my cock in hand and pushed it into her pussy. I spread her cheeks and thought how good her ass would feel to me. Kari was soon moaning, my sweat dripping onto her back, our bodies slapping with each thrust I made, I looked toward Gina and saw her eyes in the darkness, watching me love her daughter. I looked back to Kari’s ass, and couldn’t resist the urge to play with it, I licked my thumb and placed it at her anus and with gentle pressure I pushed it in to the first knuckle. Kari moaned louder, and I knew she liked it. Grinding my thumb in and out, Kari turned her head back to me and said “I love you Joe, my god I love you” and with that outburst both our bodies began to stiffen and we came together turning into a quivering mass of flesh and bone until we again collapsed together and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The next morning I woke first, Gina and Kari softly snoring in unison, I peeked through the drapes and into the bright morning. Had that night really happened? My nakedness told me the truth, as did the nakedness of the young girl next to me. I climbed back in bed, softly kissing Kari’s neck, she rolled over gave me a sleepy smile and said “good morning my love”.

“Good morning” I said in return, and buried my face in Kari’s neck, my arms holding her tight and her body yielding to me.

I then felt a familiar form slide in behind me, her hands wrapping comfortably around me, her naked skin soft on my back, and her kisses light on my neck. Gina said “Good morning, my love”.

Gina was behind me and Kari was in front, both naked and soft. My lips lightly tasted Kari’s skin while Gina tasted mine. I felt Gina’s hand reach around my body and take hold of my stiffening shaft and gently begin to massage it. Kari shifted and looked at us both with a smile and stretched letting out a high pitched squeak as she did.

“Good morning mom” Kari said.

“Good morning sweetie” Gina replied “How was your night”?

I elbowed Gina as asking Kari about what happened was against the rules.

“Sorry, I withdraw the question” Gina said with a chuckle.

Kari looked at us both a little confused and said “You two are really weird do you know that”?

“Takes one to know one” I said.

Gina suddenly said “Why don’t you hop in the shower honey, I made breakfast reservations and we have to be there in less than an hour, then after that we’ll hit the park when it opens”.

“OK mom” and she flipped the blanket back and climbed out of bed and walked to the suitcase, her cute little ass swinging sexily.

My cock was rock hard in Gina’s expert hands. I watched Kari at the suitcase picking out her clothes for the day, “nice” I thought as she picked out her stretch pants and a too small tank top. I knew I was going to be hard all day with her body tormenting me like that. Gina whispered in my ear “You like that”?

“Ummmm, your hand always feels so good” I replied.

“Thanks” she said “But that wasn’t what I was talking about”.

“Oh, you mean Kari”.

“Yes… so… do you like that”?

I rolled to my back and looked to Gina “She takes after her mom, I can’t help myself” and I smiled at her.

With that statement Gina began kissing me forcefully, her hand attacking my cock roughly, I knew this was going to be some wild sex, but I never expected what would happen next. I heard the shower running and knew Kari was out of the room and that’s when Gina threw off the blankets and exposed our nakedness to the morning. Gina began kissing my neck then my chest as she moved to my belly I expected her to stop and mount me, but her lips continued ever downward until she reached my cock and the remains of her daughters first sexual experience. Gina took my shaft into her mouth without hesitation and was making sure she tasted every inch.

“Oh god Gina, That feels so incredible… so fantastic…” I moaned.

After she had pleasured me orally Gina moved to the headboard and stuck out her ass, “I need you Joe, I need you now”!

I got up on my knees and moved behind Gina and when I felt her pussy I found it was wet and slippery in anticipation of me. I took hold of my cock and placed it to her pussy and slowly pushed it inside. Gina moaned, her head turned to the side so I could see her face in profile. Our motions matched, out rhythm was in sync, and soon all I could hear was the sound of our bodies slapping. My eyes had closed with the great feeling of pleasure I had and when I opened them I saw Gina staring to the side and knowing what she was looking at I followed her gaze to find her sexy young daughter staring at us wearing just her panties. This excited me all the more and so my pace quickened and so did Gina’s excitement. Gina began to shudder with her orgasm and I was overtaken by the urge to have Kari watch me cum in her mother’s mouth.

As Gina’s orgasm waned I said “Roll over sweet heart, I need to cum in your mouth”.

Gina did as she was asked and I moved my cock to her mouth and plunged in. I looked at Kari and she was watching intently as I began fucking her moms face and when I came, Gina hungrily devoured every drop and Kari watched fascinated staring slack jawed.

“Wow, so that’s what we looked like doing it” Kari said.

Gina had a big grin on her face and said to me “Come on stud, let’s get ready to go” and she hopped up and headed straight to the shower. I went to the sink to shave and as I did Kari sat on the counter next to me. Her brown stretch pants accentuating her slim figure and her tight tank making it obvious she had tiny boobs and her nipples that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Kari Erotik hikaye made small talk as I shaved, and my eyes kept going to her crotch and the promise of pleasure later today, I could see the outline of her pussy and I began to get excited again, and knew it would be a long day of anticipation.

After we ate we went to the park and as we were walking around Gina and Kari walked ahead of me whispering and giggling, looking back at me and giggling some more. My eyes alternated between Kari’s small tight ass, her panty lines teasing me, taunting me to grab her and make her mine, then to Gina and her khaki shorts clinging nicely to her ass, and her French cut bikini briefs calling out to me. I was being tortured. Every chance these two temptresses had they rubbed against me. Kari would sit on my lap and Gina would lean in and kiss me gently, her hand brushing areas of my body that sent electric shocks through me. They kept things innocent looking to any outside observer, but they were driving me completely wild.

When the evening came we went to dinner and afterward Gina suggested we go to the hotel room to watch the fireworks. We had a room that looked over the park and we were told we would be able to see the fireworks from out balcony, so I moved the room’s sofa to the sliding glass door. Gina went to the room’s refrigerator and got out another bottle of Champagne.

Kari brightened and said “We have more Champagne”?

“Some for each night” Gina answered.

Kari grabbed the glasses and brought them to Gina who opened the bottle and poured three glasses. We then sat on the sofa and toasted Kari. Kari smiled shyly and said “This has been the best birthday present ever”.

Gina got up and got the camera and she walked back and said “Kari why don’t you sit on Joe’s lap and I’ll take your picture”.

Kari eagerly sat on my lap, being sure to grind into my seemingly ever excited cock. Kari looked at me and smiled saying “I’m glad to see you too”.

Gina said “What’s going on there, anything I should be aware of”?

“Nothing you didn’t already feel this morning” Kari replied.

As Gina took the picture Kari kissed my cheek, all very innocent unless you knew what was pressing into Kari’s soft ass.

The first of the fireworks went off and I put Kari down next to me and she protested “Oh Pooh, I was enjoying that” then I went and turned out the room lights.

“What are you doing” Gina asked knowingly.

“Just turning out the lights so we can have a better view of the fireworks” I said as I stripped out of my clothes. I walked to where my two lovely ladies sat and I grabbed hold of my tortured cock and slowly stroked it along its long hard shaft. Standing in front of them both, I looked at their smiling faces and said “You two need to decide something right now. Last night your mom gave us some privacy, now if you want her to leave she will go, but I have to admit I really liked it when she watched us last night, just as much as I enjoyed it when you watched your mom and I this morning”.

Kari looking into my eyes smiled and said “I want her to stay”.

I knelt in front of Kari as she clutched her champagne in front of her chest, her small breast buds poking through the fabric of her tank, seemingly asking me to free them. My hands began to rub her thighs, her legs firm and muscular. My hands reached the heat of her crotch and she opened her legs welcomingly, a soft sigh coming from her lips. I bent toward her face, my cock long and hard jutting toward the object of my desires. We kissed, her soft lips parting as our tongues searched each other out, and then began their dance. Kari’s face turned up toward mine, eyes closed, glowing in the light of the park and occasionally brightened with the explosion of the fireworks. I pulled back and could see matching looks of contentment on Kari and Gina’s faces.

I took the Champagne from Kari’s hands and set it down on the floor, then I reached out and began to pull off her tank, it slid off her body like a glove, the tight fabric slowly unveiling her tight and trim body. I sat a moment admiring her flat belly, and small pink breast buds, until I again bent forward and kissed her lips, then moved down to her neck, brushing her ears with my lips and tongue as I continued down to her breasts. Kari thrust out her chest as my lips encircled her nipples and gently suckled her tender young breasts, a soft moan coming from her lips, and I could feel her hot breath on my head and neck. I stopped sucking her nipples and moved to her belly, kissing gently, lovingly, until I reached her belly button where I again began to tongue and suck her young flesh.

My cock was by now feeling every soft movement, every gentle sensation was like a shock, I was so excited I wanted release right now so it took every ounce of control to keep from cumming right then. I dropped my face to Kari’s crotch, the inseam of her stretch pants smelled strong of stale sweat, and the strong smell of her young sex. My tongue reached out to taste what I so desired, gently running up her slit, pushing the fabric into the crease of her pussy. I could feel the outline of her panties, and ran my tongue up one side and down the other. My hands moved up to her waist band and grasped the elastic and began to pull her pants down. I raised my head up and then in one firm motion removed Kari’s pants and underwear.

With her pants down, I could see her pussy was wet with the glow of each of the exploding fireworks then I could wait no more. “Gina” I said “Take my cock and guide me”. As I spoke I never took my eyes off Kari’s face, her eyes sparkling with desire.

Gina’s hand was quickly wrapped around my engorge cock and she guided it deftly to the waiting opening of her daughters pussy. I soon felt the warm wetness of Kari’s waiting sex on the bulbous head of my shaft and with a slight push Kari body accepted me, and as I entered Kari’s pussy her lips parted as she quietly gasped, her eyes never leaving mine.

Gina’s hand left my cock and gently rubbed my chest, I could see her watching her daughter and I, intently studying our faces, like she was trying to see to our very souls. I continued to push and I was slowly swallowed by Kari’s womanhood, the warmth of her body combined with the wetness of her sex began to make my passion boil deep in my belly. I withdrew and then plunged back in, Kari’s hands rubbing my chest, rubbing over and around her mother’s hand.

I bent in and again kissed Kari, but this time my tongue thrust out in a not so gentle manner, ramming into her mouth, angrily, my lust unleashed, uncontrolled. I began to ram my cock hard into Kari’s belly, again and again, our bodies slapping, my balls slamming. I broke my kiss with Kari and turned my face to Gina and barked at her “Kiss me”!

Gina leaned into me a look of worry and lust in her eyes, when our lips met we crushed them together and soon our tongues were tangled, and I could hear her breath whistle through her nose as her lust built. My hand grabbed her leg, squeezing her thigh and worked to her crotch. When I looked back to Kari her eyes locked on mine and again desire was all I could see, the fireworks were building behind me lighting up our den of desire, glowing as brightly as our passion. Gina’s hands were around my head, and she was kissing my neck and ear, faster I plunged, again and again, Kari’s back arched, she began to orgasm, her hips grinding up to meet my thrusts, she moaned “Ohhhh god Joe, I’m cumming, oh god… yeah I cumming….”

As Kari let loose with her orgasm mine positively exploded, my cock jerking and spasming as I unloaded my sperm deep into her belly, and I could see each pulsation under the skin of her belly as my manhood pushed through her tender young insides.

As I began to come down from my high I looked at Gina and knew what she wanted. I slowly withdrew my still hard cock from Kari’s small and lovely pussy, my cum and Kari’s sex coating and dripping from its veined shaft. I stood and brought it to Gina’s face. Gina grasped the shaft with her small fingers, and with her eyes closed she took me deep into her mouth. Gina’s face was the definition of contentment, like she lived for this moment. As Kari was watching her mother enjoy the remains of her passion, she was absentmindedly running her fingers from her pussy to her belly and back again, her eyes dreamy and far away. I put my hand on Gina’s head and slowly, gently moved my hips to fuck her face as she eagerly cleaned me while my once rock hard cock slowly softened.

Then I withdrew from Gina’s sweet mouth and she opened her eyes and smiled at me, I looked at Kari and she also had a peaceful smile on her face, the fireworks had stopped outside and inside and I said to these two beautiful ladies “I never thought I would find a woman I could love as much as you Gina, but I believe Kari is one I could”. Both ladies smiled happy contented smiles when they heard this.

I picked Kari up off the sofa and began to carry her to the bed where I gently set her down, her young body dimly lit in the evening light, her skin looked smooth, and soft. Kari said “I’ve loved you for so long Joe… I never dreamed I would be your lover… that you would love me as much as I love you”.

I lay next to her and gently said “Gina… come… join us” and she did, removing her clothes as she approached, I knew what she wanted, the dark place, the place clouded by her lust, the lust for her own flesh. I opened the delicate flower that was her daughter’s pussy, my milky semen slowly leaking from her slight lips and dripping down to the crack of her ass. I began to gently tongue Kari’s sensitive clit, leaving the rest of her pink pussy for her mother’s hungry tongue. Gina hesitated at first, but I knew she wanted her daughter’s sex, needed to taste her daughters sweet, young juices, the dark incestuous desires had been festering too long and had to be satisfied. I looked at Gina as my tongue darted around Kari’s clit, her moans becoming more intense, then Gina couldn’t hold back any longer and her face approached mine, but my tongue remained where it was until Gina’s tongue touched down on her daughters sperm filled slit. Slowly, tentatively, she explored her daughter’s nether region, her eyes open at first, then, slowly, they closed as she gave into her desires, her tongue moving more forcefully, more deeply. I listened as Kari’s moaning intensified, her breathing quickening, her hand at first rubbing my back, then gently scratching and finally her fingernails digging into my flesh, Kari was brought to the crescendo of another orgasm, her pelvis pushing up to meet her mother’s tongue, I was now watching mesmerized, excited at the forbidden lust filling this warm dark room.

As Kari’s orgasm waned I moved to Gina, the love of my life and mother of my new found desires, I wanted to satisfy her as she had satisfied us. Gina looked up with a mix of confusion and shame in her eyes, I’m sure she couldn’t believe what she had done, what she had enjoyed doing. I moved to her, my cock standing proud from my body, bobbing with my movement. Gina fell back as if afraid of me, her eyes wide.

“What have I done” she whispered.

“Brought pleasure to the people you love the most” I replied. I moved on top of her, her slight body dwarfed by my muscular frame, my cock menacing her pussy. Gina’s hands were on my chest in an almost vain attempt to push me away. I kissed her and she relaxed, she was back to familiar territory, her transgressions temporally forgotten, her body yielded to me.

As we kissed, and I felt Gina’s body push against me then I felt a small hand grasp my cock and begin to gently stroke me, and a small soft voice said “Let me get mom ready for you”.

I looked back and saw Kari’s face by my hip, so I turned myself so she could have access to her mom, and when I looked at Gina’s face I saw panic, but she didn’t move instead her hand reached for my face and I think I saw a tear in the darkness on her cheek. As Kari began tonguing her mom’s womanhood, I heard the sexy noises she made, and I watched Gina’s panic fade as she relaxed and began to enjoy the moment, her breathing becoming more rhythmic, her lips parting in lust, her tongue licking her dry lips. After a few minutes of this I needed release and slid back into position, Kari yielded reluctantly, Gina opened her eyes and looked into mine as I felt Kari grasp my cock to guide it into the place of her birth. I entered Gina and slowly began pushing into her, our bodies in a rhythm of love and desire, our bodies locked together as one. I then saw Kari lay next to her mother, her hand gently rubbing Gina’s belly, moving to her small breasts and back again. The two looked into each other’s eyes, a mix of love, desire and fear, but both knew they had crossed a bridge they couldn’t come back over.

“I love you Kari” Gina said.

“I know mom, and I love you too” Kari replied, then she leaned and their lips brushed, unsure of what they were doing, then Kari moved for a better angle and kissed her mom forcefully.

I watched their tongues in the dim light snake together, glistening, their kisses becoming quickly passionate. The sight of this perversion washed over me, my body became flushed and my orgasm began to well up from deep inside. I felt Gina stiffen, Kari’s hand pressed firmly onto her mother’s breasts, squeezing the fount of the milk that had sustained her as an infant, then Kari pulled back and said “Cum for me mom, I want to see you cum”.

Gina’s orgasm and mine hit us both at the same time, our bodies shaking together, my cock depositing my seed deep into Gina, draining me of all my energy, I collapsed on the opposite side of Kari’s mother so Gina’s daughter could cuddle into her mother’s arms.

We lay quiet for a few minutes, the sound of our breathing and the noise of the park and the evening revelers filling the room. I finally spoke “I think we need to make room for Kari in our bed if she wants us”.

Kari sat up, a big smile on her face and said “I don’t ever want to leave you two, I want to stay with you both forever, we can be husband and wife and wife” and Kari giggled at her own cleverness.

“I would be proud to have you both as my wives, how about you Gina, do you want to be a part of this threesome” I asked?

Gina answered us each with a long and gentle kiss.

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