Lisa’s Story Ch. 02

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It is still very early in morning when I wake up. The hazy light from sun rise starting to shine through the thin curtains of the hotel room. Next to me sleeping soundly partially covered by a thin sheet and beautifully naked is the tiny angel Lisa. My mind racing back to yesterday, we managed to escape our family commitments for a quiet weekend away together and last night we went on an incredible date of dinner dancing and then dessert consisted of devouring each other in the hotel room I got use for our time together.

Lisa’s little snore which almost resembled a kitten’s purr woke me from my reverie. Turning to face her I admire the soft contours of her body and the bronze tan of her skin. She is laying partly on her side her left hand cradling her head and her right resting across her taut belly. My eyes are drawn to her beautiful nipples, they are perfectly round and stand out dark against the soft white skin of her breasts.

Without thought my hand reaches out gently caresses her side, careful not to wake her it slides up and down to her hips and eventually down to her exposed ass. The movement or attention causes Lisa to stir slightly and she rolls further on her back pulling the little bit of sheet that Sinop Escort was covering her waist down exposing her smooth pussy. Her purring continues after she has resettled.

The sight of her pussy, smooth, the outer lips puffy and slightly pink framing her slightly longer inner lips bulging a little at the top where they join to cover her clit is so inviting that as gently as possible I move till my face is within inches of her lovely folds. Taking one more long look up her body and face from between her legs I lean in and start to lick those sweet lips from top to bottom swirling my tongue side to side. Working my tongue between them tasting her wetness as my tongue finds itself deeper and deeper in her pussy.

As I work my tongue in and out of her pussy, I start to move my mouth around a little sucking her pussy lips in and out of my mouth. The purring I could hear earlier has now stopped and I feel Lisa thrusting her pussy at my face. I cannot get enough of her. Her juices tasting so sweet and tangy as I finally pay some attention to her clit. Using my tongue to lick it and flick the hood I start to push and probe around till her clit is exposed slightly and receiving my full attentions.

A Sinop Escort Bayan pair of tiny hands suddenly grab my hair and hold my head as her pelvis starts to thrust hard against my mouth as I suck directly on her clit. My face is now covered in pussy juices and her purring turns to whimpers to moans. Soon she gasps.

“Oh fuck Stephen that’s it suck me! lick me! eat my wet pussy! oh oh oh!”

Her comments trail off as she loses ability to speak and just starts to grunt and thrust again. Her moans become much louder when she feels two fingers slide deep into her pussy now sopping wet and opened wide by her obscenely spread legs. Her feet now resting on my shoulders as she tries to lever herself against my tongue as it flicks her clit.

Hooking my fingers slightly I start to thrust them in deep and as I pull them out rub the soft mass where her g spot is. Sucking and licking her clit faster and harder I pick up speed with my fingers. Lisa’s moans now getting stronger

“oh god I’m gonna cum Stephen, Mmmm oh fuck yes, yes! yes!”

Without any more prompting I pumped my fingers as fast as I could and sucked her clit for all I was worth. My reward was an unexpected Escort Sinop explosion as her pussy erupted squirting over my face and neck. Her high pitch squeals as she came get drowned out as her legs clamp onto the sides of my head holding my mouth against her pussy. My tongue feels her muscles contract and pulse as her orgasm racks through her body. Not daring to move I let her settle and adjust as the waves subside. Finally pulling my face away from the amazing feast that is her pussy. Crawling up her beside her body I smiled at her.

“Hope you enjoyed your wake up call as much as I did sweets,” I say grinning stupidly my face still soaking wet.

“Oh god I could stand to be woken up like that every day, but now I think I should return the favor,” leaning in and kissing me deeply before starting to move down my body her hand already holding my hard throbbing cock, starting to stroke it.

Before she gets there though I stop her.

“No my sweet that was my treat for you and now we get up and I make you breakfast,” kissing her forehead and pulling her up into a hug. Before dragging her out of bed and carrying her out to the bathroom, setting her down in the large shower.

“Now freshen up and I will sort out some breakfast for you my queen,” kissing her and turning to leave.

“I hope you are going to stay here and help me get clean, THEN… WE… are going to have some breakfast” a wicked smile on her face as she wraps her arms around me and pulls me towards her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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