Lion’s Den Ch. 02

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The next morning, Laney was all smiles at the kitchen counter watching her friend drag herself down the stairs.

“Mornin, Blue,” she squealed a little too chipper for Max this morning. Max was usually an upbeat, happy morning person, but memories from last night had her mind in a fog and her body aching. It was that nice after sex ache when limbs and muscles have been stretched and split. She really was surprised she could walk.

“Hey, Babes. Let me get some tea before you bombard me with questions because I have some for you.”

The girls moved their breakfast and conversation to the living room. Max was still not feeling hungry, so all she had was toast and bacon. While Laney had her quintessential Southern breakfast: biscuits, sausage gravy, bacon, eggs, and hair raising coffee. She was a Texan through and through.

Max told Laney everything, even about what she saw in the alley. Laney was shocked and staring at her in disbelief. “He made you come three times?”

“Lanes are you missing the point of this conversation? Yes, he fucked me into oblivion and I swear to you if it wasn’t for the gangster crap I would go back and let him tear my ass up, but he is dangerous with a capital deadly.”

“Blue are you certain?” she asked not really doubting her friend, but she was sweet on Pauley and their conversation was like none she ever had with a guy before. She knew he was trying to pick her up, but he was casual about it. Not pushy like those boys at college who only wanted to bang her. Pauley was a man.

“Red I would not have told you if I was not 100% sure about what I saw. Did you tell Pauley where we lived? Did you tell him your last name?”

“No not really, I just told him we lived in an apartment on the Upper East Side. Do you think they would come after us? Do you think they saw you in the alley?” Laney’s heart was beginning to race now.

“No I don’t think so, but I just need to be prepared in case they do. Your last name Lanes, did you tell him?” The scene in the alley told her how dangerous Leo could be, and Max knew what men like that would do for what they felt was theirs. Why did she have to say that her pussy was his? Yes it was his, but only for that moment. Maybe he would forget.

“No, but I did mention the ranch, and where we went to university.”

“Ok, means we might still be in the clear.” Max paced pensively calculating a way to protect them only to see her friend’s eyes brimming with tears.

“Laney don’t cry this will be fine. Do you want to go back to Texas?”

“Oh hell no, and haul hay all day. I came to New York for an adventurous vacation. Next time I’ll have to be a little more specific to God about what my idea of adventure is. By the way, how did it feel to throw caution to the wind, and not plan everything out?” Laney grinned at Max.

“Level insane. I was so caught up in the moment he could have asked for my soul. I did not even suggest a condom. I’m sure all will be well but, I have officially used up all my grace, with that dumb move.”


The girls decided to get over last night by going out to Coney Island. Max had been there once with her father when she was five. She and Laney played all day, rode all the rides, and had some of Nathan’s Famous hot-dogs. They stayed out on the beach until sun set, then made their way back home. It was a perfect day, a perfect distraction.

They walked into the building arm in arm talking so giddily about the day they had and the stuffed animals they did not win that they barely heard the concierge call them.

“Ms. La Costa.” Rick called out several times before she heard him.

“Yes, Rick. I am so sorry. I did not hear you, or see you for that matter.”

“Oh I saw you coming up the street and dipped in the back to get these,” he said presenting them with two large bouquet of flowers. Ah someone had an admirer. He liked Max, she was always polite, stopped and talked to him and the other guys, never made them feel like part of the furniture. She was always looking out for his girls’ education. Her parents were just the same, real salt of the earth people.

Max and Laney took the cards out of flowers and read them. They looked at each other and fell out laughing while breathing a sigh of relief. They were from Laney’s parents. A not so subtle reminder for them to keep in touch. They immediately took out their cell phones and called their parents to check in. They chatted about that day’s activities and Max’s internship that was starting tomorrow. At the end of the conversations, both parental units were satisfied.

The look of relief on their faces was not lost on Rick. He wondered what was up, but the girls did not say anything, so he didn’t pry. He did, however, make a mental note to check in with Señor La Costa at the end of his shift.


As Max waited for the elevator to reach the 15th floor of the law firm, she wandered what was she doing there. xslot giriş She wished now she had just decided to be a bum this summer for once in her life, but then again that was not her at all. She came from a family of high achievers. Her abuelo was a politician in Colombia; her uncles and aunts on both sides were engineers, doctors, home-makers, professors, and lawyers, and her cousin’s weren’t doing too shabby either. Her father, Antonio, was a businessman and spoke seven languages, and her mother, Tara, was a director for a non-profit and spoke three languages herself. Max looked at her pedigree as a source of constant intimidation and inspiration. She herself had mastered seven languages before leaving high school. In college she was not slouch either, Max enrolled in a five year master’s program in Political Science and Women’s Studies with a minor in Arabic.

She adjusted her blouse and skirt one more time before entering Mr. McCleary’s office.

“Hello, Ms. La Costa nice to see you again.” He extended his hand giving her a once over as he did so.

Max did not care for his lustful gaze, especially since she would be in his presence daily. So she stared right back to let him know that she knew where his mind went.

McCleary watched Max stare at him, not in that doe eyed scared way, but blatantly defying and daring him to try some shit with her. Just who the fuck did she think she was? Just because her daddy was some big shot client, spoiled little princess thought she had some balls. I’ll just have to teach her some manners.

Max saw McCleary’s eyes go from a warm blue to icy and knew she was going to have a fight on her hands. Oh frig just what I need a pervy boss to add to my troubles with Leo. And although it had only been two days, she knew trouble was coming from that direction.

“Alright Mr. McCleary where shall we begin?” she continued never once breaking eye contact.

“Well I have reviewed your resume again and I think the international law department could use you, you language skills can be a huge asset to them. I know right now they are working on some filings for a Russian client and would prefer not to outsource the translation of the documents.”


Max took her shoes off as soon as she got into the lobby of her building. She was two weeks into her internship and loving it, but the heels were killing her.

“Oh Rick, how do women live in these? They are killing me,” Max complained leaning on the front desk. “You would think with all the technology, they could make pumps that felt like flip flops or sneakers.”

“Girl my wife has the same complaint, but then again she has my hands so I have the pleasure of getting to massage her lovely piggies when I get home.”

“Well, I don’t have a hand waiting for me upstairs, but I do have a pedicure appointment I am not going to missing. See ya later?”

The house is too quiet, Max thought as she entered.

“Laney, get your lazy ass up, we gotta hit the spa. Laney! Laney!” she called out getting no response.

On the kitchen table was a note from Laney saying that she went shopping to get her mother and sister-in-law some stuff she saw in Chinatown. Oh frig! Laney may have gone to Chinatown, but Max knew she had all intentions of going to Little Italy too. Max called her on her cell, no answer. Texted, still no reply. Max debated if she should go looking for her. Max knew that Laney wasn’t over wanting to see Pauley, but she had hoped Laney would have stayed away. Ah well gotta bite the bullet and go.


As she approached the alley she found herself getting nervous. Not a feeling she was completely familiar with. People did not make her nervous. Her father taught her how to be confident in all situations, all except this one. She saw some guys loading beer into the building, and walked right in, the bouncer who was working the front door the night they came saw her go past him, but did not try to stop her. Joe B. had gotten an earful of gossip about the fuck fest she and Leo had in his office.

Max tensely walked up to Leo’s office door and knocked,


At that response she steeled herself and answered just as loudly, “It’s Max. I’m looking for Laney. Have you seen her?”

Leo dropped his pen and stared at the door. It was right against that door he first tasted her, had her creaming and calling his name. Now she was back, but it was not for him. This girl had a lot of nerve. He wanted to rush and open the door, but just keep looking at it until she snapped him out of his reverie.

“Well have you?” Max barked.

“No.” He had not seen Laney, but he sure did hear her when he visited Pauley’s apartment earlier. “You can come in.”

“Nah, that’s ok.” The old poem “The Spider and the Fly” popped into her head.

“Come in.” Leo was not going to let her get away that easily.

Was xslot that an order? Oh this guy, she thought exasperatedly. As she entered she was overwhelmed with flashbacks of their night in here. She ran her tongue anxiously over her lips, giving him all sorts of thoughts of what he wanted to do with her mouth. When she caught him staring at her mouth with that lustful smile of his she smiled back trying not to reveal what was going through her mind also. It was too late to hide anything. Her eyes had given her away. She saw determination in his eyes, not unlike the last time he brought her back here.

He was scoping out her casual attire. She looked sexy in anything she wore. Her shorts stopped mid thigh revealing thick long inviting legs, and her top was a loose cotton peasant style blouse but he could clearly see the outline of her breasts. His mouth began to water. All the alarms in her head were going off. It was time to leave, but she remained planted, getting wetter by the second. His eyes had locked in on hers, hypnotizing her. Turn! Run! Run! Her mind screamed at her, but as she did, it was as if he leapt over his desk and pounced on her.

“Oh no you don’t,” he growled, pinning her to the wall. He was so hard for her. He had been hard for her for weeks and had to resolve to handle it himself while the memories of her taste, voice, and smell drove him crazy. He was definitely not alone; Max had been exploring new heights of self pleasure since she met him, but since that night in his office her trusted “friend”, Tomás, had not been able to hit the spot. So she gave up on buying new batteries.

“Get off of me,” she countered, trying valiantly to get away, but he kept increasing the pressure on her wrists. She was strong, but he manipulated her like a rag doll.

“Feel this.” He brought her hand down to grab a hold of his penis. “Every time I think about you this is what you do to me. Is it fair? You kept me waiting weeks before you come my way again and then you want to bolt.”

“You’re hurting me!” she yelled, but he did not see fear in her eyes, only need and longing. She wanted him too.

He let her go and began taking off his clothes. She slumped to the floor, feeling drained and horny from their little outburst. She studied him as he took off his clothes. He was truly a beautiful specimen even in a relaxed get up. Today he wore a pair of dark blue jeans, a light blue button up Polo shirt; he looked so unassuming. His broad chest led down to and incredible 6-pack abdomen, whose muscles rippled and flexed with every movement, she was enthralled. When he was done Max thought she was going to die. She had never been so captivated by a man’s body before.

“Please undress.” was all he said, but she could hear the restraint in his voice. Max stood up on her shaky feet and rested her back against the wall, kicking off her Keds. She reached for the button on her shorts, but stopped to look him in the face. His black eyes were consuming her as her fingers moved automatically to reveal inch by inch of her beautiful body. He stepped closer as each article of clothing was removed. When she was done she knew she had no where to go so she put her hands on her hips to size him up and wait for him to make the next move. He did nothing but stare, caressing her body with his eyes over and over again to the point where she felt he was touching her. All he wanted to do was worship her body. Leo loved Max’s confidence. He never had to reassure her she was gorgeous or sexy, she was chocolate sex and soon he would have her melting for him. Leo wanted to leave Max craving him with careless abandon, so she would never wait two weeks again before she came back to him.

Ever so gently he began using his fingers to stroke her up and down her neck, her arm, her back, her butt, her thighs. Leo was stoking her fire good. It was the most incredible foreplay Max had ever received and he was not done yet. As gently as he caressed he began to suck, eliciting a series of moans from her. He sucked and touched everywhere except her nipples and pussy, she was going to have to beg for it. Max’s knees began to shake with pleasure, but she needed him to take her over the edge.

“Leo,” she whispered as tears sprung into her eyes. “Leo, I need you to use something.”

“Huh? Ok.” Leo was finding it hard to remove himself from her, but had to respect her request. He got a condom from his desk drawer and quickly donned it, and returned to pleasuring his woman, starting with her bellybutton. Max never knew this was an erogenous zone, but the proximity of his mouth to her pussy was too much to bear.

“Leo finish me please. Please.”

He ignored her, driving her insane. When he brought his face back up to her shoulders, she grabbed it and brought his mouth to her nipples so quickly; he just latched on like a hungry new born. Her aggression sent him into overdrive. Alternating suckling and teasing the nipples, he felt her body begin to quake and knew just what to do to short circuit her brain. Max was on the cusp of an outrageously massive orgasm when he entered her, bringing her to unspeakable ecstasy. She hooked one leg behind him and giving him deeper access to her. He pumped into her until he could feel his own release coming. He came with a loud roar so hard inside of her Max came again, her toes curled as she moaned and pulled his hair. Before she could get away this time he crushed his mouth against her open one. Max’s orgasmic mind submitted to Leo’s kisses with a frenzy that left their lips feeling sweetly bruised.

Leo pulled off the condom, and drew her down to the sofa to lie next to him. Being with him felt right, if only for the moment. They both dozed off to sleep, but awoke when Max’s phone started going off. She scrambled for it, it was Laney. Max was ready to tear into her but she couldn’t do it there. She dressed in haste while Leo watched.

“Tell me something about yourself?” he inquired sincerely. He wanted to crack her like a safe.

“No,” she said while spinning like a top looking for her panties. Max was not interested in getting to know Leo anymore than she did, and right now she was pissed with herself for having sex with Leo again. Lust you are very evil and Max you are very weak.

“Why not?”

“Because you are dangerous and I don’t need the kind of drama that comes with the life you live.” She really needed her panties.

“How do you know I am dangerous?”

“I just do.” she said looking him squarely in the eye.

“Were you in the alley the night you came to the club?”

“Yes I was, and I saw what you and Pauley did, but it just confirmed my suspicions.”

“Your suspicions?” he queried tossing her panties to her.

“Thanks. Yeah, not to sound all judgmental, but I figured you had to be connected in some way. You and Pauley are too young to have gotten the seed money for this club legitimately, plus we’re in Little Italy. Two plus two does equal four. Also, when I got home I Googled you. The hostess introduced you as Mr. Carbone. So I got my Sherlock on and read about your father and uncles. There isn’t much about you in the media yet, but keep it up and there will be.”

He looked at her in disbelief at her frankness, “So why did you come back here?” She was frustrating him.

“I was looking for Laney, but seriously thanks for another lovely memory.” she said coolly and dismissively, but always with the smile that drove him crazy. She hoped that he would get the point that this would be their last encounter.

Did this chick just dismiss me? She was one cool customer, he thought trying to convince himself, but deep down he knew it was just a defense mechanism. He was hoping that after what he just did to her she would be more receptive to seeing him again, because she was just the kind of girl he needed: strong, beautiful, forthright, sexy, and smart. His mother would love her.

“Max,” he called out to her as she reached the bottom of the stairs. She looked up at his blazing eyes, and could not differentiate between the lust and anger. “Since you like being so honest and shit, I just wanted to let you know that I don’t give up easily. You are someone I want; we can do this the peaceable way or the hard way. You decide.” With that he slammed the door.

Max could not believe her ears; did that bastard just say that shit? She paused while debating with herself as to the best approach to this situation. The negotiator in her won. She ran back up the stairs pushing the door open, she knew returning to the lion’s den was dangerous, but she had to give it a try.

He was putting on the last of his clothes, and did not turn around to acknowledge her presence. She leaned casually against the door frame waiting until he finished.

“We need to talk.”

“Max, if you’re here to tell me something other than what I want to hear you can save your breath.”

“What do you want to hear, Leo? That I love you, I can’t live without you, or I belong to you. Yeah those words would be sweet if they were true. We have been together only twice. What the fuck is wrong with you? It was just sex, great sex, but just sex. I would like to believe you are a logical man so I will give you several reasons why we cannot be together and you will choose one and live with it. One; I am only in town for the next two weeks. Two; in your line of work, love is a liability. Your enemies will use your love and devotion to anyone to destroy you. If you want love, either give up the life or get dead because I will not be your weakness. Three; you don’t really know me. You are just lusting, and pussy is pussy so please find another.” Max’s inner negotiator had lost all calm.

Leo could not believe she was standing there trying to bargain her way out of this. She talked like she had done this before, but he had to put up a brave front. “That’s all you have? All of that is bullshit.” He said knowing he was lying. All her points were valid, but right now he was angry and frustrated.

“How about this point, I do not love you and I do not want you.” All sense of diplomacy out the window.

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