Linda The Party Girl

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My husband Rob took me to a party at his boss’s house last Saturday. We have been to Angie and Jim’s house on many occasions and I didn’t think this one would be much different. They are really nice people and their house party’s are always fun. Jim usually includes several of his business customers at these get-togethers and Angie makes sure that everything is taken care of in the food, entertainment & drink department. They have a great house near where we live that is made for socializing.

Because the crowd is always pretty upscale at Angies parties and also because I am sort of a show-off I decided to dress ‘to be noticed.’ I am 5’8” tall with long freckled legs, have shoulder length auburn hair, am in good shape and am 36D in the bra size department. I don’t have any trouble attracting attention but sometimes I get more of it than other times. Rob is 39 years old and I am 36. We have been married for 7 years now and we are very happy together.

Rob really likes it when I dress up, especially if I show some skin. He gets really turned on watching the reaction of other guys when I flirt a little with them. I’m very outgoing anyway and don’t usually think of it as flirting. As I tell Rob “If I start to flirt with someone, watch out!” Sometimes I think that if he had his way I would just be naked whenever we went anywhere. He likes to suggest what I should wear when we go out and I like that. Sometimes we have fun with it and I start ‘modeling’ outfits on Wednesday to wear on Saturday. Rob gets really hot and in turn so do I during these modeling sessions. We rarely make it through without him trying to take advantage of the ‘model.’ This role-playing usually ends up with the ‘model’ (me) on her knees in front of the ‘director’ (Rob) doing what the poor girl has to do to keep her job. Of course the director always compliments the model and says that I give the best BJ of all the models on his staff (no pun intended).

I ended up wearing my white dress that Rob bought for me on a business trip to New York. It is your basic short tight party dress that we had altered to make about 2” shorter than it already was. The back is open down to the ‘barely legal’ area and there is a cloud shaped cutout in front that shows a lot of me. I’m proud that I can wear something like this without a bra and still look good. Skin color thong panties that you can practically see through and silver 5” spike heels finish the look. Rob didn’t want me to wear stockings or pantyhose. If I moved anything the wrong way somebody was going to get an eyeful!

We arrived at Angie and Jim’s house and were surprised at the number of cars there. Rob told me that it was going to be a small party, but hey the more the merrier right? Jim had hired a couple of young men to valet park the cars to make things convenient for everyone. A very charming and handsome young man opened the door on my side of the car and welcomed me to the party. I hadn’t thought about this but decided to just forge ahead. There was no way I was going to be able to get out of that car without showing everything I have under that dress! I laughed and told the young guy not to look as I swung my legs around to get out of the car. He took my hand to help and as I got out of the car he was looking down my dress, up my dress and everywhere in between. I said, “Hey – you’re looking!” He responded, “I sure am miss, I sure am”. Young men are much bolder these days! I was getting warm already!

We went into the house and things were pretty lively. Most of the people were our age or older with a few younger couples. Rob and I recognized quite a few people from town and his work. There were some people in the pool and mostly everyone was laughing and having a good time meeting and greeting each other. The band was playing just loud enough to be heard without drowning out conversation. Rob had his arm around me and whispered in my ear.
He said, “ you are the hottest looking piece of ass in the house”. I turned to him, smiled and said “that kind of talk could get you in trouble mister”. Everyone was well dressed and there were lots of great looking women, especially the ones in the pool with the string bikinis. Angie came to see us right away and she was in a giddy mood. She also looked stunning with her raven black hair and way-too-tight gold dress with sheer black thigh-hi stockings and gold F-Me heels. Angie normally dresses on the conservative side but tonight she looked like an extremely high priced call girl. As she and I were talking, Rob was looking at her as though he had been at sea for three months. I dragged him away before he attacked her and we got drinks. Rob said that he almost didn’t recognize Angie the way she was dressed. I told him he better behave if he knew what was good for him!

We ran into Jim who started to introduce us to some of the other guests. Rob already knew some of them and he also began to introduce me. They were business customers for the most part who Jim had invited because they were Betturkey from out of town and staying over the weekend. There was one couple, Sam and Rhonda and three other guys who were without their wives. Rob was talking to one of the men and I suppose I looked a little lost.

Rhonda asked me where the bathroom was and I walked her to the other room and showed her. We talked along the way and I found out that her husband and the other men were about to give Jim’s company the biggest contract in the history of the firm. Rob hadn’t said anything about this and so I wondered if he even knew about it. Rob isn’t real high up in Jim’s company but he works hard and Jim likes him so the future looks very good for his career. Rhonda came out and we both went for drinks and talked some more. She is younger than me by about five or six years and her husband is probably 20 years older. Rhonda is clearly a trophy wife, with large breasts, blonde hair, beautiful face and a fantastic sense of humor. We really hit it off and were laughing about everything after we had another glass of champagne.

Rhonda told me that her husband Sam is a consultant who brings people together to do business. He has contacts everywhere and is extremely rich because of that. They flew in for the evening on their private jet and planned to leave the next day. She said that Sam expected his deal with Jim and the others to be finalized by then.

Rob came over and I introduced him to Rhonda, then he and I took a walk out to the pool area. I told Rob what I had learned from Rhonda and he said that he knew that Jim was after a big contract but that was all. He also told me that he had been working with the other three men for the past week to show them the capabilities of the firm. Rob had been out with them for dinner and drinks a couple of times that week and came home pretty late. He was showing them around the city and I know they hit all the nightspots.

The pool and deck were heating up as the bikini girls and some guys were dancing and the band had moved there and picked up the pace of the music. It was a beautiful night with a full moon and a perfectly clear sky. Angie was dancing with Leo, one of Jim’s business guests. They danced very close and Leo had his hand on her ass! I couldn’t believe my eyes as I saw Jim looking at them and smiling.

Rob was with one of the neighbors talking when I looked into the cabana by the pool and noticed one of the bikini girls with Ron, another of Jim’s guests. They went to a darkened corner and I couldn’t really see them. I walked over toward them because I was a little worried about such a young girl with an older man like Ron. I thought the girl was one of the other guest’s daughters. When I got a little closer I found out why the girls in the bikinis were there. She was sitting on a chair in front of Ron holding the biggest cock I’ve ever seen! Just as I was going to turn around she took him into her mouth and started to suck him. I was a little stunned until I saw that Ron was looking right into my eyes and smiling as he began to move his hips to match the girl’s rhythm. I went to get another drink and find Rob!

I said “Rob! These young girls in bikinis are hookers!” “I just saw one of them sucking Ron like she lives for it!” Rob just looked at me, laughed and said “Kinda like you?” I got a little pissed and said “I am no hooker!” and he said, “I was talking about the living for it part”. I laughed a little and admitted that he had me pegged there. Rob explained that Jim didn’t want anything to mess up this deal and hired the girls ‘just in case’ the men wanted to play a little. I had just enough to drink to see the logic in that and we had a laugh about it.

After a while some of the people started to leave and there remained about 25 or so of us. I didn’t pay much more attention to the bikini girls and it looked like they also left. I don’t know who used their services except it wasn’t my husband. I made sure of that! The band kept playing and the remaining guests showed no sign of stopping the festivities. Angie was dancing with all of the men and by now she was all over anyone she danced with. I thought it was really hot watching her get the guys all steamed up. I didn’t know that side of her!

Sam came over and asked me to dance. I looked at Rob and he said “sure, it’s OK’ as Rhonda took Rob’s hand and they danced also. Sam was a smooth dancer and also a smooth talker. He asked if I was enjoying myself and I said I was. Just then his hand slipped down the back of my dress! He was telling me how hot and sexy I was as his hand moved over my bare ass under the dress. I looked at Rob and saw that Rhonda was practically fucking him while they danced! Rob wasn’t exactly fighting her off either.

By now Sam had his hand all the way down the back of my dress telling me with that smooth voice how good it felt. He didn’t have to tell me, my ass is very erogenous and I get really hot having it rubbed and squeezed. Betturkey Giriş The problem was that it wasn’t my husband doing the rubbing and squeezing. Husband was busy squeezing Rhonda’s huge breasts to his chest! So I’m thinking ‘it’s a beautiful night, we’ve had some drinks, the band is great and Sam is a master at turning on a lady with a sensitive bottom’ so enjoy. Sam was telling me how important this deal with Jim and the other men was to the firm and thus to Rob and I. I just kept saying things like ‘that’s nice Sam’ and ‘yes Sam’ and ‘I agree Sam’. I really didn’t hear a word Sam said because I was holding back an exquisite orgasm from the attention I was getting from both of his hands now. I saw Rob through the crowd with that look on his face that I have seen so often. I don’t know how it happened but we both were ready take our relationship where I never thought it would go!

The music stopped and I went to find my husband. We met and he had the horniest look I have ever seen on his face. He started to speak and I stopped him with a kiss. We were away from the crowd and I kissed him and sucked his tongue thinking about how it felt having Sam’s hands all over me. Rob was completely hard and I was rubbing him through his slacks. He started to talk again and I stopped him saying, “I know” he looked at me and I asked, “should we do this?” I thought he would cum on the spot after I said it. He told me how Rhonda offered herself to him. I told him how hot Sam had made me feel and that did it. The last I saw of my husband he was walking into the house with Rhonda.

I went back to Sam who was now talking with Ron, James, Angie and Leo. Leo had his arm around Angie and she was leaning into him and smiling as though they were lifetime lovers. Sam explained to us how it was that he met these executives from a government oil company in Nigeria. I found it very sexy the way they spoke perfect English as in London English even though they had very black skin. Sam suggested we all go to into the house for another drink. As we walked, I whispered to Sam asking that I hope he wouldn’t leave a lady ‘high and dry’ would he? The band was still playing and there were still quite a lot of people by the pool. Sam laughed and just told me to ‘keep the thought’ as he again ran his hand down the back of my dress.

We all went into one of Angie’s ‘sitting rooms’, a large room with lots of soft furniture and soft lighting. She turned on some soft music and we all got new drinks. It was fun laughing and talking with these sweet men. They were all quite tall, very sexy, In great shape and very well dressed. Angie and I went to the bathroom to freshen up and she thanked me profusely for helping to entertain. I confided how Sam brought me to the brink and also that Sam’s wife was somewhere in the house with Rob. She thought that was very erotic and told me how she was ready to fuck anything that moved! She also said that Jim had taken one of the bikini girls and she didn’t care. After all, she had Leo’s big soft hands running over her all evening!

We came out of the bathroom and found that the lights were turned down and the music was very slow and sexy. The men had taken off their jackets and ties and were sipping their drinks. Leo came to Angie and they started their now famous ‘fucking-on-the-dance-floor’ slow dance. Ron took my hand and we began to dance, I didn’t see Sam anywhere.

Ron held me close and I almost melted in his arms when he started to tell me how every man at the party wanted me. How sexy I looked in that Dress. How he was undressing me with his eyes all evening. How hard he got thinking about having me!!!!! He was gently kissing my neck and ear as he unzipped my dress. I wasn’t about to stop him and decided that Sam must have had second thoughts. Ron just kept telling me how beautiful he thought I was and how he and all the others wanted me. I could feel him getting hard and I thought about how big he was when I saw him earlier with one of the ‘working’ girls.

I looked over to see that Angie and Leo were both topless! Yes, my prudish, very proper, very married friend Angie had the top of her dress down over her waist and was rubbing her huge breasts into Leo’s massive chest. James was sitting on a sofa facing away from us taking in the show. Leo pulled away from me and I let my now unzipped dress fall to the floor. He held me at arms length and told me he just wanted to look at me. That really got me going, because men don’t usually want to spend a lot of time looking, they just want to act. I turned around and took off my thong as I did, trying to give Ron a little show. I was now dressed in just the gold spikes and feeling very free in a room with men I had just met. Very sexy black men! God was I bad!

I spread my arms wide and danced in small circles for Ron. James was now up and they both were enjoying the show. I noticed that James was distracted and turned to see Angie and Leo completely naked on one of the couches. I stopped and Ron held me in his arms as we watched Leo bury his face in Angie’s puss. Angie was in total ecstasy and if there were an army of men in the room she would not have noticed.

I turned to Leo and started to undo his slacks. He helped and in what seemed like seconds he was totally naked and I was on my knees sucking his huge black cock! His cock was very smooth and big and I took him all the way into my mouth. He kept telling me in that sweet English accent what a fine cocksucker I am. That just made me want more and I pushed my tongue forward and swallowed him deep into my throat. His beautiful black cock kept growing and I felt it throbbing as I sucked him. He was holding my head and guiding himself in and out of my mouth. I was dripping wet and rubbing myself with one hand. This was something that only happens in a fantasy, I thought, as Leo pulled away from me.

He told me to get on my back because he was going to fuck me. The way he said it made me cum; nobody had ever used those words. I wanted nothing more than to be ‘fucked’ by this beautiful man! I lay on my back and spread my legs wide for him and he just got on me. His now huge black cock disappeared into my dripping hot pussy. I let out a loud scream as he started to give me his big dick. I heard Angie screaming on the other side of the room and it made me fuck Ron even harder. He came deep inside of me and his cum wouldn’t stop. I squeezed him with my puss muscles till he finally pulled back. I looked at him and his cock was absolutely Huge! Even after what we just did! Angie and Leo were in the throes of orgasm with Angie screaming “FUCK ME” “GIVE ME MORE” “YEAH” so loud that I was worried someone would hear.

I was lying back in Ron’s arms thinking about how sexy his jet-black arms looked on my ‘redhead-white’ skin. He had his hands on my breasts gently squeezing my pink nips. I was in ecstasy with my nips rock hard and feeling his cock on my back as I leaned on him. Angie and Leo were sitting across from us winding down a little just as James appeared.

James had taken his clothes off and was obviously ready. His cock was actually longer and thicker than either Leo or Ron’s. Angie and I just looked at him, we weren’t really ready for anything like this. But then we weren’t ready for this whole night so I decided to just see where it would go. Ron and Leo told Angie and I that it would be unfair to leave James out of the fun. That seemed fair to Angie as she motioned to James and got on her knees. She took James into her mouth and started to suck him. James was, I thought, a little rough. He held Angies head and literally fucked her mouth! All the time telling her what a sweet white slut she is! Angie looked wide-eyed as she swallowed James’ enormous black cock. I thought the man must have been in a frenzy after watching his friends getting wildly fucked by two proper married white ladies. It was really very erotic to watch Angie sucking his huge black cock and was turning the rest of us on.

Just when I thought he would cum all over Angie, James took his huge hardon out of her mouth. He turned and walked a few steps over to me. I was getting ready to give him my mouth but he said to me in a forceful tone ‘get on your hands and knees’. I was surprised, if one can be surprised in a room of naked people fucking each other. I looked back at Ron as James said ‘YOU HEAR ME YOU FUCKIN WHITE BITCH!”

Now I am here to tell you that talk like that from a man makes some girls cum on the spot! What I didn’t know until then is that I am one of those girls! I nearly fell apart as he shouted at me to do as he pleases. Ron started to talk to James to calm him. I just turned around and got on my hands and knees with my lily-white ass, as they say, facing James. Ron sat back and smiled at me. I thought I saw his cock twitch a little. Angie and Leo were enjoying the show as she stroked his cock and he kissed and sucked her huge white tits.

James said to me “that’s better bitch, don’t give me any more trouble” as he got behind me. I lay with my face in my folded arms right in front of Ron and my ass high in the air for James. He just took that huge hard cock and forced it into my pussy. It went right in and he was fucking me harder than anyone ever has! He kept calling me every bad thing he could think of; “Take my black cock slut” “You’ll never get it like this from your bitch husband” “I’m going to fuck that white whore cunt till you scream”. That trash talk just made me want more and I let him know; “Fuck me with that black cock James” “Please PLEASE, I need more”. Ron was now very hard again and I took him in my mouth as James gave it to me hard, like a lady needs it!

James slapped my ass hard and launched into a tirade. “Sucking another black cock while I’m fucking you bitch!” SMACK! “That the kind of whore you are?” SMACK! “You fuckin white sluts are all the same!” SMACK! I said, “I’m sorry James” and then SMACK “you are a sorry white useless whore!” SMACK! “Get back here, I have a use for your worthless white ass” SMACK! I had an orgasm like never before!!!! SMACK! “Fuckin Slut!” SMACK! SMACK! Cum CUM sweet CUM!!

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