Limits Ch. 08

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When the minibus pulled up outside Jude’s house, Andy reached forward to pay off the driver whilst the others tumbled out and made their way up to the front door. Karen found that Jude was holding her close and being very protective; she had one arm around Karen’s shoulder as she fumbled in her pockets, found her key ring and turned the lock on the front door.

“Go on through to the playroom, everyone.” Jude said as soon as they entered. “slave ‘k’, I want you to organise the drinks. slave Beth, you had best help her.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Beth answered smartly, but Karen was non-plussed by what was being demanded of her. It wasn’t as if she minded being ordered to play at hostess, but if she were to organise the drinks then how was she to know what everyone wanted and how was she to know where everything was? However, Beth caught her eye and motioned with her head towards the kitchen and, gratefully, Karen followed.

They all trooped down the hallway but, before they got to the kitchen, Sarah, who was leading, opened a door off to the left and went through. As she went past on her way to the kitchen, Karen glanced through the door but only saw that it led down into the cellar. What was down there was anyone’s guess.

“Give me a hand here, will you?” Beth asked, turning her back on Karen as soon as they had entered the kitchen.

“A hand?” Karen asked, completely confused. Beth was standing still as if she expected Karen to understand what was required.

“Please, with my zipper.”

“With your zipper, what’s up with your zipper?” Karen was still totally lost.

“Will you pull it down for me, silly?” And then it dawned on her why Karen was looking so lost.

“Sorry, ‘k’,” Beth turned back to face Karen. “I didn’t mean to call you silly. I guess I assumed you knew all about the no clothes in the house rule.”

“No clothes in the house…. Is that going to apply to me as well?” Karen could feel the panic building up inside her.

“Will it apply to you? Well you are a sub so I can’t see why not. You can try keeping them on if you want but you’ll end up being punished.” Beth smiled. “I certainly wouldn’t recommend it. Talking of being punished we’d best get a move on. Would you please…?”

Again Beth turned her back on Karen who, this time, reached tentatively for the zipper that ran down the back of Beth’s dress and pulled it down to her waist. Beth then shrugged the dress off her shoulders, let it fall forward and stepped out of it. Karen was not in the slightest bit surprised to see that she was wearing neither bra nor panties and was now naked, apart from her high-heeled ankle boots. Beth folded her dress neatly and laid it over the back of a chair.

“Come along, your turn,” she said.

“I… I… I can’t.” Now that she realised what she had got herself into, Karen was horrified at the implications. She backed away from Beth until she was up against the kitchen work surface and could go no farther. All the hints that Lucy had been dropping suddenly made sense. It seemed that Jude had arranged some sort of orgy and she had a stark choice: she could join in or she could run away. Were she to undress, then implicit in her nakedness would be her availability for anything else they chose to do. She could see how naïve she had been; she had only to remember how the subs had been treated back at the club last week to understand what was in store for her. Compliance in undressing implied at least partial, if not full, compliance in everything else, and this was a step she wasn’t prepared for.

“Wow, Mistress Jude really has thrown you in at the deep end, hasn’t she?” Beth said kindly as she witnessed the rising panic in Karen’s eyes. “If it makes it any easier you’ll find that Lucy and Kathy will be naked by now as well. You and I won’t be the only ones.”

Karen realised she’d come to a crisis point. Frankie’s jeers came back to haunt her, how she had been called ‘mousy’ and ‘uptight’. Compared with the others she probably was. Could she fit in amongst these women; more to the point, did she want to?

And then there was Beth standing naked and unashamed, as if it were all completely normal. Karen couldn’t help but stare at her. Both her nipples were pierced and, not only was she completely shaven ‘down there’, she had another piercing in her ‘front bottom’, and the lips had been padlocked together. Karen wondered how much it must have hurt to have piercings in such intimate places and how embarrassing it must have been to have them done. Just a short while ago, back in the club Beth had seemed so nice, so normal and now….

“Are you OK?” Beth asked, her voice full of concern.

“I’m…” Karen looked at Beth, her eyes full of tears. “I’m….”

“You’re scared witless, that’s what you are, aren’t you?” Beth said gently. “Look, I can see that this is all too much for you. Jude has pushed you too far, too fast. I’ll go and tell her that you’re not up to playing tonight.”

“Would you? Would you really?” Karen grasped at this straw but her relief was short lived for, as soon as Beth turned towards the door, Karen felt the waves of panic coming back. As Beth turned away from her she bursa sınırsız escort saw in her mind’s eye all her new found friends also turning away from her, turning away from this uptight little mouse who wouldn’t play in their games. Whilst she was struggling to come to terms with the contrast between the friendly welcoming people she had met earlier and the orgy they now expected her to join, what was the alternative? She could run away, go home defeated, spend another night on her own, abandon the first real relationship she had ever had. She wasn’t sure she could take that either.

“Beth, please, don’t go.”

Beth turned in the doorway.

“Beth, please, just give me a minute or two.”

“OK, sweetie, take your time,” Beth came back into the kitchen but she was careful not to get too close to Karen, realising that she still needed her space.

“Guys! What’s the hold up?” Kathy arrived at the door. Like Beth she was naked except for her shoes, ankle socks and a collar. “The bosses are getting restless.”

“Just ask them to give us a minute, will you?” Beth replied. “We have a slight case of beginner’s nerves.”

“No, it’s OK. I’ll do it,” Karen said, an edge of determination in her voice. Somehow seeing the two women together had changed things, had made it more normal. Suddenly she was the odd one out by being dressed. Her modesty, her prudishness, were overturned by a desire to fit in, a desire not to be alone any more. That said, she still had to turn away from them as she gathered up her courage and rolled her dress first down to her waist, and then all the way down until she was stepping out of the coil of rolled up cloth that it had become. She bent down to pick it up and, as she stood back up again she realised it was now or never so she turned back to face the others.

“So, what are these drinks we’re supposed to fetch?” She said forcing herself to sound as casual as she could whilst she unrolled the dress and draped it over the back of a chair.

“There should be some white wine in the fridge, and a couple of beers for Mistress Jude and Mistress Andy. I’ll get the tray and the glasses,” Beth said briskly, realising how fragile Karen’s determination was. “Kathy, be a dear and tell the bosses there’s been a teensy problem but it’s all right now. We’ll be there in a moment or two.”

“OK, will do,” Kathy said, before disappearing back to the playroom.

As soon as she was gone, Beth came over to Karen and gave her a little hug.

“Well done, that took real guts, I could tell,” she said softly.

“Thank you,” Karen replied. “Thank you for being so patient.”

“No problem, but we really must get on with these drinks.” Beth had found the tray and glasses and put them on the kitchen table. Karen found the wine, and then rummaged in the knife drawer to find a corkscrew, whilst Beth opened the beers and poured them out. Now they were working together, it seemed no time before they were done.

“It was you who was ordered to get the drinks, so it had best be you who takes the tray,” Beth said. “Are you ready?”

“Yes, I’m ready,” Karen replied, although the hundred and one butterflies in her stomach said otherwise.

“OK, let’s go.”

Karen picked up the tray and Beth held the door for her. As they went down the hallway towards the playroom, Karen caught sight of herself in the mirror that hung by the front door. The shoes and stockings that she still wore, along with the chastity belt covering her groin, emphasised her lack of any other clothing and her breasts, visible over the tray that she held, seemed to be as much part of the offering as the drinks. At the doorway she nearly had another crisis but, steeling herself, she allowed Beth to open it for her and they walked on through.

Karen had her work cut out simply keeping her balance and not spilling the drinks as she struggled with her high heels and the steep steps down into what had been the cellar, now evidently the playroom. It was only when she got to the bottom she was able to look about her.

The bathroom wasn’t the only room in the house where Jude had spent her aunt’s legacy. Karen thought of cellars as cold, dark and damp; this was anything but. It consisted of two large rooms, which reprised the lounge and the kitchen above. The wall between these rooms had been knocked away in several places, and replaced by stout pillars and rolled steel joists to take the load.

The room immediately at the bottom of the stairs was the larger of the two and had been decorated with a certain luxury. The main theme was a deep red with gold trimmings. The floor was carpeted and the walls covered with cloth hangings to cover the bare brick beneath. The lighting was indirect and discreet and, Karen noticed, there was a gas fire built in to one of the walls. The fire had been lit and was warming up the room nicely. At one end, there were four opulent chairs, thrones almost, set in a wide arc and that was where the Dommes were seated. Karen noticed that Andy and Jude had the centre seats, Mel and Sarah at either end. She wondered how much this reflected some sort of pecking order. Off bursa escort bayan to one side was a table but, apart from that, the furnishings were sparse. On the wall behind the table was a large painting of an obvious slave-girl prostrate at the feet of her Mistress.

The other room, which Karen could glimpse through the openings in the dividing wall, could not have been more different. That room had no coverings on the walls, no carpet on the floor. Karen could see various contraptions dotted about. A horse like the one in the club was easy to identify, but otherwise she could only guess what they were. There was a bench running down the far wall and various whips, crops, paddles, and what seemed to be a cat-o’-nine-tails were hanging from hooks in an orderly fashion. From the care and expense that had been spent converting the cellar it was evident that this had not been done on a whim but was a serious project.

“Are you going to stand there gawping all night or am I going to get my drink?” Jude said sharply.

“Sorry, Mistress.” Karen snapped back to the here and now, and went over to the thrones, offering up the drinks.

This done, she went to put the tray down on the table. Meanwhile Beth went over to Andy and knelt before her, bowing her head. Andy reached in her jacket pocket and brought out a collar. Karen couldn’t help but stare as Andy fitted the collar around Beth’s neck, an act that somehow conveyed not just ownership but also a tender concern. For all that Andy was full of bluster on the surface, collaring her sub was an act of love, not war.

Now there was only one Domme without a slave kneeling before her. Karen didn’t need to be told what to do next. She went over and took up her position in front of Jude.

“You took your time,” Jude commented. “Was there some sort of problem?”

“Just a little hiccup, Mistress,” Karen replied. “My apologies for the delay.”

“A hiccup?” Andy queried. “That’s a lame excuse if ever I heard one. Hiccup or not, I’d give her a damn good spanking to make sure there are no hiccups next time. I know she’s new, but if you don’t lay down the law from the start they walk all over you.”

“You’d give her a damn good spanking, hiccup or not. I’ve never known you need an excuse to up-end a sub and paddle her butt,” Sarah joked.

“I think we’re all looking forward to that,” Mel joined in. “I think we’re all intrigued by our new little slave. Stop hiding her away; let’s have a good look at her. Get that damn belt off her and let the dog see the rabbit.”

“Here, you have a go if you’re so keen.” Jude took the keys out of her jacket pocket and tossed them over to Mel, who caught them deftly. “Go along, girl,” she added to Karen.

This was the point which she had been dreading; in giving up her clothes she had given up her privacy and now she was being ordered to effectively offer herself sexually to another woman. However, she had made up her mind in the kitchen and she wasn’t going to change her mind now. Shaking slightly, Karen shuffled over on her knees before getting to her feet and standing next to where Lucy was knelt in front of Mel’s throne. Mel leaned forward and, after ordering Karen to stand with her feet farther apart, reached for the lock on the front of the chastity belt, undoing it and letting the straps fall away. The only thing that now held it in place was the dildo still lodged in her anus.

“slave Lucy,” she said. “I don’t want to get my hands dirty. Get rid of the belt, please.”

“Yes, Mistress.” Lucy turned to where Karen was stood beside her and reached between Karen’s buttocks for where the dildo was attached to the strapping. Although she was gentle, the dildo seemed to resist being removed but eventually it came free. Although she was now empty, Karen could still very much feel where it had been; her back passage still felt stretched and distended and, like everything else in this crazy evening, she was unsure whether she liked it or loathed it. Once it was out Lucy stood up, and was heading for the door with the chastity belt in her hands when Andy stopped her and ordered her over.

“That’s a pretty thin dildo you used there,” she said as she examined the chastity belt. “She probably hardly felt a skinny little thing like that. I tell you, you’re far too easy on the girl.”

“She’s new, she’ll need to be stretched a bit before she can take the full Monty,” Jude retorted.

“Well, you’re not going to stretch her much with a needle dick like that. Give her something she can feel, something that makes her wince as she sits down.”

Karen stood there shell-shocked, glad that Jude was not of the same mind but it wasn’t just the thought of ever larger dildos being forced inside her, it was the way they were discussing it that was most disturbing. They were talking about her as if she were a doll, a plaything, and, it would seem, Jude was quite content to share her toys. As if to emphasise this, Mistress Mel reached out and started to examine her front bottom, playing with her nether lips, gently rolling them back and forth between finger and thumb and pushing back the vibrator every time nilüfer escort it tried to slip out. Karen was a thing, an object to be shared among the Dommes; her views, her wants, her wishes were as naught. To make it worse she was there by her own free will, she was taking it unbound and unfettered, a willing accomplice to her degradation.

“She may be shy but she certainly isn’t frigid,” Mel commented. “Look how juicy she is.” Mel held up her hand to show her fingertips glistening with Karen’s secretions. “She’s a hot and horny little cow on the Q.T.”

‘How could I be otherwise’, Karen wanted to scream out loud. What with one thing or another Jude had kept her in a state of arousal for days. She had been allowed no relief and this evening in particular she had spent the entire time with both the vibrator and the dildo deep inside her. She would have had to have been made out of stone not to have been hot and bothered. Mel making out that she was some sort of hussy was so unfair.

“Yeah, beneath all that ‘Little Miss Prim and Proper’ she’s a right little shag monster. I had her trying to hump me in the shower earlier,” Jude said. “That’s why I had to fit her with the belt.”

Karen was horrified that their intimate moments should be shared so freely and worse, that they should be so distorted so as to portray her in such a bad light. She felt that Jude had betrayed her. This was turning out so much worse than she had thought.

“Humping you in the shower, little slave ‘k’, who’d have thought it. I’d love to have seen that.” Sarah laughed.

“Get her to do it now,” Jude urged Mel. “Hold your hand out, get her to hump that.”

Mel leaned further forward and cupped her hand under Karen’s crotch, even slipping her forefinger between the slick folds of flesh and poking it inside, touching the vibrator that was still thrumming away.

“Come along, girl,” Mel said firmly. “You heard your Mistress.”

Karen simply couldn’t. This was a step too far and she was on the verge of simply refusing. She stood there with her mouth open, frozen, unable to speak, unable to move.

“Perhaps she needs more encouragement, ” Jude said, taking the vibrator remote control out from her pocket and turning the intensity up. For Karen this just made it worse, just made her out to be some sort of mechanical doll who would work if you just pressed the right buttons.

“The only encouragement slaves need or understand comes from a riding crop,” Andy said. “I tell you, you’re far too easy on her, you give her far too many decisions. No wonder the poor girl is confused.”

“Maybe you’re right,” Jude agreed. “‘k’ you have until I count to three to start humping or I’ll get the crop. After that you’ll get a thrashing and you’ll still have to do it. One… Two….”

The threat of the thrashing brought things to a crisis; if she were going to run away now was the time to do it. She glanced about her; the mood of the room seemed to be amused anticipation, everyone, slave and Mistress, was watching her, waiting on her. Only Beth seemed to have picked up on her fears and she gave her a little encouraging wink. That was enough to calm her. This acknowledgement that her fears were understood pulled Karen back from the brink and, from here, her desire to fit in took over. If she stopped, if she said no, she would be a wet blanket, spoiling the mood, spoiling the fun. If only Jude didn’t push her so hard. Why couldn’t she understand how she felt?

“Three!” In desperation, to avoid making the decision as much as anything else, Karen pushed her hips forward, rubbing herself on Mel’s hand, feeling her forefinger slip inside her. As she felt the friction of Mel’s hand against her oversensitive flesh, she felt the rush begin, the drug take hold. Despite the humiliation and the conflicts inside her, Mel’s touch was just what she needed. She hated this, she hated being forced to perform like some sort of circus animal for the Mistresses’ amusement but, for all that, her body sang a very different tune and, if she were going to play along, the only thing she could do was close her eyes and ride it.

Maybe Jude wasn’t so insensitive to Karen’s mood as she got up out of her throne and came to stand behind her. Karen found her arms being drawn behind her back before the touch of cold steel around her wrists followed by the click of the lock told how she was now handcuffed. Then Jude reached around Karen to embrace her and cup her breasts with her hands. Whether knowingly or not this was just what Karen needed. Now she was no longer an accomplice, she was bound and held, forced against her will. She was no longer consenting to her own degradation, it was Jude who was doing this to her. She was back in her Mistress’s arms and she was safe again. Resigned to her fate, she leant back into Jude’s embrace and closed her eyes so as to forget about the onlookers and better concentrate on the mix of sensations she was being subjected to. Indeed, what choice had she but to surrender? All the pent up frustration of the past few days combined with the vibrator, now at full power thrumming away inside her, and Mel’s touch against her sensitive flesh were all combining to steadily push her to where she no longer cared, where just had to hump a little harder, reach a little higher, to push a little further…. Jude’s fingers were gripping her nipples, squeezing them tight and she should have been screaming in pain but it wasn’t like that, she needed this, she needed… she needed… she needed….

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