Like a Pro

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“I want you to fuck my ass,” my wife said.

Splayed out in front of me, legs spread wide with my cock in her cunt, I was not going to argue. That said, I was in no hurry to comply. I arched my legs higher and yanked back on her feet to pull her ass further over the edge of the bed. Standing over such a tiny woman, moving her around was pretty easy.

She was perched somewhat precariously – her ass was far enough out over the edge that had I let go, she would have to scramble to stop from falling. Her ankles were still in my hands, and I lowered them while spreading her legs further.

She didn’t wince a bit. She had been a college cheerleader, and she could still do the splits.

Looking into her eyes, I leaned in and thrusted. It wasn’t hurried, but it wasn’t slow. I drove my member into her opening and found her cervix, then pushed further. She threw her hands up to my chest and tried to push back, but I simply leaned over even deeper for a kiss. I outweigh this little thing by 50%…so sometimes I just have my way with her. Sometimes, like now, I fuck her cervix to jelly.

I pulled back and thrust again. And again. She complained each on each thrust, but didn’t pull away. The pain was her choice. Each thrust was met with a groan, but each time she argued less than the one before. Eventually, her biology relented and adapted to me. Mostly. Biting her lip, she liked the pressure, but her cunt wouldn’t take it forever.

She was ready.

I reached behind me into the nightstand. In a normal porn story, I would say this as a simple matter, but in real-life the lube disappeared. Fuck. Where the fuck was the lube?

I was not expecting to fuck her ass today. It was a Satruday, and barely lunch hour. We had the day off, so rolling in the sack was on the menu. Usually it was a lot of fuck and suck. But today she wanted an ass fuck. Today we needed some lube.

I ask, “Where the fuck is the lube?”

She has to think about it. “In the bathroom, under my sink and next to the dildo you bought me,” she responds.

I file a mental note to interrogate her on just how a bottle of lube and a dildo ended up under her sink. She was already blushing, so I know this was going to be a fun story.

Back in the moment, I let go of her ankles and pull out of her pussy. She almost fell out of the bed and had to grab the sheets to keep from falling, which was pretty funny to see on its own. Really, if you have not seen a spread-wide girl scramble to keep her pussy from falling to the ground, I suggest it. I wouldn’t let her fall and she knows it, but I had a laugh at her expense. Something tells me I was going to pay for that, probably someday soon.

I step into the bathroom and start rummaging under her sink. “Where the fuck…?” Sinop Escort I ask myself.

I was getting annoyed. An assfuck should not require the equivalent of, “Where’s Waldo?” just to find some lube.

Found it. In the back, under some fucking tampons. Jesus. Really?

Fuck that. Next time she hides the stuff, I’ll nail her without it. She’s usually we enough.

I come back to the bedroom, and find her laying flat on her back with her fingers between her legs, rubbing her clit. Hardly surprising, because she was the horniest girl I had ever dragged into my bed. She was fairly vanilla, but had promise. I was the first guy to fuck her ass, and I kid you not that the first time she actually uttered the words, “I love anal,” right before she came.

So I married her. No shit. Talk about potential…

Anyway, I had the bottle of lube in my hand. I dropped it to the floor. I didn’t bother lubing up.

I got a rule. Call it crazy or wimpy or whatever, but I won’t fuck a girl’s ass until I feel she is really worked up. The time between her request and my appearance with the lube exceeded some internal limit, so in my mind I had to warm her up again. At this point, she knew she was committed so this wasn’t about me talking her into anything. Generally, words spoken in passion where usually forgiven, but not when you request an ass fuck. Fuck no. If you ask me to fuck your ass, you are going to get impaled. End. Of. Story.

But I am a gentleman assfucker, so I snagged her ankles and pulled her back over the edge of the bed, again. Without any ceremony at all, I spread her legs and dropped my knees to the floor and start to give her head. Starting at her clit, I got her hot as hell before dropping lower to the space between. Sinking lower, I alternated between rimming her sphincter and sucking her clit. I was pushing the tip of my tongue into her ass.

She got wild.

While I was still on my knees and she was bucking against my face, I popped the lube bottle open and slopped a good amount on my cock and rubbed it in. Standing up, I took my lubed hand and slapped it against her cunt and ass. She looked a little apprehensive, but didn’t complain. She said the words and she knew the rules: an assfuck invitation could not be undone.

The middle finger of my right hand went in first. I was careful – there is no reason to be an asshole of an asshole fucker.

Before we married, she lived in a neighborhood full of porn studios. There were a lot of Brazilian Wax spas, a lot of gyms, a lot of girls with big hair and bigger tits, and a lot of bars.

Today, she did it like one of her old neighbors. One finger. That’s all it took for her to open up – from zero to ready-for-anal in one finger and thirty long seconds.

I Sinop Escort Bayan pulled my finger from her ass-snatch and positioned my cock over her anal opening. She bit her lip as I gently pressed inward.

A little in, and a little out. A little shove, and a little kiss. It didn’t take long to get past her inner rings – well under a minute from ‘uh uh’ to ‘fuck yeah’. Honest to her old neighborhood, she can take it up the ass like a pro.

But this was not a porn movie. I let it lie still, while bending down to kiss her chest. She could feel me throbbing in her ass – always hard, but throbbing harder every other second. She licked her lips and said, “start fucking my ass now.”

I started slow, but worked up to a healthy pace in short order. I knew her tempo, and watched her face for clues. Fast, slow, fast, fast, slow.

She was rubbing her clit until she got close. Then I pulled her hand away and locked her wrists firmly in my grasp. More unwritten rules: when my cock is in her ass, she comes only from my cock. No hands allowed. Anal was not an everyday event – witness the mystery of the missing goddamn lube – but when she’s randy and horny she loves it because it fills her solid and makes her feel split wide open. And she comes from it. She orgasms from anal, and was surprised when it happened her first time. She didn’t think it was possible, but it was and she does. If I had let her wank off, she would never have known she was an anal-orgasm princess. I would be damned before I let her forget it.

I played her like a fiddle – a dirty, slutty, fiddle with quivering legs for strings and my cock for the fiddle-stick-thing (I have no idea what that is called). I alternated tempo to keep her excited and frustrated at the same time. Unlike vaginal sex, I had a shorter window here. I had to be more attentive. The ass was not meant for such an invasion, so I had to play it carefully before she tired out. Fucking a girl’s ass – when done to make her love it – takes a bit of skill from the fucker.

I saw she was near the end of the road. It was pushing over ten minutes of anal action and I had relubed at least twice, already. At some point, her ass was going to give out. She was going to get raw.

She begged me to make her come. I stopped playing with my asstoy and started fucking it. It didn’t take long. Right before she came, she uttered the words – again – that every man wants to hear from his woman, “I. Love. Anal.”

She came hard, and toward the end I let her start slapping her own clit so she could extend the feeling. Every rule has an exception. Her face flushed, and her hand stopped. She let out an after-orgasm shiver and tried to fold over, but I held her ankles firm. I slowed my pace until she was mostly Escort Sinop recovered.

Her legs were shaking. She needed a second. I dropped to my knees and fucked her cunt with my tongue. I sucked her clit. I even got close to rimming her, but even though she was clean, I wasn’t hot enough to go there right now. Besides, it wasn’t even noon and I wasn’t about to start drinking scotch this early. Another rule: ass to mouth calls for heavy alcohol afterward, to kill the germs. At least, that’s my theory and I am sticking with it.

By now her ass was exhausted. She wanted nothing more than to roll over and take a nap. But she is a good little princess and loves her prince. She had rules of her own, and one was to never leave me hanging. She was not a selfish lover…unless that was part of the game (another story, another day). She looked down and said to the top of my head still buried in her crotch, “come in my ass.”

I re-lubed, just in case. It was not required, because she was wet and sloppy and open. But a gentleman lubes prodigiously when fucking his woman in the ass.

She relaxed her ass and I saw her gaping open. I aimed and slipped in without even using my hands. She smiled and slipped her hand down to her clit, slowly working herself up once again. She’d already come once, so it didn’t bother me. Right now I had a job to do, and my goal was to have a good time and then cream her bowels. No more distractions.

Starting slow, I picked up the pace. I felt her open her legs further and stretch herself to the limit. Her insides shifted as a result, increasing the pressure on my cock deep inside her ass, where muscles normally won’t help. I felt her sphincter also tighten up by her command. She was turning her ass into a hot, wet, vise. The girl was a pro.

She wasn’t looking for a long-ride stallion fuck, but she was fine knowing I was going to take a little time to edge once or twice before finishing into her. She was spreading her legs for her man to get fucked up the ass for my pleasure, and she knew what I liked to feel. I caught her looking into my face and gauging my reactions, and then clenching and relaxing her sphincter in response. With her orgasm complete, she knew that right now she was nothing but a hole that needed to satisfy her man.

It didn’t take long. I can generally hold out as long as I want, but in honor of porn stars past, I can come at will.

After a few edging maneuvers, I pushed as deeply into her as I could – balls deep, so to say – and began to fill her ass with a full load. Short strokes extended my orgasm, and after all the edging I came hard. Spent, I dropped my head to her chest and started kissing her. She ran her hands over my head.

Pulling out, I saw long dribs of sperm slipping from her ass and onto the carpet. Whatever, I thought. I can clean that.

Years later, I am still fucking my wife up the ass. She still asks for it. And these days, I beg her to fuck my ass, too.

But that’s another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32