Life’s not Fair

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“Please, treat me unfairly!” Those had been Anita’s words when she’d become part of her Mistress’ harem.

Since that fateful day she’d gotten exactly what she’d asked for and she’d loved every second of it. She loved it when another slave made a mistake and she got punished instead, under some flimsy pretense like “You should’ve prevented that” or “Obviously you haven’t been good enough of an example to your slave sister”. She loved how her Mistress always turned a blind eye when the other girls decided to torment her (and in turn the others loved Anita for this opportunity to let off some steam and live out their own sadistic fantasies).

Most of all, though, she loved that she wasn’t rewarded with orgasms like the other slaves. Instead her (rare) rewards came in the form of challenges where she could earn an orgasm if she succeeded. Or an especially cruel punishment if she failed, because “she’d proven that she wasn’t worthy of the reward”.

Sometimes Anita bested these challenges. Usually, though, she didn’t. As a result, she was one of the horniest girls in the harem. This created a feedback loop, where due to her arousal she was more likely to provoke her Mistress and the other slaves into giving her a hard time, which lead to more punishments and less rewards, which lead to even less orgasms and the cycle continued.

Still, she’d managed to be a good girl for long enough to earn herself a reward once more. Anita knelt to her Mistress’ feet, waiting to hear what challenge she’d have to endure this time. Her pussy was throbbing already and not just from the past two weeks where Mistress hadn’t allowed her any release. She’d also spent a good part of the previous night pinned down by a bunch of the other slaves, while Clara had tortured her with a clit pump she’d smuggled into the sleeping quarters.

Clara, that fiery blond with the stunning slim body and irresistible lips, was usually the ringleader. Anita had heard that Clara had been close to quitting her place in the harem, because she wasn’t satisfied with a strictly submissive lifestyle anymore. Luckily, around that time Anita had joined, to everyone’s profit. Clara could finally live out her mean streak while Anita got someone playing the role of the big bad bully for her.

This same Clara was now kneeling beside Anita. Their Mistress had demanded her to be part of Anita’s reward to make up for the previous night. Anita knew exactly, if it’d been her who’d been caught with a stolen sex toy, she wouldn’t have gotten away so easily. Her punishment would’ve been drawn out and painful. Just thinking about this injustice got the juices flowing from her aching pussy. Two weeks was a lot, even for her. She really needed to secure herself that orgasm.

“We’ll keep this simple.” Mistress’ voice cut through the silence. She pointed at a pile of pillows on the floor. “Clara, you’ll put your head there and Anita, you’ll squat over her. Clara will lick you for as long as you stay in position. If you move away before you’ve come, you clearly didn’t want that orgasm all that much. In which case I’m sure you wouldn’t mind waiting another month for your next chance.”

Anita swallowed. She’d been denied for a month before, Büyükesat Escort but at the time she’d become such a horny mess that the memories were a pink haze. And back then she hadn’t started the month with a dripping, aching pussy and two weeks of denial already behind her.

“Don’t worry, I’ll give my best so that doesn’t happen.” Clara’s voice was saccharine. Her eyes shone in a way that Anita knew all too well. Clara wasn’t going to make it easy for her.

“I’m sure you will,” Mistress said. “Because if you can’t make her come in time, it shows that you don’t have the oral skills I require of my slaves. In that case, since you obviously need more training, you’ll be the harem’s pussy girl for the next month. You’ll spend your time licking all my other slaves until I decide that you’re good enough.”

Clara looked completely taken aback for a couple seconds. When she turned back to Anita, her eyes were still shining, but she didn’t even try to sound sweet anymore. “If you humiliate me like this, I’ll so make you pay for it.”

Anita just nodded. As expected, her Mistress acted like she hadn’t heard Clara’s obvious threat. If Anita failed, no one would rescue her when Clara decided to make her life hell. In what little time Clara had left where she wasn’t forced to eat pussy, of course. The thought of having a thoroughly humiliated Clara pick on her even harder was almost alluring enough to fail on purpose. Almost. As much Anita she loved being the harem’s bottom bitch, she’d go crazy if she couldn’t relieve her arousal from time to time and another month was fucking forever.

“Get in position!”

With a last warning glare Clara lay down and rested her head on the pillows. For a second the corners of her mouth twitched to a grin, though, betraying her act. Anita was sure that Clara would have fun, no matter how this challenge ended. Which was kinda scary. It meant that Clara might choose not to try very hard, just to spite her.

There was nothing Anita could do about this, though, except for trying her best herself. Whatever that would turn out to be. She wasn’t exactly weak, but her leg strength was a far cry from what some of the other girls had. She’d be surprised if she was able to hold a squat for a couple of minutes. Her only hope was that she was so horny that it shouldn’t take much stimulation to send her over the edge.

She stepped over Clara, one foot to each side of her chest, so her pussy would rest right on Clara’s mouth once she squatted down. Anita took a few deep breaths to get ready. She would’ve loved a bit of warming up, but a “Start!” from her Mistress made it clear that no further delays were acceptable.

Her first thought when she went down was that there was no way she’d make it. To reach Clara, she had to bend her knees until her thighs were almost parallel to the ground and her muscles protested against this strain from the first moment.

Her second thought was that Clara was far too good at eating pussy.

Anita had never had Clara eat her out before. Well, unless you counted a couple of agonizing licks that time when Anita had been three weeks denied, shaking from a particularly Elvankent Escort cruel edging session she’d just suffered through, and Clara had decided to continue right where their Mistress had left off. She’d definitely shown her skill back then. Afterwards Anita had been literally crying from all the frustrated need. But as it turned out, the mischievous blond wasn’t only good at teasing. Clara’s tongue attacked Anita’s pussy with a fervor that nearly made her lose her balance.

Anita bent forward, hands on her thighs to steady herself. She couldn’t tell if her burning muscles made it harder or easier to come. The constant focus on keeping in position certainly distracted her from Clara’s heavenly tongue, but at the same time the pleasure registered much more acutely. She couldn’t have relaxed to delay her orgasm even if she’d wanted to, as that would’ve robbed her of the muscle tension she needed to keep standing.

Her legs started shaking. She pushed down more strongly with her arms, but that only kept the shaking down for a couple seconds before it returned with a vengeance. Shifting her weight onto the balls of her feet helped a bit, but it also brought her hips forwards, so Clara couldn’t reach her clit anymore. Anita enjoyed that tiny bit of relaxation for a few more seconds before she shifted back.

In any other situation, she would’ve broken down already. Only that growing tension in her pussy made her push through the pain in her thighs and keep in position for a bit longer. Her orgasm was within grasp. A few more licks in the right places would’ve been enough to push her over. Clara’s tongue lingered at the entrance to her pussy, though, providing more extraneous buildup instead of the sharp pleasure spikes she’d have needed. Maybe Clara didn’t realize her predicament and thought she could afford to go slowly. Or she knew exactly what she was doing and made her ride the edge on purpose so it would be even more cruel when she eventually failed.

Would Clara do that, though, and risk the punishment? Of course she would. Especially since eating pussy barely counted as a punishment. It was just another pretense for her to bully Anita. She’d said that she’d make her pay for the humiliation. Most likely she’d come up with some really degrading tasks for her to prove that Anita was still beneath her in the hierarchy. Maybe she’d make her eat her ass in front of all the other slave girls. Or suck her toes. And when she was finished, she’d lend her around, force her to worship all the other slaves as well. And for the entire month she’d get edged out of her mind by her Mistress and Clara alike.

Anita’s pussy clenched as she had this vision of the future. Her legs shook and burned like crazy, but she was right there. Just a tiny bit more… She leaned back and when Clara’s tongue found her clit, she finally exploded.

She realized her error immediately. It’d taken all her strength and more to endure until this moment; there was none left to stay in position while the orgasm ripped through her. Her muscles finally gave in and she landed uncomfortably on her ass.

Her clit throbbed in protest. It had received Beşevler Escort just enough pleasure to push her over, but now there was nothing to keep the orgasm going. Her pussy desperately clenched around nothing. Anita reached between her legs to try and get at least something out of what was supposed to be her reward for being a good girl through two agonizing weeks.

“Keep your hands to yourself!”

Anita whimpered, but she wouldn’t go against a direct order from her Mistress. Even if it meant watching all that pleasure seep away. She gritted her teeth while her pussy and clit kept throbbing angrily. Even when they stopped, a dull ache remained that was stronger than it had been before this whole fiasco. The need from two weeks of sexual frustration wasn’t gone. Just the opposite. Anita was ready to beg Clara to eat her out again. Or finger-fuck her. Or at least let her hump her leg. Anything to let her have the release that’d been so cruelly stolen from her.

“Seems like the two of you failed your task.” The Mistress smiled down on her slaves. “You know what that means.”

“Wait a second!” Clara got up. Her sexy lips glistened in the dim light as she talked. “I did my part. I made her finish. It’s her problem if she ruins it.”

If Anita had talked to her Mistress like that, her Mistress would’ve made her regret it dearly. But of course there were different rules when it came to Clara.

“You’re right,” Mistress said after a short contemplation. “You were a good girl and did exactly what I asked of you. In fact, I think you deserve a reward. You may use Anita to give you an orgasm, in any way you want.”

“Thank you, Mistress. You’re too kind.” Clara bowed down, just far enough that her Mistress wouldn’t see her face when she smirked at Anita.

“What about me, Mistress?” Anita asked. A ruined orgasm was a terrible reward, but at least it seemed as if she’d avoided further punishment.

Mistress stepped in front of her. “As for you, do you really think that was a nice thing to do? Waste Clara’s effort like that?”

“No, Mistress,” Anita whispered. She had the sinking feeling that this might not be over yet.

“Right. What do you say, Clara?”

Clara didn’t even attempt to hide her smirk anymore. “I’d say it was pretty rude. I did my best and she doesn’t even appreciate it.”

Anita wanted to protest, say that she appreciated it very much, but she knew exactly that this would’ve only counted as further insolence.

“Did you hear that, slave?” her Mistress asked. “I think you need to learn to be more grateful than that. For the next month, you will nicely ask Clara every day to lick you. And you will thank her once she’s done. Clara will give you an orgasm at the end of the month, but only if she feels like you’ve learned your lesson and appreciate her for what she’s doing. Are we clear?”

“Just one question, Mistress,” Clara interjected “How long do you want me to lick her?”

“Do what you want, as long as it doesn’t interfere with your other duties. She needs to learn to take what she’s given.”

“Thank you, Mistress.” Clara was positively beaming at that point. “As always, your kindness and justice are beyond equal.”

“Thank you, Mistress,” Anita repeated dutifully. Her pussy ached unbearably at the mere thought of the coming month. Clara was going to tease and torment her to the brink of madness and she’d have to thank her for it, beg her to continue, even, or she wouldn’t stand a sliver of a chance to get rewarded in the end. It was so fucking unfair. And she loved it.

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