Life of Paul: Rendezvous: Tiffany 02

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All characters appearing or mentioned in this story are 18 years old or older. This story is a work of fiction and any reference or description to actual persons is unintentional.

If you are enjoying these stories, leave a comment about what you liked or didn’t, or things you want to ready more of. I’ll take advice into consideration when I’m working out the next parts of the LoP stories.


Early August, 1998

“You want to shoot what now?” I asked Tiffany over our dinner. We were at one of the better Mexican restaurants in town so I tried to keep my voice down.

She had asked to talk to me about an idea she had, so I suggested dinner. We both needed to eat, and what better way to talk than over a good meal. Plus, it had been a while since we got together and it was nice to see her.

Her request, though, still took me by surprise.

There was a hint of amusement in her pale blue eyes, and the slight smile made her freckled cheeks pop out a bit. “I want to do a photo session of you and another woman having sex. It was pretty clear when I first said it, I thought,” she said, nibbling on her enchiladas.

Yup, thats what I thought she said.

“Whoa now,” I said, “I’m not looking to have my junk featured in any magazines or anything. I’m not that brave.”

“No, thing like that. Although, it would make for some impressive photos,” she said, smirking at my unease.

“OK. So what were you thinking?”

“Couples, for the most part. And yes, you would be in the photos, but mostly with heads out of frame as I wanted to concentrate the focus on the sensuousness of the human form.”

The concept seemed interesting for sure, even if I didn’t fully understand what she was going for.

“So, me and who else were you thinking?”

She looked down when answering, her long auburn hair falling around her face. “I’m not sure yet, as I’d have to ask her. But if she says yes, will you say yes?”

“Perhaps,” I said. I was still trying to process it and wasn’t sure what to say. “What brought on this idea, anyway?”

“I’ve been thinking about our final project a lot in recent months.”

“Good times,” I commented. I didn’t mean just about the project.

Tiffany smile widely at my comment. “Totally. But also about what we shot and how we shot it. I’ve been reading, or rather viewing, a lot of erotic photography magazines and books recently, and have some ideas I wanted to try out.

“However, I can’t try them out myself because it’s hard to shoot myself with a timer for the scenes I want to do. Which leads me to you…and possibly this woman I have in mind.”

This idea was having more merit by the second. Although it was somewhat uncomfortable to think about my photo (or at least a photo of my member) being out in the world, it was also an exciting prospect. And there is also the excitement of sex and the added excitement of Tiffany watching. So, in terms of a pro-con list, the pros were certainly winning.

“I think I’d be down for it,” I told her. “But one more question: why me? There are a lot more attractive dudes around here. Who would absolutely jump on this prospect.”

She put down her food and looked straight at me. “You are attractive, and funny, and kind, and you’ve had a great many women tell you so, so quit your bullshit.

“Secondly, you make women quite happy, and that is something I’d also like to capture. I want them screaming in pleasure and I want to get that on film.

“Thirdly,” she said, dropping her voice lower whilst scooting closer to me in the booth, “your ‘gifts’ are nothing short of awesome, and I personally can see a lot of women looking at pictures of that cock and playing with themselves. It’s exciting to think that just a photo can inspire such lust, and I think you think thats exciting as well.” She moved her hand under the table, up my thigh and towards my crotch, giving my increasingly full member a gentle squeeze.

That last though, more than the rest, was what sealed the deal I think. I’d never felt like an object of desire in that manner, so the prospect of it was intriguing.

“OK, I’m in,” I told her. “Provided we can continue this discussion in a more private setting.” I also moved a hand to her leg, squeezing her thigh. She smiled as this suggestion.

“I think I can work that into my schedule,” she said. We paid the bill and walked quickly to my car. The parking lot of the restaurant had no lights and it was a moonless night, so it took a minute to find my car. Once inside, Tiffany had another plan.

“OK, so I have a request I’d like to make before the shoot,” she said.

I started the car. “Shoot,” I shot back.

“I want the session to be hot and sweaty and dirty. And as such, I want to have as large a…finale…as possible. And by that I mean showing how turned on you are by showing how big a wad you can blow.

“And to make sure it’s as hot as possible, I’d like to ask that you refrain from sex until we shoot.”

I gaziantep escort thought on this for a second. “Thats in 4 days,” I said. It was a wonder how I’d gotten use to having sex when for the last many years I’d had no options to before.

“I know,” she said with a smirk, sliding closer to me on the bench seat. I noticed that several of the buttons on her shirt were undone, presenting a large portion of her chest, the hint of her firm B-cup breasts showing. “And as an incentive for this temporary celibacy, I would like to offer you a night of hot, raw passion with me. You can do anything and everything you’d like to me, use any part of me for your pleasure, make me do any sort of debauchery you desire, and when you are ready to, splatter my body with all the cum you can muster as often as you want.”

Her face and lips were very close to mine when she said this. I could feel her warm breath on my face. “So, does that sound like a fair trade?”

Hmmmm. A whole night of passion with a very passionate woman in exchange for not having sex for 4 days. Actually 3 not counting tonight. More like 2 and a half in strictly hourly terms.

“I think that is a great deal,” I said. “And in the spirit of this deal…”

I shuffled into the backseat to give us room. Tiffany followed, her short skirt riding up her slim legs, flashing some black thong panties. I undid my pants and withdrew my now fully erect, long, thick cock. Tiffany was smiling widely at this development.

“As your first debaucherous task, you can suck this cock hard and fast, and when I cum you can swallow every drop that comes out. How does that sound?” I said.

Tiffany undid her shirt fully, revealing her petite, naked torso. Her firm B-cup breasts were full and topped with erect, dark pink nipples.

With no further word, she took the base in one hand and stared stroking my cock with her tongue, taking long licks on the shaft before flicking her tongue over the head, lapping at the precum coming out.

After a minute, she took the head into her mouth, sucking firmly while circling her tongue around it. She started bobbing her head up and down, her mouth distended around my girth nearly to the breaking point. Her hand started to stroke my shaft in time with her head movements, twisting slightly with each stroke.

She went down a little farther with each swallow, eventually going down half way on each stroke. I could feel her tongue wiggling around still, which made the experience even more awesome.

“Fuck, that feels amazing,” I told her. Her response was to increase her pace. She started to fondle my balls with her other hand, squeezing firmly in rhythm with her blowjob.

She was certainly following my direction to the letter. She was working to get me off as soon as possible. Her pace increased to a very fast pump once my cock was sufficiently lubed up, but it was still hot and wet and pleasurable.

“Fuck, yea, I’m getting close,” I told her. She slowed down her pace slightly, wanting to draw it out only to tease me a bit it seemed. Her hand on my cock squeezed tighter as I got closer, and her sucking became harder. A minute later I was ready.

“Shit, yes Tiffany, Im gonna cum. Fuck, yes, I’m cumming,” I groaned. She pulled up nearly all the way off with her mouth and stroked with both hands quickly. I bucked my hips up as I orgasmed and blew my load into her mouth. Her tongue was still working on my head as I pumped shot after shot of cum down her throat. A couple of times I felt her swallow but it was still too much for her. A large amount spilled out of the sides of her mouth, running down her hand and down my shaft.

She didn’t let off until I was done cumming, which felt like it took a month to finish blasting between those amazing lips. When she pulled off, she lapped up the cum on her hand and my cock with her tongue, swallowing it as she went along. After a few minutes, it was all gone.

“That,” she said, licking her lips a final time, “was all kinds of hot.” She used her shirt to wipe her mouth. “It was pretty kinky being told what to do, also. Being told is not something I’m used to, so it added to the sexiness.”

“Oh, I’m not done with telling you what to do,” I said, pulling her down to me for a firm kiss. I lifted her skirt and grabbed her perky ass hard. She moaned as we kissed.

“You said ‘a night of hot, raw passion with you’, and this night is far from over,” I told her.

She smiled at me again. “So, am I to understand that I am going to be swallowing a lot more cum.”

“Oh, thats a certainty,” I said. “But come morning, I’m going to have made you feel so dirty and used, you’ll think you were fucked by a whole football team.”

She french kissed me deeply as response. “Sounds like fun,” she said breathed.


Saturday dawned bright and hot, just like every other day in August in southern California. I showered and groomed as best I could, making myself as pretty as possible. The term ‘manscaping’ wasn’t a thing at the time, but trimming one’s pubes made things more neat and less 70’s porno bushy.

I drove over to Tiffanys house at around 10am. She didn’t say who my scene partner was, but assured me she was quite pretty and that we both would look great in pictures together.

Tiffany let me in and showed me where we were going to shoot. Her house, or rather her parents house, was huge; palatial even. It was in the wine country just outside of the main city so they must have been loaded. She showed me to the upstairs library and to her parents bedroom; these two places were where we were going to be taking the shots.

“Um…wouldn’t your parents mind us using their bedroom. And, you know, their bed?” I said.

“My parents are in Italy for the next two weeks,” said Tiffany. “And besides, we can clean up after. Just…try not to make a mess on any lamps or anything we cant clean.”

“I’ll try my best,” I said. I didn’t know if she was serious or not, so I decided to just follow the request.

About an hour later, after helping setup some lights and move around some furniture, the doorbell rang. Tiffany excused herself to get it, leaving me in the library. I heard a new female voice from downstairs, then walking, and then the door opened. In walked Tiffany and another woman I didn’t quite expect to see.

“Min? You’re the one who Tiffany asked to do this?” I said.

Min, equally surprised, stopped at the door. “Paul? I didn’t know you were the one I was going to be fucking today.”

Min, my half-Korean former neighbor, was wearing a very short black mini-skirt, a maroon crop-top tank top showing her flat stomach and emphasizing her C-cup breasts, and low top tennis shoes that matched her top. Her shoulder length black hair was still the same, framing her round face and dark brown eyes. Her expression was both stunned and slightly amused as this turn of events.

“Shit, you know each other?” Tiffany exclaimed.

“Yea,” I said, “We were neighbors for a few years before I moved out. And she helped me out end of last school year with some…physical therapy training.”

Min smirked and wrinkled her eyebrows at me. “Thats a nice way of saying I taught him how to massage a naked woman,” she said to Tiffany. “And of saying that we has some pretty hot oily sex because of it.”

Ah, memories. Good times.

“Well shit,” said Tiffany. “I wanted to capture the awkwardness of a first time together. Since you two already had sex that won’t work now.”

I would feel bad if we’d ruined Tiffanys plans, so I tried to think of a solution. A few moments thinking produced a spark of an idea, which I shared.

“You wanted to capture the sensuousness of the human form, right?” Tiffany nodded. “Well, why do people have to be strangers to be sensuous? I’m pretty sure I can stir up enough passion for Min to light a good sized city.”

“He’s right,” Min added, “and I know I can show how good it feels given what Paul can do with a woman. And for a woman. And to a woman.” She winked at me after saying this.

Tiffany thought about this for a bit. “I think I can work with that. I was hoping to show an evolution from awkward to intimate, but just showing intimacy is also great.” She seemed to pull herself back to positive land again. “Yea, that will still work. OK.”

She turned to her equipment, grabbing her camera and turning back to us. “OK, I want to get a few test shots. Can you guys stand together by the window? I need to do final adjustments.”

Min and I complied, leaning against the desk in front of the window. Tiffany started taking shots with a camera and also checking things with a light meter. Min and I were close together, my arm around her shoulders and hers around my middle. After a few minutes Min decided to add some flair to Tiffany test shots.

With very light touches, Min started to drag her finger over the front of my shorts, stroking the outline of my member. We were still both looking at the camera but I was, I imagine, starting to get a distant look in my face. With Mins face on my chest, I could feel her smiling as her grazing started to produce an effect on my shorts.

Tiffany noticed this as well, and started to take a few more test shots, then a few more as I could feel my member getting increasingly more uncomfortable in my shorts. She switched cameras to a color one and snapped a few more.

Min whispered up into my ear, “Hope this doesn’t make you too uncomfortable.” Mins pressure increased slightly the longer she played.

Wanting to not give her the upper hand, I took my hand on her shoulder and moved down to her backside. She was partially leaning against the desk so I had access to fondle one ass cheek. I felt her smile wider so I lifted up her short skirt and moved her thong aside. She moved her hips back, thinking I was going one way, however I stopped just short in my stroking to run my pinky finger over her ass hole.

I felt her mouth open in shock as I matched the pressure on her anus with her pressure on my pants. I whispered in her ear, “Oh, did I make you uncomfortable?”

Looking up at me as I looked down to her, I saw her smiling. “You’ll have to use a lot more than a little finger to make me uncomfortable,” she said.

I leaned down and kissed her lightly on the lips. She had on watermelon chapstick which was not as bad tasting when it was on a woman’s lips.

I heard a camera click a few more times, which brought us out of our moment.

“Ok. I am totally convinced now that you guys will make great shots.” We parted from our playing and sat on the sofa, waiting for instructions.

“So,” said Tiffany, “you guys brought the outfits I asked for?”

“One business outfit, check,” I said.

“And one summer casual outfit, also check,” Min confirmed.

“Great,” said Tiffany. “We’ll start with the business setting. It’s a little cliche, I know, but Paul, you’ll be the boss character and Min, you’ll be the secretary. I don’t think I need to point out where this is going, but to confirm, Min’s going to bring some papers and then seduce you, Paul, who’ll succumb to her advances.

“I don’t have any specific requests for positions or anything like that. At the least I’d like to get missionary on top of the desk, doggy style with focus on Min, Min from the back as she rides you Paul, and for the finish, I’d like to see it on her front.

“I know, Paul, you have a tendency to shot a lot…”

“I think we call that the ‘firehose treatment’,” Min offered.

“‘We?’ Whose we?”, I inquired.

“Right,” said Tiffany, “either way, aim it at her breasts if you can.”

“You’re the boss, boss,” I said.

We changed in the room, seeing as both women had seen me naked, I didn’t mind. And since Min was use to taking her clothes off in front of strangers, she didn’t mind either.

Tiffany, though, was slightly distracted as we changed, stealing looks at Min as she made a show of donning her ‘office outfit’, but not bothering with bra or panties. The skirt she choose was even shorter than the one she was wearing, and the crisp, white, button up shirt (only buttoned up half way, showing a generous amount of cleavage) was very form fitting on her. She finished it with a vibrant, deep red lipstick and dark eye shadow. Even with all the sultry touches, she still looking quite professional.

For my part, I brought my recently acquired black suit. Kelly, when we spoke after our last encounter, said I should have at least a suit so I bought one. It was off the rack and didn’t fit quite as I’d liked, but it was what I had currently. Kelly promised to take me shopping for one suits when she had the time.

Once dressed and placed, Tiffany gave us some final instructions. “Once the action starts, I might move you around or position arms, heads, etc. Just try to keep going and not be distracted if you can.”

We got into positions, trying to look like we were at work. It was hard not to smile at the whole situation but I did my best.

Tiffany checked her camera one more time. “OK, action!”


Going over all the details of scene would take a novel in itself, so highlights will have to do.

Min was a lot more professional about it than I was. I had no issues when I had my face buried in Mins smooth, hot pussy. But when the sex started, I kept getting distracted when Tiffany would adjust us or tell us to switch positions. I started to get nervous and lose focus (and my erection) at times.

Min, to her great credit, helped me out immensely.

“Hey,” she said gently, “just focus on making me moan.” She pulled me into a kiss that brought me back into focus. Whispering in my year, she said, “just look at me, fuck me, make me scream and then blast your load on me. I want you to do that. Good?”

I kissed her back passionately. “Got it,” I said, starting to fuck her in earnest.

“Good. Cause I want to see a picture of me riding your fat fucking cock, and I want to see a picture of me absolutely smeared with your wad. So fuck me and ignore everything else.”

I did as bidden, flipping her around to fuck her doggy style, watching her ass jiggle with each thrust. I sat in the office chair as she squatted over my cock, her pussy stretched widely by my girth as she rode me and came twice while doing so, soaking the chair in our fluids.

After her second orgasm, I picked her up, laid her on the desk, and pumped my cock has hard and fast into her as I could. Min had another orgasm as I fucked her, knocking off cups and papers in her passion.

When I was ready to cum, I was reduced to groans and grunts, but Min understood perfect.

“Fuck, yes,” she moaned, “fucking spray me. Cum on my tits. Yes. Do it!”

I saw Tiffany move to hover over Min. I pulled out of her just as my first spasm shot off. It landed on Mins face and hair, leaving a trail down to her tits. My second shot cleared Min and splashed onto Tiffanys shirt. The rest launched to cover Mins tits and stomach in a huge, sticky mess. When I was nearly done I thrust back into Mins pussy, feeling her warm, wet folds as I pumped the remains of my orgasm into her.

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