Life Ch. 15

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Bridget was at my Lowe’s when I got to work on Friday morning, cementing the fact that I was going to be blackmailed into fucking her after. At least she made it easy to deal with, wearing a sheer tank top that barely hid her bra and a pair of bleached-out jean shorts that left very little to the imagination with the curve of her ass hanging out the bottom of each side. She had her long sun-bleached hair in twin braids on either side of her head, making her appear a bit younger than she actually was until she smiled and showed the laugh lines around her mouth and eyes. She had also doused herself in some sweet smelling perfume that wouldn’t have been out of place in a bakery during Christmas.

Having her ‘accidentally’ rub against me whenever she had the chance was making any actual work difficult, and looking forward to getting some relief from the aching in my pants was making the day drag on for what seemed like forever. At four, Bridget grabbed me by the belt and nearly dragged me to the parking lot. “Time to go.” She laughed as we made it out the front gates of the garden center. “I already punched us out, just follow me okay?” she told me when we made it to our vehicles and I reminded her that we were still on the clock.

I start laughing to myself, happy Bridget was in front of me in her truck, when I followed her to the same Comfort Inn where Mary and I had spent most of Wednesday night. Bridget looked confused when the desk clerk asked me “Will any room do again?” and I suppressed a giggle. I wondered if it was a coincidence that he gave me the room across the hall from the one I had two nights before, but most thoughts were forced to the background when Bridget forced me against the door to slam it closed and pressed her lips to mine.

When I didn’t immediately open my mouth to allow her tongue access, she grabbed my hair and pulled until my teeth parted so out tongues could wrestle. “So you want it rough, huh?” I asked when the kiss ended and I reached to sharply spank her ass. She moaned slightly and smiled at me. “I’ll take that as a yes.” I said and spanked her again, making her jump and grit her teeth. She started kissing me again and I lifted her by two handfuls of toned tan ass. I carried her nearly blind and fell onto the bed on top of her, where we ground against each other until she needed to breath. Bridget pushed me back up and followed to a sitting position. She laughed at me and ran her hands up under my shirt, clawing me lightly before ripping my shirt over my head, popping a few threads in the process, and starting on my belt as she kissed my stomach. “You bitch!” I laughed and grabbed her by the hair. “I like that shirt!” I told her and threw her back on the bed.

I crawled onto the bed, kissing up her long muscular legs as I went. I lifted her legs and jerked her tiny shorts off along with her panties and went to kissing and licking all around the tan line that outlined her waxed smooth pubic mound. She smacked me on the back of the head and barked “Stop teasing me!” I couldn’t help but to drag my tongue up from her taint, across her hole and through the of her slit like a dog lapping at water before diving for her hole and driving my tongue as deep into her as I could. She moaned and grabbed my hands from her hips while I sucked and licked at her sweet juices, and placed them firmly on her bared breasts. I quickly found her hardened nipples with my fingers as I sought out her clit with my lips and pressed down on it while I started to twist her nipples, pulling more moans from her. Her hands had left mine on her tits, and were already knotting themselves up in my hair, pushing my mouth where felt it would be most useful.

I kicked my shoes off and worked my pants down thanks to Bridget undoing my belt earlier, and sucked her clit through her first body shaking orgasm. I worked my way up her body, kissing, biting, and sucking on every other inch of her. One hand knotted in my hair again as I stopped to suck and nibble on her small and firm breasts. The other was raking across my back until I went up to let her lick her juices from my chin and mouth, then it circled around and grabbed the base of my dick and yanked it towards her waiting pussy.

The head popped into her with a gasp both of us. I was reminded how tight Bridget was as I sunk inches into her drippy cunt. She wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist, then dug her heels into my ass, pulling me all the way into her with a loud moan and then held me there. “That feels really good,” she moaned, “when I let go, you better pound the fuck out of me.”

I smiled down at her, feeling her inner walls rhythmically gripping me, and had to say, “Only if you promise to give me copies of those videos.” She rolled her eyes and let some pressure off my ass, and I just twisted my hips and my dick inside her. Bridget arched her back and moaned through clenched teeth, digging her fingernails into my back. I laughed and pulled my cock from her twat, slammed it back inside her to make Sinop Escort her tiny tits bounce, and froze there with my dick pushed up against her back wall. “I wasn’t kidding,” I whispered to her, and repeated the process, “I want those vids.”

I yanked away once more, and as I was thrusting back into her, she yelled, “Fine!” and as I pulled out of her sopping wet hole only to plow back in again, she went on screaming, “I promise! Just Fuck Me! I’ll give you copies!” and bucking her hips up at me, trying to work my dick deeper into her greasy tunnel as I plowed away between her thighs. “Harder, Dammit!” she barked at me, and craned her neck to bite me on the chest.

I growled at her and reached up to grab the top of the fake-wooden head board, and pulled my body with my arms while pushing with my legs. I couldn’t help but smile at the half-drunk expression on her face as it rolled around on the bed as I assaulted her bald box. I felt more like I was trying to fuck her into the mattress rather than deeper and harder into her. Bridget started groaning through her teeth as the bed started seriously creaking, and the head board was already beating against the wall. I was afraid something was going to break, when she wailed to me “Don’t stop, Jeremy! I’m cumming!” I watched her face contort into something lust driven and hungry as we bucked and rocked and screamed and roared our way through her pussy quaking orgasm.

When she started breathing again, I jerked away from her and smacked her on the side of the leg hard enough to make her wince. “Roll over.” I ordered. She scowled and didn’t move. So, I grabbed her by the hair, pulled her to her knees, and twisted her around so she had to grab the headboard to keep from getting her face pushed against the wall. She whimpered softly as I climbed back onto the bed behind her. Still holding her by the hair, I rammed my dick back inside her quivering box. I leaned in close to her and asked, “What’s wrong, Bridget? I thought you wanted it rough?” then bit her neck just behind her jaw.

She moaned and tried to drop her head, but I held her up firmly as I started railing her again. As I attempted to give her a hickey, I started getting the rhythm and speed back that I needed to make her cum again, and then I felt her pushing back at me. Bridget was slapping her ass against my stomach as my balls were tapping her clit when she started panting and whining, “I’m gonna… Ooo… Keep going!”

I dropped her head to grab her by the waist with both hands, steadying her rhythm with mine and driving my deeper and harder inside her cunt. Bridget’s whining ended as she froze up except for shuddering. After a minute of me pounding away at her slimy pit and her trying to catch her breath, Bridget screeched out, “I’m Cumming!” which was followed by a stream of profanity that I’m not comfortable repeating.

When she started moving again, she was still in the middle of her orgasm, and her hips were rocking back on me harder than I could keep up with. Her pussy pulsed, writhed and gripped on my dick as I kept myself pressed to her, grinding against her ass and her insides. I let go of her waist and leaned back to spank her ass sharply and announced, “I’m gonna cum!”

Bridget reached under herself and popped my dick from her slick snatch and pressed it into her slit, still rocking her hips to grind her clit across my shaft. I pumped my hips, rubbing her gash and her fingers along my cock, panting as my cum boiled up. I twitched and it shot out all over her arm and belly, dripping in long streams down to the bed. She wrapped her long hard fingers around the shaft and pumped, squeezing every drop I had out before releasing me and letting me fall back on the bed.

Bridget left before I even got dressed, saying she was satisfied and she’d see me on Monday. I took a long hot shower in the room before I left, figuring I could go and pick up Linzy to show her the present I’d gotten her and then bring her back to the hotel since the room had already been paid for. When I got to Linzy’s is when things started to fall apart.

My uncle Gerald answered the door, and before I could ask if Linzy was home he punched me. He wasn’t a very big guy, but as angry as he was it still sent me sprawling across his front porch. “Just get out of here you goddamn pervert!” he yelled and threw something at me hard enough to knock himself off balance. I tried to block it, but just felt a wad of paper hit my chest. He turned and saw my aunt crying on the phone and then snarled over his shoulder. “I wouldn’t bother going home if I were you. We already told your parents what you did.”

I scrambled to my feet, and started to ask what the hell was going on, but he raised his fist and I decided to leave. A few blocks later I pulled over and attempted to call Linzy, but a robotic voice informed me that her number was out of service. I rubbed my bruised jaw and wondered what had happened, then noticed I had taken the wad of paper Gerald had thrown at me. I Sinop Escort Bayan uncurled it as gently as I could and realized it was an envelope with my name on it, but it had already been opened. I took the letter out and recognized Linzy’s handwriting.

Linzy had left for Europe a month early after an online friend offered to board her until school started. Her letter said it was an opportunity to learn the culture before school and she couldn’t pass it up. She didn’t tell anyone in case they would try to talk her out of it. She told me she loved me enough for anyone to tell it was deeper than family even before she wrote that she was happy she saved her virginity for me and wished that we could make love again before she left, but was scared that if she felt me inside of her again before getting on the airplane that she’d end up staying in America.

I managed to hold the worst of the tears until I got back to the hotel. It was hours later when I realized I had no place to go once check-out time came the next morning. I also had no clean clothes to change into or any way to charge my phone because I couldn’t go home without facing more family wrath. I decided to try to rest, and then maybe sneak home to grab what I could in the middle of the night.

Luckily I had gotten good at sneaking out while I was dating Dixie in high school, and I managed to load down my Jeep with a good portion of my belongings. I left a short apology note on my bed, mostly for ignoring the multitude of phone calls that were placed while I was asleep. Back at the hotel, I emailed Linzy twice, once cursing her for being so careless and getting us caught, and the second time apologizing and telling her I loved her and to contact me the second she had a chance. At least Bridget had honored her promise and sent copies of those security videos of me having sex at Lowe’s.

The next morning I started calling every friend I had to try and find somewhere to stay. Most said they didn’t have the room, a few said I spend a night or two on their couch but that was it, and one guy actually laughed at me and said I was getting what I deserved for fucking my little cousin. I didn’t bother calling Mary, knowing her mother would flip her shit. Joan said she was sorry but couldn’t risk getting expelled if they found a guy living in her dorm. Finally, desperate, I called Iris, my regional manager’s secretary that I had hooked up with earlier that week, figuring she had to have extra room in the two story house she lived in by herself.

“Jeremy?” she asked, sounding groggy. “Oh right, Bridget’s big toy.” Something rattled around on the phone for a second and I heard her groan “Hun, do you realize it’s ten AM on a Saturday? Ugh, anyway, what’s up?” I explained as little as I could, mostly just staying on point that I got kicked out of my house and needed a place to stay until I could scrape money together. “Sure thing, there’s a whole room here I don’t even use, but you gotta buy your own food.”

I thanked her profusely until she hung up on me to go back to sleep. I drove slowly and cautiously to her place, knowing the last thing I needed was a speeding ticket on top of all the shit that was going wrong. I parked in front of her house and carried an arm load of essential items up to her door, where I rang the doorbell and waited. A minute later, Iris – wearing a sheer tank top and an old pair of boxers – invited me in, politely waited until I dropped my stuff on the kitchen table, and slapped me across the face. “That’s for waking me up.” she said waving a finger in my face. The she grabbed me by the shirt and pulled me down to kiss her, running her soft pink tongue across my lips while she rubbed her big pale tits against my chest. “And this is because I didn’t get laid last night.” She murmured to me before making her hands busy with undoing my pants.

She dropped to a squat in front of me and fished out my not-quite-hard-on. Iris frowned up at me and waved the floppy dick around in her fist. “Sorry,” I sighed “It was a rough night. I might need a little more encouragement.” She rolled her eyes, but opened her mouth and sucked in most of my length, rolling her tongue around the head and gently pulsing her lips to make short bursts of suction on my cock. I felt a nimble group of fingers make their way around my balls and I groaned, leaning back on her kitchen counter to hold myself up in case my knees decided to go weak as Iris sucked any trace of limp out of my dick. She massaged my balls with one hand while her head gently bobbed on my dick and her other hand was helping remove my shoes and pulling my pants the rest of the way off.

She pulled her head back, slurping a line of drool along my gently throbbing shaft as she did. “Much better.” She cooed and stroked me gently, grinning at her own handiwork. She stood, still holding me by the dick, and led me to an adjoining living room furnished in plainly shaped modern furniture covered in bright red and blue fabric. Iris pushed me down on Escort Sinop a nearly glowing red love seat, which was firmer than it appeared, and quickly stripped her shorts and top off before climbing onto the seat, placing her feet on either side of my legs and squatting down to look me in the eye.

“Do you have something against foreplay?” I joked as I roughly rubbed her fleshy gash with my hand, smearing her natural lube around and making her jump a little. She humped my hand for a few seconds, rubbing her tits on my chest and gasping when I popped a finger into her hidden hole or grazed her hardening clit. When she decided she’d had enough she slapped my hand away and grabbed my rod just beneath the head and squeezed it between her pale pink lips with a small moan.

Iris shook her head a little and breathed out “I just really like dick.” Before sinking slowly down on mine, stretching her opening further with each inch her hungry cunt consumed. “I like yours a lot.” She added, gyrating her hips and twisting her tunnel around my cock. She held onto the back of the couch for balance and worked her pelvis, fucking me hard and fast, bending my dick in and out of her greasy pussy and working herself into a frenzy. Iris moaned as she ground herself towards an orgasm and my hands found her big bouncing tits and squeezed louder moans out of them. I laid my head back and she started sucking my lips and bearing down more on my dick, pressing it harder against her cervix. She bit my lip and groaned as the tip started to open the door to her womb, but she released the pressure to go back to thrusting her hips at mine before I pierced that piece of her.

I could feel her pussy squeezing more and more each time it engulfed my cock, and her moans were evolving into cries of pleasure. I mauled her pale pink nipples and leaned forward to suck on her side of her neck, urging her over the edge any way I could. “Ooh, yes!” she growled and I felt a spasm inside her followed by a gush of nectar that ran down my shaft and my twitching balls. “Fucking hell! YES!” she screeched and drove her hot tunnel down harder on me. Iris’s legs shook and her arms quaked and her pussy spasmed as she rode my cock through a screaming orgasm.

I hated to tell her I was going to cum, but feared her reaction if I didn’t warn her. “Oh god damn it, Iris,” I groaned into her shoulder as her screams began to quiet, “If you keep this up I’m gonna blow.” Her hips slowed and she smiled sweetly at me before she kissed me long and hard, swirling her tongue into my mouth and sucking mine into hers. Then she nimbly climbed off the love seat and got down between my knees and inhaled my cock. Iris’s throat opened up and took several inches down while her lips massaged the base of my dick and her tongue rolled along the bottom of my shaft. Fingers gently rubbed my balls and muscles in her neck squeezed and throbbed around the head of my dick. I reflexively grabbed either side of her head and tried to thrust deeper as my cock jumped and spurted jets of cum directly into Iris’s stomach.

I released her head and she released my cock with a loud slurp. She smacked her lips a few times before smiling up at me. “I think I’m going to like you staying here.” Iris told me as she stood shakily, and then led me to my feet and upstairs to show me my new room.

Later that day Linzy emailed me and we sat in front of webcams to talk. She’d been crying, but brushed it off. She apologized profusely and told me she loved me several more times. Then she told me she had already launched the website with the videos she had permission to use and mailed out a bunch of forms to get the okay for more. She didn’t put our full names on the site, but if anyone that knew us saw any of the videos they would be able to tell who was starring. I let her know I had some more to give her, plus a going away present and got the address of her Parisian friend to send her camera along. We talked until she started to fall asleep, and just as I disconnected my phone started ringing.

I answered it, since it was neither of my parents and immediately regretted it. Maria, my boss, wanted to know why Bridget and I had stayed clocked in until nine pm the previous night when the store cameras show us leaving together at four. I sighed and asked “Does it even matter if what I say is a good excuse, or am I fired either way.” Maria almost laughed when she told me it didn’t matter, so I took great pleasure in letting her know how and why Bridget was blackmailing me and that she had claimed to have punched us out before dragging me to a hotel to fuck.

After getting fired, I decided to take a drive to try to clear my head and maybe just find a train to lie down in front of. I eventually found myself in front of Mary’s house and decided if anyone could take my mind off my troubles it was her. I rang the doorbell and was met with a sharp smack across my face. Again I was called a pervert, this time also a liar and a cheater. One of Mary’s friends had stumbled onto Linzy’s website, and recognizing me from seeing us together on our first date, had sent Mary a link. “I actually liked you!” she shrieked and slapped me again. She screamed at me all the way to my Jeep, and attempted to dent it up as I drove off amidst a hail of insults.

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