Lexi Ch. 02: Lexi Calls Back

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It had been about a month since I had settled into the guest house. The free room and board was a gift courtesy of Lexi, my former landlady and resident MILF.

I was getting comfortable with the space, even if it wasn’t helping me be more productive with my writing.

Who can work when the perks of a billionaire’s ocean-front mansion are at your disposal? There was the pool with its infinity edge that overlooked the coastline. The private beach accessible anytime of the day or night. Lexi’s house was built for entertaining. Southern California living at its finest.

What made it even more fascinating was that Lexi didn’t use the house the way her ex-husband did. Gone were the celebrity parties and the vast displays of excessive wealth. No one was compensating for anything anymore, if you know what I mean.

Maybe that’s why Lexi and I hit it off so well. We didn’t want to know the complications of each others lives. We knew what part we played in each other’s fantasies. She loved the size of my cock and how I made her feel when we were together and I loved making her feel that way.

I loved that she was a MILF in her prime and uninhibited. Lexi was in her late thirties or early forties but, worked at keeping her body as fit as women half her age. Her age was only hinted at by a freak steak of silver running through otherwise blonde hair.

We enjoyed each others company but, we also mutually objectified each others bodies. Which is why I was surprised to get a phone call from her late Saturday night.

“Hey, Alex.”

“Hey Lexi. How did the date with Mr. Serial Entrepreneur go?”

“Oh the date was a bust. He was handsome but, such a bore. All he could talk about was himself. Right now I have something more pressing I need to deal with.”

“What is that Lexi?”

Lexi’s voice dropped to a whisper and she said, “I’m feeling kind of nasty tonight and I’m just so horny. I’m craving some cock.”

Just my luck, Lexi had flown up to San Francisco to take care of business and close on the sale of the old condo. Ever since the divorce, she had an aversion to “just let the lawyers take care of it.”

“It’s too bad you’re so far away. If you were here, I would take you into the den in the main house. And slip between your legs as we spread out over all those Morrocan pillows.”

“Oh, that sounds so nice. Tell me more.” cooed Lexi.

“Not yet, tell me what you’re wearing.” I said.”Actually, hold on. I’m at my desk. I need to get comfortable.”

“Stay, at the desk Alex. I like the thought of you stuck in that Aeron chair.”

“OK,” I thought. “Now tell me what you’re wearing.”

“I was wearing the Valentino. But, I’ve changed into something different, something I bought for you, something cheap. Have you heard of a store called Agent Provocateur?”

I had heard of Agent Provocateur, and I was getting hard just thinking about it. Apparently Lexi’s concept of cheap was $200 panties.

“Well, I didn’t go there,” laughed Lexi. “I went to this hole in the wall in the Haight and picked up a little something. Something pink. You’ll see tomorrow when I get home. Maybe.”

And then she hung up. “Oh that bitch!” I thought. Here I was thinking we were starting a prelude to some good phone sex. Lexi called just to torture me. I was inclined to rub one out right then but, the thought of what kind of delicious seduction Lexi had planned kept my hand off my cock. Besides I was out of lotion.

It would be late afternoon the next day before Lexi called back. The maid had left for the day and the landscapers were gone. The sprinklers were just turning on as the sun started to set. Golden hour.

“What are you doing?” asked Lexi.

“I was about to jump into the shower.”

“When you’re done. Don’t bother getting dressed. Just join me in the den,” said Lexi. “Oh one more thing.”


“Bring the lube,” she said. Lexi hung up the phone.

I don’t even know if what I did counted as a shower. It didn’t matter since I had to cross through all the sprinklers on my way to the main house. Water was still dripping off my nude body and the towel I had around my waist was sopping wet.

Lexi was in the kitchen. Lifting spoonfuls of yogurt into her mouth. Lexi ate yogurt, or for that matter anything creamy, like she was sucking cock.

“Someone’s in a rush,” smiled Lexi. “That’s a good thing, since mommy’s hungry for some sausage.”

I dropped the towel.

“Christ. Maybe I spoke too soon. Based on the saucisson between your legs maybe I should say pork sausage.” exclaimed Lexi.

There she goes again with the french. Yes Lexi, I know what saucisson is.

“That’s good,” I answered, “I’ve been craving some pie.”

Lexi giggled at my joke and stepped out from behind the breakfast counter.

“You like what you see?”

Oh fuck. She was pushing my buttons again. Except for sheer black thigh-high stockings and extreme fuck-me-pumps, Lexi was essentially nude.

Lexi was modeling the lack of clothing for me and I did want to pop right then but, she was right it Bursa Escort had been too long. I wasn’t going to let my desire to cum ruin our time together. I was going to make tonight last. Delaying my desire to cum meant she could have more orgasms within the same tryst.

“I thought we could forgo the formalities and just cut to the chase.” smiled Lexi. “Do you like these heels?”

Lexi was wearing six, maybe six and a half inch pink glitter heels with criss-cross straps. The straps had metal eyelets spaced out every half inch and Lexi had made sure they were buckled snugly around her ankles. As I moved in for a closer look, she turned around to show me the silver stiletto heel of the fuck-me-pumps. Ungodly beautiful and terribly sexy.

Her diamond anklet stood out in contrast to the french heel of her stockings. The back seams drew one’s eyes up to her toned cheeks of her tanned SoCal ass. The lace that trimmed the tops of the thigh high stockings were a shocking pink.

Aside from the heels and the hose, Lexi wore a small pink T-shirt stretch taut across her tits. Her body was dripping with jewelry. A diamond choker the thickness of a dog’s collar was accented by a thick diamond cuff. Ruby teardrops surrounded by more diamonds hung from her ears.

The gray half shirt clung tight and showed a ridiculous amount of under-boob. Emblazoned across the front in pink rhinestones were the letters S-L-U-T.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?,” she asked.

I walked up to her, pressed my chest against her back and cupped my hands around her breasts. I kissed up her neck and nibbled on her ear. My rigid shaft, standing completely upright, fit perfectly in the crack of her ass.

“You are thinking what I’m thinking,” cooed Lexi after she swallowed another spoonful of yogurt.

“I don’t know how but, you look incredibly beautiful, elegant and so cheap at the same time.”

Lexi removed the spoon from her mouth and teased,”I thought you’d like that”

She broke free. I just stood there admiring the rhythmic bouncing of her ass cheeks as her stockinged legs carried her away from me.

The stiletto heels clacked against the tile as she headed towards the Den.

“Come on, we’re burning daylight.” said Lexi.

I followed her like a wolf about to catch his prey. I seriously wanted to feed her a spoonful of something, and it wasn’t yogurt.

The den was an anomaly in an otherwise post modern design house. It was designed and decorated as a modern take on Marrakesh. Lanterns hung from ceilings draped in striped tenting and all the furniture was low to the ground.

Against the left corner of the room was a field of over-sized Moroccan pillows piled high. It was as if we had left the world behind. Lexi looked so sexy in the middle of the plain of pillows.

She was on her back, her legs spread eagle. She had a mischievous smile on her face as she removed the spoon from her mouth and licked her lips. Arching her back she beckoned for me to join her.

“You look like fuck-me-barbie in her North African dream house,” I whispered as I climbed on top of her.

“You mean I look like a bimbo fuck-toy?” asked Lexi.

“Fuck-toy, MILF,” I interrupted.

“Oh stop with the compliments, you’re making me blush,” joked Lexi.

Slapping my shaft on her pussy lips I noted, “You’re already wet.”

I slipped my cock into her waiting pussy and the force of my thrust lifted her legs up and her heels were airborne. As I grabbed Lexi’s ankles and placed them over my shoulders I could hear her cry out.

“Oh God that’s good.”

Lexi then complained that she hadn’t even finished her yogurt yet as the spoon dropped from her hand. She then looked up, “I know of a better hole for that cock.”

Lexi brought the cup of yogurt to her mouth and proceeded to dump the remaining contents in her mouth. She didn’t swallow. As the yogurt threatened to spill over the corners of lips, I knew which hole she was talking about.

The yogurt was a cool contrast to Lexi’s warm pussy. I made sure to keep eye contact as I fed her the first few inches of my shaft. Each inch displaced more yogurt and it flowed out of her mouth in successive surges. Dripping off her chin just as fast as she could swallow my cock the yogurt dripped and slathered Lexi’s tits.

As I pulled out of her mouth, Lexi said, “You read my mind. Now some one is going to need to clean that up.”

“You first,” I replied.

Lexi proceeded to lick up and down my shaft, circling the head just to drive me crazy and then patiently licked my balls clean.

She gave my engorged head a quick kiss and said, “Your turn.”

I moved back off of her body so I could bury my face in her breasts. I took my time licking off all the yogurt. I was using the yogurt as a map to show me how much skin I had licked and sucked. I also used it as lubricant for my tongue as I played with Lexi’s areolas.

“Oh fuck they’re so sensitive. Bite em, bite them.” she moaned.

I licked and I sucked Lexi clean and I only stopped when her nipples were Bursa Bayan hard nubs.

“You do this so well, I’m going to have to make you do this the next time you cover my tits in cum.”

The yogurt did look like I had unloaded half a pint of my cum all over her.

“Do you have anymore yogurt?” I asked.

“Only what’s hiding in that cock.” replied Lexi.

“I love it when you’re nasty,” I said and kissed her. Lexi bit my lip.


“Sorry baby. Its just been too long. I’m so worked up. I want to get dirty with you, I want be so nasty today.” answered Lexi.

“You’re going to get me all worked up and I’m going to cum too fast,” that’s what I was thinking but I said, “Let’s slow it down a little.”

Lexi was pushing all my buttons and I did want to pop right then but, she was right it had been too long. I wasn’t going to let my desire to cum ruin our time together. I was going to make tonight last. Lexi loved it when I stretched things out, no pun intended. Delaying my desire to cum meant she could have more orgasms within the same tryst.

I rolled her over on her stomach. She looked quite helpless in that position. Lexi propped herself up on her elbows and looked back.

“What’s wrong,” She asked.

“Nothing’s wrong baby. I’m just taking a longer look.”

Nothing’s wrong is right. Every time I was in the position to receive the bounty of my MILF, I wondered just what turned her ex-husband off Lexi.

She was a stunner. A spinner, because of her height and weight, she was intoxicatingly beautiful. And incredibly sexy. Lexi looked great fully clothed, naked, or as was my preference — dressed to fuck.

She had way of cocking her head and giving you a “look” that would stop traffic. That was usually followed by a wide smile and a sparkle in her eye that let you know everything she was thinking was pure mischief.

Even now, after a year of trysts and public couplings, she looked dynamite. The fact that I could never wait to be deep in her and her embrace, was testament to what a sensual woman she was. Sure she was old enough to be my mother but, I’ve never wanted to fuck my mother.

With Lexi, that’s one of the things I loved most about her. Now she was on her stomach, lying in front of me like Fuck-Me Barbie. With her thighs splayed wide and the metallic heels of her fuck-me-pumps pointing at me, she was a sexual rocket waiting to be filled with cock fuel.

“I’m just going to love this crack for a bit, OK?”

I squirted lubricant across her ass cheeks and allowed it to pool in between her ass cheeks. Placing my shaft in between the crease I rode the crack rocking her back and forth. My hands cupped her ass cheeks and I started to spread the lube.

“I love it when you tease me. Had I known this would be the reaction, I would have dressed up like Bimbo-Barbie much, much sooner,” cooed Lexi.

“Tell me what I’m doing right now Bimbo-Barbie.”

“You’re grinding so hard between my cheeks,” she moaned. “I can feel that magnificent cock growing.”

“Tell me what I’m going to do with it Lexi.”

“You’re going to tease me and then stretch out my wet slit of a pussy.” she moaned.

“You’re what?”

“My wet little slit of a pussy,” she repeated. Before she corrected herself and said, “My wet little cunt.”

“When is that going to happen?” I inquired softly.

“Whenever you want baby. I need it. I need it,” she begged. “Don’t tease me, anymore.”

I didn’t need an invitation but, I got one as Lexi got up on her knees, raised her ass higher and put her head down. She buried her face in the pillows anticipating insertion.

“Fuck-doll Barbie needs a cock,” she moaned.

Lexi yelped and tensed around my cock as the head entered her ass. The lube had greased a pathway but, she wasn’t expecting it.

“Wrong hole baby, wrong hole.” she yelled.

“Is it? I thought you were feeling nasty tonight.”

“Go slow then.” she said.

A ripple of excess lube ribbed my shaft as my pressure led to Lexi’s yielding. Inch by inch, her asshole swallowed my cock with the most wondrous sensation. How I loved to be with this woman.

“It feels so good.”

Lexi was preaching to the choir. It did feel fantastic. I loved the way the head of my cock would spread her sphincter and and her asshole would swallow my shaft.

“That’s it baby, long strokes. Long strokes.”

We were in perfect rhythm as cock flowed into ass when Lexi got back up on her hands and knees. She started to take over, pushing my hands off her supple waist. Lexi began to twerk. Each successive undulation of her ass she pushed me out and pulled me in. Just when I got used to the rhythm Lexi would change the pace. Her cheeks bounced as my cock was sucked into her roundness of her ass.

“Fuck I want to live in this ass,” I mumbled.

“Anytime,” she replied.

Lexi had her hand in between her legs and she was rolling her clit.

“Take over baby, I need to cum.”

Never one to stand in the way of Lexi’s orgasms I pulled onto my cock by her waist Escort Bursa and continued stroking.

“Deeper baby, deeper.”

I complied. My balls were about to drain too.

“Fuck, harder Alex. Harder. I’m so close.”

My strokes were longer now. Some strokes, when I pulled out I almost entered Lexi’s pussy by mistake. And then I did. Hard fast and firm my cock slid in until I was balls deep. I immediately pulled out.

“I’m sorry Lexi, I…”

“Oh, God!” wailed Lexi, “Do it again!”

I was perplexed, “What about UTI’s Lexi, I heard…”

“Shut the fuck up and put that cock in my cunt!”

Lexi was a woman possessed. Her head was down now turned sideways. Her arms were spread out and she was clenching handfuls of pillow.

“Fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME!” She screamed.

I did as I was told when the banshee inside Lexi instructed me to switch between her pussy and her ass. Truth be told I was hanging on for dear life. Being allowed to watch my cock switching between her ass and her pussy was just too nasty in the sexiest way.

It didn’t hurt me either that it felt like heaven. I was back in Lexi’s ass when Lexi’s dam broke.

“Please baby, don’t stop, don’t stop.” cried Lexi. “I don’t want to be able to walk tomorrow. Just fuck me. Oh fuck. Oh fuck.”

She was cumming. She kicked her legs up, bending at the knees, almost causing me bodily harm as the heels of her stilettos hit my back. I was balls deep in her beautiful asshole as she arched her back and pressed her stomach into the pillows. The pillows were getting soaked. Did Lexi squirt? Was it just copious amounts of lube?

She climaxed while screaming, “Oh God. Keep fucking me. Keep fucking me.”

She then relaxed and went limp as if she was a rag doll.

“Owww. ow. ow. Get it out of me. I’m too sensitive. right now.”

I pulled out my still rock-hard shaft. I bent over Lexi and asked, “Are you OK?”

“Oh yes, baby. That was one of the best orgasms. I’ve ever had. I love it when you fuck me like that. Thank-you baby.”

Then she got up and walked away. I was still there on my knees, sitting back with my ass with my rock-hard cock in my hand.

“Be right back, baby. I have to take care of a few things.”

I assumed there was some clean-up involved since, switching holes was not the healthiest of sexual practices. Believe me, I had heard more than an earful from past girlfriends about the dangers of UTIs. If my cock could talk, he would have looked at me and said, “Pathetic, we didn’t even get to cum.”

My cock’s remorse was short lived as Lexi returned. Now rubbed down with baby oil, she had lost the half shirt and the thigh highs. In their place was a fuchsia garter belt holding up pink fishnet stockings ending in the same erection inducing heels. The jewels were replaced with a pink leather dog collar and matching ankle/wrist cuffs.

“Your turn baby.” she mouthed as she sashayed by me so I could get the full effect. She walked over and plopped herself on the leather moroccan ottomans just a foot off the floor.

“You ready to get started?”

With that implied approval, I walked over to to her. She produced from the cabinet behind her, a box of medical wipes. The alcohol was cold as she wrapped both hands around my cock. As she cleaned my shaft, precum pooled at the tip of my cock.

“What should I do now?” I asked.

“What do you want to do Alex?” replied Lexi. “Show me.”

I grabbed my cock and slapped it on her lips. I placed the tip of my cock on her partially opened mouth. She smiled, then puckered as the tip of her tongue flicked my engorged mushroom head.

Her ultra pink lips parted and she licked down the underside of my shaft. She smiled a wicked smile as swallowed the precum that had formed at the tip.

“Is that it?” asked Lexi.

“For now,” I replied as I continued to rub my cock over her pursed lips in slow motion.

As my cock glided over her lips, all I wanted to do was jump to the foregone conclusion. But the visual and the sensation was too good to give up. I didn’t know if I had even heard her correctly when the invitation to do “whatever you want” had been spoken.

“I’m going to take a raincheck on that – whatever you want offer, Ms. H.”

Lexi giggled at my calling her Ms. H. I hadn’t called her that since I was renting a condo from her in San Francisco. That was over six months ago. Now courtesy of Ms. Lexi H I was getting room and board free in exchange for cock.

“I think I want to pay my rent. All nine inches of it,” I muttered. “Let’s get back to that pussy. What are those cuffs for?”

Lexi pointed out the metal rail that ran the around the room – perfect for securing a slave or a sexual partner. A hat-tip to the perv of an ex husband.

“I though maybe you wanted to see the rest of my purchases in the Haight. Don’t you think all this makes me look even more like Fuck-Me Barbie?”

As I got down on my knees I had to agree, Lexi didn’t miss a thing. Not even the day glow pink lipstick. I raised Lexi’s arms above her and clipped the cuffs to the rail.

She looked surprised though when I did the same with her legs. She did look like those plastic Barbie dolls when you raised their legs. Spread eagle, without the ability to set herself free, Lexi looked completely helpless.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32