Lewd and Lusty Latisha Ch. 02

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Woke up this morning feeling so alive, so invigorated, and filled with eager anticipation. Tonight was the night that Debbie was bringing her friends and Sharon over and my pussy was dripping just thinking about it. I sat at the kitchen table thinking about how I was going to get mother and daughter together. After considering the many possibilities the best thing I could come up with was to call Ann over to the house and video tape her submitting to me, worshiping my ebony body, begging for my pussy, and then after several drinks showing the video to the girls. I knew that if Sharon was submissive like her mom then the video would turn her on. I reasoned that drinking, watching her slut mother in action, and seeing her friend Debbie feast on my juicy cunt would put her in the mood to get nude and lewd. Then with the orgy in progress I would call her mother over to join in the action. I called Ann and ordered her to be at my house in one hour.

The video camera was all set and I was wearing nothing but white crotchless panties, stockings, and high-heels when the doorbell rang. The look of shock and desire on Ann’s face was priceless as I whisked her inside and locked the door. I commanded, “Get on your knees slut and gobble up my smoldering slit.” Ann obediently went to her knees and eagerly assaulted my flooding pussy with her mouth. I told her, “Whoa pig, beg for it first; tell me how much you want to taste my juicy black pussy. Then I will give you the privilege of servicing me. Talk to me you needy little slut.”

She looked up at me with hunger in her blue eyes and pleaded, “Please give me the honor of putting my mouth back on your black pussy and tasting your juices. Then cum in my mouth and all over my face. I will do anything that you want; you are my superior and I am your willing slut.”

I looked down at her feeling so empowered, thrilled, and so incredibly turned-on. I ran my fingers through her blond hair, patted her on the head, and urged,”Yes my little slut; eat my pussy, suck it dry; eat to your heart’s content but do it good.” She thanked me then kissed, licked and sucked my love-hole with passion. Ann was lost in a feeding frenzy when my juices began to flow as she nibbled on my enlarged clit. I held her face tight to my cunt as I experienced the most earth-shattering climax of my life; it was like being shot into outer space. After making her do the same to my ass-hole and buttocks she was instructed to disrobe and get on her hands and knees.

I went to the bedroom and strapped on the thick 12″ dildo and carried the other ones in my hand. I told her that she was a good little pig-slut and that I had something special for her. When I returned she was in the exact position that she was told to be in. I set the others on the end table and stood in front of her face. Her blue-eyes opened wide and her mouth dropped when she saw the huge black dildo swinging in front of her face. I was amused at her reaction and asked, ” Have you ever had a big black cock before slut?”

“No never!”

“Is your husband’s cock this big?”

“No. not even close.”

“Good, now I want you to take it in your mouth, suck and slobber all over the motherfucker so that the cock is well lubed before I shove it up your sloppy slut cunt!” At first Ann seemed somewhat frightened by the monster and was hesitant but soon she got into it and was giving the big cock head like a common street whore! I told her that was enough for now and got behind her and plowed the dildo deep inside her slushy cunt. In no time at all she was humping back at the big cock and crying out in ecstasy. The stimulation on my clit caused me to orgasm as much as Ann did.

I withdrew the dildo with a loud ‘swish-plop’ sound and pressed it against her puckered butt-hole. She cried out. “Please no! No one has ever done that to me before and it is much too big. Please don’t do this to me.”

I took pity on her and said, “You are right, it is too big. I have something better.” I took off the dildo and strapped on the thin butt fucker. She whimpered and pleaded as it went deeper up her anal canal but her groans turned to moans of lust and soon she was enjoying taking it up her white ass! After I was finished she was made to clean both dildos with her mouth and much to my surprise she seemed to enjoy it. Before she left I warned her to stand by for a call that night as I had something very special planned for her. When she left I watched the video; it was red-hot and I couldn’t wait for her daughter and the other girls to watch it with me.

I called Vanessa and told her about my plan, she exclaimed, “Why don’t I bring some sexy lingerie and sex toys? You can introduce me to your guest, tell them that it is a lingerie sales party, get them out of their clothes, an into the mood. Then you can show the videos and seal the deal. Between the two of us we can seduce the sweet young things easily! Come on, it will be fun and perhaps I can even make a few sales. Please say yes bursa evi olan escort and make my day. It will work, you know it will, think of all the fun it will be, and it will be the first of many seductions that we share.”

“Hell yes Vanessa, sounds great. The girls are scheduled to arrive at eight so why don’t you come over about seven?”

“No problem Latisha, I am looking forward to it, see you at seven.” After giving Vanessa my address and directions I hung up the phone, smiled, realized that it was a perfect plan, and could not wait for the festivities to begin.

It seemed like it took an eternity for seven o’clock to roll around but it finally came and Vanessa was at my door with an armful of boxes. I had a satin robe on over my sexy lingerie and Vanessa said, “Wow, you look like a million dollars. This seduction ought to be a piece of cake.”

She wore a red blouse and short black skirt and I told her, “You don’t look so bad yourself. We will have those young girls eating out of our hands.”

The sexy Latin laughed and quipped, “It’s not my hand that I want them eating out of!” We chatted, sipped wine, and discussed what promised to be a wild and exciting night. At eight o’clock sharp the girls arrived and introductions were made. Sharon was the sweet blond that I remembered her to be and Debbie’s other friends were named Patti and Heather. Patti was a tall, slender girl with small tits. What stood out about her was her pretty face and extremely long fingernails which I found unusual for such a young girl. She had brown hair and long lanky legs. Heather on the other hand had long blond hair, big blue eyes, and a healthy set of tits. She was definitely the cheerleader type. All four of the girls were eighteen years of age.

We drank wine, chatted, and listened to music when I informed them that Vanessa owned a shop downtown and that she was going to display some of her goods. While Vanessa was opening the boxes I went to get another bottle of wine. Debbie came with me and softly said, “Patti and Heather are cool with having an all girl orgy but I don’t know about Sharon; she is so straight laced that I was afraid to ask her.”

I answered, “Don’t you worry about it baby girl; leave that to me. Everything is going to turn out alright, you will see!”

We returned to the living room and filled everyone’s glasses and the girls were all trying on the sexy lingerie; all except Sharon that is. I told her, “Sharon try on something, it will be fun.”

“I…I don’t think that I want to.”

“Why? Are you shy or something? After all it is only us girls. Don’t be a party-pooper and join in the fun.” She said nothing and didn’t move so I guided her to the boxes and picked out a sexy black set for her. Sharon didn’t protest but she was trembling like a timid little bird as I disrobed her and helped her into the lingerie. Sharon tried to cover herself with her hands but I brought them to her waist and told her that she was a vision of loveliness.

The girls looked in the mirror, at each other, and at us. Sexual excitement filled the air and they were feeling the wine just enough to let down their inhibitions so I turned off the music and played a lesbian video. Heather and Patti sat on the love seat and the rest of us sat on the sofa. Debbie was on one end, I was next, then Sharon, and Vanessa was on the other end so I sat between Debbie and Sharon. Before long Debbie was nursing on my breasts, the girls on the love seat were making out, but Sharon kept pushing away Vanessa’s hands saying, “No, don’t, stop it!”

I asked, “What’s wrong Sharon?”

She replied, “This isn’t right; my mother always told me that it was wrong for two girls to have sex. I can’t do this.” I informed her that I had another video that just might change her mind. When the video came on and Ann Blake was on her knees feverishly devouring my sopping black cunt all the girls identified her and spoke her name as they watched in disbelief. All Sharon could mutter was, “Mom!”

I put my hands between her legs and said, “Just as I suspected, your little pussy is drenched. You like watching your mother going down on me don’t you naughty girl?” She didn’t say a word but her pussy told me everything that I wanted to know as I added another finger and she humped back wildly. Vanessa hand feed Sharon her ample breasts as I fingered her to orgasm.

Vanessa got to her knees and invaded Sharon’s cherry pie with her rather long tongue; Debbie joined her on the floor and began feasting on my blackberry-pie. I glanced over at the love seat and Patti and Heather were engaged in a wild sixty-nine. They looked much younger than they were with their bald pussies. The scent of female sex filled the room. Sharon was moaning loudly as she was reaching another orgasm.

After covering Debbie’s face with cum I strapped on the eight inch dildo and fucked her missionary style. Then I fucked Patti and Heather from behind. Even altıparmak escort though I wanted to be her first I smiled as I looked over and saw Sharon with her head buried between Vanessa’s spread legs. I went to the phone and told Ann to get her ass over here right now.

When Ann arrived I pulled her in the house still wearing the dildo. As she looked around the room and recognized her daughter and her friends she was petrified. Then she turned crimson when she saw the TV screen and watched me fucking her in the ass. I looked her right in the eyes and sternly said, “Well slut, you are the only one wearing clothes so take them off right now and then suck my dick!” The cowed mother disrobed and went to her knees and tasted the girls cum and pussy juices on the dildo. When she had the dildo clean I took it off and told her to work on my hot cunt.

As I reached a fantastic orgasm I motioned with my hand for the others to come over and gather round. All but Sharon did and Ann went from pussy to pussy and eagerly

munched on each one of them. I told Sharon, “Get your ass over here right now and let your mother taste her naughty little girl!” She slowly walked to the circle and soon she was grabbing her mother’s hair, pulling her tight to her horny hole, and shaking to a climax on her mother’s face. It was so wicked and depraved that I decided to take it a step further and made Sharon get on her knees and return the favor to her mother. When Sharon was finished with her mother she was made to lick us all but did not complain one bit. As a matter of fact it was plain to see that she was loving it! I said, “Like mother, like daughter.”

A wicked grin crossed Vanessa’s face and her eyes glowed as she instructed the girls and Ann to get on all fours. Vanessa reached into her bag of tricks and brought out two dildos that were unlike anything that I had ever seen before. They both had two cocks, a smaller one on top, a larger one on the bottom, and they were pink. I said, “What the hell are they for?”

“She answered, “Just strap one on and I will show you.” Sharon was on the end so Vanessa got behind her and shoved the big one in her pussy and the smaller one up her tight ass. Above the girl’s screams I could hear Vanessa yell to me, “Get the hell over here and let’s fuck the shit out of these white bitches!” I started with Debbie and we fucked them all hard and furious until they fell limp to the floor.

When they regained their composure we served them all some more wine and without exception they all agreed that it was the most fabulous sex of their lives. Before they left I let everyone know that Ann and Sharon were their fuck-sluts and to use them whenever they wanted. I told them to share the mother-daughter team with their friends, mothers, sisters, and even strangers. I explained that they loved to be abused and humiliated and the more the better.

When everyone else had departed Vanessa lingered and we talked about the night we had just had and our past experiences. The lusty Latin sex-pot inquired, “What about the preacher’s wife? Why don’t we do her together some time soon?

“I don’t know about that. Cathy is special and is really a nice woman. I am not so sure she would go for it.”

Vanessa just smiled and said, “All the better; sounds just like my type. I never fucked a preacher’s wife before at least not that I know of. You’re not going soft on me are you? I would think that you were in love with her if it hadn’t been for what I saw tonight. Let’s surprise her and attend the church services Sunday and see what happens.”

“OK, Sunday it is then.”

On Sunday morning Vanessa picked me up to go to church. I wore a conservative black dress but my friend wore a very revealing short flowered pink dress that did little to conceal her ample bosom. When we got in her car her dress rode up her legs and I couldn’t help but notice her hairy bush and couldn’t believe she was going to church dressed like that. All through the service the folks kept glancing over at us, especially Cathy and a young dark haired woman she was sitting with. When the congregation filed out the the church the minister was on the steps to greet everyone. After we introduced ourselves to him we went to the bottom of the steps and met Cathy and her friend. It turned out that the 22 year old beauty was Brad’s younger sister. I invited them to my house for lunch. Cathy went to speak with Brad, came back to us and accepted saying that Brad would be busy for the rest of the day.

We had soup and sandwiches and wine was served. Mary asked Cathy, “How do you know Latisha and Vanessa?”

Cathy responded, “I met Latisha at a church luncheon and we quickly became very good friends. Today was the first time that I met her friend Vanessa,” I suggested we go in the living room and brought the bottle of wine. When Vanessa bent over to put on some music the preacher’s wife and sister just stared at her exposed rear-end gemlik escort and pussy. The Latin beauty shocked everyone, including me, when she stated, “What’s the matter ladies? Haven’t you ever seen a hot Latin cunt before? I happen to know that Cathy is very familiar with Latisha’s black cunt!”

Cathy looked scared to death and all Mary could do is mutter, “Wh…wa…what are you talking about?”

Vanessa toyed and teased them saying, “Oh, I’m so sorry I thought you knew. Cathy and Latisha are lovers and from what I hear your sister in-law just adores Latisha’s delicious black cunt. Have you ever been with a woman Mary?”

“No never and I don’t believe you. That is disgusting and I am getting out of here.”

Mary stood to leave but Vanessa grabbed her and bent her over. The lusty Latin pulled up the frightened girl’s dress and put a long finger inside Mary’s white panties. The finger went inside her pussy and Vanessa announced, “Aha, just as I thought; your little honey-hole is dripping nectar. All of this sex talk has turned you on hasn’t it bitch?” Vanessa tugged Mary’s panties down to her ankles and from behind kissed and licked Mary’s ass and bald pussy. I told Cathy to disrobe and I did the same. My hands guided the preacher’s wife to my tits and she eagerly nursed on them. Mary’s body shook as she reached an orgasm. Vanessa pulled Mary upright and took off the rest of the girls clothes and then commanded. “Undress me bitch and you will see what a real hot woman looks like. Do it and do it now!”

With shaking hands Mary lifted the voluptuous Latin woman’s dress over her head, gawked at the luscious body before her eyes, and all she could say was, “Oh my God!” Vanessa wore no bra or panties so there was nothing left to take off. Vanessa guided Mary’s trembling hands to her breast and Mary immediately began fondling the giant globes of flesh.

The lusty Latin sex-pot pulled the timid woman’s face to her heaving breasts and with a low sultry voice urged, “Suck baby suck; show momma how much you like her big brown breasts. Nibble on my nipples and suck them just like you suck cock. Oh yes, you are a good girl, just like that, Oh hell yesssss!” You’ve done this before haven’t you?”

Mary let a big brown nipple slip from her lips, looked up into Vanessa’s big brown eyes and cooed, “No I never have but I have thought about what it would be like.” Vanessa looked over at the sofa and saw Cathy on her knees eating my horny black cunt and walked Mary over to the sofa.

Vanessa sat beside me and told Mary to watch her sister-in-law worship my black cunt with her mouth. The naked minister’s sister just stood there with wonderment on her pretty face and desire in her eyes as she watched Cathy hungerly gobble up my blackberry-pie and Vanessa sitting next to me with her legs spread invitingly. Vanessa put her fingers on her own pussy, opened it lewdly and invited Mary saying, “I think you know what to do now don’t you baby?” Mary assumed the position and began kissing Vanessa’s thighs moving up slowly. When she reached the prize she inhaled deeply and her face became flush when she savored the aroma of the aroused pussy inches from her face. She lovingly kissed the swollen pussy lips, stuck out her tongue, licked the hood until the stiff clit popped out, and then sucked it with fervor. Mary displayed a ravenous appetite for the spicy Latin cunt as she feasted with wild passion. Mary was like a woman possessed as she buried her whole face in Vanessa’s smoldering cunt.

Mary looked up at Vanessa adoringly as she licked every drop of the sweet honey that dripped from Vanessa’s sopping womanhood. The lusty Latin pointed to her butt and Mary did not hesitate. Her tongue and lips lovingly serviced the sex-pot’s ass just as she had done to her pussy. The busty bombshell looked down at her latest conquest and noted, “Wow, that was fantastic. Are you sure that you have never done this before?”

“Never but I have a dirty little secret; once I saw the lady next door with a young girl and they were going at it hot and heave. The blinds were open so I could see everything. I masturbated as I watched and think about it all the time. I know that it seems perverted and kinky but it turns me on so much. Then watching Cathy eat that black pussy and you with your legs spread wide was just too much. It was even better than I imagined it would be.”

Vanessa smiled and said, “You think that was kinky, well I have something better for you. Switch places with Cathy and you can taste your second cunt while I enjoy Latisha’s blond lover between my legs.” Cathy looked up at me with a questioning look on her face and I just nodded that it was OK. The preacher’s wife and sister exchanged places and both tasted a different pussy for the first time. After they both devoured our hairy cunts we bent them over and fucked them with the strap-on dildos. After we fucked them senseless we made them indulge in a nasty sixty-nine. While watching them slurp each other’s cunts I realized that I was not only a lesbian that liked to dominate white women sexually but that I was also a voyeur as well. They walked funny when they left but both women expressed a strong desire for a repeat performance soon. Vanessa stayed over for the night and we did our own sixty-nine.

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