Let’s Play a Game Pt. 03

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Ana Armas

“Are we going to the usual spot,” asked Kim, referring to a small waterfall deep in the woods behind their property. They both had changed into swimwear as to enjoy the cool water on the hot summer day. Kim changed into a dark blue one-piece swimsuit she used to swim laps in her school’s pool. Kim relished the tightness of the one-piece admiring the taught form of her breasts practically bulging out of the material and the smooth form of her mound erupting from her crotch as she pulled her grey athletic shorts over her tight bottom. Jack threw on his white board-shorts and a t-shirt. Donning flip flops as they cameled up, Jack grabbed the water bottles and a couple towels as they head out the backdoor stepping over their cooling piss puddles on the patio.

They followed the abandoned drive until they hit the bridge and followed the rushing stream towards the waterfall. Not a bad hike the walk usually took 45 minutes to get to their destination. The couple was taking it easy, listening to the sounds of the forest and the babbling of the stream as they walked. Eventually the noisy stream became too much for Kim. “Would you believe I have to pee,” giggled Kim to Jack. Looking around Kim stepped to the side of the trail and pulled down her shorts. “Oh these one piece suits are such a pain when you have to pee, I really didn’t think this through.”

“Well we’re going to go swimming any way and get wet so why don’t you… you know…” replied Jack.

“Pee through my suit? Naughty boy,” said Kim as she squated down to the ground. “Alright I think I’ll try it.” Concentrating Kim tried to release her bladder. Decades of potty training were blocking Kim’s desire to pee through her swimsuit. After about a minute a small wet patch dampened the gusset of Kim’s dark one-piece. Realizing what she was doing her brain instantly closed her urethra. “This is harder than I thought,” squealed Kim closing her eyes and pushing on her bladder.

“Maybe this will help,” said Jack. Kim opened her eyes, instantly focusing on Jack’s crotch making out the bulge of his cock through the thin fabric of his bathing suit. Suddenly a stream erupted through the fabric as Jack released a spurt of pee. Jack released again, this time with a little less pressure and it trickled down the left leg of his board-shorts in a continuous stream spreading as more and more piss was pouring from the tip of his penis, completely drenching the crotch and leg of his swimsuit, Escort Bayan coming down in a cascade out of the bottoms of his shorts, all over his feet. It was then that Kim was noticing something. His bathing suit was white! And slowly becoming transparent as the urine was spreading into his crotch, slowly exposing the sight of his cock and balls. Jack seemed oblivious as he was savoring the warmth of his piss spreading over his dick and washing over his balls. Even in the summer heat it felt like bliss. This was exactly what Kim needed and the flood gates opened in her bladder and the damp patch in her one-piece widened.

It didn’t take long for the fabric to reach its saturation point and a neat stream fell to the leaf litter below, resounding in a unique pitter-patter. Jack was coming to his senses as he sprayed the last few spurts into his swim trunks. As he was relishing the dwindling wave of warmth cascading down from his crotch to his feet he looked over to see Kim starting to wet her bathing suit. He watched as the gusset grew darker, spreading ever so slightly up before ultimately there was too much pee for the fabric. As if time itself was slowing down only a few droplets appeared at first, lazily dripping from her glistening crotch. Soon this too became too much and droplets formed a perfect stream drilling into the leaf litter below. Kim enjoying the sweet relief on her bladder was pissing at full force, much more than her bathing suit could handle the urine started to leak out the sides of her gusset leaving trails up her thighs as the streams lost their fight with gravity. It didn’t take long for Kim to finish her her toilet in her bathing suit. They both watched with great intent as the last drips of pee fell from her crotch. Kim then simply stood and pulled up her shorts over her damp crotch, biting her lip. saying, “Well we must certainly feel better, lets get to that waterfall.” Jack agreed and they resumed their walk taking swigs from their water bottles.

They soon got to the waterfall, standing at the top of the cliff looking down at the pool below. They both climbed down the cliff side and made their way to the usual spot, a small flat clearing at the side of the pool, deep enough to jump into. Jack unloaded the contents of his pack, spreading out the towels and handing another water bottle to Kim. They didn’t waste time shedding their shirts and in Kim’s case shorts and climbing Bayan Escort back up the cliff to jump into the cool pool. This continued for some time taking chugs of water in between jumps, making a game out of it. Just after Kim had splashed into the water Jack was making his way out of the stream up to their towels when he paused, water thigh deep. Kim was messing around swimming up towards him, keeping herself in the water. Without warning Jack pulled down the waistband of his shorts and pulled out his cock in one swift moment. Kim giggled as he started to pee a long arc, aiming his penis up and towards her, splashing in the water next to her. “Thanks for warming up the water,” she said and she waved her hand in water eventually bring it up into the stream, wiggling around her fingers in it. Jack’s bladder was nearly on empty as his stream slowly subsided and trailed back to the tip of his dick. Kim frowned as he pulled it back into his pants.

They both got out of the water and resumed their ritual of drinking from their water bottles and Jack pulled out some snacks while they sat on their towels. As if their bladders were tied together Kim had to pee. Since she had already peed through her bathing suit, Kim wanted to try something different. Still sitting cross legged on her towel she reached down and pulled the gusset of her one-piece bathing suit aside exposing her pussy and motioned for Jack to watch. It wasn’t long before Kim’s urethra opened and piss started to trickle from out between Kim’s lips, dribbling into the towel beneath her. Kim gasped as a loud hissing started to emanated from between her legs and she delighted in spreading wetness as her towel absorbed her warm pee.

Kim, locking eyes with Jack didn’t have to look down to know about the growing bulge in his pants, which was more than apparent in his see-through shorts. With her free hand she pulled down the waistband of his swim trunks and freed his massive erection, grasping his shaft and slowly jerking him off. Not wasting any time Jack helped his wife free his cock, removing his trunks completely before caressing Kim’s heaving breasts, bound under her swimsuit. It didn’t take Jack long to find Kim’s rock hard nipples, rubbing them with his fingers. All the while Kim was peeing messily all over her thighs into the towel. Jack leaned in closer kissing Kim passionately while pushing her down onto the soaked towel, the movement change spraying Escort Kim’s piss up into the air as her pee was coming to an end. Jack didn’t waste any time positioning his cock at Kim’s open and soaking wet vagina, Kim squealed as Jack thrust to the hilt into her pussy, his balls slapping eagerly at her buttocks. Kim moaned loudly as she arched her back to answer Jack’s pounding, cumming intensely. It wasn’t before long that Jack, gripping his wife’s firm ass, thrust in deeply ejaculating spurt after spurt of semen inside her vagina. Kissing they lay on the towel, soaked in sweat and Kim’s piss. Jack slowly pulled out his cock, not wanting the feeling to end he admired his lovely wife lying panting on the towel. Kim sat up, delighting in the feeling of her husband’s cum oozing out of her slit onto the towel, not the first mix of her husband’s cum and her piss, nor the last.

“That, that was phenomenal,” Kim said as she returned the gusset of her bathing-suit to its rightful place, covering her muff.

“I felt like I came buckets,” said Jack who now felt the need to pee again as he often did post-ejaculation. Still naked he simply stood next to Kim and peed hands free onto the towel, already way passed its saturation point it splashed messily onto Kim.

They both decided it was time to pack up and head back to the house as it was approaching supper time. Jack pulled his swim trunks back on and donned his shirt while Kim, still wet from the towel just put her shorts back on. They got slightly damp from her suit but she didn’t care. They climbed back up the cliff and made way to the house. As they approached the house Kim suddenly raced ahead of Jack, blocking his path with a giddy bounce. Without saying anything Kim held out her hand for Jack to stop before placing her hands on her hips, legs spread shoulder width apart. Kim closed her eyes as Jack’s widened. Gaze fixed at the crotch of Kim’s grey shorts he saw the already damp material grow darker as Kim released her bladder. Jack watched as the shiny dark spot grew and traveled down the short legs of her shorts and down her bare legs. “Ahhh, I needed that, didn’t feel like taking them off like last time. A girl could get used to this!” Jack smiled as he kissed his wife and moved his hand to her crotch, feeling the expanding wetness and heat, taking in the muffled hissing noise of her urinating urethra.

“And so could I,” Jack replied as Kim’s wetting trickled to a stop, slipping his hand into her shorts, teasing her clit as he pulled her swimsuit to the side before easing two fingers into her pussy. Kim stifled her moans while her husband pumped his fingers inside her to an orgasm right out in the open backyard.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32