Let’s Hear It for the Boy

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Double Penetration

I was 22 and in my senior year of college, my final semester at the time. I started fucking a guy named Rick whom I had met at a college party. I typically didn’t go to those types of parties because I considered myself too “mature” for that scene. I was spending a lot of time studying and needed to blow off some steam, so when a friend invited me to crash it with her I agreed to go.

Rick was 19 and a freshman. He seemed extremely confident and full of himself when he fearlessly approached me. I don’t usually go for those types of guys; I’ve always preferred intelligent men. I soon realized that, despite my dislike for these types of guys, Rick was keeping my interest. He had what we women sometimes refer to as “big dick energy.” I hadn’t been laid in a long time, and I decided to let Rick “punch his ticket to ride this ride” that night.

Needless to say, his cock was huge and amazing. It was the biggest cock I had been fucked with up to that point in my life and for many years afterward. I quickly became his little slut despite being older and more emotionally mature than him.

Rick lived in the dorms, but we would usually fuck in my apartment. I lived alone, I could make noise when I climaxed without disturbing anyone else, so the arrangement was ideal. One night I went to a party with him near campus. We had both been drinking and I refused to allow either one of us to drive to my place, so we decided that I would crash in his dorm room until the next morning.

It would be a fateful decision that forever changed my life.

We crept into his dorm room really late. His roommate, also a freshman, appeared to be asleep in his own bed. I hadn’t planned on fucking Rick while someone else was in the room, but my inhibitions were lowered due to being inebriated and that big cock was something I really wanted.

I remember being on my back, my legs wrapped around Rick’s waist as he railed me so very deep, when I happened to turn my head and noticed in the faint light trickling in from the dorm room window that his roommate was on his stomach, his head turned toward us, and watching. Rick and I hadn’t bothered to ensure that our bodies were covered with the bedding, and given the angle that his roommate was viewing us from he had a perfect view of Rick’s cock pistoning in and out of my tight little pussy.

Had I not been so close to my own climax I would have probably attempted to protect what little modesty I had, but right then and there I didn’t care. Knowing the other guy was watching me actually brought on my orgasm even more quickly. It was powerful, and Rick began filling my womb with his seed almost simultaneously.

We lay exhausted in his bed afterward, Rick still on top of me, when I passed out.

I awoke the next morning before the break of dawn, a Saturday, to the sensation of that big mushroom head of Rick’s cock parting my labia. It was slowly sliding as far as it could reach into my already cum-lubricated pussy. His morning erection was just as amazing as you would expect from a 19 year-old male. This time the fuck was slow and sensual, and he quickly added his fresh morning seed to the copious amount that still remained inside me from the previous night. I did not climax.

He tried to hide it, but I noticed his roommate was watching us yet again. That time he knew that I had caught him, but he made no effort to avert his eyes.

Rick worked in a warehouse on the weekends while he was in college. That’s what required him to wake up so early that morning before sunrise. After inseminating me, he arose and went to the shower. I stayed in the bed, still reveling in the sensation of my pussy being stretched and distended. He left for work, and I whispered to him that I would see myself out shortly.

I lay in the bed for a while, my eyes closed, and my nude body completely covered. Then I decided to break the silence.

“Did you enjoy watching the show last night and this morning?” There was no response. “I know you can hear me. I know you’re awake. It’s very rude not to answer me when I know you can hear me.”

“I… I’m sorry. I’m sorry I violated your privacy,” a soft male voice came from across the room.

“It’s fine. It’s not like we had any expectation of privacy anyway. We both knew you were in here.”

“Please don’t tell Rick.”

“He won’t care. But don’t worry, your secret is safe with me,” I assured him. I reached over and turned on a small lamp near Rick’s bed. “What’s your name? How old are you?”

“Nate. I’m 18,” he responded. When my eyes adjusted to the new light I could see that he was laying on his back and staring at the ceiling.

“I’m Stacy. Nice to meet you, Nate. Is that short for Nathan?”

“Nathaniel, actually.”

I moved over to the far side of Rick’s bed, keeping my body and breasts covered, and said, “Well Nathaniel, why don’t you come over here and sit beside me so I can hear you better,” as I patted the bed beside me with an open palm. I used his full name to address him to exert a sense of power and Ataşehir Escort authority over him.

“I don’t think that would be a good idea right now,” he muttered.

“C’mon, it’s not like I’m going to be surprised if you have morning wood. Be brave and come over here and talk to me.”

“Fine,” he relented. He slid out from underneath his covers and stood up while keeping his groin covered with his hands.

The first thing I noticed was that he was wearing boxers and no shirt. He was short and lean for most guys his age, but he was cute. He was really cute. I thought he was adorable. He was exactly the type of guy that I would have dated back in high school.

As much as he tried to hide it, I could tell he didn’t have a morning erection. He walked over to the bed and sat down next to me, and when he did I could see that the front of his boxers were saturated. He had obviously ejaculated inside them that morning while watching us.

He wouldn’t look at me, and he kept his head down with a sense of shame.

“Is that the first time you’ve watched someone have sex?” I inquired.

“N… No,” he stuttered his response.

“You’ve watched Rick fuck other girls this year, haven’t you?”

“Yeah, a few.”

“Why don’t you want him to know you were watching us?”

“He’s caught me watching before. He says I like watching him have sex with girls. He’s made fun of me for it.”

“Do you? Do you like watching him have sex with the girls he’s with?”

“It’s not like I have much of a choice since he brings them to the dorm room while I’m here.”

“You’re avoiding my question. Do you enjoy watching someone else have sex together?”

“I guess so,” he confessed, “It’s not like I’m having sex with anyone, either.”

“You’re a virgin, aren’t you?” I inquired.

“Look at me. I think it’s pretty obvious that I am to just about everyone.”

“Good grief,” I sighed, “It’s not like it’s a bad thing to be a virgin at 18. I didn’t lose my virginity until I was 19.”

He sat silently for a few moments, still avoiding eye contact with me, and finally asked a question, “What do girls see in Rick? Why do they like him so much?”

“Why do you think they shouldn’t?”

He finally turned his head and looked me in the eyes, “He’s a jerk. He’s an asshole. He’s already failing all of his classes because he hardly goes to class. He never studies. All he wants to do is party and get -“

“Laid?” I interrupted.

“Yeah,” he sighed and looked away from me once again.

I raised my upper body up with my elbows, keeping my breasts covered by the bedding, and asked, “Nathaniel, why do you think girls like him so much?”

“I don’t know.”

“Sure you do. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that you know exactly why girls like him so much, and I want to hear you say it.”

“It’s because he has a big penis, isn’t it?”

“Cock, Nathaniel,” I corrected him, “Rick has a really large cock.”

His mood became even more somber, “If that’s what girls are looking for in a guy, I’m going to be a virgin my entire life.”

Without thinking before I spoke, I blurted out, “You’re small down there, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, you could say that unfortunately.”

I had no intention of hurting his feelings, but I was feeling adventurous. “Show me. Take off your boxers and let me see.”

Suddenly he looked at me, his eyes wide with shock, and exclaimed, “No way! No girl has ever seen it. Why would you even want to?”

“I’ve never seen a small penis on a guy before.” He shook his head no while continuing to keep his hands in his lap atop his boxers, covering his manhood. I therefore decided to entice him to do my will. I threw all of the bedding off of me that was obscuring my nude body from his eyes. His eyes became wide once more as he beheld my complete nakedness. I reached over and took one of his hands and placed it on my breast nearest to him.

I’ll never forget the sound he made as I felt my hardened nipple press into his palm. He exhaled a long, audible, stuttering sigh.

“Have you ever touched a woman’s tits before, Nathaniel?”

“Never,” he whispered. His hand remained motionless against my breast, my own hand still resting on top of his.

“Show me the source of your shame, Nathaniel. Take off your boxers and show me how tiny your penis is and I’ll let you play with them as much as you want.”

I felt myself becoming extremely sexually aroused from all of this. What seemed to be turning me on the most was watching the “wheels turn in his head” while contemplating my offer. I could tell he was extremely enamored with my breasts, and was fighting desperately to muster up enough courage to be naked in front of me so that he could explore them.

“If… if I show you, will you promise not to laugh? Will you promise not to tell anyone else how small I am?”

“I give you my word, Nathaniel.”

He stood up and slowly lowered his boxers while bending forward at the waist so that his torso would obstruct my view. Acıbadem Escort Then he quickly covered his penis with his hands before standing up straight again. I gave him another look of encouragement to show it to me. He closed his eyes, lowered his head, and slowly moves his hands to his sides.

I honestly found his tiny penis to be adorable. He was adorable. His face was a brilliant hue of red in the soft light of the bedside lamp as he stood next to the bed to present the source of his shame to me. His penis was fully erect, but it was extremely short, perhaps three inches long at best, and it was slender. If I had to compare it to something it was probably the size of the average male’s thumb.

It was the smallest penis on a guy that I had ever seen, and I had seen many.

I pitied him. I knew just as well as he did that his tiny penis would never possibly give a woman sexual satisfaction and pleasure. After a few moments of displaying himself I pat the bed again with my palm to have him sit down once more. He started to put his boxers back on, but I told him no. He used his hands to cover himself anyway when he say back down beside.

He sat motionless for a moment, still red with embarrassment and shame, and then said, “Can I ask you something?”

“Of course,” I replied.

“What could I do to ever make a girl like you interested in a guy like me?”

“First of all, I’m a woman – not a girl. I’m 22 years old and about to graduate.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to offend you.”

“You didn’t, Nathaniel. But first I want you to describe what your definition is of a woman like me.” His head remained lowered and his eyes closed. “I want you to look me in the eyes when you tell me, though.”

He slowly raised his head, turned it toward me, and looked me in the eyes and began, “A woman who is so beautiful that every guy dreams of being with, who everyone looks at when she enters the room because of her beauty and sensuality, who makes men jealous of the man that she’s with. A woman like you who, when a guy like me looks at her and when he sees her, he despairs because he knows that he can never have her, because he will never be good enough for her.”

His statement almost broke my heart.

“I’m disappointed,” a whispered, “I was really expecting you to say something like a woman like me, ‘a woman who was valedictorian of her high school class, who has a 4.0 GPA, who was a national merit scholar and went to college on a full scholarship. A woman who starts graduate school in the fall under a reearch fellowship. A woman who is ambitious, determined, disciplined, and knows exactly what she wants.'”

“Is all of that true?”

“Every word, Nathaniel.”

“Everyone told me that college would be different. They said that girls in college would appreciate guys like me. I’m very much like you. I was at the top of my class, I was always the “smart” and “nice” guy that all the girls were friends with, the guy they always told their secrets to and asked for advice about other guys that they liked. It’s not any different in college, though. It’s all still the same.”

I attempted to assuage his pain, “And yet you’re sitting here in your dorm room on a bed next to a completely nude, older woman, a woman who didn’t laugh when she saw how small your penis is. Did she? A woman, who by the way, is still waiting for you to start playing with her tits.”

“Can I? Really?

“I made you a deal, Nathaniel. I always keep my promises.” I leaned back onto the bed, interlocked my fingers behind my head, and closed my eyes. “You may touch them any way you wish for as long as you like.”

What transpired after that was one of the most pleasurable experiences of my life. He began using both of his hands, only the fingertips at first, and began tracing the surface and contours of my breasts as I lay there motionless. His touch was soft, gentle, and what I would describe as reverent. He traced the perimeters of each areola numerous times while shying away from my nipples.

Then I began coaching him. “You can squeeze them, you know. They won’t break. That feels nice. Take the nipple between your thumb and index finger and gently pinch it. Now pull it away from my body. A little harder. OK not so hard.” I had no idea how long he continued to explore my breasts, but I opened my eyes and saw the first signs of sunlight starting to glow through the window.

I saw a sense of wonder on his face. I also saw that his small penis remained painfully erect. It was glistening with his precum that was flowing from out of his tiny glans. I could make the argument that giving this young man his first experience with touching a woman’s breasts, witnessing how much in awe of my body he seemed to be, and how erect I was making his small penis was one of the most erotic moments of my life. The smell of my own sexual arousal, my feminine musk, permeated the air from how turned on I was.

My lust, sexual arousal, and wickedness took control of me.

“Nathaniel, what İstanbul Escort would you be willing to do for me to have me take your hard little penis into my mouth, to feel me lick and suck it, and to let you cum in my mouth and swallow every delicious drop of that cum? What are you willing to do for me to give you your first blowjob?”

He froze, not knowing what to do or say at first. Then he said it, the word that would change both of our lives. “Anything.”

“Be careful about using that word with me, Nathaniel. I know how much you desire me. I know how high the pedestal is that you place me upon. Surely you know a woman like me will demand something very challenging in order to give you sexual pleasure in return. What I will expect of you will be very challenging.”

“Anything,” he reiterated, “Name it. I’ll do anything for you.”

I slowly bent my knees and pulled them upward toward my pelvis. My hand reached between my legs and I began circling my clit with two fingers. “Nathaniel, I want you to crawl between my legs and lick my pussy. I want you to make me cum with your mouth and tongue. I want you to taste and swallow every drop of fluid that flows from inside me as you do.”

He suddenly froze, his expression like that of a deer in headlights. His words were slow and his voice low, “Rick doesn’t use condoms…”

“No, he doesn’t. You saw for yourself that he climaxed twice inside me since I’ve been here. I want you to clean my pussy, Nathaniel. I want you to taste and swallow every drop of Rick’s cum while you give me pleasure.”

“I’m… I’m not gay.”

“Of that I have no doubt. Eating a woman’s pussy for her isn’t the least bit gay. But this is what I want from you. This is what I expect of you. Unless, of course, you’re willing to disappoint me. Unless you don’t think I’m worth the pleasure that you are capable of giving to me -“

“No,” he interjected, “It’s just that…” he paused, “If I do this, do you really promise not to tell anyone, especially Rick?”

“I promise, Nathaniel. Now, do what I asked you to do. Get down there between my legs and lick my pussy clean. Lick me until you make me cum. Lick me until I tell you to stop.”

To say he was reluctant would be an understatement, yet he did it. You will be surprised to learn that, before that moment, I had never had a guy go down on me. Knowing that this young man was doing it while consuming another guy’s cum made the experience even more sexually intoxicating. Despite his lack of experience, he was determined to please me. His effort became more frantic, almost urgent, as he assaulted my sex with his mouth and tongue.

I could tell by all of the slurping sounds he made that Rick’s and my combined fluids flowed copiously from me. He consumed it all. I climaxed twice. Those climaxes curled my toes.

Eventually I reached down and pushed Nate’s head away from my hyper-sensitive pussy. I told him I needed him to kiss me and I pulled on his head so that he would be encouraged to move upward on my body. As our lips met, I wrapped my legs around him. I opened my mouth and began to lick his tongue with my own. He moaned into my mouth. Then I reached down and positioned his tiny glans between my pink petals at the entrance of my pussy.

“I need you inside me. Push, Nate,” I said using the abbreviated form of his name for the first time, “Push it inside me as far as you can. Are you inside? OK, start thrusting your hips back and forth. Cum inside me, sweetie. Show me just how much sexual desire you have for me.”

He began thrusting, yet I felt almost nothing. He thrusted maybe two dozen times before he started whispering, “Oh God,” repeatedly. Then his body went rigid. He moaned loudly. He collapsed on top of me and buried his face in my neck, panting and gasping rapidly.

“Did you finish?” I softly whispered in his ear as my hand gently stroked back of his head. He wordlessly nodded his head yes. “Good boy,” I whispered. I think he was weeping.

We lay there holding each other for another half hour. I periodically kissed his cheek softly, my legs remained wrapped around him, and I rubbed his head and back with my palms. I kept whispering, “good boy” periodically. Then I began confessing to him what I had experienced.

“Can I tell you something, Nathaniel? That’s the first time a guy has ever gone down on me. Yes, it’s true. The pleasure you gave me was amazing. I’ve never had orgasms like that before. They may be the best orgasms I’ve ever had in my life. You and your tiny penis did that!” He finally raised his head to look upon my face. I smiled and kissed his lips tenderly. I continued, “I never expected that any guy would ever do that for me, knowing that I was already full of another guy’s cum. What you did… it… it’s the most erotic thing I’ve ever experienced.”

“I told you I would do anything, Stacy.”

I pressed my lips to his once again, and our tongues danced together for countless minutes. I finally broke the kiss and asked, “If I asked you to do that again for me, would you be willing to do it? Would you be willing to watch Rick or any other guy fuck me with his huge cock, finish inside me, and then make me cum by licking me clean? No one else has to ever know. Only the two of us. It would be our secret. I swear to you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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