Lesbian or Just Curious? Ch. 01

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It looked like it was going to be a sunny day, but Jane had always been a cautious girl. “I’d best take my umbrella, just in case.” she thought as she prepared to leave her apartment.

Moments later, umbrella in hand, she stroke confidently down the hallway to the elevator entrance. As always, the smell of boiled cabbage, garlic, spaghetti sauce and several spices and condiments, was still hanging heavily in the air, even though it was morning and the foods responsible for the assorted odours had been served and eaten the night before.

“Jesus Christ all mighty!” she thought, her face taking on a disgruntled scowl. “Don’t these goddam savages I have to share a building with ever eat food that doesn’t stink the place up for weeks at a time? I feel like I’m living behind a twenty four hour flop house diner that never closes the back door! Some day, I’m going to get the hell out of this stinking apartment, in this garbage can city, full of unwashed dullards and go to live in the countryside. I’ll be a member of the local gentry and the only aromas filling the air when I wake up in the morning, will be those of fresh baked rolls, country bacon and farm fresh eggs.”

In her heart, Jane knew it would never happen, but like everybody else, she felt entitled to her dreams. She was an attractive woman in her thirties, unmarried, with no romantic prospects and her loneliness and need for love was becoming more apparent every day. She was becoming more bitter and cynical than she’d ever been in her teens and twenties and she longed for a relationship that would provide the love and companionship that she had been looking for all of her life. She’d had affairs over the years, but invariably they were short term. Most of the men she met were pompous fools whose self valuation far exceeded the worth she ascribed to them. Their selfishness in the bedroom left her cold and unresponsive and after only a few dates, she would simply stop taking their phone calls.

She stopped in front of the elevator doors and impatiently pressed the ground floor button several times. She looked at her watch and wondered if public transit would be running any more late than usual. She had prepared a special report outlining the sales promotion program for a new product that her company would shortly be introducing and she was anxious to show it to her colleagues and get their feedback. She sighed as she realized that her job was about the only pleasure left in her life. So much so that she enjoyed being on the job more than she enjoyed being at home.

Just then, she was brought back to real time by the sound of the grumbling old elevator clunking to a halt. A few seconds later, she heard the lame ding that accompanied each stop. She looked up as the doors opened and was surprised to see a new face standing patiently at the back. She stepped in quickly and muttered a muted, “Good morning,” to the stranger.

“Hello. I’m Jasmine.” the stranger replied, eagerly holding out her hand.

“Hi Jasmine.” Jane replied as she managed a smile and took the hand of the stranger, “I’m Jane.”

While the elevator continued its painfully slow descent to the ground floor, Jane peeked surreptitiously at Jasmine from the corner of her eye. She was black. Actually, a soft and pleasing shade of brown, and spoke with a Caribbean accent. She was quite tall, perhaps 2 inches taller than Jane and had a very pretty face and quite a stunning figure. Her legs were long and shapely and the front of her blouse strained to conceal generous breasts that were putting a noticeable stress on its tiny buttons.

“How long have you lived here Jane?” Jasmine asked with a bright smile.

“Oh Lord! I’ve been here since the building was erected, about 10 years ago. Sometimes I have trouble believing that I’ve spent almost a third of my life here.”

Jasmine continued, a sparkling white smile adorning her pretty face, “How do you like it?”

“Oh, it’s not the Taj Mahal, as you can see, but all in all, I suppose I like it. The rent is reasonable and the tenants are tolerable.” then with a giggle added, “Most of the time.”

Just then, the elevator clumsily jerked to a halt and the two ladies turned and readied themselves to exit as the doors slowly opened. As they walked to the exit, Jasmine asked, “Which direction do you go to get to work Jane? I have to go up the street and catch the Westbound streetcar.”

Jane replied, “Oh, I have to catch the Eastbound streetcar down at the bottom of the street.”

A disappointed look flashed across Jasmine’s face. “Oh too bad Jane. I’d love to have someone to chat with on the way to work everyday.”

With that, the two girls wished each other a pleasant day and headed off in opposite directions.

Apart from the enjoyment Jane got from showing off her newly created marketing plan that morning, it was just another day at the office. By late afternoon, time had slowed almost to a standstill and she was sure that the day would go on forever. bursa yabancı escort When the clock finally hit the 5:00 p.m. mark, Jane began to put on her coat and was counting down the seconds impatiently. For some reason she wanted to get back to her apartment and for the life of her she didn’t know why. Most nights, she had to be reminded that it was quitting time and she had a real fear that she might one day be locked in the office overnight. As she finished buttoning her coat, she idly wondered what time the new tenant, Jasmine finished work.

A friend who gave her a ride home from time to time, had to run some errands in another direction so Jane began walking briskly to the streetcar stop. She dreaded having to endure the close quarters and the pushing and shoving that was part and parcel of riding the streetcar. She’d always hated this particular part of her daily commute. The streetcar was invariably filled with noisy, boisterous people and the smell of unwashed bodies and sweat permeated the interior of each vehicle. By the time the creaking old relic arrived at Jane’s stop, she was frazzled and more than a tad angry.

As she made her way up her street, she had to walk past the new housing project that had only recently been erected at the intersection. There was the usual gang of unemployed people hanging around the building courtyard, smoking cigarettes and drinking cheap wine from a large jug that was being passed amongst them. Jane glanced through the gate as she made her way up the street. A look of disapproval crossed her face when she saw the boisterous group.

“God dam freeloaders”, she muttered under her breath. “Sitting on their asses in subsidized housing, too lazy to work! And who the hell has to pay for it all? Me! That’s who!”

She grew more infuriated as she got closer to her building. “One of these days I’m going to kiss this lousy city, with its broken transit system and its swollen underbelly of shiftless people who refuse to work, good bye. I’m going to jump on a Greyhound and disappear over the horizon, leaving this miserable shit hole, full of lazy, smelly, savages, to earn a living for themselves!”

As she approached the front door of her apartment building, she saw a tall female walking towards the building from the other direction. She looked quite lovely in her high heels. She had long shapely legs and a short dress that accentuated her trim figure. She knew right away that it was Jasmine, who was no doubt returning from her job as well.

Jasmine began to smile when she saw Jane approaching. Jane was just as happy to see her and the two smiled warmly back at one another .

The two arrived at the front door at the same time and it was obvious that they were more than a little pleased to be running into each other again so soon. They walked across the lobby and stood in front of the elevator door.

“Wow.” exclaimed Jasmine. That was a rough day. I thought it would never end. So many cranky people who don’t want to listen to anything you have to say. They just want to bitch, bitch and bitch some more.”

Jane laughed and nodded in agreement. She’d had no trouble relating to Jasmine’s irritated observation. It was so nice to have someone else to whom she could vent her frustrations. By days end, her cherished marketing plan felt like it weighed two hundred pounds. She couldn’t have carried it for even five more minutes without collapsing with exhaustion. Now that she was finally home, she couldn’t wait to kick off her high heels and just relax.

The elevator doors opened and the two women stepped in. Jane couldn’t help noticing the perfume that Jasmine was wearing. “I just love that perfume Jasmine. What’s it called?” she asked.

“U and I” replied Jasmine. “I’ve never worn it before and I got a lot of compliments on it today.”

The elevator began it’s slow climb and the two ladies were smiling as it made it’s way to the freedom that they’d soon be able enjoy when they stepped into their apartments, kicked off their high heels and sprawled on the sofa with a relaxing drink.

“Do you have time to join me for a cool drink Jane?” Jasmine asked.

“You must’ve read my mind.” replied Jane. “I was just thinking of sprawling on the sofa with a cool drink.”

“Well, by all means sprawl on my sofa.” said Jasmine with a smile.

The two stepped off the elevator and Jane followed Jasmine down the hallway to her apartment. It was located at the very end of the hall, well away from the noise of the creaky old elevator. As she was turning the key, Jasmine said “Please forgive the mess Jane. I was in such a hurry when I left today that I didn’t have time to clean up.”

“You want to see a mess, come up to my apartment one day.” scoffed Jane. “I don’t get any joy out of housekeeping and it shows.”

As they stepped into Jasmine’s apartment, Jane was taken back by the array of colours and scents. The walls were soft mauve and the carpet was bursa sınırsız escort brilliant red. It wasn’t Jane’s taste, but it was fastidiously neat and the furniture was fashionable and in near new condition.

“Would you like soda with a splash of vodka or something a little less intoxicating?” Jasmine asked.

“Oh vodka sounds good Jasmine. A splash of vodka is just what I need after the day I put in,” Jane replied.

Jane leaned back on the sofa with an ever so slight moan of satisfaction. She was happy to have someone with whom to share the rigors of her day. As she sat there, she could hear Jasmine vigorously chipping ice cubes from the tray in her freezer. Moments later she reappeared with two tall effervescent glasses of soda and vodka. The ice cubes clanked noisily against the side of the glasses as she walked over to the coffee table in front of the sofa.

As she leaned forward to hand Jane her drink, the front of her blouse fell down slightly, revealing her very generous cleavage. Jane knew she should look away, but for some reason she couldn’t. Jasmine was a very attractive woman and Jane found her round, full breasts somewhat captivating.

Jasmine looked up at the same time as Jane’s eyes were checking out her breasts and smiled teasingly. “Aha! I caught you looking Jane!” she said with a laugh.

Jane felt her face glow red hot with embarrassment. “Oh, I’m sorry Jasmine. I didn’t mean to stare. Your blouse fell down a little as you bent forward and I just couldn’t help noticing how pretty your bra looks.”

As soon as she said it, she knew the look on her face and the sound of her voice belied that words she’d spoken.

” Oh what a shame,” replied Jasmine. “I was hoping that you were admiring my breasts. Do you think I have nice breasts Jane?” Jasmine asked with a teasing smile as she took a seat at the other end of the sofa.

“Oh sure. I mean, I guess so. They look like they’re very nice Jasmine.”

Jane was still blushing and Jasmine obviously thought her embarrassment was amusing.

“Oh come on Jane. There’s nothing wrong with admiring someone else’s body, regardless of whether they’re man or woman. I’m actually quite pleased that you find my figure attractive.”

Jane took a sip of her drink and as she raised the glass to her lips, the cubes rattled noisily because her hand had begun shaking slightly.

Jasmine smiled at her and said, “It’s really nothing at all to be embarrassed about Jane. I admire other women’s breasts all the time. I’ve checked yours out and they appear quite delicious. I often tell other women if they have nice breasts and a few have even been flattered enough to invited me to feel theirs.” She smiled broadly at Jane, parting her full ruby lips to reveal two rows of sparkling white teeth and in a soft and flirty voice asked, “Would you like to feel my breasts Jane?”

Jane was shocked but at the same time oddly excited. She was quiet for a few seconds but finally replied in a voice that trembled slightly, “Well sure. I do think I’d like to see what they feel like. They are quite lovely looking and I have to admit that I’m a little curious.”

Jasmine’s pleasure was apparent. She smiled broadly and slid over beside Jane on the sofa. Then in a soft and somewhat seductive voice, said, “Well go ahead and feel them Jane, but be gentle, they’re very sensitive.”

Jane’s heart began to beat faster. She felt an unbelievable level of sexual arousal as she reached over, ever so tentatively, and squeezed one of Jasmine’s breasts through her blouse. Both women felt the blouse that covered Jasmine’s breasts a nuisance, but neither was bold enough to suggest that it should be removed. As Jane’s fingers gently closed on Jasmine’s generous breast, a shock ran up her arm and shook her body like a bolt of lightening.

She felt exhilarated. Jasmine’s breasts felt soft and delicate but, at the same time, firm and voluminous. Jane ran her fingers along their form and in a soft and slightly awe struck voice whispered, “Oh, they’re so large and full and round Jasmine and they feel wonderful.”

Jasmine smiled demurely. “Would you like to see them Jane?” she asked softly.

“Yes, I would. I’d love to see them Jasmine.” Jane replied, now more excited than nervous.

Jasmine stood up and began to undo the buttons on her blouse. Once all of the buttons were undone, she deftly took the blouse off to reveal a heavily taxed bra that was filled to capacity with her substantial breasts. As she reached for the snaps that held the cups together, Jasmine watched Jane’s face for her reaction to what she was about to reveal. Her fingers quickly released the snaps and the bra fell to the floor. The moment it fell, two large, gorgeous breasts sprung free and swayed gently back and forth, almost as if celebrating their release from the brazier’s imprisonment.

Jane’s breath caught in her throat. They were spectacular! Their flesh was a görükle escort light olive brown and they stood round and firm before her excited eyes. The nipples were large and erect and a deep beguiling shade of chocolate with just a hint of purple.

“Do you like them?” Jasmine enquired softly. It was quite apparent that she wanted Jane to be pleased.

“They’re lovely.” replied Jane, her heart in her mouth and her eyes glued with fascination to the excitingly prodigious globes.

“Would you like to feel them again, now that I’ve removed them from that uncomfortable, constraining bra?” asked Jasmine in a slightly teasing voice that was beginning to sound almost as aroused as Jane’s.

Jane didn’t answer. Instead, she reached out and with trembling fingers, touched the lovely peaks of flesh that swayed tantalizingly back and forth with each move of Jasmine’s tall, voluptuous figure. She was captivated by their feel and by the soft, fragrant aroma of Jasmine’s perfume. Her hands moved slowly and admiringly over the beautiful mounds of flesh before her, gently squeezing them, lovingly caressing them, shamelessly exalting in their feel.

Jasmine began breathing faster, obviously aroused by Jane’s soft touch. Her light and jovial mood was slowly being replaced by a feeling of growing urgency as she began reacting to the stimulating touch of Jane’s fingers.

“I can tell you like them Jane. Have you ever felt another woman’s breasts before?” she asked with more than mild curiosity.

“I’ve never felt another woman’s body before Jasmine!” Jane replied in a voice cracking with emotion. “I’m shocked by my own behaviour, but your body is so perfectly beautiful that I just can’t resist.”

Jasmine smiled triumphantly, “Would you like to kiss them Jane? She whispered tremulously. “I love having my breasts kissed.”

Jane didn’t have to be asked a second time. She eagerly placed her hands beneath Jasmine’s full, ripe breasts and with her heart pounding in her throat, took one of the lovely brownish purple nipples between her lips. It tasted wonderfully intoxicating. The flesh was erect and excited by the touch of her mouth and tongue. Jane’s excitement grew exponentially and she began feeling an unfamiliar longing that was simultaneously confusing and sexually arousing. The feeling grew in intensity with each thrilling nibble and lick of the sensual flesh beneath her exploring tongue and worshipping lips.

“Perhaps we should go in to the bedroom Jane.” Jasmine suggested breathlessly. What you’re doing is getting me very excited and I don’t want to lose my balance and fall.”

Again, Jane needed no persuasion and the two women fumbled their way into the bedroom together, with Jane still caressing and fondling Jasmine’s beautiful breasts as they made their way to the bed. They fell onto the duvet together and Jane immediately took Jasmine’s nipple in her mouth again, sucking hungrily as her libido began racing out of control.

Jasmine leaned back and let her arms fall to her side, leaving her beautifully rounded, fully ripe breasts completely available to Jane’s excited fondling and hungry kisses.

Jane was becoming bolder and could now feel her own sexual arousal growing as her panties had become damp with excitement and were now clinging stickily to her pubic mound. But she no longer cared. She continued her amorous assault on Jasmine’s mesmerizingly beautiful body. She reached down and with passion burning in her eyes, pulled the hem of Jasmine’s dress up to her hips. Then, with her heart pounding like a jack hammer, ran her hand down over her pubic mound. She felt Jasmine straining against her hand as she ran it over the light nylon fabric of her panties. As she raised her hips to meet Jane’s caress, Jane slipped her fingers beneath the hem of her panties and pushed them down over her knees. Jasmine immediately pulled her knees up and Jane pushed the panties down over her feet and off.

Then, like a lover possessed, Jane ran her hand back up Jasmines thighs to the centre of her sexuality. Jasmine’s pussy was covered with a dense matt of curly black pubic hair and felt delightfully erotic beneath Jane’s impassioned touch. As her hand moved over the sensual prize, Jasmine spread her legs to provide unfettered access. Jane then slid her finger between Jasmine’s wet, swollen labia and was amazed by the flood of natural lubricant that was now flowing copiously from her vagina.

Jane trembled with sexually charged innervation as she inserted another finger and then another into Jasmine’s warm, receptive vagina and began moving them in and out in rhythm with Jasmine’s involuntary hip thrusts. She could hear Jasmine’s breath rushing excitedly in her ears as she hungrily kissed and sucked her round, beautiful breasts.

As Jane’s passion grew, so did Jasmine’s and after several minutes of intimate stroking and petting, Jasmine began to move her head from side to side and moan uncontrollably. Jane sensed that her newfound friend was about to have an orgasm and became even more dedicated to the amorous attack she had launched. Moments later, Jasmine’s hips rose up off of the bed and she let out a series of loud moans that culminated in an orgasm that lasted for several seconds and left her spent and breathless beneath Jane’s encouraging hands.

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