Legless Ch. 04

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Monday, a workday and there was no time to laze in bed. I left Veronica to go about her toilet and dress and do all that other feminine stuff like putting on her makeup while I went into the kitchen to put together a breakfast and brew coffee.

I was pouring the coffee when she walked into the kitchen. She was beautiful, I smiled and I complimented her by saying, “Good morning …. Wow, I envy the men in your office, they will get to gaze at your loveliness all day today.”

She laughed as she walked over and kissed my cheek. “Flattery will get you everywhere. That little comment is just one of the reasons that waking up in your flat is good for my well-being.”

Veronica sat down on the opposite side of the kitchen island and inspected the breakfast I had laid out in front of her. She took a sip of her orange juice, gave a nod of approval and said, “Dougie, that was a fun night last night, I liked relaxing with you.”

I nodded. “I liked it too.”

She looked at me. “It’s a shame, I’m going to miss you tonight.”

I sighed. “Yes.”

She picked up the coffee I had poured and as she sipped the cup she looked at me knowingly.

I stared at her, I knew what I wanted to say but I was nervous, afraid. This was difficult, years of failure and rejection with beautiful women like Veronica had left me timid and apprehensive.

Veronica continued to stare back at me as she sipped the coffee. It was obvious that she was waiting for me to take the next step.

The thought of just taking her to work and to say goodbye when she got out of my car was unbearable. I didn’t want her to just walk out of my life when I dropped her off in front of her office. I knew what I wanted; I wanted Veronica to stay here in my apartment with me and I didn’t want it to just be for tonight. I wanted her to stay in my apartment with me forever.

I took a deep breath and said, “Veronica you don’t have to go home tonight; stay here with me, please stay here with me.”

Veronica put her cup down on the counter, studied my face and after a moment said, “Dougie are you asking me to live with you?”

I nodded, “Yes I am. Veronica please stay here in my apartment, please live with me.”

Veronica laughed and came around the island and threw her arms around me to give me a hug. She cried, “Right answer, Yes Dougie, yes please. I want to stay with you tonight; I want to stay with you tomorrow night; I want to stay with you till the end of time.”

I turned in my seat and we kissed for what seemed forever. When she finally released me she said, “We need to figure out how we’re going to make this work.”

I looked at her, puzzled by her switch to a matter-of-fact way of speaking.

Veronica laughed to see my expression,. “Don’t be worried, Dougie if I’m going to live with you I have to have my things.”

She paused to think and then continued. “Hmm, so many things to sort out. I need to give thirty days notice to my landlord which should give me enough time to get everything done. Then I shall need to get some of my things out of my apartment right away. Tell you what, why don’t you pick me up after work and take me there so I can get some of my things to bring over here?”

The speed with which she had agreed to make the move had left me flustered and embarrassed. I shook my head and stammered, “No I’m sorry, I can’t. Monday’s and Wednesday’s I teach an evening class on eighteenth century English Literature. It starts at 6:00 and doesn’t finish until at least 8:30.”

I’m not sure why I gave her so much detail, it’s just something I tend to do whenever I’m embarrassed, I babble. I babbled on, “It meets late in the day; it’s very popular with adult students.”

Veronica grinned at my babbling, “Dougie, that sounds interesting, I would love to take that class.”

I looked to see if she was making fun of me but, no, she seemed quite sincere so I calmed down and said, “I think that can be easily arranged. Would you like to come tonight, shall I enrol you?”

Veronica shook her head. “A nice idea but, no, I think I’d better spend my evening sorting out a few things to bring over to your apartment. I’ll manage on my own and see you later.”

I composed myself and attempted to regain control of the situation and said, “Yes, of course; you’re absolutely right, good idea,” before walking to my little office to find a spare key to my flat and an entry card for the gates to the complex. I handed them to Veronica. “These are yours. The card will open the gates and you can park out the front of this building, I’m allotted two parking places … and this is your key to our apartment.”

Veronica took the card and the key and then stared at me quizzically.

I stared back at her. After a moment I asked, “What?”

Veronica whispered, “Do you know what you just did? You just called this ‘our’ apartment. Dougie, do you really mean that?”

I smiled at her, “Yes, yes I do.”

She put the keys into her purse and left Eryaman Rus Escort me to go ‘powder her nose’ or something. I leaned back against the counter and took several deep breaths. What was I getting myself into?

Veronica had already made it quite clear that our relationship would be one where she could do what she wanted and that I would, quite literally, have to suck it up without complaint. Is this what I really wanted to do? Fantasizing about seeing a woman you’re falling in love with having sex with another man is one thing; seeing it in real life is something else. She had already said that she was presently seeing that Ron character who’s car we had seen parked outside Zizi’s

I stood perfectly still with my eyes closed and my mind was filled with an image of Veronica kneeling next to Ron with his cock in her mouth. I squirmed with excitement at the idea but at the same time sensed anger, hurt, upset and humiliation.

As I stood there the old images of my ex-wife and her boyfriend from the gym and their humiliation of me forced their way into my mind and I wondered if I actually wanted to go back and relive those times; whether this time I might have the guts to storm back into my bedroom and throw the cheating pair out of my apartment. Then I paused and remembered on that fateful night when I had walked in on my ex wife and her lover that it had been so much easier (and pleasurable) that I’d just gone into another room, sat down and allowed myself to relax and wank as I listened to their love making.

Gradually my pulse rate and blood pressure began to drop so I sat down at the kitchen island with a smile on my face. Unlike my ex-wife, Veronica hadn’t been deceitful or dishonest. In fact, she’d made it very clear to me that she was going to do this.

I chuckled, my deepest fantasies were actually coming true. I really was going to become what I had subconsciously enjoyed being. I was a cuckold.


The following week was a mad exhausting whirl as we adapted to actually living together. We both had our own day time schedules to follow, her work, my teaching, and in between the times when we weren’t working there was the reality and logistics of moving Veronica’s possessions from her old address to mine. There was little time to relax and indeed, come bedtime, there was little interest in doing anything other than sleep. So it was that come the weekend we both looked forward to having some relaxation in our shared abode.

My suggestion of us having a quiet night in on Saturday night rather than going out to celebrate our ‘married status’ was enthusiastically accepted, especially when I said that I would cook us a meal that would demonstrate my prowess as a chef. She laughed at that claim and said, “Prove it.”

She then went on to say that her friend Ron had texted her in the week enquiring after her, having heard that she had a new address, “He said he had some of my stuff and I hope you don’t mind but I invited him to visit and bring it over and also give him the chance to appreciate what a nice situation I had moved in to.”

The way she said it made me suspect that it wasn’t only my flat and the facilities that she was referring to and, knowing that Ron was one of her lovers, I had a frisson of excitement as I contemplated the possibilities. I responded, “No, I don’t mind. Your friends are welcome to visit anytime. Did he say when he would be coming?”

“He suggested late Saturday afternoon to swing by. He was thinking that maybe we could all go out later to Zizi’s. I told him that we already had plans for the evening but he was welcome to pay us a visit beforehand … if that’s alright with you.”

I got the drift of the way she was thinking so I nodded, “Fine, give him a call and I’ll be glad to see him and show him around.”

Saturday morning we awoke and with the evening meal in mind shopping was at the top of my ‘to do’ list. I had already decided what I was going to cook and trip to the supermarket was required to get the ingredients.

Veronica chose to stay at home (‘at home’: what a nice ring that had to it) and ease herself into the day, relax and, as she put it, “Get myself rested for later”. She said that she might pop out and do a bit of shopping of her own but for me, ‘just do your own thing’.

Mid-afternoon and after our leisurely walk along the canal towpath and our return home Veronica declared that she would like for me to run a bath so that she could, “.. get ready for our visitor. I don’t want to be all hot and sweaty when we entertain.”

It sounded a weak excuse to get naked for we had hardly broken sweat as we wandered along on our walk but, hey, no matter, if that’s what my goddess wanted. The request was made more appealing when she said, “Afterwards you can help me chose what to wear.”

I ran the bath.

She pulled off her clothes and left them laying on the floor for me to pick up and tidy away. I watched Sincan Rus Escort her step into the bubble bath and felt that familiar thrill as I gazed upon her perfect body, her tits, that exciting cleft between her thighs that I knew she would be inviting me later to inspect more closely.

I turned and went back into the bedroom, sat down on the bed and through the open door to the en-suite I could see her taking her bath; she looked very sexy. I asked her if she was looking forward to Ron coming over and she said she was very excited, that it had been a while since she’d last seen him.

I asked her if she thought he was sexy and she said that she did and that he knew it too, ‘a cocky bastard’ was how she put it but she added she liked that about him and that she has enjoyed having the attention of such a man. In my mind, I was convinced that we were already playing ‘the game’.

I watched as she began to shave her legs and figured it to be a sign that a woman is planning to have sex because why wouldn’t she shave her legs to make them smooth for a man to touch. She stood up and deliberately faced me so I could watch her squirt my shaving foam over her pussy and for her to then pick up my razor and carefully shaved her mound and make the lips of her vagina nice and clean. She shaped her soft pussy hair fairly trim and neat and it was very arousing knowing that in reality she was preparing herself for another man!

She summonsed me to get her a towel and when she stepped out of the bath I assisted her to dry herself off by rubbing the towel over her back and behind her legs. I was hoping she would turn and allow me to attend to her front but, no, she just she told me I did a ‘good job’ and, “where do you keep your hair dryer?”

I had to admit I didn’t possess a hair dryer which didn’t please her but she said something to the effect that it was ‘a good job she had bought her own’. She managed to make me feel bad as she rummaged in her bags stowed in the wardrobe, found the dryer and told me once more to sit back on the bed. I did as told, sat back and watched her work on her hair and makeup and I have to say when she was done, she looked stunning.

When she finished she let go of the towel that she had wrapped around her and it was a delight to look at her nakedness as she walked back over to the wardrobe and pull out the drawer where she had stowed her underwear. She called me over and said that she had given herself a treat when she went shopping and had been to a well-known lingerie shop in town and bought some ‘new things’, she asked my advice as to what to put on.

I was surprised to see the variety of packets and small packages of lingerie that she had managed to pack in the drawer and I had to admit to her that that I was no authority on such matters.

She said, “Well, if that’s the case then perhaps we should empty the drawer out over the bed so you can see better!” So we did just that and it was a thrill to be allowed to open the various packets and to handle, no, fondle these flimsy garments. I had never been given the opportunity with my ex-wife, that’s for sure.

She was amused when after some deliberation I picked out a matching ensemble of a black corset, black stockings and a black lacey thong type pair of panties. Her comment as she looked upon my erection tenting my pants was, “Legless, you are such a naughty boy.”

It was so sexy watching Veronica slip into the lingerie that I had chosen, the corset and then to see her slide her stockings over her feet and pull them up and attach them to the suspenders dangling from the corset. The stockings had seams which she took time to adjust so they were straight up the back of her legs, then she went back to the wardrobe and found a pair of black high heel shoes. She stepped into them and then slid the black panties on before adjusting everything so she looked perfect. She gave a slow twirl and asked, “What do you think, Legless?”

I said she looked fabulous but jokingly asked if that was it, was she not planning on wearing a dress. I was stunned when she said no, she just planned to slip on the silk wrap that was hanging in the wardrobe and to wear this sexy little outfit ‘just for Ron’.

I have to say she looked incredibly sexy and knowing that she bought that outfit specifically to have sex with another man really turned me on. I couldn’t wait for Ron to get here and see his reaction.

I didn’t have to wait long. The buzzer sounded that announced I had a caller at the outside gate. I went to the kitchen to answer it and looking out of the window I saw the car that Veronica had pointed out when we had driven by Zizi’s that fatal first night, it was Ron’s red Porsche. I pressed the button to open the gate and told him to come right on up.

What followed was almost surreal and would prove to be a foretaste of what was to become of my life.

I opened the front door and awaited Ron’s appearance up Etlik Rus Escort the stairs; Veronica stayed in the bedroom. He appeared and I invited him in and immediately felt intimidated by his presence, he was well-built to say the least! We exchanged introductions but he made it quite clear he had little interest in me or the furnishings or the views from my flat, he took off his jacket, handed it to me and asked, “where’s Roni?”

Before I could say anything, she provided the answer and called out from the bedroom, “I’m in here Ron.”

He walked pass me and headed toward the sound of her voice. I gave a few moments and followed. When I reached the bedroom door it was to see them standing, holding each other, already locked in an embrace. Veronica broke the kiss, looked over at me standing in the doorway and said, “Why don’t you give us a little space, maybe go get the dinner started or something. It’s been so long since I’ve seen Ron; we’ve got a bit of catching up to do.”

I was stunned, confused and thrilled, especially when she added, “Close the door on your way out”.

I did as she suggested and went back to the kitchen and with half an ear in the direction of the bedroom I started to pull out from the fridge the things that I had purchased earlier.

As far as food preparation was concerned, I was like a robot, and as I worked my concentration was more on what I could imagine was going on behind the closed bedroom door up the hallway. There wasn’t much to hear other than the odd giggle from her and at one point I heard what could only be described as a slurping sound which in my mind was translated into her demonstrating her skill as a cock sucker and I felt proud. My goddess certainly knew how to please her man.

I wasn’t sure on the timings and of when Veronica would want dinner so I took my time preparing the pork fillets and creating my signature dish of German-style schnitzel. It was quite an easy dish to cook so I was able to better concentrate on other matters. I breaded the meat, fried it to a beautiful golden brown and then put the schnitzels into the oven to keep warm. I figured it could sit in the oven at low heat until we were ready to eat it.

Next, I tiptoed down the hall and listened at the bedroom door. I heard soft moaning from her and what sounded like rhythmic grunting from him. Then, concerned that I may have set the oven too high, I returned to the kitchen to check so it was left to my imagination as to what was causing them to make such sounds.

I checked the oven and reassured myself that the setting was correct and stayed to prepare some garlic bread and as an addition to my planned menu, I made up two small green salads. I was just putting the salads in the refrigerator when I heard a squeal. I smiled. I knew it was Veronica and I knew it wasn’t a scream of pain. This was clearly a cry of pleasure.

I closed the refrigerator door and walked back up to the bedroom door just in time to hear Veronica shouting, “Fuck me, yeah, just like that, Fuck me hard!” and then her voice quietened. I pressed my ear to the bedroom door and heard Veronica seemingly gasping for breath as she was speaking, “That’s right! Oh yes, that’s right! Do it to me, you know how I like it.”

The next thing was to hear a knocking sound which I quickly recognized as the bed head banging against the wall. I closed my eyes and imagined Ron thrusting that big cock of his in and out of Veronica’s cunt. He was obviously a very powerful man.

While I listened to the sound of the banging bed I picked up the regular rhythm of Veronica and Ron’s sex. It was almost sounded like they were dancing. As I stood there I felt myself moving my hips in that same rhythm. I closed my eyes and tried to imagine the incredible pleasure Ron must have been enjoying as he pushed his cock in and out of my girlfriend.

Suddenly the volume of Veronica’s voice picked up, “That’s it, harder, fuck me harder! Give it to me …. I want it all … I want that big dick of yours all the way inside me…” and then her words morphed into laughter.

I subconsciously slipped my hand to my groin and started to rub my erect penis, but then I stopped myself as soon as I realized what I was doing. For some reason I didn’t feel like it was appropriate for me to masturbate while I listened to another man fuck my goddess.

And then Veronica gave another scream which turned into a moan. Once the scream subsided she started to cry. I assumed she was having an orgasm.

If it had been me giving her an orgasm while I’m licking her cunt I would have backed off at this point but clearly Ron didn’t for the bed kept banging against the wall and, obviously, the bastard was continuing to fuck my goddess right through her orgasm.

Then Veronica went silent and the only sound was the rhythmical beat of the bed banging against the wall.

I glanced at my watch. Ron had been fucking my girlfriend for over a thirty minutes now. I was amazed by his staying power. I couldn’t imagine how he could possibly keep from cumming for this long.

I heard Veronica’s voice again. It was more controlled now and I suspected she knew I must be standing on the other side of the door listening and was talking loud enough for me to hear, “Oh Ron, this feels so nice. I love it when you’re on top of me pushing your big hard cock in and out of my cunt.”

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