Lea’s Weekend Ch. 02

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Ray drove to Lea’s house. When they pulled up she told him she thought they had to go shopping, he responded that she need to pick up a few things here first. Getting out of the car he walked around and opened her door grabbing Lea by the hair and pulling her out of the car and to the house. Lea rented the house with a couple of friends and she could tell by the lights that were on that they were most likely in the living room watching television.

They both knew about her sexual habits and knew how kinky, dirty and nasty she loved it. The only rough part about going through the house as she was would be that they knew who she was out with and they had told her that this was going to happen. Now Lea would have to admit they were right. The porch wrapped around the house and he pulled her to the side that was only slightly hidden from view of anyone passing by. He stopped and pushed her to her knees on the rough cold concrete and looked into her eyes. Knowing what he wanted immediately she didn’t need him to ask before she responded to him.

“Yes Daddy.” She said as she looked back at him while reaching for his zipper. “I love the taste of your cock daddy. ” Lea took her time pulling her Daddy’s cock through his zipper hole, rubbing her face against his crotch, kissing the bulge in his pants. “Mmmmmm Daddy, I love the way your cock fits in all my holes, the way you fuck them all so hard.” Lea pulled his cock out letting it flop onto her face, before rubbing her face against his now bare cock, before taking the base in her hand and slapping herself in the face with it. With Ray’s cock leaking precum Lea put the head to her lips acting as if it was lipstick and smearing it all over her lips. Lea smiled at him before opening her lips. Still looking into his eyes Lea released his cock putting her hands on his hips and pushing till her bottom lip was against his ball sac, and his cockhead was in her throat. Lea moaned around Ray’s cock as she kept eye contact with him, and slipped her tongue out licking his ball sac while keeping him buried in her throat. When he moaned a response Lea began sliding her lips back up his shaft slurping on him as she did. Her head moved back and forth slowly, bobbing on her daddy.

“You always were such an eager, dirty cocksucker.” Ray said putting his hand on top of her head. “Play with your dirty pussy slut.” He said tilting his head back.

Lea quickly pulls the remains on her skirt to her waist. Her panties already soaked from an evening of debauchery, she grabs her panties and yanks them up hard pulling the soaked crotch between her swollen pussy lips. Using the palm of her hand Lea began rubbing the outer lips of her pussy. Using her palm to masturbate Lea continued to suck on her daddy’s cock. Her hand was pressing hard on her wet cunt, and her chin was starting to be coated with her own spit. She loved to drool around his cock, she knew that right on her front porch she was going to get skull fucked and she was going to be loud. She couldn’t help it. When his cock was slamming into her mouth and throat like that she made a lot of noise around it.

Her head was starting to move faster, she was pushing herself harder onto his cock. The throat gurgles she was making were making her wetter. Being a slut turned her on, and she knew she was going to spend the entire weekend with her pussy soaking.

Ray grabbed her hair digging his fingers in deep and tight, making her scream around his cock. Lea’s fingers were now inside her pussy pushing her panties inside herself. Her fingers were sloshing in her hole, her juices dripping onto the concrete. With her daddy’s hands holding her head tight and her scalp in pain from the hair being pulled so tekirdağ escort hard she braced herself loving what she knew was coming next. Ray pulled her head forward hard, slamming her throat onto his cock. Lea’s head and throat jerked in reflex to the sudden harsh invasion. Her gag reflex not used to the treatment, as she hadn’t received it in quite awhile, she started and choking around the cockhead halfway down her throat. She loved it, even as her body reacted trying to moved her head away by instinct her hand began moving faster pushing and slamming her fingers into her snatch. Her pussy sloshing out juice around her fingers soaking her hand and wrist darkening the ground beneath her.

As Ray began moving harder and grunting punishing her mouth and throat with his dick, Lea began spitting up and gagging around him dick. With her throat full of dick she was unable to swallow, and the mixture of spit and mucus began spilling from her lips. The concoction slid down her chin quickly and began to drip in copious amounts onto the top of her tits. She could feel the slimy liquid on her chin and on her tits sliding between them. The feeling of being nothing but a fucktoy for her daddy was overwhelming, and she loved it. Ray pulled out, using his dick to smear her own spit around her face. Her makeup long since ruined and smeared was nothing more than remnants. Lea purred as he did this, letting the juices drip and coat her face.

“Oh yes daddy choke me out with your cock, make me gag and puke on it. Please daddy skull fuck me like a crack whore piece of shit.” Lea pleaded looking up into his eyes.

Ray smiled at her, and she opened her lips. His cock quickly disappeared back between them. Wasting no time he slammed deep, his balls smacking into her chin, and his cockhead prying open her throat again. She moved her head in time with him using her head to fuck back. The sound of her throat popping loud in the night air as it allowed his dick to enter and then released it. Pay’s hips were a blur, and her hair wild flipping around. Her eyes filled with tears then they poured down her cheeks, she was unblinking as she watched his crotch get closer and then retreat. Lea proud of what she’d been able to take so far got a wicked idea and extended her tongue, something she’d seen on the internet, and when Ray’s cock found itself deep in her throat and his balls on her chin, she lapped at them. With her little pink tongue licking her daddy’s ball sack Lea swelled inside with a very perverted, twisted sense of pride.

After several minutes of being skull fucked on her own porch Lea nearly puked, when Ray slammed into her mouth one last time and yanked out letting her go, and letting her drop to her hands and knees on the porch. Lea remained like this for only a moment coughing and sputtering trying to regain her breath. Ray reached down grabbing her hair yanking her to her feet and throwing her back first against the rail. The rail shook as she hit it and Ray followed her putting his hand to her throat squeezing, and smacking her face with his other hand.

“Open your legs for daddy you fucking cunt.”

Lea quickly did as she was told spreading them and even going so far as to lifting the left one and resting her ankle on railing she’d hit so hard a moment before. Her mouth wide open as she took hard breaths Lea loved it when Ray cleared his throat and spit a wad of saliva and mucus into her mouth. She swallowed relishing the taste of her daddy treating her like garbage.

He stepped closer to her and Lea reached down taking his slime covered cock in his hand and directing it drawing him in and putting the head of his dick against tokat escort her waiting asshole. He’d already taken her other holes tonight and she wanted him to take them all. As he tightened his hand around her neck making it harder for her to draw any breath she guided him and did her best to push her ass onto his cock. Lea’s weight and his upward movement was enough and his cockhead popped into her asshole causing her to yell. With the head passed the opening Ray was unrelenting until he was balls deep inside her.

With his dick completely inside her Ray paused for a moment and asked her what she wanted. With a quiet breathless voice Lea answered.

“Fuck my ass daddy, fuck it hard. Choke me and beat me. “, taking a gulp of air she continued loving every second of having to beg for the abuse, “choke me out daddy, beat your little girl for being such a fucking slut and rape my ass.”

Ray squeezed her throat as he began moving. Her ass snug around him as he pulled out leaving only the head inside and then pushing back in. His slow movements quickly speeding up and becoming harder as he lifted his hand, and slapped the side of her face head knocking her head around to the side. Lea smiled wide as the pain spread with warmth through her head, just before his hand came back around. The backside of it slapping the other side of her face knocking her head back around. She looked him in the eye again smiling loving that he knew what she wanted without having to ask. His hand that had been slapping her grabbed the front of her shirt tatters and yanked tearing the last bit that held it together. He slapped at it, his hand smacking her tits knocking the shirt free of them and leaving it to hang of her shoulders.

“Yes daddy beat me hard.”

Lea knew she was going to be loud, and didn’t try to fight it. At this point she didn’t care who heard, or saw her. She hadn’t had sex like this in a long time, and it was the only way she really enjoyed it. She loved being a fucktoy for him, and she didn’t care if anyone found out what a worthless slut she was for him. All her friends told her that he treated her like garbage and she realized how much she loved it.

His slaps became more frequent as his hand tightened. She knew he didn’t care about her cumming and would make her kneel on the ground masturbating with cum leaking from her ass if he wanted, and she would so gladly do it. She loved it in the ass and being choked and beaten at the same time was heaven to her.

With her large tits free and bouncing around in the night air Lea grabbed at them. Using her finger nails to pinch the soft flesh making little red marks around them till she came to her nipples. Using her thumbs and the knuckle on her first finger she grabbed them, squeezing and twisting. Almost as if she were trying to pull her nipples off her tits, Lea yanked them. She wanted the pain, she wanted her tits to hurt and spasmed, and shuddered to an orgasm when he leaned in and bit down hard on her tit. She knew his teeth were sinking in deep and she was going to be marked until the bruise left her tit, and she wanted it that way. She screamed as her body tensed and her pussy squirted splashing on the front of her daddy.

Ray let go of her throat and put his arm under the leg that was on the rail lifting it till her knee was resting on his shoulder and then did the same with the other leg leaving only her ass sitting on the rail to support her. Grabbing her shoulders from below Ray pulled her down hard slamming his dick into her asshole. Lea squeezed her eyes shut and began yelping and screaming at the new assault, even though it did not include the slapping and choking.

“Yes trabzon escort daddy fuck your little girl. Rip my ass open, use me as a fucktoy daddy. I want to you to use me daddy, use me daddy, abuse me daddy.” She wanted it hard. Lea wanted it rough. “Fuck me daddy, fuck me and throw me away when you’re done with me.”

Ray told her to open her eyes, and look at him. Lea opened her eyes wide reached up using her fingers to pull her right eye open wider. Ray pursed his lips and spit right into her eye, and Lea didn’t even blink, she moaned still holding open her eye and letting him do it again. Her head tilted back, the spit resting in her open eye as she screamed.

“Yessss daddy, spit on me. I’m a piece of shit daddy a filthy piece of shit. A filthy piece of shit whore.”

Ray leaned in and put his teeth to her neck biting down hard as he did on her tit. His teeth sank in as he pulled back tugging the skin and sucking it. She wouldn’t be able to hide this mark and she wanted it, she wanted to be marked as a slut.

Moving his lips to the other side Ray bit down again, tugging and sucking on the tender flesh, a bruised bite mark already appearing where the first bite was taken. At this point Lea was reduced to incoherent babbling begging and pleading for him to fuck her, to beat her and choke her. She was bouncing between her body being tense and completely limp as she told her daddy what a worthless slut she was.

She came a few times in the next few minutes the freedom to be completely uninhibited was exhilarating. She sprayed him again knowing that there is no way that the people in her house hadn’t heard her, and knowing that she was going to walk past them in a moment and then back out to return to him for days of completely debauchery and him using her as he wanted.

“oh god daddy fuck me hard use me all up and throw me away when you’re done with my nasty body daddy. Please daddy take me and use me.”

Ray yanked out of her ass and let go of her letting her fall to the concrete. Lea fell on her bare ass, the rough concrete scratching her flesh. Ray grabbed her hair, and Lea grabbed his cock stroking it.

“Cum on me daddy cum on your slutty little girl daddy.”, her hands a blur, “please daddy use me, use me hard and rough,”

Ray started to cum spraying Lea’s face and chest with hot gobs of cum. One she screamed over as it hit her in the same eye he’d already spit in. When the last spurt came out she opened her mouth taking it on her tongue quickly followed by his ass coated cock. Her tits and face were covered in a mixture of spit, mucus and cum. It shined in the pale porch light that she’d just realized was on. Lea looked from side to side not taking her daddy’s cock from her mouth. She didn’t see anyone, but knew that her room mates had discovered her and turned on the light in hopes of stopping her. She smiled thinking about all the people who may have seen her in the light while going by. Lea happily cleaned her daddy’s cock and tucked it back into his pants closing them and looking up at him.

“Please keep using me daddy, what’s next?”

“Go inside and clean up a bit slut. Put on something sexy, and get your things for the weekend.”

Lea jumped to her feet and looked down at her body. She looked down at her body. He clothes were completely wrecked, her hair matted and twisted into knots. Her face coated with makeup smears and she was happy about it. She loved her slutty ways, especially the gobs of cum and nasty spit that were running down her skin. She half-heartedly tried to close her shirt and quickly gave up. Letting it go she shrugged her shoulders said fuck it and strutted to her front door, walking in as Ray told her he would wait in the car, and that if she wanted more she’d better hurry. Lea opened the door walking in with her head held high and her heels clicking on the hardwood floor. Her friends started talking and she held up her finger telling them she knew what they were going to say and that she had to hurry.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32