Learning to Like Gym

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I was Nervous – very nervous for my first day at the new High School. My family moved across state in the middle of my senior year of High school as I just turned 18, and I was forced to finish my last year of High school at a new place.

I got my schedule in the mourning and tried hard to get through the day, and then I say at the bottom of my sheet that I was signed for gym class the last period of the day. I hated gym class, and I cursed my Mom for making me pack gym clothes in my bag. This meant I was going to be ready to change and go for gym.

I walked as calmly as I could into the locker room after the bell rang signaling the last period of the day, and walked right in the middle of a bunch of guys changing for gym. I wasn’t ready for it, and was caught of guard as a bunch of guys continued to move around naked around me. I wouldn’t call myself gay, not now, and not back then, but curious, and all these other senior boys were ripped and muscular, making an awkward situation for me to try to change with my cock growing in my pants. I found and empty locker and made my best to try and change without being noticed. Then my heart jumped as I felt a tap on my shoulder, and turned to see a muscular guy, with a broad smile, and only white briefs on his body standing before me with a hand extended.

“Hi, I’m Josh.” He told me. I was stunned, then finally found enough sense to shake his hand back. His chest was hard and I couldn’t help but noticed the natural bulge in his underwear. he just smiled as if he hadn’t noticed my staring.

“I-I’m Nick.” I lamely replied, and that was it, and he went back to changing. Just as I slipped on my gym shorts I heard a door open and the chatter grew to a halt as someone stepped into the locker room. I turned to see a man Demetevler Escort who looked to be in his early 20’s standing with a clipboard in front of a doorway I had not noticed before.

“Let’s hit the track.” He said and the boys around me began filing out. I followed Josh, and he didn’t seem to mind.

“Who’s that guy?” I asked Josh.

“Coach Phyloe” He replied. I nodded and repeated the name in my head. I looked back and took another glance at the coach. He was hot to say the least. Baby Blue eyes, spiked blond hair, and I could tell he was muscular. Through out the class we did laps around the track, and I met up with Coach Phyloe for a moment to let him know I was new, and what my name was. I also got to meet with a few of the other guys. Some guy’s, Ryan, John, and Rob, were pretty nice to me. And I couldn’t help but notice how good looking they were. When gym class was over we followed Phyloe back to the locker room.

“Hit the Showers” Phyloe ordered, and as the boys pulled their clothes off and grabbed a towel, I felt my stomach flutter. Josh looked at me as I sheepishly pulled off my shorts and wrapped my towel around my waist. “You ready for it?” He asked.

“For what?” I replied, but he was already running towards the foggy opening to the already running showers. I slowly followed and when I stepped in, I was caught completely off guard when I saw Coach Phyloe sitting in a chair near the door surveying the boys as the showered their sweaty nude bodies. There was an empty chair beside him and he looked at me with his blue eyes.

“Have a seat Nick.” He offered, or ordered, I couldn’t tell. I sat down with my towel still around me, and didn’t know whether to look at the boys Otele gelen escort like I wanted to, or try to look away. Then Phyloe blew his whistle.

“Let’s show The New guy what we do when it’s time to hit the showers! Assume your positions!” I could not believe my eyes as the guys from the track stopped rubbing their bodies clean and met in the center of the shower. One half of the boys stood naked with the water splashing down, and the other half got on their knee’s in front of them and opened wide. My mouth dropped open and a tent formed with my towel as I watched the boys on their knee’s engulf the other half of the classes penises.

I watched as Josh supplied Ryan with oral pleasure, and John did the same for another boy, just as Rob was receiving a blow job from another hot senior boy. As the moans escaped their lips they all fell to the shower floor and got into a 69 position. Soon everyone was sucking a cock and getting their dick sucked at the same time. I was about to cum right there.

“That’s it! Fuck each other’s mouths!” Phyloe ordered. They all began to quicken their pace and at blinding speed continued the oral fuck fest. “Shoot your Loads!” The Coach demanded, and they all pulled their mouths off each other’s cocks with a nice popping sound and begin beating each other’s meat. I watched as the hot sweaty and wet body of Josh began beating off Ryan’s cock as Ryan did the same for him. Then with about 25 shouts of pleasure a giant amount of hot white liquid shot up into the air and back down all over the bodies of every senior boy in the shower. They collapsed in the center of the shower room in a sweaty hot heap and I realized suddenly that I had taken my towel off and was jacking off Balgat Escort my hard soldier.

“Nick, It’s time for you to join the group. To do so, you’ll have to bend over and take it like a man.” Coach Phyloe said, interrupting my masturbation and forcing me off the chair and onto my hands and knees. I looked back behind me and say that Coach Phyloe had dropped his shorts and pulled off his shirt, and was now, in a glorious shimmering splendor of muscle and hard hairless body, standing behind me in the nude. My eye’s bugged out of their sockets as they fell upon his huge 9 inch monster cock. It was the biggest I had ever seen and out grew all the senior boy’s in the center of the shower by far. I then realized that Josh, Ryan, Rob, and John, along with the other boys, were all watching me.

I knew what was coming, and I felt the head of Coach Phyloe’s giant penis touch my puckered ass hole as his hands parted my cheeks. He didn’t even try to guide it in slowly, and just rammed his fuck pole as hard as he could right into my Hershey Highway.

The pain swept over my ass as his big cock relentlessly fucked me. I thought I was going to be ripped in two for a few moments as Coach Phyloe continued ass ramming at blinding speeds. Then the pain began to go away, and was replaced with great pleasure. I realized that my hot gym teacher was fucking me in my ass hole while the class watched, and I was turned on, and found myself with a raging hard on.

“Beg to get fucked harder!” The coach shouted as he continued his butt assault on my ass. It only turned me on more. “KEEP FUCKING MY POOR ASS COACH PHYLOE!!! DO IT HARDER!!!” I screamed back through clenched teeth as he picked the pace up even more. Then he let out a giant moan, and jammed his 9 inch rod all the way in my hole. With a shutter he let loose and I felt a long jet stream on hot liquid shoot into my ass and fill it to the brim. This alone caused a reaction and without even touching my prick, I exploded all over myself and Phyloe collapsed on top of me.

But this was the last class of the day, and little did I know, The Shower fun was far from over!

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