Learning from Elizabeth

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Elizabeth and I have been friends for more years than we care to remember. She is the one person I feel totally comfortable with, and who knows ALL my secrets. I have always known she is bi-sexual and admired the fact that she took the world by storm, while I was afraid to act on my desires.

I have always been able to be sexually free with her. We had seen each other nude more times than I can remember, slept in the same bed together, shopped for sex toys together, and even fingered ourselves while watching lesbian porn together, but we never took it any farther than that. I think we were both afraid to ruin a good friendship.

I have always felt less in her presence when around men. I am 5′ 3″ tall, my hair color changes regularly, and I’m a size 8 — 10. I have curves where they belong, but have more than I’d like in certain areas. I’m not ugly, but I don’t stop traffic either. Elizabeth is my opposite. She is 5′ 8″ with a model’s body. Her long brown hair styles beautifully, showing off her gorgeous face. I have seen men literally stop in traffic to get a look at her, and several women have hit her on when we’ve been out together.

One day we were both in a good mood and felt like hitting the clubs. The first thing we did was hit the mall for killer new outfits. Elizabeth can wear anything and look sexy as hell. It takes a little more for me to find something that I feel flatters me. Elizabeth handled it for me. She found a beautiful royal blue dress that showed off my blue eyes. It hugged my curves, fell to mid thigh and had a deep plunge in the front, exposing about half of my 38DD tits. Fortunately it was very tight in the top, so it held my tits up and in. The skirt of the dress flared away at the waist so that when I spun around you could catch a glimpse of my ass. She found a long necklace for me that fell right in the middle of the tits, drawing the eye straight there. Of course, the outfit included high heels that made my legs look longer. The silver shoes had just a bit of bling on them. I actually felt sexy and more confident.

Elizabeth’s outfit was sexy, as always on her. She chose a pure white dress that fit like a second skin. The hem fell just below her ass, which was gorgeous. It was cut in a halter style on top, but the halter portion was not as wide as normal, so the outside swell of her tits was apparent to everyone. There was a keyhole cut out in the center, showing the beautiful cleavage she has. Her 4″ red heels accentuated her long legs even more. Not that she needed help in that area.

After we chose our outfits, we hit the salon for manicures and pedicures, along with hair styling and make up. We were feeling adventurous, so before we got our pedicures we decided to remove our panties. As we sat in the chairs, we made sure to give the men doing our toes glimpses of our wet pussies. Elizabeth has always kept her pussy shaved while I usually went with the landing strip. We enjoyed our teasing and the blushing faces of the men working on our feet. The pedicures took a little longer than normal, and we were sure it was intentional.

Riding on our high, we went to Elizabeth’s house and got changed into our outfits. As Elizabeth stripped, I couldn’t help but admire and be jealous of her gorgeous body. As much as I worked out, I just couldn’t get there, but men seemed to enjoy my slightly larger curves, so I did get some attention.

Knowing that we would be drinking, we decided to call a cab for the evening. Elizabeth suggested that we hit a lesbian bar in Houston, not far from where she lives. I was game. We had been a few times before and she got plenty of attention. We always had a great time, danced like crazy and didn’t have to deal with the men who wouldn’t take “No” for an answer.

Elizabeth must have been worked up, because she gave the cab driver an earful. She was telling me how wet her pussy was, how hard her nipples were, and how much she was hoping she was going to get to eat some pussy tonight. Hell, I was getting hot from what she said. I had seen her with women a few times and it never failed to make my pussy wet. I didn’t have Elizabeth’s confidence. I had watched videos, observed other women, but I had never actually been with another woman before. I longed to lick a pussy, plunge my fingers into the tight wetness and clamp my mouth over hard nipples. I knew Elizabeth had done every bit of it and I wished I had her confidence to follow through. My role was relegated to watching her with the women while I fingered myself and fantasized. I was always too shy to take that final step.

When the cab pulled up to the bar, we jumped out, leaving the driver a generous tip. Music was pumping from the club. We were dancing in line as we waited to get our IDs checked. My desire was rising. I couldn’t wait to get in and see the other women and start dancing.

The club was about half full and there were several beautiful women. Elizabeth and I made our way to the bar and ordered our usual margaritas. Tequila lowers Elizabeth’s inhibitions and it is great to watch, especially when other women are involved. She has Bayan Eskort regularly stripped and I had seen her with several women after shots of tequila. I knew we were in for a fun night.

After downing our drinks, we headed to the dance floor. We were in a party mood and our dancing reflected this. We were moving, shaking everything, hands running up and down our own bodies. Elizabeth freely rubbed her hands over her tits and ass. I am more shy and felt self-conscious doing that, so I stayed along my sides.

One of the things I love about Elizabeth is that she takes life by the balls. When I first met her, I hated this and thought she was a royal bitch. However, the more I got to know her, the more admired this quality, and she actually taught me to be a stronger woman. My sex life is significantly better for it. I now ask for what I want, rather than waiting for a man to give it to me.

As I watched Elizabeth, once again, I wished I had her strength, her freedom in her sexuality, her self-confidence in her body, and her just plain sexiness. Her attitude was gaining her attention, which is normal.

Soon there was a large group on the dance floor, bodies grinding against each other, the smell of sex and sweat in the air. I got more turned on with each passing minute. My pussy started to throb, my juices starting to flow.

When I found myself sandwiched between two attractive women with their hands running over my body, I felt the electricity shooting straight to my tits and pussy. I had mounds of tits pressed against my own tits and my back. Tentatively, I reached forward, running my hands up the legs of the woman in front of me. It was the first time I had touched a woman in even the remotest of a sexual manner. I loved what I felt. Her hot skin grinding against mine; her smooth legs yielding up to her ass. I dared to inch my hand up under her skirt. It was greeted with the smooth skin of her soft but firm ass. Pussy juice dripped down my leg as we continued.

I hadn’t realized Elizabeth was nearby. I heard her yell to me. “Go for it girl.” I looked over to see Elizabeth in much the same position I was. She had another margarita in her hand and I had seen her do a few shots of tequila. She was in full party mode. I knew she was far more daring than I was and probably had had her fingers inside at least one pussy tonight. Thinking about that dared me to grab the woman in front of me with both hands. I caressed her smooth ass, as her hands made their way to my tits. My nipples were hard as it was. She was not hesitant to roll them between her fingers, give them a good hard pinch, and pull on them until I damn near came right on the dance floor. The woman behind me slid her hands up my dress, grabbing my ass. One hand stayed under my skirt, while the other joined the woman in front of me, working my nipples. My pussy was soaking wet. I hadn’t even realized the music had changed until I heard a voice near my head.

“Ladies, I think you need to share this fine piece of ass.”

I looked up to see a beautiful woman with auburn hair and green eyes. The outfit that she barely wore showed more than it covered. Her short black skirt started right at her hip bones and ended just below her ass. Her top, if you can call it that, was one piece of material. It was a strip across her back, coming around the front, criss crossing over her tits and tied behind her neck. One tug and her tits would fall out for everyone to see, and taste. They were a nice size; probably about a 36 C. They would fit nicely in my hands and mouth. My pussy clenched at the sight of her. My mind raced with thoughts of sucking on her nipples, licking the exposed skin of her torso, especially around her belly button ring. Her legs were long and lean, further enhanced by the heels she was wearing.

The music had slowed, and she pulled me close to her. I couldn’t speak. Her hands explored my body, lifting my skirt for virtually everyone in the bar to see my bare ass. This was every fantasy I had ever had playing out on a dance floor.

“I met your friend Elizabeth,” she said.

My heart sank. She was just using me to get to Elizabeth. This wouldn’t be the first time this had happened.

“She told me that you’re a lesbian virgin. You haven’t had those luscious lips hit a pussy yet.”

I couldn’t believe that Elizabeth had told her that.

“Why don’t the three of us get out of here and make our own party?” she asked.

I had watched Elizabeth with other women before and loved it. Seeing Elizabeth’s head between the legs of this woman would certainly be a beautiful sight. I quickly agreed.

The woman told me her name was Rebecca. We went off to grab Elizabeth and the three of us headed out.

The cab driver got one hell of a show on the way to Elizabeth’s house. The two of them were going at it pretty hot and heavy. Hands went everywhere, pussies were being fingered, tits being nibbled on. Hell, I was ready to cum. The cabbie must have had one hell of a hard on. I don’t know how we made it home because his eyes were on the rearview mirror more than the road.

We made our way into the house, heading straight for the bedroom. There was no pretense about what was going to happen. This was about sex, plain and simple. We’ve been in this situation before and I watch as Elizabeth had fun. I am always too shy to participate, even though my pussy drips and I rub my clit to numerous orgasms as I watch.

“Enough of this watching shit. You’re about to become a full blown lesbian tonight. You’re going to eat pussy and get yours eaten. No more sitting on the sidelines. You know you want to, I know you want to, so just get the hell on with it.”

I shouldn’t have been surprised by Elizabeth’s brazenness, but I took a step back. Yes, she knew every secret about me. She knew I had fantasized about this for years. She also knew that I have a submissive side and she was going to take control tonight.

“Take Rebecca’s shirt off so you can see those luscious tits that I’ve been feeling up. You are not saying no. You are doing this.”

Having Elizabeth order me took away some of my inhibitions.

I took the few steps necessary to reach Rebecca. Slowly my hands rose. They shook as I touched the fabric of her top. One tug and her tits spilled out. She was slightly taller than me, especially with her heels on, putting her creamy tits right at my eye level.

“They’re tits. You have them. You know what you like done. Just slide your hands down and start playing with them,” Elizabeth ordered.

My hands slid down Rebecca’s skin, finally making contact with her nipples. I let out a moan as I touched her skin. I couldn’t believe I was standing here with another woman’s tits in my hand. I started rubbing my palms over her nipples, unsure what to do.

Elizabeth came up behind me. I was now, again, between two women, one whose tits were right in front of me. Elizabeth’s hands covered mine. She started instructing me, talking softly to take away my apprehension. It was putting me at ease and I began to work Rebecca’s nipples.

“There you go. Work those titties just like you like yours worked. Give them a nice hard suck. Flick your tongue over her nipples,” Elizabeth told me.

I followed her instructions, growing more and more aroused. As my tongue touched Rebecca’s nipple for the first time, I shuddered with excitement. I was really sucking her nipples. I had wanted this for so long. Without Elizabeth’s encouragement I would have been content to sit back and watch as usual. I wouldn’t have taken this step. I was not ready to back away, but I was not sure how to proceed or at what pace. I didn’t want to be greedy and go to fast, but I didn’t want to be too cautious either. I wanted a wonderful experience.

Elizabeth and I know each other so well. She had to be reading my body signals because what I heard next was exactly what I needed.

“I think we need to do something to help you. Rebecca, I think we need to tie her hands to the bed, and show her what we like and how to please a woman.” Elizabeth looked at me.

“Yes, please,” rolled quickly from my mouth. I love being tied up and my mind could not imagine the scenarios that would come from this tonight. Being fully submissive took all decisions away from me. I would do whatever I was told.

Rebecca and Elizabeth quickly stripped my clothes off, pulled down the blankets on the bed and used silk scarves to fasten my wrists to the posts on the bed. I was naked and completely exposed. I was at the mercy of these two women and I had never been more turned on in my entire life.

Rebecca straddled me, her pussy so close to my face but just out of reach of my tongue. Elizabeth straddled me as well, right behind Rebecca. Her hands went to Rebecca’s tits that I had just played with. This was more the scenario that I was used to, but it didn’t normally play out right on top of me. I watched as Elizabeth rolled Rebecca’s nipples, pinching them, pulling on them. Her nipples were turning red, but Rebecca was moaning with delight, pushing her pussy forward, slightly closer to my mouth. I could smell the pussy juice that Elizabeth was causing. The scent was intoxicating.

Elizabeth’s right hand crept down to Rebecca’s skirt. She pushed up the flimsy material, giving me a full view as she rubbed Rebecca’s clit. With my hands bound, I could not touch the nub that protruded, begging for attention. I licked my lips as I imagined my tongue gliding over the silky skin that sported a little patch of auburn hair just above that clit.

Rebecca was watching me as I watched them.

“Elizabeth make me cum. Then I think it’s time for her first taste of pussy. Do you think she’ll like licking my cum?” Rebecca asked.

“Oh, I know she will. She’s talked about it for years,” Rebecca responded.

She was right. I was ready. I wanted her pussy over my face. I wanted to dip my tongue in her, taste her juice and lick every spot my tongue could touch. Watching Elizabeth tease Rebecca’s clit, knowing it would soon be on my face was the most exquisite torture. The more Elizabeth rubbed, the wetter Rebecca got. Several times I thought Rebecca was going to cum, but Elizabeth slowed or fingers or eased the pressure, prolonging things for all of us. My hips were grinding in anticipation, my pussy soaking the sheet under me.

Finally! Elizabeth rubbed Rebecca’s clit so fast Rebecca could no longer hold back. Her body pulsed and shuddered as the orgasm hit her. Her pussy rocked back and forth, closer to my mouth, then further away, back and forth; so close, but not close enough. As the orgasm subsided, the scent of sex was so strong. I had never wanted anything more than for Rebecca to plant her pussy over my face.

“Please, please. I want to eat your pussy,” I begged.

Rebecca wasted no time, moving the few inches up my body to straddle my face. I inhaled to take in the scent. Just as I was ready to taste my first pussy, I felt hands on my thighs. Elizabeth was between my legs. I had not anticipated this. It was a scenario we had never let play out between the two of us.

“I’ll teach you how to please a woman,” Elizabeth said. “Just do to her what I do to you.”

Oh damn, I was about to get my pussy licked while I licked Rebecca. It was going to take every ounce of restraint that I had just to keep from cumming as soon as Elizabeth’s tongue touched me. So much had happened already and my pussy was throbbing.

Elizabeth’s mouth found the opening of my pussy, so I did the same to Rebecca. When Elizabeth probed my wet hole with her tongue, I repeated the action. A long lick from the back of my pussy up to my clit at an agonizingly slow pace… I repeated it. However, when Elizabeth attacked my clit, I couldn’t hold back. My hips went crazy with the strongest orgasm I ever had. I clamped my mouth over Rebecca’s clit, moaning as Elizabeth’s tongue ran over and over my already swollen clit; my hips bucking and grinding as I continued to let the sweet sensations take over my body.

The scent, taste and feel of Rebecca’s pussy in my mouth had my orgasm going much longer than normal. I had never felt such intense pleasure. As it finally subsided, I was able to focus my attention on Rebecca’s pussy.

Her clit was engorged, allowing me easy access to it. She spread her sweet pink pussy lips so that I could place my mouth fully around her, sucking and licking her hard bud. I heard Rebecca begin to moan as I continued flicking my tongue as fast as I could. I released her clit, sliding my tongue back to taste the sweet wetness that dripped from Rebecca’s pussy. I dove my tongue as deep into her as I could, swirling my tongue inside her. Elizabeth had moved up and straddled my forehead, giving me the scent of both of them right over me. The sensation made me heady. I wanted to make Rebecca cum so I could taste her juice as it flowed from her.

Elizabeth and Rebecca kissed on top of me as they played with each other’s tits. Rebecca’s hand began to work Elizabeth’s pussy, which was right over me. I could hear the sound of her fingers sliding in and out of Elizabeth’s slippery hole. My own hips were bucking in time to the fucking going on right by my head.

I went back to working Rebecca’s clit. I was going to do everything possible to give her an intense orgasm. If only I could touch her.

Reluctantly, I removed my mouth from Rebecca’s pussy.

“Please undo my ties. I need my hands free,” I begged.

“Why should we untie you?” Elizabeth asked.

“Because I want my fingers inside Rebecca’s pussy when she cums,” I replied.

“It seems she’s gotten over her shyness,” Elizabeth stated.

“Let’s untie her,” Rebecca groaned. “I want to feel her fingers in me when I cum on her face. We can always tie her up again if she chickens out.”

“I’m not leaving this bed while it’s full of naked pussy,” I brazenly responded. It was the most forceful statement I had made.

The two women jumped off the bed, releasing my ties, then resuming their spots.

Like a magnet, my mouth found it’s way back to Rebecca’s clit. One hand went to her slippery slit, while the other hand found Elizabeth’s. I had never been so bold, even with Elizabeth, but I had never had such good sex either. I felt free to explore everything and do what I had only dreamed of before.

I slid two fingers into Rebecca’s pussy, having another one playing at her ass. My other hand played with Elizabeth’s clit while Rebecca finger fucked her.

Our moans melded one into the other. No one was touching me, but I knew I was going to cum soon. There were so many sensations, and every one of them was new to me.

I slid a finger into Rebecca’s tight little ass, pumping pussy and ass together, while attacking her clit.

“Oh fuck yes. Fuck my ass and pussy. Suck my clit. Oh yes, fuuuuccckkkk meeeeee,” Rebecca screamed as she unloaded on my hand. The hot slippery cum dripped down my hand, finding it’s way to my lips. This only fueled me more and I increased my speed in everything. I was using her pussy far more than she was using me. Rebecca’s pussy clenched around my hand as she hit her peak. I felt her muscles pulse repeatedly, then relax as the orgasm subsided. She panted heavily as she slid down my body, trailing her wetness across my tits and down my stomach.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32