Learning Curve Pt. 03

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Scarlett grabbed her sizeable clutch purse from the floor. The purse made it’s distinctively common sound as the button seal was popped open.

Scarlett had a smile on her face that was beyond mischievous. Holding the purse from May’s view she reached in and pulled out something before quickly discarding the purse. When she presented what was in her hand, May’s eyes almost doubled in size.

She held two toys in her hand. The one that was most difficult to ignore was a bright pink realistic cock. It was complete with a bulbous head and veins that stuck out so much that they were clearly exaggerated for the pleasure of the user. The dildo was about nine to ten inches long, which was a good size but not unnaturally large. It was made of smooth silicone rather than hard plastic. As if slightly flaccid, it hung down a little from her grasp. It even bobbed and weaved around in the air from the tiniest of movements in her arm.

The second was a shiny vibrator that looked like a rocket that was made from solid gold. It was an inch or two shorter than the other one but was still a decent size. May didn’t know how both of them had been able to fit in the clutch purse, let alone how she had room to fit anything else in it.

All of May’s toys were left at home. Even when she travelled, they still stayed at home. Her mind boggled at someone carrying one around the whole time, let alone two.

Taking one in each hand, she held them either side of May’s face. Without using words she was asking her to choose between them. May’s eyes scanned from one to the other as if she was watching a leisurely game of tennis. Then her eyes made their decision.

Scarlett delicately rested the vibrator between their laps and held the dildo between their faces. She waved it around like a magician casting a spell with a wand. Then after a few moments began to roll it around between in her fingertips as if she were rolling a cigar. The fluorescent pink colour made the dildo funky and fun.

May examined every inch of it, following every vein from the tip to the base. Scarlett moved it around to show her the ridge that ran all the way around the head of the cock. She looked at the tiny urethra, trying to figure out if it was an actual slit or merely a mark.

“This is the closest to a man I’ve ever got. So to speak,” Scarlett joked as she ran the tip of her index finger around the head of the cock. She licked her top lip and flicked her eyebrows; but that she still didn’t mean she was lying.

May just stared at her.

“What about her?” Scarlett then asked. “Can she show me?” She still referred to the character that May was trying to create for her book.

“She might have some experience,” May told her nervously.

“So,” Scarlett ran her tongue around her lips and teased with the tone of her voice, “can she show me how it’s done?”

Scarlett put the dildo close to May’s face. She teased by rubbing the head of the cock around her jawline from ear to ear. With each sweep back and forth she got closer and closer to her lips.

The two women never took their eyes off each other. They barely even blinked as Scarlett started to touch May’s lips with the swollen head of the dildo. She occasionally caught her lip and pulled at it to reveal her perfect white teeth. Her lipstick had just enough moisture for her lips to stick to it.

Scarlett watched carefully for the first signs of May’s tongue coming to meet the head of the pink toy. A couple of times it almost touched, then on the third, she flicked it far enough out for her to taste the end of it. The moment it touched, Scarlett drew in a sharp intake of breath from the excitement. She felt a surge pulse from deep inside her right to her clit.

May gave the cock a few tender licks before her eyes shifted to it. Scarlett fed it deeper and deeper into her mouth. Once it had been moistened, Scarlett took it back out. She let May lick her tongue all around the helmet as she guided it and twisted it.

As Scarlett began to feed the cock back into her mouth, May shifted her full attention to it. Her eyes that had been looking so intently into Scarlett’s now stared at the bright pink toy.

Scarlett was slow and gentle and let May take her time as she slid it in and out of their mouth. As her mouth got moister and moister, the toy began to make “slopping” sounds as it slipped it in and out. May even clasped onto it with her teeth.

She took the toy, that was sticky with her saliva, out of May’s mouth. Scarlett rubbed the dildo over May’s face as her mouth chased after it. She would almost catch it with her tongue but was always denied at the last moment. Scarlett teased her a little more, but instead of finally giving it back to May, she slipped it into her own Beylikdüzü Escort mouth.

Although she had never experienced a real cock, she was well versed in the use of a fake one. She slipped it from one side of her mouth to the other, her cheeks bulged out as she pushed into the soft flesh. Teasing May, she pushed it to the back of her mouth to deep throat it a little. But it was just a tease. She took it out of her mouth and offered it back to May.

Looking at it for a few moments, May refused. Not because it had been in Scarlett’s mouth, but she was ready for the next step. She looked around for somewhere clean to put it, but couldn’t see anywhere. Scarlett popped the head of it back into her mouth and held onto it that way for the moment. She didn’t want to put to a wet toy into her clutch purse.

The next course of action was the other toy that was between their laps. As Scarlett took it into her hand she wasted no time and gave it a little twist on the bottom to turn it on. It kicked into life and made an unmistakable buzzing noise. She had set it to a middle of the road setting.

After letting May look at it for a few moments, she began to delve deeper into May’s limits.

The pulsing gold shaft found its way down the front of May’s panties. May flung her arms out and braced her arms on walls of the cubicle as if they were about to close in on them. Although the vibe hadn’t touched her intimacy yet, she knew what was coming and wanted to prepare herself.

Scarlett tried to push deeper and deeper. May’s trimmed pubic hair resisted the toy’s advances. With her panties still on, it was hard for Scarlett to see or even feel what she was doing.

Her body tensed as the tip of the toy got so close to her. Even though Scarlett couldn’t get it to actually touch her clit, May could still feel the vibrations finding their way home.

Scarlett took pride in her sensuality and when she couldn’t find what she was looking for, she stopped.

She looked deeply into May’s eyes for a moment to reassure her.

“I think she should take them off.” Scarlett still tried to keep May in her comfort zone by referring to the situation as something that the character in May’s book was experiencing.

Scarlett stood up and stood back against the door, her hips were thrust slightly forward.

When May stood up as well, it gave her practically no space to finish undressing. With her jeans already unzipped, she just had to grab the top and just ease them off her hips. She swayed her hips as she edged down one side and then the other until it passed the widest part of her body.

Wasting no time, and not even having to be encouraged to, she took her panties off at the same time she removed her trousers. Their bodies rubbed up and down each other as May got her trousers down to her knees. Scarlett savoured the sensations, resisting touching her with her hands. Skin to skin felt so good.

Having forgotten about her shoes, May suddenly realised that there was no way that she would get her jeans off without taking them off first. Trying to take her wedges was like playing a vertical, one person, version of a Twister. May struggled with her knees strapped together by her panties and her jeans.

Scarlett was going through an emotional orgasm as May’s soft body continued to rub up against hers. Her neck arched back as she tried to keep a lid on the feelings being stirred up from inside her.

May finally got off her first shoe, when the other one came off a few seconds later, it did several somersaults. It bounced off the wall and clattered against the lid of the toilet seat before rolling off the edge onto the floor.

With the pink dildo still hanging from her mouth, Scarlett stared at May. As she took the fake cock from her mouth it made a slight popping sound as her mouth sucked on it to try and keep it back in.

Having had it buzzing away the whole time, Scarlett finally toned it down to a mere hum. Instead of reintroducing it to May’s clit again, she tucked it deep inside her leather underwear. It purred gently like a sleeping cat.

Unclipping the ring that was front and centre of her panties, she threaded the pink dildo though the ring and fixed it in place. With a well-practiced motion, she tightened the buckles one more notch. The leather panties had now been reassembled into a strap-on.

The sticky cock pressed up against the side of May’s hip as Scarlett took her in an embrace. As easily as a step in a waltz, Scarlett turned around and sat herself down on the toilet seat. Keeping her knees together, she offered for May to sit down on the cock that bobbed up and down with anticipation.

May was a little hesitant at first, she just stood there looking Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan at it. The cock wasn’t the problem, as far as she was concerned she’d had plenty of experience with them. It being fake wasn’t a problem, she had several at home. This just felt a little more intimate.

Scarlett was more than willing to give her the time she needed, she wouldn’t push, or force. Only offer the experience she felt May craved.

When May spread her legs and readied herself to straddle Scarlett’s strap-on, Scarlett allowed her to do it in her own time. As May approached the cock, Scarlett took the cock in her fingertips and aimed it towards her warm pussy.

She put her hands on Scarlett’s shoulders for balance and stood up on her tiptoes. May edged a few inches forward before slipping her wet pussy onto the head of the cock. She dipped the cock inside just far enough to swallow the smooth swollen head.

The soft sounds made by her wetness were so satisfying; even comforting to both of them. Almost instinctively, May paused with the tip of the cock pushing her pussy lips apart. Taking a firm grasp of the cock, Scarlett rubbed the head of the cock against her clit. She tried to pull back the hood and get right onto the nubbin that was packed full of nerves.

Scarlett walked the fingertips of one hand up the shaft, she found May’s juices were already trickling down its length. The juices were silky smooth like baby oil and warm to the touch. She kept working her fingers up and when she got to May’s pussy she put her hand up to catch it. Her fingers were now soaked and it dribbled down to her knuckles.

Still with only the head of the cock inside May’s pussy, she slipped the tips of three fingers inside as well. Scarlett wanted to explore every shape and fold of her partner’s pussy.

Every pussy was different. She had experienced small hard clits to fat, swollen ones. Hanging pussy lips to sleek ones. Moist cunts, to one that veritably overflowed with juices. Hairy to smooth. Every pussy was unique in a dozen different ways.

Her well manicured nails were tapered to the fine point like the tips of tiny spears. She was careful to be gentle and not prick the delicate parts of May’s pussy. Scarlett guided her fingers around the toy, complimenting its presence rather than fighting against it. But she wanted to concentrate on using the toy again.

After delicately slipping her fingers out, she noticed just how much of May’s juices were flowing. Trails of fluid dribbled down over Scarlett’s wrist towards her forearm. After observing the paths they were beginning to take, she plastered her tongue onto her forearm and licked all the way up to the ball of her hand. With one movement, she caught every drop of the virginal juice. It was so sweet and seductive that it was unreal.

May watched as Scarlett moved her tongue all the way around her mouth to savour every drop. In this confined space she could smell the lust that permeated the air. She wasn’t sure how much of it was Scarlett’s and how much was flowing from her own body.

As May considered that thought, she felt both of Scarlett’s hands clasped around her back. Her nails gently pushing into her skin. Scarlett pulled her body slowly down onto the cock. She tried to resist a little, but Scarlett’s grasp dragged her slowly down like a pneumatic press until she had swallowed every inch of the cock.

May savoured the entire length as it sat inside her. She softly clenched her muscles around every vein and ridge. As she controlled her breathing, May slumped against Scarlett, almost pinning her against the toilet. Their warm breasts pressed against each other. Scarlett still had her arms around May’s back and held her tight. Her pierced nipples dug into May’s body, but the mild pain just served to turn her on even more.

With a slow and rhythmic gyration of her hips, Scarlett introduced the subtlest sensations through the strap on. May craved the more sensual feelings. Still in their tight embrace, May brushed her cheek up against the side of Scarlett’s face like an affectionate cat. She even went back for another kiss.

After savouring the taste of her lips, Scarlett pushed May’s body back a little. With a single bump of her hips, she bounced May up into the air. The second bounce was down to May. She raised her body on her own and rested it down onto the toy.

At first, she savoured every ridge as it slid inside her. The slow movements allowed her to concentrate on every sensation. As she got to know every inch of it intimately, she wanted to change the sensations. May began to speed herself up. No matter how fast or slow she moved, she always swallowed every inch of it with her pussy.

Her bouncing became Esenyurt Escort ever more vigorous, her breasts bounced as well. Scarlett found them so irresistible. But it was more fun to deny herself permission to touch them, and only to look. Every so often, May would lean a little too close, so that her nipples would cut down from Scarlett’s shoulders to her own breasts.

May’s juices were flowing thick and fast. Scarlett could feel the warmth and the wetness all over her thighs. For a moment she tempered May’s movements by placing her hands on her hips and almost having to hold her down.

“I wonder…” Scarlett began.

She had to consider how she was going to say it. But she could only think of the original way.

“I wonder… does she like being called names?” She prodded with a soft voice.

May hesitated with her answer. Then simply shrugged.

It wasn’t a yes.

But it wasn’t a no either.

Scarlett still wanted to push May’s limits, but not push the wrong buttons.

She released May’s hips. And even gave her a helping hand to her first bounce.

It felt natural to get into a rhythm that was a slow rise and fall. She wanted to explore the shape of the cock again as if for the first time.

Scarlett maintained a deeply intense eye contact with May. Her demeanour changed however, becoming a little more dominant. As she drew in deeper and deeper breaths she began to bare her teeth just a little. She sucked the air in between them; making a soft, backwards hissing noise.

“You like that,” Scarlett began.

May continued to bounce.

“You like that cock inside you.”

She then squeezed her eyes shut as something inside her sent a small surge of electricity through her. May tried to savour the moment as much as she could. Keeping the same rhythm, she plunged slow and deep onto the cock. Every inch of it was pure, uninhibited pleasure. The thick veins slid in and out as her pussy lips guided and caressed every inch of them.

“Go on, ” Scarlet told her, “feel that cock. Fuck that cock.”

Her words encouraged May to speed up just a little.

“Fuck it hard. Fuck it deep.”

Scarlett locked her hands onto May’s hips and guided her up and down again.

As the pleasure levels in her body filled to the point of overflowing, she began to groan. This time she didn’t care if anyone was listening. The sound echoed through the concrete and tiles of the whole bathroom. Her moans didn’t just come from the bottom of her lungs, it came right from her toes.

May broke her silence, but only with a whisper. “Oh fuck, oh fuck!” Swearing was not part of her normal vocabulary; but this was far from normal.

Just as the sensations were about to overwhelm May again, Scarlett lifted her up onto her feet. She could barely stand.

Scarlett looked at her pussy. “So wet,” she said.

Almost aggressively, Scarlett thrust her fingers into May’s pussy. The moment the fingers touched her pussy lips she had to brace herself just to stay on her feet. With Scarlett’s fingers deep inside her, she clenched her lips as tightly as she could. But that only squeezed more juice from the reservoir that was welling inside of her.

Having dabbled her fingers inside, they were covered in the glistening sweetness. Making sure she had May’s attention, she sucked her little finger right into her mouth. Then one by one licked all the juice from the others.

Last was the thumb. Somehow she made it look seductive and not look creepily childish. She lingered on it a little longer than the others. After Scarlett had finished, she slowly raised to her feet.

The pink cock glistened from May’s moisture in the cool crisp lighting. As it stuck straight out, it rubbed against May’s hip. There was so much juice on it that it slipped over her skin instead of sticking to it.

Whether accidentally or deliberately, the cock found its way between May’s legs again. The moment it pushed over May’s clit, her legs gave way. If Scarlett hadn’t caught her in her arms, she would have hit the floor.

“It’s okay,” Scarlett said.

She turned May around so that she could sit her down on the toilet. Scarlett had to ease her down gently onto the seat as May seemed a little shell-shocked.

“It’s okay. Catch your breath.” Scarlett placed her hands on her hips and caught up on her own breathing. She even let out an audible sigh, although it was clearly not in a negative way.

Scarlett stared down at the shiny pink dildo that was strapped to her. She flicked it with her finger and made it bounce a little. As it swung around, she could feel the motion trying to move her hips in reply.

She watched over May until her breathing slowed. When she was ready, she looked up to Scarlett’s face for guidance.

“Do you think she’s ready again?”


I’d like to thank ‘mesmiley’ for helping edit my work, it’s improved the structure a lot and helps it flow so much better. I hope everyone enjoyed the first two parts of the story. There is still one to come.

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