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We had met as people do in a big city. Chatting with her to have someone to talk to while staying out of my hotel room. She was here on business too. Coffee turned to dinner and dinner and drinks turned into being invited back to her room. And so, here we were. She was slim, middle age, time had been gentle on her olive face soft wrinkles at the corner of her hazel eyes spoke of wisdom, and lines around her mouth showed that she liked to laugh. Something I had capitalized on during the evening.

Her dark wavy hair, flowing down between her shoulders had light highlights. In the lamp-lit room, they glowed. She ran her fingers through it as we continued to talk on the couch. She leaned in and I could smell her light perfume, I returned her kiss. It was tentative at first as two new lovers explored each other’s limits, pushing and pulling the other person’s passions. Testing for where the edge of that passion lay.

Clothes came off as hands moved over each other. Discovering erogenous zones, pleasing touch, sexy strokes. Kissing, licking, and sucking in a furious need. Moans crashed on groans of ecstasy. Her, mouth and hands worked their way down my now naked body, kisses down my belly, while hands played with my balls and her thumb stroked the underside of my taut shaft. Her warm mouth followed suit and she worked my cock, in and out, twirls and swirls, sucking the head. Her wet slurps and deep gags as she took Samsun Escort the whole dick down her throat. She sucked up the string of saliva that was dripping from her lip, and at that, I exploded in a gut spasming orgasm. Cum exploding in a pearly rope from my cock, filling her mouth. She swallowed my hot seed as well as sucking more from my cock.

She pulled her mouth off and looked at me while still stroking my cock. With her other hand, she wiped the dribble from her chin and leaned back. She looked at me in expectation. I stood up and lifted her from the couch and dropped her on the bed.

Her Mediterranean lineage was on display. Dark sienna skin where the sun-kissed it, a sallow olive color in the few areas that it did not. I slid along the bed, focused on my target. I rolled her legs over my shoulders as I studied the object of my desires. The musky smell of her was heady. Warm smells of cumin and cinnamon. A light note of cotton from her panties. She was shaved, with only a dark strip of close-cropped hair on her pubic mound.

I spread her outer lips. Sticky and becoming slippery from her excitement. Dark pink lips, almost brown. Exposing her inner lips and the lighter pink of her clit gave uninhibited access for my tongue. I gently blow on the little bright pink pearl. Then trace the crease up and down each side of her darker petals. Following them down to her wet hole, then Samsun Escort Bayan back up to her clit. I swirl it with my tongue, then rub it hard with the tip. The gasp and moan this elicits encourage me. I lap at her clit, the flat of my tongue pressing her clit, swallowing her pussy juice, mixing with my hot spit. Her legs spread wider then pulled up, giving me better angles to please her. I take a moment to ease off and kiss her thighs, glancing up at her. Head back, hands rolling her nipples she moved her hips in anticipation.

I dove back in, using my fingers to stroke the outside of her pink hole and the area below it. I spike the tip of my tongue up under the hood of her clit and her hips jump and grind and her hands grasp my head. Her manicured nails clutching at my skull as she pushes my face into her grinding crotch. Her warm juice smears my cheeks. Two of my fingers slide into her hot pussy with a sucking sound. I roll my fingers stroking her front wall. The clutching and gasping moves into more frantic motions as she slams her hips trying to ride my tongue and sync with my fingers at the same time.

With a gasp and high-pitched cry, she coats my hand and face with an explosive squirt of her fluid. Both of us gasping for breath, I move off her, crawling up next to her as she panted and worked at catching her breath. She turned to look at me and wiped my face with a bit Escort Samsun of sheet. Her half-lidded eyes working to come back into focus.

My need is again rising in my gut and her orgasmic actions and scent have once again engorged my thick cock. I roll on top of her, using my knees and hips to spread her still trembling legs wide. My cock easily slides in her tight slippery cunt. She lets out a low breath as I stretch and fill her pussy. Hot, tight and slick. I thrust slowly at first. Her legs spread wider exposing her clit to my deep thrusts and taking time to grind on her as I seat my dick deep inside of her time and again. I suck at her dark nipples, noticing freckles on her chest and neck.

I rock into her and we hit a rhythm of her lifting and moving her hips as I drove deep into her, stopping to grind my hips in conjunction with hers, then pulling out slowly. In and out, soon both she and I were driving up the hill of climax, I am desperately gripping the headboard, she is gripping my ass, pulling me in tighter and grinding herself harder on me. Her legs alternately locking around my hips and driving her heels down into the mattress to lift into me. I slam my cock as deep as I can into her, feeling my head hit her back wall. The soft walls of her cunt grip me tightly, and I curl my hips into her and hold it as she gave a throaty “God Dam, Shit” and shuddered. I explode, my cum jetting into her cunt. Filling it with more of my hot goo. Teeth gritting, I give out an animal cry. I hold the deep thrust as long as I can, her hips still slightly off the bed until our orgasms pass and we collapse to the bed. I leave my cock in her even as it softens, and her bruised box spit it out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32