Laura’s Harem Ch. 01

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I came home early from work one day, not feeling too well looking for some quiet time just to relax. I have a pressure cooker job in the advertising business and sometimes the pressure gets to me. I’m a special assistant to the vice president and one of my duties is to play host to our clients. I think I spend more time scheduling hookers than I do dinners and meetings combined. I am frequently around hot looking sexy women which has taken its toll on me. First of all, after fifteen years of marriage and slipping on occasion with maintaining fidelity, my wife left me. She caught me with a stunning brunette, with huge tits and a sexually appetite that wouldn’t quit. We fucked for two days straight, I had the worst case of blue balls I have ever experienced. Secondly, with so many absolutely beautiful women being hookers, for me to maintain a relationship with ordinary looking women has been near impossible. So, I’ve just resolved myself to keep fucking beautiful hookers that I arrange for my company clients until I either get too old or find another job.

One problem I have with this lifestyle, is that my 18 year old son now lives with me and he is a bit of a nerd; one of those computer whiz kids. This has really cramped my life, but hey, I need to mentor my son as best I can. He came to live with me just 6 months ago, his mother claimed that he needed to be around his father to gain the proper perspective of life. I’m not sure how I ended up with a nerd son, I’m more of the athletic type and never was really able to communicate with my son, Jeffery.

On this particular day I did not expect to find my son at home, but when I pulled up into my driveway, there was his car plus another car that I did not recognize. I assumed it was one of his nerdy buddy’s, although it was a sporty looking thing. I parked my car and went in the front door rather than through the garage as usual. Jeffery normally spends a lot of time in his room so I did not expect to see or hear him when I entered. Much to my surprise I immediately heard some noises coming from the den. They were familiar sounds but not ones I would expect to hear from my nerdy son. I was shocked to hear the familiar moans and groans typical of hot sexual action. I had to see what was going on. I crept down the hall and peeked around the corner.

Wow, there were three naked people having hot sex in my den. On the love seat was a women on her back with her legs spread facing me with a guys cock in her cunt. I could only see his back. The woman had her head bent way back with my son’s cock in her mouth, he was standing on the arm of the love seat squatting down so his dick could reach her mouth.

I was stunned. I just stood there very quite, observing the hot action and as I studied the woman, I realized that she was a mature woman, more of my age than my son’s. She had a nice body, and was encouraging these boys to keep fucking her. At one point she had them switch positions, they were so intent on what they were doing, they gave no notice of me and I did not want to disrupt the hot action. I don’t think my son has had many if any, sexual partners, so I was just going to let it all happen.

I was getting turned on just watching, like I said, she had a nice body and I had thoughts of joining in. But I’m sure it would have totally freaked out my son. I watched the woman give instructions to my son and his buddy. She said, “Jeffery, remember what I told you yesterday, use long deep thrusts, and try to rub up and down the top side of my pussy hole where my clit is, it makes me and all women hot. Later I’ll show it to you.”

Wow! I thought to myself, this is not the first time my son has had sex. I could not believe what I was hearing, this gal, whoever she is, seems to be giving these guys sex lessons. Shit, this just blows me away. I was also surprised at the size of my son’s dick, he has a slight build, but his cock appears to be quite long.

She continued her instructions saying, “Ok Jeffery, massage my tits as you fuck me, take your hands and palm my nipples, slowly work your hands all over my mounds, gently squeeze. Yes, that’s it, just slowly massage them. Ummm, that’s nice. See how my nipples get hard and erect, that’s what I like.” She returned to sucking the cock dangling in her face.

Shit, I had a hard-on watching this gal and so while standing in the shadows in the hall, I pulled my cock out and boldly began to jack off. She was fondling the balls of the guy who had his cock in her mouth while meeting Jeffery’s thrusts with upward motion of her hips. She continued to moan and groan, obviously enjoying herself.

I watched as my son began to get more aggressive with his hip action, he was starting to pound her pussy with very fast short thrusts. She reached up with her hand and pulled the cock from her mouth saying, “Jeffery, slow down, I want you to learn to make it last longer. Use long slow deep thrusts, get deep inside me with that long cock of yours. It’s so much more pleasurable when you take your time and you will gaziantep escort bayan sitesi cum a lot harder giving yourself wonderful sensations. And once you cum, you will be wasted for quite awhile and you could leave me hanging. Now that would not be fair unless you intend to get me off using your mouth.”

Jeffery immediately slowed down the thrusts of his hips into her pelvis. They both focused on the point where their bodies joined, she said, “Now isn’t that better, don’t you get a stronger feeling of my pussy this way, and look how sexy it is to watch your cock disappear inside me. Oh, I do like your long cock Jeffery. Now push it in me firmly, press hard to make sure all of your cock gets inside me. I want to feel every inch of you sliding inside my fuck hole. Yea, that’s it, nice and slow but deep and hard. Yes, yes, oh yes Jeffery that’s it.” Jeffery began to maintain slow long deep thrusts and so she returned to sucking the cock she was holding in her hand.

This action continued for another 5 minutes or so without anyone saying anything, just some sighs and moans. She was deep throating the kid and was able to get his whole dick down her throat with what appeared to be with very little effort. From what I could see or not see, I could not tell whether it was because she had the skill to deep throat large cocks or that he had a small cock. Anyway, she repeatedly took all his dick down her throat in rapid fashion, it looked like she was letting him literally fuck her mouth.

There, before my eyes, was a naked mature sexy woman laying on my couch, my son fucking her pussy and his buddy fucking her mouth. The action was getting hotter by the minute. Suddenly my son said, “I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum, I can feel my balls wanting to burst, oh shit, I can’t hold back.”

She immediately removed the cock from her mouth, looked down at my son saying, “Oh yes, do it Jeffery, cum in my pussy, let me feel you shoot your load in me, its OK Jeffery, do it to me, fill me with your cum. I’m on the pill and can’t get pregnant, oh Jeffery fuck me hard, yes I like it, ram me hard and fast with your long dick, oh yes, cream me baby, spread your seaman all over my pussy.” Jeffery’s ass went into high gear, his butt was a blur as he pounded her pussy. She again returned to sucking the cock and she was really into it now. I could see the sides of her cheeks become concave as she was really sucking the kid’s cock. It was but a few seconds until the kid erupted. She was getting cum pumped into her on both ends from two very energetic young guys. Even though I could see her repeatedly swallowing the squirts of cum being pumped into her mouth, there was cum leaking out the sides of her mouth, that kid was really loaded. I could also see cum oozing out of her cunt hole as my son was fucking her. Shit this slut was hot, my son probably has not idea how lucky he is right now.

In the meantime, I grabbed my hanky with my free hand, covered my cock and shot my load into it as I stared at the hot action going on in my den. This was as good as any porno I’ve watched. She removed the cock from her mouth, licked it clean including the kid’s balls before she lifted her head to grab my son’s face. She placed a hand on each side of his face giving him a passionate kiss. She was working her tongue inside his mouth while also working her pelvis up and down on his cock.

Releasing his face she said, “That was really good Jeffery, you made me cum and you lasted a lot longer than you did yesterday. When I get through with you, you will be a wonderful sex partner making your woman very happy. Now carefully pull your cock out of me and let me clean you off. You know how I love the taste of cum. Just lay back and I’ll lick all the cum off your dick.”

He rolled off of her and laid on his back, his shiny dick was semi-hard and coated with both of their juices. She got down between his legs and began licking him. I could tell that she was an expert cock sucker, her tongue was all over him, licking his cock and balls. It looked like she was trying to get her tongue down his crack, it was hard to tell from where I was standing. Just watching her kept me hard, wow what a hot slut.

When she was done, all three of them went over and sat down on the couch, she sat between the two “studs”. She placed a hand on each guy’s semi-hard cock stroking them saying, “That was great guys.” Then turning to my son said, “How much time until your dad gets home?”

My son glanced at his watch saying, “We have a little over an hour until he usually gets home.”

“Great, that means I can give you another lesson in sex. Are you OK with that?”

“Sure, what are you going to teach us Laura?”

“Well, I thought since you both have fucked my pussy a couple times and I have given you blowjobs, I think you need to learn how to eat pussy. How does that sound?”

I could not believe what I was hearing, this gal is teaching sex to these boys as if she was gaziantep escort bayan forum teaching wood shop or something. Now, at least, I know her name. Laura, I like that name and I like how she looks, nice tits, nice legs, good ass and obviously, a nasty slut. I began to scheme as to how I could make contact with her without my son knowing.

I looked up noticing both guys nodding OK as she continued stroking their dicks. She said, “Now don’t be shy guys, I like having my tits played with, and when they are fondled, my pussy gets wet making it taste good. Each of you take a tit and fondle it until I say stop. Then I want one of you to get between my legs and eat me. OK? You both will have a chance to taste my juices. Maybe you should be first Jeffery since my cunt is already filled with your cum. Have you ever tasted your own cum?”

My son blushed and nodded yes. She smiled at him saying, “Yea, but I bet you never sucked your own cum out of some gal’s cunt, right?”

As she spoke, he looked down at her snatch and said, “Right.”

She let go of their cocks, spread her legs and placed her hands in her crotch spreading her pussy lips. She was sitting directly facing me so I had a great view straight up her cunt. It was shaved and with her legs spread, I could see all the sexy folds of her pussy including the pink insides of her love tunnel. I was also able to see what I thought was cum oozing from her hole. I was hard again as were the boys.

She said, “Do you guys like my pussy? Is it sexy?

My son responded, “Yea, its great. It looks delicious.”

“Great. I’m glad you like it. Now how about getting down here with your mouth and let me show you how I like to be eaten.”

My son got down on his hands and knees between Laura’s legs as she took a hold of his face. She said, “Now be gentle, my pussy is very tender so don’t be rough. Once you get the hang of it, you can use your teeth to nibble on my clit, but first of all just use your lips and tongue, OK?’

My son nodded yes.

She continued while looking over at the kid sitting next to her, “While I’m teaching Jeffery how to eat my pussy, you can fondle my tits if you want. But try to pay attention because when Jeffery is done, you can have a turn at eating me.”

She returned her attention to Jeffery saying, “Now the first thing you do is kiss my pussy, place your lips over my pussy lips and kiss me. Make it a long passionate kiss, then work your tongue inside me and probe the insides of my pussy, that always feels good. If you press your tongue at the top of my cunt, you should feel a little nub, that’s my clit. It makes me go crazy when it’s played with, but it is also very sensitive so be careful. It’s also good to assist your pussy eating with your fingers. It’s good to use a combination of your fingers, tongue and lips on my cunt. Also place your mouth over my cunt and suck a little, that always feels good and you will suck out some of the cum in me. I know you will like the taste.”

I’ve never heard anybody give such detailed sexual instructions before, it was good, just different. My son lowered his head to her snatch and placed a hot passionate kiss on her cunt. She immediately began to squirm. As Jeffery was kissing her pussy, his buddy was fondling her tits and she was stroking his now hard cock. She looked over at him saying, “When Jeffery is done eating me, why don’t you James, fuck me and then eat and suck your cum out of my pussy?”

He agreed. I was hoping I could be next but still was afraid to show myself not knowing what my son’s reaction would be. I watched as Jeffery was really dining on her snatch. He took to it like a duck does to water. She was really liking it as she squirmed and moaned saying, “Oh Jeffery, you are doing great, oh shit, I like your tongue in me, you are doing such a fine job. Oh yes, yes, play with my clit, suck it into your mouth. Ohhhhhh, yesssss, bite me, ohhhhhhh shit you are fantastic. Ohhh you are going to make me cum. Yes, yes, suck me, suck me, yes, I’m cumin, I’m cumin, oh fuck I love it, yes suck me, eat me, I’m juicing up for you, suck me dry sweetie, I love you. Ahhhhhhhhhh this is wonderful.”

Jeffery was really going after her cunt, he had his face deep between her legs, his head was rocking back and forth. Jeffery’s buddy was busy fondling her tits and when she laid her head back, he kissed her. She returned the kiss in a very passionate way by using her tongue to explore the inside of his mouth. Shit this was hot, I could feel another orgasm coming on so again held my hankie over my cock to catch my sperm.

She released the kid’s mouths as she came down off her orgasm high, she looked down at Jeffery who was still passionately eating your cunt. She place her hand on the top of his head saying, “Do you think you have all of your cum out of my pussy?”

Jeffery nodded yes without taking his mouth off her cunt. She said, “Why don’t you check. Stick your middle finger deep inside escort bayan gaziantep my pussy and scoop out any cum you can find.”

Jeffery raised his head up from her cunt, and leaned back on his haunches. He moved his hand between her legs as she spread them even wider. He stuck the middle finger of his right hand into her pussy. She said, “Just wiggle your finger around sweetie. How does it feel?”

“Real warm and slippery.”

“Do you like how my pussy feels?”

“Yea, it feels good, real good.”

“Great, most lady’s like having their pussies played with, I especially like it and so when we have sex, you can play with my pussy anytime. Even is we are not having sex, and my cunt is available, you can finger me. You have a gentle touch. Now let’s see if you can scoop any cum out of my fuck hole.”

Jeffery wiggled his finger some more and then pulled his finger out. She grabbed his wrist raising his hand up. We all could see his finger was heavily coated with cum. She pulled his hand to her face and licked his finger. She then said, “Do it again, this time you lick your finger.”

Jeffery reinserted his finger in her cunt and then licked it. She said, “How do you like the taste?”

“I like it.”

“Good, cause I like guys who fuck me and then eat me.”

She looked over at Jeffery’s buddy saying, “OK James, its your turn. Get that hard cock of yours inside me and give me a good fuck. Then eat me like Jeffery just did.”

James moved over between her legs and very quickly penetrated her pussy. She also gave him instructions as he began to fuck her in slow but deep thrusts. She told Jeffery to sit closer to her so she could fondle and suck his cock. The scene was identical as before, just that the boys had changed positions.

I remained in the hall watching Laura get fucked by James while she sucked off my son. James evidentially was not giving her the action she wanted because I saw her slip her finger in her pussy along side James’s cock. She had one hand in her crotch fingering her clit and the other hand on my son’s cock holding it while she sucked on it. It wasn’t very long before I could tell that James was cumin, he had stopped thrusting his cock into her cunt, and just stood there very erect moaning as his hips twitched. She in the meantime was frantically working her finger in her cunt to get herself off.

At this point I decided that I would quietly leave, wait a few minutes to give James a chance to finish eating Laura’s pussy and then come back in and surprise them. Although I would have liked to see James eat her. I left quietly and then returned, slamming the front door. I heard all kinds of rustling sounds. I yelled, “Is that you Jeffery. Whose car is that in the driveway?”

Jeffery came down the hall with only his pants on sputtering, “Dad, dad, what are you doing home so early? I …. I was ah …… ah not expecting you.”

“Well, this sure looks interesting. What are you doing back there in my den, banging some little chick?” Jeffery really look worried and kind of stood in the middle of the hall preventing me from proceeding any further. The next think I saw was James coming out of the den fully clothed except for his shoes.

“What are you two up to, Jeffery? It looks pretty suspicious.” I pushed past Jeffery and James and peeked around to corner hoping to see Laura in the nude. However, Laura had her back to me adjusting her clothes and straightening her hair.

“What have we here?”

Laura turned looking a bit sheepish saying, “Well Hi, you must be Jeffery’s father?”

“Yes I am. And whom are you and what brings such an attractive woman to my house?”

“Ah, my name is Laura and was giving the boys .. ah … some lessons.”

“Lessons? Lessons about what?”

“Lets say life.”

“Um, do you mean, by any chance, life in the fast lane?”

“You might call it that.”

“Well, what I would call it, is a mature woman enjoying young boys, like teaching them about sex. Is that correct?”

My son and Laura were not sure how to respond, neither one knowing my temperament. I just waited for an answer to see what either one would say.

Jeffery spoke up saying, “Dad, I’m sorry. Yes, Laura is teaching me all about sex. I know I should not have brought her here, but it was the only place I felt safe and could afford. She and I have been having sex for almost a week now and it makes me feel like a man.”

“Well Jeffery, I know you young guys are full of raging hormones, so I’m not upset about you having sex. In fact I think its good that you found a mature woman rather than some little teenager that is inexperienced and could get herself pregnant. But there is one rule I have for bringing woman to my house for sex.”

“What is that Dad?”

“That you have to share them.” I was watching Laura as I said that and her eyes lit up making my cock twitch.

Jeffery responded, “Well OK Dad. But I just don’t know if Laura is interested in older men. She says she prefers young guys like James and me. Also, if I bring home a girl from school, you mean you want to fuck her too?”

“That’s what I mean young man. I like both mature and young pussy, son, so just get use to having to share.” I was surprised at my son’s comment and thought, well maybe having a nerd son is not so bad after all, if he can bring home some young stuff and is willing to share.

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