Last Day of Hostel

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This is the story of my last days in the hostel. My best friend and I are very close to each other and we share everything. My best friend never watched porn so I suggested to her that night that we should watch porn together, she said yes to it.

We saw several types of porn and we are searching now what genera should we watch so we thought to watch lesbian porn, we were keenly watching it and we both are aroused after watching so much porn. Then don’t knowing what came to her mind, she put her hand on my waist and started roaming her hand on my stomach.

I didn’t say anything as it was normal and we continued watching it but suddenly she squeezed one of my boobs and started kissing on my neck. For a minute I was shocked what was happening, when I came out of my shock I moved from there and asked “what was she doing?”

She simply shrugged and told me “I want to try it and I am horny right now so..”

But I stopped her in middle and told “but I don’t want to do it and it is not right.” When I was speaking to her, she was roaming her hand on my legs and I was feeling aroused as I am also horny at that time but before I could speak anything she started kissing me and I also started responding to her.

We both started kissing each other hungrily and forgot everything. We sucked each other’s lips and roamed our tongue in each other’s mouths and after some minutes we stopped to take some air to breathe and she started playing with my boobs and as we lay down, she came upon me and we started kissing each other again.

One by one we started discarding each other’s clothes. Now we both are left in just our bra and panties. Now she started kissing my neck nibbling my ear, she kissed and liked eve gelen escort from my ear to neck and came down till my cleavage then she started squeezing my both the boobs.

When she was doing this, I opened her bra and threw it away and started squeezing them and suddenly I exchanged our position and now she is lying beneath me and I started licking and sucking her buds which are now fully erected and start biting on it, she is now moaning.

I start sucking her right boob and squeezing her left boob. I again start kissing her lips, then I start sucking her neck and biting it, she starts moaning loudly as if it was her sweet spot.

Then, I start coming down and suck her both nipples, leaving the kisses on stomach I come down but left the part which demanded the attention and start kissing on her inner thigh and biting leaving the marks but she suddenly pulls me upwards and start kissing me and while kissing she opened my bra and switch our position and start roughly squeezing my boobs and biting my neck leaving the mark.

She is now sitting between my legs and there is a hint of mischief evident in her eyes and lust can be seen in both our eyes. She slowly took of my panty while staring in my eyes and without breaking the eye contact, she bends down and blow the air on my intimate part which sends a shiver down my spine and start licking my clit while looking in my eyes which shows that I told u, u will like it look.

Then she slowly go more down and start fucking me with her tongue and I am moaning and pushing her more with my hands in her hair and she keeps fucking me with her tongue then she remove her tongue and start fingering me with one finger istanbul eskort bayan and then she pushes the two finger inside me and start fucking me with it.

Now I am so close to my release so my legs started shaking little bit, I am moaning so much and she sense it so she start fucking me more fast and after some time I found my release. I started panting so much but she didn’t wait and start liking the juices which poured out due to her work.

She stops after liking every single drop which was oozed out. She gave me a single peck on my lips and told me now, it’s your turn to make me cum. Before I start anything, I take her both hands and tie them with a scarf so she can’t touch me while I play with her boobs or suck or lick her clit like I touched her.

She protested but I just told her to enjoy it and she calmed down a little bit but she is not happy which can be seen on her face but she didn’t have any choice rather to keep quiet and watch what will take place now.

I blow air on her neck and start nibbling on her ear and bite it a little. I start sucking her neck a little harshly to make a mark on her neck, she is moaning lightly. I slowly come down from her neck till her boobs while kissing and sucking and start playing with her boobs and squeeze them and I suddenly slap on her boobs, she was surprised with my act which is clearly evident on her face but a pleasurable moan escape from her mouth.

Then I came down and stared at her for a second and removed her panty while seeing in her eyes all the time but I have a smirk on my face and start blowing air on her intimate area but I never touched it, she is now frustrated but she can’t do anything as her hand is bounded.

She rezidans escort told me “to touch her.”

But I just replied, “have patience baby girl” and started kissing and biting her inner thigh and before moving towards her clit I just slapped her on her inner thigh and got responded with a moan.

I told her while smirking “you are very responsive baby girl” but she just glared.

And told me to “shut up bitch and fuck me,” these are her frustrated words not mine. I am enjoying her state but think to spare the poor soul and bend down and start licking her clit and she starts moaning and I bite her clit a little and start sucking on it.

I insert my one finger in her and start fucking her with it, then I insert my two and then three and start finger fuck her she is now a moaning mess which is a treat to my ears, and her inside start clenching on my fingers so I come to know she is going to explode soon and at the same time she start telling me she is going to cum so to go fast but I removed my fingers and she is like what the fuck but I don’t care and go upward near her ear and ask her in seductive voice do you want to cum baby girl, she respond me with a low moan so I told her on “one condition u are supposed to cum when you will suck my fingers from which I just fucked you.”

She immediately responded that she will do anything just to make her cum. So, I put my finger in front of her mouth and she started sucking it, after she sucked all the juices off my finger she told or I can say begged me “to make her cum or opened her hand.”

I just come down and start licking and fucking her with my tongue and start circling her clit with my fingers and soon she cum on my mouth with a loud moan so to shut her mouth I start kissing her, so she can also taste her cum again through my kiss, I explore her mouth and she equally responded to my kiss. Then, I opened her hand and we cleaned ourselves and laid on bed and we kissed again last time that night before sleep engulfed us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32