Large Lifestyle Ch. 03

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In part 1, Rick and Carol met for drinks. They were good friends in high school… but a little get together became something more. Part 2 led to more heat, and some surprising feelings for Rick. Does Carol feel something more as well, or are they just messing around and having great sex? It’s late… but there’s plenty of time left in the night…

Chapter 03: Hotels & BJs

I knew we were almost there when we turned off the highway again. Carol looked at me, “So… are you gonna cum in my mouth if I give you a blow job again?”

As I’d been thinking about the sex again, my dick had gotten hard. Now, it got even more excited. “Yes.” I felt like that’s all I needed to say.

“Good, because that’s what I want.” Good. That’s what she’d said to me. She wanted me to cum in her mouth. We’d just had truly incredible sex and now she wanted me to cum in her mouth. I tried to think if a girl I’d been with had ever told me that before. I didn’t have a ton of experience, but now that I thought of it, one girlfriend had said she really liked giving me blowjobs, and liked it when I came in her mouth. But… we had been dating for a long time. This thing with Carol, it was all happening so fast. And yet, we’d known each other forever. I tried not to overreact as erotic thoughts flooded my brain.

I imagined being in her hotel room, on her bed, my dick in her mouth. I was cumming hard and she was taking all my sperm and swallowing it. In my mind she was enjoying it as the hot sperm coated her mouth and filled it up, forcing her to swallow quickly as she took another shot, and another, and another.

Was that what she was saying? That she’d felt me spasm inside her and she wanted to feel that in her mouth, take it, swallow it? Or was she just saying she wanted to make me feel good? Am I thinking about this too much? She’d been very open with me so far about what she wanted, what she felt. She’d probably let me know. I needed to stop thinking too hard. Or too much.

We pulled into the parking lot of her hotel, a seemingly high end Holiday Inn. We got out of the car and she led the way to her room. I couldn’t help watching her every step. Now that I knew what was going on beneath those clothes, my eyes were glued to her ass. Carol walked up the stairs, I followed, but all I saw was her butt crammed into those tight pants. I bit my lip as her butt swayed from side to side and all my mind saw was her naked body, writhing beneath me….

Before I knew it we were at her door. She had to get my attention by coughing. Carol had definitely caught me staring. I made a point of slowly moving my eyes from her butt, up her body, pausing at her chest and then meeting her eyes. “Shall we?” she said.

“Of course!” I laughed as she opened the door with her key card. Feeling emboldened and horny I gave her a little, light spank on the rear as she entered the room. Her room was big, clearly she had splurged on her trip. It had a full living room type area, a small kitchen, and a huge bed. It may have been the biggest hotel room I had ever been in. “Wow, nice room.”

“For real. My mom booked the place and paid for it, she wanted me to have someplace comfortable to stay for my trip home. Said she wanted me to be able to entertain some guests, although… I don’t think this is what she had in mind.”

“No? You don’t think mom wanted you to fuck your best friend in the parking lot of your old high school and then bring him here?”

“Is that what we did? HMMMM?? Did we fuck?”

I put my arms around Carol and kissed her. “What else would you call it?”

Carol didn’t say anything, just kissed me again. She pulled away from our embrace and turned on the television, then sat down on the coach. I guess she was right, there were a lot of things we could call it, but… best not to think too much about that right now.

I shrugged as she relaxed on the cushions and watched the television. She seemed to have an idea as she stood up and went into the kitchen. Carol removed two beers, handed me one, and then sat back down. I tasted mine, a Blue Moon, and set it down. I decided to make myself comfortable. I took off my shirt, pants, and socks and sat down next to Carol on the couch in just my red boxer briefs. Like it was totally normal, like we had been together a thousand times. Carol laughed, looked my underwear, patted my crotch and then turned back to the TV.

“Decided to make yourself at home, huh?” Carol said. I pretended to be bored, I grabbed my phone out of my pants pocket and began checking my twitter feed. Scrolling through it like I didn’t have anything special going on.

“Are you going to tweet about us having sex?” Carol laughed. I playfully acted like I was considering it. “Well… now that you mention it…”

I feigned typing a message into the phone, Carol grabbed it and placed it on the little nightstand next to the couch. She kissed me… and she kept on kissing me…

Carol couldn’t believe this was happening. She’d always thought Rick was cute in high school, and a really Trabzon Escort great guy, great person. One of the best people she knew back then. But this…. this had been totally unexpected. Or… was it? Why had she asked him for drinks without anyone else anyway? They’d hung out by themselves before, but she was only going to be home for a few days and didn’t have much time to spend with everyone around here. So why had it been so important to have dinner with just Rick? Just the two of them? As she kissed him, and felt her tongue move into his mouth, she now knew that part of her had wanted something to happen. A little spot of her imagination had run a little wild. But even her wild side had only imagined maybe some making out. Not this. Not frantic, intense sex in the car. Not a blow job in her hotel room.

Now that they were in a well lit area, she could appreciate how great Rick’s body was. He wasn’t super muscular, not like a bodybuilder, but he had definitely packed on some muscle since high school. He was lean, his pecks and his biceps stuck out nicely from his frame. She could see his abs plainly, he’d clearly done some dieting so they’d show. She touched them with her hands, feeling the ridges as the led down to the elastic of his waistband…

Carol thought about how hard she’d came when he’d been behind her, on top of her. It’d been incredible. No doubt about that. She’d have begged him to keep going if he asked her to. She broke off the kiss, she could tell how hot he was getting and she wanted to tease him a little more. She turned back to the TV.

After a few minutes of silence Carol asked, “Whatever happened to you and Danielle?” Rick turned to look at her. Almost as soon as she said it, she regretted it. Now she was terrified that she had ruined the mood, ruined everything. Danielle had been one of their mutual friends during high school. When they were seniors, Rick dated her, and it continued after graduation but they had broken up at some point. Carol had been curious… but now had not been the right time to ask.

She sighed as Rick laughed a little. “Nothing special, we just broke up.” Carol stayed quiet. She didn’t want to say something that would alter the way either one of them was feeling. Rick chose to continue anyway. “It got to a point when we were in college when… OK, this might make me sound like a real jerk, but its the truth. I wanted to have sex. She didn’t. Which is fine, not the end of the world. But it made things really difficult for me. I couldn’t think about anything else. I realized that if we continued, I’d would end up cheating on her. So I told her how I felt and we broke up.”

“Why was it so difficult?”

“Well, raging hormones for one,” Rick explained. “I mean, we would be making out and I would be sooo… ready, and then she’d want to stop making out and go our separate ways for the night, and it was driving me nuts. I would leave her place shaking, everything had been all systems go and then just shut down. I just couldn’t deal with it. I would literally shake, from the adrenaline rush, like I had just run away from a fight or something.”

“Wow. That does sound hard. So…. I’m the only girl from our high school who’s gotten to see your uh… ginormous penis?” Carol said smiling. Rick raised his eyebrows, “My what?”

“C’mon, it’s pretty freaking big. Long…” Carol licked her lips. “And thick too.” Carol giggled a little.

“Well… yea, I guess you are,” Rick said smiling. Carol smiled and said, “Something tells me if Danielle had seen it, or um… felt it, she wouldn’t have been able to say no. I’m sure she noticed it tenting your pants all the time.”

Rick shrugged, “I don’t know, maybe she just didn’t want me, ya know? I mean, you knew me back then better than she did and you didn’t want me…”

“I think part of me wanted you…. and I sure want you now,” Carol put her hand on his crotch. She thought about the blow job she wanted to give him. She’d enjoyed the time she’d spent with his dick in her mouth earlier. That had been before he’d cum inside her so hard. He’d been wearing a condom, but she’d felt the intensity of his thrusts, felt how very strong they’d gotten when he came. She’d felt his dick expand as he shot his loads into the condom. She wanted to feel that in her mouth.

A new confidence consumed her. She realized she wanted to do this for him now in the worst way. She’d given a couple blow jobs to guys before that she had dated, and one random guy at a party. But she always did it because it just kinda felt like she was supposed to. Here, now, with Rick, she wanted to. She wanted to please him more than anything. She had never bothered to check him out before, years ago when they were friends. Intimately check him out anyway. Of course she had perused his body in the type of way everyone does, even with friends. But she had never studied him to try and check out his dick. She had actually avoided it in many ways, feeling like it would be improper to try and stare at him and make an attempt to figure out how big he was. Trabzon Escort Bayan She could have, she was sure if she had tried back then she would have caught him with a boner. Like when they’d danced at prom or hugged. He looked huge now, trapped in his underwear. She wondered if he was just looking large because he was already hard. Her fingers curved into the top waistband of his red underwear and pulled out and down. Carol nearly gasped as his halfway flaccid cock came into view. It was immense. The biggest soft cock she had ever seen. She’d gotten to feel plenty in the car, but under the bright lights she could see how big and… frankly beautiful it was.

Carol looked up into Rick’s face one more time before she started. His face was etched with desire and interest in her next move. She found herself wanting to please him more than any man she had been with before. After all, he’d given her two fantastic orgasms. She was one behind. It didn’t hurt either that his cock looked downright delicious and she couldn’t wait to taste him. Now that it was free from the confines of his underwear, it grew freely.

Carol looked up into Rick’s eyes, licking her lips. Wetting them, making him think about what she was going to do next with her tongue and those newly moistened lips. He was hungrily looking down at her. She could read the intense desire in his face. Her finger rubbed over his little slit in the head and felt a wetness from his secretions of pre-cum. She smeared the sticky lubricant over the head of his cock, Carol licked her fingers and rubbed the head more. The big cock seemed to expand even more as it grew stiff as wood.

Carol kept her eyes open as her head descended. She kissed the large head, getting a small taste of pre-cum and a thankful noise from Rick. Carol considered the idea that since he had cum once not too long ago, it might take awhile for him to cum again. That was plenty fine with her. She loved the feel of this dick in her mouth. Carol kissed the head, giving it little pecks with her lips, then opened her mouth and kissed it deeper, using her tongue. She kissed and licked down one side of his cock to the base. Her hands played with his cock and balls as she used her mouth on him. She pushed his cock up towards his stomach to lick the underside, exposing his balls. She used her right hand to jerk him up and down steadily as she gaped at how big his balls were. She glanced quickly at his face, he was looking at the ceiling, he hadn’t seen her surprised look. When he’d been drilling her, she’d felt his ball sack pulsing into her with each thrust. She’d liked it, but she hadn’t really thought about how big it was. She put her left hand around it and found it was more than big enough to fill her small hand.

She left his dick alone for a minute to play with his balls, using both hands. Carol lifted them to her mouth and licked them, wetting them with her saliva. Then she took each into her mouth bringing groans from above her. Carol could feel Rick looking at her now, she knew she’d surprised him. She’d felt his dick twitch when she’d begun sucking his balls into her mouth. She’d surprised herself too, she’d never done that before. She had to stretch her mouth wide to fit over each nut. When she had sucked on both balls for a while, she shifted back to licking her way up his cock. Carol was happy to see he’d leaked some pre-cum. She licked it up greedily and enjoyed the taste.

Having played with him enough, she got down to business. She worked her mouth halfway down his shaft and held onto the bottom half with her right hand. As she moved her mouth up, her right hand came up to, sucking on his dick and jerking him off at the same time. Judging by Rick’s frantic gasp, she could tell he liked that. She found a pace that they both enjoyed and stayed there. It was quick enough that it was thoroughly stimulating him, but slow enough that Carol didn’t feel like she was killing herself.

She closed her eyes and focused on the cock in her mouth. It was thick. Carol had to open her mouth wide to get her teeth over it, especially the head. It was noticeably thicker than the shaft, visually thicker and the difference was more pronounced as she rolled her tongue all over it. She found the edge of the head, where it crested over the shaft and formed a little kind of helmet. She rolled her tongue all along this edge and then up to the slit. Rick moaned, apparently he liked that. When she did it again he moaned even louder and he grabbed onto the back of her head. She tried to focus most of her attention on the head, she knew she wouldn’t be able to get the whole length in her mouth, so halfway was as far as she went.

For a few minutes, Carol dramatically increased her tempo, going up and down really fast and drawing him a little deeper into her mouth while using both hands on his shaft and balls. Rick went crazy, yelled her name and grabbed onto the the couch with both hands. Maybe he wouldn’t be able to last as long as she thought. Rick wasn’t worried about any neighbors they had apparently, Escort Trabzon he yelled her name and told her his dick felt good.

She smiled around his dick, she’d never had a guy yell her name like that before. Not during blow jobs, not during sex. Never. She stood up and took a minute to take her clothes off. Rick watched her and then stared at her as she stood in front of him, letting him gaze at her firm body in the light of the room. He paused on her breasts for a long time, then moved down to her butt. Carol leaned over and put her boobs in his face. “Kiss them. Put your hands on them. They need some attention.”

Rick happily obliged, sucking one of her tits into his mouth and licking it back and forth, one hand grabbed her other boob while the other reached around and tried to grab her butt. Carol could feel his hunger, his thick penis was stabbing her in the stomach as she leaned over him. Rick began to nibble on her tits, grabbing them with both hands down. Carol felt her extreme wetness, she wanted to sit down on his lap and impale herself on his cock, but she also wanted to feel Rick’s dick back in her mouth. She pushed off of him and said, “OK.”

Carol opened her mouth wide and leaned in close, but she didn’t shove it in. She put just the tip in front of her mouth and began frantically jerking him off with both hands, licking and kissing the big head of his penis. Jerking him off so quickly was driving him wild, Rick began moaning again and saying her name, telling Carol he wanted to fuck her again.

“You want to fuck me? Stand up.” Carol stood up, Rick looked surprised, but he complied. Carol took his place on the couch and lay down flat, with her head on the pillowy armrest. “Fuck me.”

Rick smiled and straddled her, but before he could shove his dick in her, Carol grabbed it. Rick looked at her face and saw her mouth open. “No, no, no. I want it in my mouth. Put it in and give it to me.”

Rick smiled even bigger now, showing all his teeth. “Oh, you like this idea? You want to thrust into my mouth? Do it Rick, give it to me until you cum, only…. uh… try not to choke me ok? You’re pretty big.”

Rick straddled her chest now and leaned over her, putting his hands on the table next to the couch. His dick looked huge looming above her and suddenly it was back in her mouth. He shoved it in deeper than she had been and was thrusting harder and faster. Carol realized this was another first for her, but it excited her, to have her mouth fucked… used like a toy. She gagged a little as Rick put it in a little deeper. She moaned, a little in protest, a little in surprise at how huge it was. Rick seemed to get the message and pulled it out a little, thrusting shallower from then on.

Carol grabbed onto his butt with both hands and gave him a spank with her right hand. Rick grunted loudly and looked at her. She removed her left hand from his butt and put it on his disk, wrapping it around and fondling him as he thrusted in and out of her mouth. She felt his dick twitch a few times and moved her hand to his balls, this made Rick yell… loudly. She took him out of her mouth and said, “Are you ok, I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

Rick immediately shoved himself back in her mouth, “You didn’t, god, your hands feel so good. I’m gonna cum soon, do you want to stop?”

Carol shook her head quickly and spanked him again. It was too late if he expected her to stop, of course she had no intention of doing that. Carol felt his pre-cum leaking into her mouth and knew he was close. She longed to taste his cum and swallow him into her body. Rick’s breathing quickened and then seemed to reach a crescendo and he yelled “I’m cumming!” She braced herself, she knew he’d thrust extra hard and deep when he came. With her head on the pillow she couldn’t pull back very far. Rick shoved it all the way in, Carol consciously relaxed and took it. A few tears rolled down her face as she fought her gag reflex. Damn he was so big.

The shaft of his cock shook and the head swelled even bigger. The first jet of hot cum blasted into her mouth and down her throat with surprising force. Carol’s hand was kneading his balls for all their cum, careful to squeeze just enough to excite him and not hurt him. The shots of sperm were hot and seemed to last forever. Carol collected her reward and wondered how much it was.

The flow from his nuts into her mouth was huge. Her experience with guys cumming in her mouth was very limited, but this was definitely the biggest load she’d ever been given. The tastiest too. Her mouth filled to near overflowing; she pushed on his crotch a little so he would pull out some. He continued to thrust as he came, but it was shallower and she was able to slip off to just the head of his penis so she had more room. She frantically swallowed some in a big gulp just as another shot went into her mouth.

Finally the pulses changed to dribbles, leaking into her mouth instead of shooting deeper. She could feel him relax some and his cock lost some of its extreme hardness. She looked up at his serene face with his still closed eyes and she swallowed the remainder. She smiled as he took his dick out and he sat down on the floor. She smiled because she was happy and Rick was happy. She had made him feel that way. She smiled because it had been fun. She decided he tasted sweet.

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