Lait Maternal Pt. 03

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Rising out of bed, Penny had a slight hangover from the night before. As she came to her senses, her eyes adjusting to the daylight, she remembered what had happened the previous evening and blushed thinking back to the things she did. Instinctively, she got up to look in the bathroom mirror. She gasped as a dull ache shot through her ass up her back, and she got an even bigger shock when she felt back there and realized her asshole was still a little loose. “Shit…”, she exclaimed and hobbled to the bathroom to look in the mirror. Her breasts looked puffy and somewhat larger than normal, which was surprising considering they were already well above average in size to begin with. She wasn’t lactating though, which was at least something comforting to her.

After a long hot shower, she applied another layer of the all-over body cream, humming and smiling as she looked at herself again. She loved how the cream made her skin smooth, so she liberally applied it to every inch of her body. Coo’ing as she felt that same welcoming, warm feeling all over, any doubts or nervousness she felt seem to fly away with the butterflies that had vacated her body. Reaching down, she applied the cream to her labia, and then between her legs to her asshole, noticing a tingling feeling there as her rosebud, as if by magic, tightened up again to it’s pre-“monster anal” state. “Oooh”, perking up as she realized. “I wonder if there is botox in this or something?”, making a mental note to update her evaluation form to ask that question.

She sat on the couch and carefully applied an emerald green nail varnish and had a look through the rest of the box of testers. At least, she would know what she still had to test if asked. Reading the labels quickly, she saw a selection of creams and lotions for various parts of the body, a few lip glosses, lip balm, as well as a funny-looking label that simply read ‘erection inducer: strawberry’. “Well, that’s not for me…”, she chuckled as she blew one last time on her nails before going to the kitchen.

Prancing around her apartment naked, she quickly ate cereal, and drank one of the protein shakes from her tester box. Filling out the form, she put down that she liked the chai-like taste and it’s smoothness, although the serving size could be larger. It took her a few moments to realize her other hand was playing with herself as she was writing. Clearly horny again, she looked at the clock and realized there would be no ‘happy time’ before work. She forced herself to stop and went to dress, choosing a matching emerald-green silk bra & panty set, complete with cute black lace trim. Over the top, she choose a professional looking white blouse with ruffled sleeves and a plunging neckline, some charcoal black dress pants, and black wedges. Smiling, seeing her painted nails, she had a special fetish-like desire to make her nails match the color of her lingerie. She had never told anyone that, but seeing her emerald green nails made her smile, as if she were in possession of the world’s best kept secret.

Leaving in rather a hurry, she put the lip balm in her purse and headed to Lait Maternal, Inc.

Walking into the lobby, the friendly receptionist beamed a welcoming smile and raised her eyebrows twice, as if noticing something new. As Penny smiled and started to introduce herself, she interjected… “You tried that cream didn’t you? Your skin looks positively radiant.” Slightly taken aback, Penny responded with a fumbled “Oh, thank you… I’m Penny and this is my first day.”

Chuckling to herself, she looked back at her computer, typing in random things “Oh, I know who you are, and I am so happy to see you working here now. I hope we’ll get to work together some time. I have so much to ask you about modeling.”

Making small talk, Penny excused herself to a comfy-looking chair close by and made sure she had all the documents she needed. A few minutes later, Bee and Ms. MacKenzie entered the reception. Ashlee smiled from ear to ear and motioned in for a hug like they were old friends. “Penny. I am so glad to see you. Welcome aboard! Come… come… we ‘ave much to do. Did you bring everything you need?”

Nodding politely, she hugged the older lady, feeling her kiss her lightly on each side of her face, and then followed her down a long corridor toward what looked like an elevator. Entering a small office off to the right Ashlee introduced Penny to Timothy, who she explained was their human resources contact. “Work with Timothy ‘ere to fill out the legal things and join us on the lower level when you are done, yes?”

She loved her French accent; it made her chuckle on the inside. “Of course, Ms. Mac… I mean… Ashlee. Of course, Ashlee. I will be down as soon as I can.”

Nodding approvingly, Ashlee and Bee left the room and as the door closed, the muffled ‘ding’ sound of the elevator arriving could be heard. Turning her attention back to Timothy, she smiled and handed him the paperwork and her forms of identification. “Be right Bostancı escort back. I have to get your security badge from the printer.” In no time he returned with her badge, as well as a brand new lab-coat . “Here you go. Welcome to Lait Maternal, Inc., Penny. Please head to the lab level.”

She thanked him and stepped to the elevator, pressing the down button one too many times, as if the elevator knew she was anxious to get started. Upon arriving on the lab floor, she was greeted with a bustling laboratory. It wasn’t your ‘mad scientist’ setup with strange vials and colored liquids bubbling away under Bunsen burners, but it was definitely an immaculately clean, sterile, lab with various computers, monitors, analysis machines, sample trays, petri-dishes, and various technicians with your stereotypical white lab coats and hair pulled back into a bun. She did notice that they were all female too. Ashlee and Bee were close by; Ashlee signing off on a paper presented to her by a tech. Hearing the elevator Ashlee motioned her over to a glass-walled office, and asked her to sit and present any evaluation forms she had completed.

Penny was sitting against the back wall of the office, intently looking around at the hustle and bustle of the scientific research. She periodically would focus back to Ashlee, who was reading her evaluation forms very slowly. She could see a subtle smile every so often. This pleased Penny, who was eager to impress.

Finally, handing the forms to Bee, Ashlee smiled. “Penny. I ‘am glad to see you sampled so many things yesterday. Tell me how you feel.” Taken aback by the question, Penny’s mouth opened but no words came out. Sensing her confused-state Ashlee started talking with her hands, “You feel… refreshed? Calm? ‘appy? No worries?”

Perking up at understanding the question, Penny managed to utter “Oh… yes… very calm and happy. I feel… I don’t know… stress-free? Go with the flow attitude, I think. The cream makes me feel warm and fuzzy and the other things… the… lube… it does what it says on the label.”, cringing and blushing at describing her use of an anal lubricant.

Ashlee simply smiled and sat back in her chair, crossing her arms. “This pleases me, Penny. You are exactly who we are marketing our product to. You see, Penny. You are special. We… ” again, using her hands to describe things, “we all are different people, and we react to things differently. What you described in your forms is what we are looking for. Some candidates simply say ‘oh, the cream smells nice’ or ‘didn’t leave any residue’, so obviously they ‘feel’ nothing. But you… you.. have all these extra feelings deep down.”

As Ashlee continued to praise her work, Penny couldn’t help notice a blonde-haired tech working at a table near by. She was enchanting, and it was hard to concentrate on what Ashlee was saying and watch her at the same time. Out of the corner of her eye, she snapped back into focus to see Bee covering her mouth and whispering something in Ashlee’s ear, which stopped Ashlee’s conversation.

Turning and then smiling as she turned to face Penny again, “Ah. I see you notice Adeline. ‘ave you ever seen her before?” Penny simply shook her head, embarrassed she had been caught not paying attention. “Yet you are drawn to ‘er, no?”

“Well… not… drawn.. I mean.. she is lovely..”

“You are drawn to ‘er, Penny. Would you like to know why?”

Penny continued “I’m not ‘drawn’ to her, she just happened to…”

“Penny.”, Ashlee said in a very stern, matter-of-fact manner. “Do you know what Lait Maternal means in English?”

To be honest, she hadn’t given it much thought. Stammering a little, trying to recall her school French lessons, “Well… I think lait is French for milk, but I… “

“Breast.”, Ashlee interjected. “Breast is the other word.”, lightly cupping her her own breast through her dress.

Instantly turning a shade of red probably not see by her, Penny didn’t know what to say. Smiling, with a genuineness in her face, “A rough, but accurate translation, Penny. Our main selling point is that every product we make is infused with, or starts life as pure, natural human breast milk.”

Shaking her head at the revelation, “You mean every cream that I used… drink I tried… you mean another woman’s… milk… but… I’m not..”, again stammering to put basic sentences together.

“Lesbian? Oh, Penny. It is completely natural you react this way. Society tells us breast milk is simply for infants. Even feeding your own child naturally is a taboo if done in public and just talking about it is seen as offensive. Breast milk is natural and it’s properties are so real. This is ‘ow we will become number one, Penny. And already it is working on you. If it works on you, imagine ‘ow many other women will feel always ‘appy. Always calm. Always with no fears, yes?”

Penny went to stand but Bee instinctively reached across the table and silently shook her head, sending a strong Anadolu Yakası Escort message that she should not leave. “Please.. “, Bee said softly. “wait here and just listen.” Considering her options and the fact she was on a floor that was probably underground, Penny sat back down, and stayed silent as she looked away from them both trying to hold back tears.

She heard a chair shuffle and the door to the office open and close. Penny and Ashlee were alone in the office. Neither said a word, until the door opened again. “Penny. You will greet Adeline. Now.” Penny did instantly, responding to the sternness of Ashlee’s tone.

She stood and offered her hand to Adeline, who she could see was beautiful. Her long blonde hair was pulled back into a ponytail which grazed the small of her back. Her face was genuine, smiling, with the most intoxicating amber eyes, cute “lab tech” type glasses, and looking down was very gifted in the breast department. “Penny. I am Adeline. It’s so nice to finally meet you.” Shaking her hand, she tried to stay professional and not let on how drawn to her she truly was.

“Uh. Nice to meet you, Adeline. I’m sorry I’m not sure what has gotten into me…” Chuckling and navigating the table to sit next to her, “I bet.” as she used her eyes and a quick head twitch to motion Penny back to face Ashlee.

Biting her lower lip, Ashlee continued. “You will not respond like that again, yes?” Penny nodding. “Good. The reason you feel so drawn to Adeline is because she is now part of you.” Raising her finger, silencing Penny’s reaction. “Penny, every sample you were sent ‘ome with contains Adeline’s breast milk. Everything you tried… tested… rubbed on your skin… consumed… even used on your ass to make anal sex pleasurable. All of it ‘ad Adeline’s milk in it. Your body absorbs ‘er milk. You are drawn to ‘er milk… and… where it comes from. You see, as well as feeling ‘appy. Calm. No stress… you want more of it. Like a radar, you could not remove your eyes from ‘er when you first saw ‘er, no? When people use our products, and they see you on billboards or television, they will be drawn to you and want more of you too.”

Penny tried to respond but again her mouth hung open with no audible sound emanating from within. Feeling Adeline’s hand stroke the back of her head, she felt her face get closer, simply whispering ‘Feed from me, Penny.’

The words caused time to stop. Like someone had pressed the pause button on a life remote control. The world around her became deathly silent. Her vision blurred; a hazy, sepia tone in slow motion. Except… for them… turning to her left, Adeline’s large, bare breasts were clear as day and bathed in sunlight. As soon as she saw them, she was instantly euphoric, and found her mouth dry, needing refreshment. Without even thinking twice, she opened her mouth and took the inviting nipple into her mouth and began suckling.

A moan escaped as she felt the warm, creamy milk hit the back of her throat. She closed her eyes and got lost in the feeling, swallowing the milk like it was life’s elixir. After several minutes, the nipple was removed as another replaced it. Adeline had switched breasts as she continued to stroke Penny’s hair, whispering encouraging words that only she could hear. As well as feeling full from the milk she was ingesting, Penny also noticed herself becoming flushed… as well as horny. Her own body prevented her from doing anything about it though as her hands now cupped the life-giving breast she was drinking from. Suddenly, without warning the nipple was removed. Penny, her eyes still closed, left her mouth open waiting but nothing replaced it. ‘Feeding time is over, Penny.’ was all she heard before the world continued on.

Sound returned, catching her off-guard instantly like a loud TV show unmuted. Her vision returned. She… returned. She was panting as she saw Adeline walking out of the office, patting Ashlee’s shoulder. And Ashlee… “Oh my god…” was all she could muster as she saw Bee, kneeling in front of Ashlee suckling on her breast. Ashlee had the biggest smile on her face. Her mouth open, clearly enjoying herself. Turning and covering her eyes, Ashlee spoke for the first time in what seemed like an eternity.

“Do not be embarrassed, Penny. Natural milk. Bee craves the milk from my breasts as much as you now crave Adeline’s. Just like you, not a minute ago, she cannot hear or see you. She is focused on my breast and drinking from me only. She is in a ‘ypnotic trance. Very few women in the world, Penny, ‘ave the genetics in their breast milk that causes this. I suspect you ‘ave it to and today you will provide a sample for us to test.”

Mortified, Penny rose up and started to leave. Ashlee remained seated, and calm. “Penny. Do you want to be punished? Continue disobeying me and I will ‘ave no problem with that.”

Feeling a fight-or-flight wave of emotion, Penny turned to Ashlee, “Punish me? What is this, kindergarten? You going Kadıköy Escort to spank me like a little child?”

Ashlee simply chuckled before bending down to whisper something in Bee’s ear. Bee instantly stopped suckling and shook her head, coming to her senses again. She stood and faced Ashlee. “Bee,” Ashlee said. “Show Penny what bad little girls get for a punishment around here.” Bee turned to face Penny, and lifted her dress.

Penny gasped in horror. Bee was wearing a medieval-looking chastity belt. The darker, brushed-metal device had gold-looking hinges and locking points. Affixed around her waist and between her legs, there were metal plates all adjoined by a number of different padlocks keeping it securely in place. Moving Bee to one side so that Ashlee could see Penny.

“No spanking, Penny. Although that is an intriguing punishment before you are put in a device quite similar to this. You see, whether you realize it or not, you are very ‘orny. Drinking the special milk does that. Imagine never being able to pleasure yourself. Never being able to make yourself cum. No, the ultimate punishment is being kept in a constant state of denial, Penny. You cannot leave ‘ere without your badge letting you. Your badge ‘ad a one-time use code on it. You cannot leave ‘ere unless I enable it again. I will ‘ave no problem sending you ‘ome in a chastity belt until you learn to comply. Remember the contract you signed, Penny. You will do what I ask, when I ask, ‘ow I ask. Now.” Snapping her fingers by the glass wall, “You will follow Adeline and do exactly as she says. Now.”

Adeline appeared again, still smiling, and holding out a reassuring hand. Penny, drawn to her again as her eyes glazed over, raised her own hand to meet hers as she followed her into an adjoining room. Closing the door behind them, Adeline stood with her back against the only exit and looked Penny in the eyes. “Penny, it’s not wise to disobey Ashlee like that. You don’t want to be in a chastity belt, right?” her eyes genuinely caring.

“Definitely not. I don’t want to be a sex toy for a depraved woman like that.” Penny responded, tears welling up but with her expression almost blank. Seeing her panic, Adeline put her hand on her shoulder.

“Right. So do exactly as she says as you saw what Bee is now locked in to for disobeying her one too many times. Look, it’s just the two of us in here. You’re safe. I need to collect a sample of your milk and Ashlee will be upset if I don’t come out of here with one, got it?” Penny nodded.

“Just do as I say and you’ll be out of here in no time.” as she opened her lab coat again to expose her gorgeous bare breasts to Penny. “Penny. Remove your top, your bra, and your pants. Now.” Glued to the sight of her breasts, Penny complied and unbuttoned her shirt, letting it fall to the floor before removing her bra. Her pants followed shortly after, stepping out of them and standing in only her panties and wedges. Scooping up her clothes, Adeline put them on a nearby table and motioned Penny to sit in a comfy-looking chair. It was mechanical in nature, but the padding looked expensive and felt very plush as Penny’s bottom made contact and sunk into it. Adeline proceeded to buckle Penny’s wrists to the arm rests with good quality leather straps, and then buckled her knees to the bottom of the arm rests, effectively spreading her legs wide with her knees raised.

“For your safety…”, she said, even though she knew Penny wasn’t paying attention; her eyes following her udders as they hung and swayed as she did her work. “Okay, now don’t jump, but I’m going to tilt the chair back…” as Penny nodded, feeling herself being moved back, almost as if she was in the dentist’s chair. “Now, look up and ahead of you.” which she did to see a very large, flat-screen TV monitor.

As Adeline turned the monitor on, Penny gasped loudly as she witnessed something she never thought she would see in her life. “What the…” There were 5 large breasted women, being milked. In a line, each girl was strapped into a metal cage that kept them on all-fours, with their heavy breasts hanging down as the suction cups pumped milk from them. The girls each wore a restrictive bondage hood with the eyes sealed. Penny noticed that each cage was raised on a platform, and behind each one, was a younger-looking naked girl kneeling with her arms tied behind her back. The young girl’s head was tilted up and it was clear she was eating pussy. Behind two were other women who, just by the motions of their hips, were clearly penetrating the women. Hard. Penny’s focus was snapped back to her own situation as she felt a cold cream being applied to her nipples by Adeline.

“Isn’t it an erotic sight, Penny?” her eyes directing Penny back to the big monitor. “Those women are in ecstasy. Each willingly visits us three times a week to provide us their milk. You see, Penny…” as Adeline applied suction cups to each of Penny’s breasts, “we have found that our women produce the most amount of milk when they are at the height of sexual arousal. It’s why you lactated when you were trying to make yourself cum. Just before you came, you lactated. So what you see are 5 women who are kept on the verge of cumming for about an hour each. They produce gallons of milk during that time.”

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