Ladies Network Ch. 03

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By the time Penny left the Zambesi dress boutique in city centre Sydney for the half hour drive back to her home in North Sydney on Beauty Point, she was completely physically and emotionally drained from her long day of sexual activities at the hands of the owner, Emily, and her beautiful assistant Amanda who had slowly and seductively introduced her to the world of mild BDSM as they luxuriated in their role as dominatrices.

As Penny drove in a trance-like state, images of what Mistress Emily and Mistress Amanda had done to her played and replayed in her creative mind as if she were watching herself on a video, and the more involved her mind took her into this realm of sensual fantasy, Penny felt herself become surprisingly very wet between her legs, thinking that after the day’s experience she could not become sexually aroused for some time. However, Penny’s libido was insatiable that seldom if ever was satisfied.

Penny became so sexually aroused she squeezed her thighs together that brought pressure to bear on her aroused, erect clit poking out between her creamy labia, intensifying her erotic desires. In time Penny developed a rhythm of squeezing and relaxing her thighs in such a way that she was masturbating, bringing herself closer and closer to orgasm, another thing she felt would be impossible having experienced so many intense and overpowering orgasms through Emily’s and Amanda’s digital and lingual attention to her hungry pussy.

During Emily’s and Amanda’s seduction of Penny while she was suspended from a wooden beam held between opposite walls of the all-mirrored, sound-proof dressing room with her wrists bound in padded handcuffs, Amanda had cut off Penny’s black, silk panties with a pair of scissors; therefore, Penny had no panties on, and her now wet, throbbing pussy was readily available to her.

Without giving a thought to the fact that she was inside her car in the middle of traffic on a well-travelled road with men and women, some of whom were most likely her neighbors, heading to their homes from their day’s work in the city, Penny took her right hand off the wheel and lowered it onto the hem of her short skirt. Feeling the heat of her thighs pressing against her hand, Penny slowly lifted the hem of her skirt and started to slide her hand beneath it, feeling the smooth softness of her inner thighs until her fingers touched herself between her legs.

Sighing deeply with intense satisfaction, Penny felt how wet her thick forest of black pubic hair was, and when she slid her fingers between her creamy labia, Penny traced a languorous line from the top of her perineum, past her cream-coated vaginal hole and urethra, up to her very sensitive clit that peeked out from beneath its protective hood. With the pads of her index and middle fingers Penny circled her aroused clit, moving her fingertips around and around the base until she flicked her fingertips up and down and back and forth across and over her clitoral love bud and tweaked it rhythmically until she felt the beginning throbbing of an impending orgasm.

Once having brought herself to this stage of sexual excitement, Penny increased the pace of her fingers playing with her blood-engorged, erect, hard clit until her mind sent out the necessary signals to her body to release all the mounting, sexual tension ever centering it on the vortex of her womanhood.

“Oh, god, I can’t believe I’m doing this,” Penny moaned softly to herself, controlling the excruciating grimace wanting to etch itself on her beautiful face while at the same time fighting desperately to keep her eyes open and on the road even though she wanted to squeeze them shut in anticipation of her pending orgasm.

When the dam of her sexual desire burst, opening the floodgates of her gaping vagina and puckering urethra, Penny lost control of her bodily functions and uncontrollably squirted a large amount of ejaculation that literally shot out and up, making the front of her skirt soaked with her love juice, as well as down between her legs, having her sit in a puddle of her fluid. Fortunately, the seats of her Jaguar are leather, and so she knew all she’d have to do when she got back to her home was to clean it up with a sponge and dry it off with a towel.

However, as Penny continued towards home, still breathing irregularly due to her orgasmic climax and having her heart race inside her chest, she was quite uncomfortable sitting in her own wet body fluid that had her just about soaked on both her skirt and the tail of her blouse.

Even so, Penny felt relieved and more calm, having had her orgasm that released much of the sexual tension that had been building up again since she had left the dress boutique where she had left Emily and Amanda to clean up the dressing room and put away the sex toys, including the Sybian sex machine that had given her such a ride.

By the time Penny punched the button on the right sun visor to open her double garage door and pulled Esenyurt Escort her car inside, she had regained control of her breathing and heart rate. However, she felt very uncomfortable being so wet on her ass, between her legs, and on the tops of her thighs. As she closed the garage door and got out of the car, all she wanted was to go up to her bedroom and get into the shower to wash her body and relax in the soothing comfort of gentle, warm spray of the water.

She had already decided that cleaning the car would have to wait until later after she was clean and in dry clothes. Besides, she knew Penelope and Pamela would most likely be home from school, and she didn’t want her daughters seeing her in such a wet and disheveled condition that she was and have to try to explain the reason for it to them.

Thus, that was how Penny’s day of seduction and rape went, but Emily and Amanda did get her fitted into her new, red gown that was cut low in the bodice and fit firmly around her broad, curvaceous hips to end just below the knees. Before she left, Emily told Penny she would have the evening gown delivered to her home so she wouldn’t have to make a special trip into the city since she would be coming in that evening to attend the Ladies Network gala dinner at the Galileo Observatory Hotel and Restaurant on Kent Street that from the top floor overlooked the historic streetscape of Miller’s Point. This was one of the highlight social events of the year attended by some of the most prestigious and wealthiest women of Sydney society who for years had found social and sexual pleasure with one another.

It was one of those nights to be remembered and savoured by the ladies who identified their Sisterhood by the eighteen-karat gold ankle bracelets with the symbolic rainbow attached to them that each wore on her right ankle. It was also an evening for flaunting their new evening gowns, each one bought and altered to fit their bodies to perfection at Zambesi Boutique where Penny not only selected her gown and had it altered but where she had been seduced and sexually pleasured by the owner Emily and her assistant Amanda as part of her initiation into the Sisterhood.

What Penny didn’t know was there would be more to come during the evening at the gala dinner where, because the Organization Committee had bought out the entire restaurant for the evening so they could enjoy not only the most delectable of fine French cuisine and superb wine but live entertainment as well after the dinner.

It was understood by the management that after the dinner was complete, all the tables would be cleared except for the crystal wine glasses at each seat and several buckets of wine in ice on stands positioned strategically around each of the tables to be served by special, all-female help who knew what to expect and what went on behind closed doors.

As in most cases money talks and can buy just about anything those who have it desire, and for the Ladies Network this was no exception. The women were free to say and do as they pleased with no questions asked and no answers expected. The Sisterhood even had no worries about law enforcement since the wives of the Police Chief and Sydney’s City Commissioner were members of the Ladies Network.

Into this atmosphere of unbridled desire Penny entered the Galileo Observatory Hotel and Restaurant that evening, looking absolutely stunning in her new, red, low cut, tight-fitting evening gown and wearing a necklace of small, brilliant diamonds lying against the warm flesh of her tapered neck that was highlighted by a solitary, deep green emerald pendant.

Standing motionless after she had entered from the anteroom, Penny looked around the magnificent, large room, admiring the luxurious décor. Her attention was particularly drawn to the exquisite, antique crystal, six-armed chandelier suspended above a large, round, mahogany pedestal table situated in the centre of the dining room.

As Penny stood there, a very attractive young woman dressed in an elegant, black uniform approached her and stopped short of touching Penny’s body.

“Good evening, my lady,” she greeted Penny in a low, soft, sweet voice and with a pleasant smile. “May I have your name please?”

Penny looked directly into the young woman’s green eyes that were accentuated by her brilliant, short, close-cropped red hair that was brushed back over and behind her ears, but as she lifted her eyes to meet the look of the young woman, she couldn’t help noticing the white shirt beneath her uniform jacket with its low, V-cut, frilly white collar that accentuated the cleavage of her full breasts. Even dressed in a formal uniform that looked like a tuxedo, the young woman was stunning and pleasing to the eyes.

Because of her hesitating to respond immediately to the young woman’s question, Penny sighed and said, “Oh, I am so sorry. I have to admit I was so stunned by your beauty and appearance, I couldn’t İstanbul Escort speak.”

The young woman once more smiled sweetly at Penny as she waited for Penny’s answer to her question about her name.

“My name is Penny, Penny Kazantakis.”

Lifting a small, hand-held, electronic pad, the young woman typed in her name and pressed a small button, causing Penny’s name to appear on the small screen.

“Yes, so you are, and here is your name Ms. Kazantakis,” said the young woman as she lifted her right arm into the air to which another young, beautiful woman responded and came to her.

“Katrina, this is Ms. Kazantakis.”

“Oh, please, just Penny,” Penny said encouragingly since she had been uncomfortable having her husband’s name used since his early death several years ago.

Giving Penny’s beautiful face and gorgeous body a final, quick once over, the young woman turned her head towards Katrina and said, “Would you please escort Penny to her seat at table eight?”

“Yes, Jennifer, I’ll be delighted. Come Ms…I mean Penny. Follow me,” Katrina said as she turned to lead the way.

As Penny followed behind Katrina, she thought pensively to herself, “Hmmm, number eight again. The same number given to me by the Valet at Zambesi Dress Boutique, the Chinese number that symbolizes infinity and the power of yin and yang.”

Penny wondered if there could be any significance for her having been given this number of Oriental symbolism and meaning twice now in the same number of days, but she shrugged such thoughts off as mere coincidence. Besides, Penny was not a superstitious or over-religious woman even though she was still a member of St. George Greek Orthodox Church in Rose Bay not far from her home.

When Katrina had led Penny to her table that was located in the first row of tables not far from the large, mahogany table in the centre of the room with the crystal chandelier above it, she was taken aback to find it filled with women of varying ages and beauty except for the one, remaining empty chair. She was even more surprised to see Emily and Amanda sitting on either side of her chair, both of whom had looked up as Penny approached the table, each wearing a Cheshire Cat smile as if they knew something she did not, and they did.

“Welllllllllllll, Penny,” said Emily in a very flattering voice. “Aren’t you the lovely one? Your new gown looks lovely on you, Luv, showing off your womanly attributes to their best advantage, especially your beautiful, full breasts with that marvelous cleavage of yours. And that red in contrast to your olive skin, why, you look absolutely ravishing and delicious. Doesn’t she ladies?”

Each of the other six women, Penny being the eighth woman at table eight, spoke up in turn, each giving her name and complimenting Penny for her stunning, ethnic beauty and how well her new, red gown hugged her curvaceous body so well while leeringly undressing her with their eyes, some even licking their lips that Penny did not miss.

Penny blushed at the profuse compliments the ladies showered on her as Katrina led her to her chair, pulled it out for her while she sat down, and then gently helped her move it forward near the edge of the table. Katrina then turned and walked back to her station, leaving the table of eight women to chatter away, each one making Penny the centre of attention that made her more than a little self-conscious and uncomfortable.

“I guess this is the way it feels to be the new kid on the block,” Penny sighed inwardly to herself. “I’ll just have to relax and go with flow since I don’t know what to expect.”

Penny had her hands folded on her lap while sitting up quite straight in her chair while the other women were so relaxed, moving their bodies about while casually talking with one another and yet bringing Penny into their conversations as much as possible.

Penny felt surrounded by the buzz of women’s voices not only at her table but also throughout the crowded dining room. It was a beehive of activity, and as Penny looked at the women at her table and from side to side at as much of the room in her view, she wondered who the Queen Bee was.

With that thought in mind, Penny smiled within herself, being brought back to awareness by the touch of Emily’s and Amanda’s hands on her thighs, each giving a gentle squeeze and then slowly sliding her splayed fingers upwards until they met and touched at the crease above Penny’s pussy.

“I guess Emily and Amanda didn’t get enough of me yesterday at the boutique,” Penny thought pensively, “but then, they didn’t have me go down on them to help give them sexual satisfaction and bring them to orgasm. Although, unless I miss my guess, I’m sure their being so sexually aroused, they would have cared for the needs of the other after I had left for home. On that I’d be willing to bet.”

The rest of the early evening while dinner, drinks, and desserts were served went smoothly, Beylikdüzü Escort and all the women present at the gala dinner enjoyed themselves immensely; however, unbeknownst to Penny, behind the jovial banter and laughter of the women lay a sleeping, restless feline of sexual urges seething beneath the surface and actively at work between their legs, making each of the women’s pussies knowingly wet, none of whom wore panties. Their pussies, some au natural with others shaved with varying degrees from completely clean to very creative strips and designs of pubic hair of all colors: black; brown; auburn; blonde; red, grey, salt and pepper; and any combination in between, were anywhere from damp to very wet.

Their sexual urges also ranged from warm to hot, and yet each one tingled with erotic sensations of one degree to another, maybe depending on their ages that ranged from early twenties to mid-seventies. One at the top of this age spread was Lady Rose, a very popular, well-known, and well-loved lesbian matron in Sydney, especially within the gay community on the East side in the Darlinghurst area.

Lady Rose who owned two major department stores in city centre and was well acquainted with many influential board members on several of the major lending institutions was well known for her many philanthropic gifts made to the community as well as for her popular dinners and lingerie parties at her large, Victorian home that included sexual activities for her female quests. These parties were the talk of the town.

Lady Rose being a lesbian and, therefore, childless had adopted a kid off the streets to be her only daughter. Her name was Ginger. She, too, quite naturally was a member of the Sisterhood who being nineteen was the youngest of the group. Ginger was the newest member the year before in 2006, and she, of course, had come with her adoptive mother Lady Rose.

It was through Lady Rose’s dinner-sexual parties that Penny had met her and who had helped Penny begin her photo-modeling studio after she had begun a successful modeling career for a popular women’s fashion magazine named Feline.

When the dinner was over and the tables were cleared, all the regular staff was dismissed and another private group of attractive women dressed in French maid’s uniforms came in to continue to serve the ladies and meet their every need. They were being paid handsomely by the Ladies Network, and after this staff shift, the doors between the anteroom and dining room were closed and locked to assure complete and uninterrupted privacy; however, for safety’s sake there was one of the special staff stationed at the double doors who had the key on her person to unlock the doors if necessary or in case of any emergency.

While all the women at the table at which Penny was seated chatted happily away, Penny, being this year’s new kid on the block, still felt a little uncomfortable and ill at ease as if she didn’t belong even though as the new fledgling member of the Sisterhood she knew she did, and she wore her signature mark of the gold ankle bracelet with the rainbow on her right ankle as proof.

Emily and Amanda paid the most attention to Penny and not just due to the fact they were seated on either side of her. Besides, not only had Penny been given that particular place of honor at a front table because she was the newest member, there were other reasons that would become quite clear to Penny before the night was over.

While Emily and Amanda engaged Penny in small talk, each casually dropped her hand onto her lap and with their other hands brought the end of the long tablecloth that hung below the knees up and over their hands and forearms until they were concealed from view.

They did this so naturally Penny wasn’t even aware of Emily’s and Amanda’s movements. Besides, the two had kept Penny looking at each of them while they continued their chatter, adding to the cacophony of high pitched voices reverberating throughout the large dinning room; although, the heavy, beautiful drapes on the windows helped to mute the volume to a mild, constant buzz.

Now that Emily and Amanda had their hands nicely positioned on their laps beneath the tablecloth, it was time for them to begin their second, planned seduction of Penny. Slowly each at the same time slid her hand from her lap to Penny’s thighs.

When Penny felt their gentle touch on her legs, she gave a startled look at both Emily and Amanda, first at one and then the other, asking in silent questions what they were doing? Non-plussed, Emily and Amanda pouted their lips in a hush position, shook their heads back and forth almost imperceptibly, and with their eyes burning into Penny’s let her know not to worry or be concerned with what they were doing.

Penny breathed a little more easily from their reassurance; however, she still had no idea why Emily and Amanda had put their hands onto her legs. However, Penny did not have long to wait to find out.

She soon felt Emily’s and Amanda’s fingertips slid down to the hem of her gown until they grasped it between their thumbs and forefingers. Once in position Emily and Amanda according to plan slowly began to tug at Penny’s hem to start their sliding it up her thighs towards her lap.

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