Kitchen Fun

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I come home from work a little early. Usually dinner is ready, but you are still cooking when I arrive. You do not hear me enter the house. Playfully, I sneak into the kitchen. As usual, you have changed into your nightgown, so I stand in the doorway unnoticed as I admire how it clings to your curves. Quietly, I slide up behind you, and wrap my arms around your waist as I kiss the side of your neck. Startled at first, you jump, but then relax in my arms. I continue to kiss your neck, up to your ear.

I whisper to you, “Baby, I’ve been thinking about you all day.”

You smile, and playfully push back against me, as if to push me away. I only hold you tighter. Turning you around to face me, I kiss your lips.

“How was your day, Love,” you ask. “I’m glad you’re home. Dinner is almost ready.”

“I’m glad to be home,” I reply, as I return to kissing you. “Dinner can wait a while. I’m hungry for something else.”

This time you begin kissing back. I pull you closer, and we embrace. You become more passionate, and I begin to get aroused. I reach down, grab your ass, and pull you tighter, pushing my crotch into yours. My excitement is obvious to you, and you moan onto my mouth. I kiss you harder as I grind my hardening cock Uşak Escort into you. I reach into the front of your gown, push my hand inside and cup your breasts. You gasp as I begin squeezing them aggressively, playing with your nipples. They respond to my touch, becoming erect and hard. Oh, how I like that. I begin to pinch and pull on them, rolling them between my fingers. I bite your lip gently as I break our kiss. You whimper as I move away from your mouth. Then I surprise you as I tear open the neck of your gown, exposing your breasts, and lower my mouth to a waiting nipple. Slowly, I lick it with the tip of my tongue. I draw circles around it, then flick it, and finally take it into my mouth, gently sucking it. I feel your knees weaken. Holding you up, I suck a little harder. You let out a long slow moan. I feel you reach down and begin stroking my cock through my pants, getting it harder. I bite your nipple, and pull back on it, dragging my teeth as I let it go. You cry out and squeeze my cock hard.

As you rub my cock, I remove my mouth from your breast, and move my arms from around you. I rip open your gown completely, and begin kissing down your stomach as I do, until I am at the top of your panties. I then reach Uşak Escort Bayan around to your sides; I grasp the waistband, and pull them off your hips slowly, kissing further down your belly as I do. When your panties are around your ankles, you step out of them. As you do, I nuzzle your pubic mound with my face, inhaling the heady aroma of your arousal. Oh, it excites me so!

Standing, I lift you up and sit you on the countertop. I kneel in front of you. Stopping a moment, I look at how wet your nicely trimmed pussy is. Judy, I cannot wait any longer! I press my face between your thighs, and begin licking your clit. I lick slowly at first, and then increase the pressure and speed of my tongue. Every now and then, I suck it into my mouth. You are so wet now that your juices are running down between your ass cheeks. Writhing your hips on the counter, you moan, calling my name.

“Oh, Keith, I want you to fuck me now!”

I pull you down to the floor, turn you around, and push you down over the counter. Quickly I lift your gown, release my throbbing cock from the confines of my pants, and push it into your waiting pussy. Pants around my ankles, I begin thrusting into you. I grab your hips for balance Escort Uşak as I push deeper, harder, faster… I reach around with one hand, and play with your clit as I fuck you. That sends you over the edge, and I can tell your orgasm is near. It is not long before you start to cum, your pussy contacting, and I feel my own orgasm nearing. You cry out in ecstasy as I fuck you harder and deeper. My balls are getting tight, ready to unload. I pull you from the counter, turn you around and push you to the floor. Instinctively you kneel, and open your mouth for my cock. Greedily you begin sucking it, and swirling your tongue around it. You pull it out of your mouth long enough to speak quickly.

“I want you to cum in my mouth, Keith!” you cry. “I want to taste it, and swallow every drop!”

That is all it takes! I growl loudly as I begin to shoot streams of semen into your mouth. Moaning with each spasm, I pump my load into your mouth, but it is too much for you to contain, and some dribbles out the side of your mouth. You pull my cock out of your mouth and stroke the last few spurts from it, allowing my semen to fall on your chin and breasts. Then, opening your mouth, you show me my load you are holding there, and as I watch, close your mouth and swallow it with a grin. Collapsing to the floor, I watch as you clean my remaining semen from your chin and chest, scooping it up with a finger, and putting it into your mouth. I reach out, pull you forward, and we collapse on floor, weak, sweaty, and sated…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32