Kissing My Friend’s Girl Feet Ch. 00

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When Brad and Emily took me out to see some of Seattle we probably looked like any three friends touring the sights. I tried to control my urges and be ‘normal’, but there was clearly a hold that Emily had over me. When we walked down the street I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She wore a simple white sundress but she looked amazing in it. Her hair was back in a ponytail, and her tight young body was captivated me. Her breasts were small but so firm and inviting. Her ass swayed back and forth under the dress and I often followed a step behind just to watch it. At times Brad would help himself to a handful of an ass cheek and just watching that made me hard.

Emily wore ordinary flip flops with the dress, but her feet looked amazing in them. The sun glared off her pedicure and made her toes look like little jewels. I remembered having them in my mouth just an hour earlier and blushed a little at the thought of how easily she had controlled me.

Emily generally seemed unaware of my constant fantasies of her, but on two occasions she made it clear she knew I was her toy.

The first was a simple moment. Brad and Emily were arm in arm and I was walking behind the two of them. Instead of looking up at the space needle as we approached, my eyes were fixed on Emily’s ass. I was pulled away from my fantasies when I noticed Emily turn her head. She smirked back at me, then coyly motioned with her finger for me to come closer. I quickly caught up to her and she took my arm, so she now had her boyfriend on one arm, her desperate toy on the other.

The second time Emily established her ownership of me was more intense. We were taking the streetcar to Chinatown. I sat across for Emily who sat close to Brad, cuddling him. The car wasn’t full but the people near us all clearly heard Emily tell me in a little girl whine that she had got dirt on her foot. She lifted her leg up a little and thrust one foot in the air expectantly.

“Could you clean it for me?” she implored, looking right at me.

My heart started to beat fast as I saw her big eyes stare me down and felt the eyes of the others on the bus on me. I couldn’t even bring myself to glance at Brad. Thoughts raced through my mind… could I really bring myself to do this?… would i be thrown off the bus?… is it possible she wanted me to lick the dirt off?… is there even any dirt on her foot?

The one thought that I couldn’t shake was the idea that if I did not do this, Emily may not ever let me enjoy her feet again. My heart sunk at the thought, and I blinked with the realization that I had to do as I was told.

I got up a little slowly and shakily, knelt on the floor in front of her foot then started to carefully brush off any dirt or dust that may be on it. Despite the humiliation, and I was truly feeling humiliated, I was excited to be touching her little foot, and I felt myself harden in my shorts. I took off her flip flop and was stroking invisible dirt off her sole when Emily pulled her foot away, pushed her foot brusquely against my shoulder and told me I was a ‘good boy’.

I looked longingly at her foot which was now out of reach, and saw it now beside Brad’s boat shoe. I placed the flip flop beside her, and realized I was still on my knees as I saw a couple looking down at me giggling. I scrambled up and back to my seat. Emily was now whispering something to Brad, paying me no mind, and I felt very alone as I sat back in my chair. When we got to our stop the three of us got out with no further mention of the incident.

We walked around Chinatown and we were about to head to the water for lunch when Brad got a text telling him he was needed in the office. He told us he’d have to skip lunch and see us in the evening. Emily whined that Brad worked too much then she asked me to carry her purse for a moment. I took her yellow purse and stood beside her while she gave Brad a long, passionate kiss goodbye.

Brad gave Emily’s ass a squeeze promising not to be back late. He slapped Escort Bayan me on the shoulder in a patronizing manner and left me with his girlfriend. As Emily and I walked to the restaurant she seemed in a sour mood so I kept quiet and tried to just enjoy taking in her beauty. Suddenly I saw a spark in her eye. She turned to me and said it would be great if I could take her sister out as well. I was thrilled she was happy and of course agreed, even while I wondered how much the bill would be for the three of us.

Emily texted her sister and lit up when she quickly got confirmation that she would join us. Emily explained that her sister was young and inexperienced, and I could help her learn. I joked with a leer that I was sure I’d enjoy teaching her and suddenly felt Emily’s hand hit me hard across the cheek. Emily told me sternly that it was important that I make her proud at lunch. Her sister was just 18 and Emily felt she needed to see how to handle the weak men around her who would gratefully do as they were told by a hot girl.

“I can count on you to show her can’t I?” she taunted.

I started to look down but she put her hand on my chin and pulled my face up so I was staring directly into her big eyes. I felt a buzz of electricity go through my body and hardened just from her look.

“Yes… you can” I spoke quietly.

“That’s my good boy” Emily said while looking into my eyes with a clear air of superiority.

I waited dumbly while Emily texted back and forth with her sister, then Emily took my hand and led the way with a skip in her step. Her energy gave me energy and I was grateful to have pleased her. I didn’t even notice the time pass as we walked, then I heard Emily tell me that we were almost there. She pointed out a a fancy restaurant by the water and waved at her sister who was waiting on the street in front. Madison was a bit taller than her older sister, and cute as a button. She certainly looked 18, wearing denim shorts with the front pockets hanging out and a cut off Seahawks t shirt and Converse shoes with no socks. It occurred to me that they might not let us in the restaurant with Madison dressed like that.

Madison had long brown hair, big brown eyes and long tanned legs. She was smiling at her sister as we approached. I felt Emily release my hand, then watched as she gave her sister a hug. Emily then spoke to me in a calm voice as if I were a child.

“You should be grateful that Madison came out to see us and is allowing you to treat her to lunch”.

I nodded and was about to agree when Emily continued, “Why don’t you get on your knees, kiss her shoes and thank her?”

It was completely unexpected but I never really questioned doing as she told me. I looked at Madison, who seemed rather surprised and wide-eyed about the idea herself, then at Emily, who hard her arms crossed expectantly. I noted the people walking close by. The street wasn’t crowded, but clearly I would be seen, kneeling and kissing the sneakers of a teenaged girl. I slowly brought myself to the ground, then had to bend forward to press my lips against her canvas sneaker.

I looked up and saw Madison looking down at me laughing quietly telling her sister she couldn’t believe I really did it. I admired her perfect young legs when Emily reminded me to thank her and kiss her other foot.

“Thank you Madison for letting me take you out. You’re very beautiful.” I sputtered, then craned my head to kiss her other sneaker, allowing myself to also kiss her ankle twice before looking up again.

Madison simply stared down smiling so I looked over to Emily who nodded and said simply, “Well done, now let’s go.”

I stumbled to my feet as Madison giggled. I stood up, conscious of the erection poking in my pants and awkwardly held my hand out for the teenager. She shook it, laughing as she did so.

I saw Emily had already started walking to the restaurant and moved to follow behind her. I held the door for the two girls. It Bayan Escort was indeed a very nice restaurant and Emily asked that we be seated outside. I followed the waitress and the girls to our seat, enjoying Madison’s swaying ass as she walked. I felt very lucky to be with two hot girls, but also very aware of my visible erection as we walked through the restaurant.

The patio was half full despite the beautiful water view. Emily ordered an expensive bottle of wine. I was nervous the waitress would ask for id, but she simply thanked Emily. The waitress didn’t even look at me, as she set off to fetch a bottle.

“I texted Madison how much you love feet” Emily said out of the blue.

“I… it’s not like a fetish I just… ”

I stopped talking when I looked up and saw the waitress waiting for Emily to look at the wine bottle. Emily smirked and nodded and the waitress went to pour her a taste.

“Are you saying you’re not into all feet, just mine?” Emily taunted. The waitress’ eyes grew bigger as she poured.

I blushed brightly and talked quietly, as if that would help with the waitress right there, “No, I mean… yes I mean I do like… “

Emily swished the glass, tasted the wine and told the waitress it was good.

“Yes, you do like my feet?” Emily teased.

“Yes… I do.” I said, feeling defeated and knowing the waitress now knew I was Emily’s bitch.

“Of course you do.” Emily laughed as the waitress poured the last glass for the table and left the bottle.

Now that it was just the three of us Emily spoke quietly, “So… what do you think of Madison’s toe ring?”

I stammered that I hadn’t seen it, that she was wearing sneakers.

“Oh, that’s right! Why don’t you get under the table and remove her left shoe for a look?”

Madison giggled and looked at me as if wondering just how pathetic I was.

I paused and felt my throat dry. I looked at Emily and saw that she was going to show no mercy. I knew I had to do as I was told.

My seat made a loud noise as I pushed it out which made me even more sure that everyone would be watching as I did this. I fell to my knees and immediately saw Emily’s pretty toes flexing. I felt myself hardening and reminded myself why I was down there.

I turned and saw Madison’s sneakers near my face. I tried hard to confirm which was her left then bent forward and started to untie her shoelaces. My hands were shaking and I heard the girls giggling while I removed her shoe. I could feel Madison’s foot was a bit sweaty, but it only served to emphasize how smooth they were. Her feet actually glistened softly under the table. I was now completely hard as I remembered to look at her toe ring. It was a thin gold band, nothing remarkable about it. Somehow, however, I became transfixed looking at it, and the pretty little toe it was on, and the little foot that I held in my hand.

Suddenly I felt Emily’s sole push into my face and heard her tell me to get up. I moved quickly from under the table, jumped to my feet and back to my seat as Emily chastised me for embarrassing them. Emily then made me admit how lovely Madison’s foot was. Not content with that Emily insisted I tell Madison to her face and thank her. As I started to do so, sure enough the waitress approached our table.

“Madison, errr… your foot and toe ring are very pretty. Thank you for letting me see it.”

At that moment I could see Madison, Emily and the waitress all grinning, all amazed at just how desperate a man can be.

“Good boy”, Emily said simply.

The waitress, who was clearly enjoying the spectacle, took our orders and left. Emily took on the air of a professor, explaining to Madison how there were men who were good lovers and protectors, and then there were men who were desperate to please. It was important to enjoy both, she said, and with the desperate men it was important to take full advantage.

Emily asked me to put my wallet on the table and with Escort some trepidation I did as I was told. She looked through my wallet and pulled out all the cash, $200, that was in there.

Emily looked at me with the cash in her hand taunted me, asking if I thought Madison was sexy, whether it would be exciting to kiss her, be alone with her. I blushed but of course admitted I would love that. Emily handed Madison the cash and whispered in her ear. Just watching the two of them conspiring was erotic, and I remained rock hard. Madison protested softly but Emily asserted her wishes and Madison giggled. Emily looked me in the eye and told me I should feel lucky to get this treat and reminded me not to disappoint her.

Madison stood and motioned for me to follow her. I walked eagerly behind, having no idea where she was taking me. Perhaps there was a quiet spot near the restaurant where we were going to make out?

Instead Madison walked into a unisex bathroom stall. I looked around quickly and tentatively followed her in. Was it possible I going to get to fuck this lovely teen?

I shut the door and noted what a small space we were in as I looked to Madison. I thought perhaps I should embrace her, but Madison took control and pointed to the ground. A little unsure I stood paralyzed for a moment and Madison snapped her finger and pointed again. I knelt on all fours quickly, noting the floor was rather dirty as I did so. I was now looking up at this luscious teen, wanting her more than anything as she looked down at me slowly shaking her head.

“You don’t really think anything is going to happen do you?”

I looked down at the floor and she laughed and reminded me that I was almost twice her age.

“Besides,” she taunted, “Emily already told me you are not a real man.”

I was a little hurt, but I nodded, careful not to displease her. Madison lifted her foot ever so slightly and I instinctively bent forward and kissed her sneaker. She laughed again, noting how well trained I was, then sat on the toilet and took off both her shoes. I watched, transfixed and unsure, still on my hands and knees before her. Madison lifted one foot but as I was preparing to kiss it she casually wiped her sole all over my face. I felt the sweet dew of her sweat on my cheeks and nose and tried to kiss her foot as she rubbed it into me. She the repeated it with her other foot as I kissed with more urgency.

“Mmm… you’re really more of a plaything aren’t you? Imagine you gave me $200 just to have me wipe my feet all over you?” She giggled with genuine pleasure and derision.

“OK, well… play with your thing then.”

Madison looked down and I realized she was referring to my cock. I picked my hands off of the sticky floor and slowly unbuttoned my shorts, ensuring I was doing as she wished. I pulled out my hard cock and tentatively started to stroke it.

“Play with it like a man! Well… a man who jacks off in bathrooms to a girl’s feet.”

Madison went into another fit of giggles and I wondered for a moment if anyone could was listening. I started to stroke my cock faster and she teased me with her toes in my face, telling me to suck on them like my life depended on it. She started to slap me with her feet, on one side then the other. Looking up at her I saw this innocent girl, but she was clearly enjoying making me her bitch.

Madison stared right into my eyes and whispered “Cum for me Mike.”

My whole world was about her at that moment. Madison twirled her toes in a naive way in front of my face as I stroked fast. I quickly felt that I was going to cum. As I started to do so Madison pushed her sole into my face, smothering me with her sweet scent. I spurted on to the floor, feeling some land on my arm as I did so. As I finished I saw Madison calmly putting her shoes back on, then get up to squeeze past me.

“That really was pathetic. It’s funny enough that you are all into feet, but to pay me $200 for mine?”

She bent down and kissed my cheek before opening the door.

“Never mind little one. Now, don’t be long, and do bring your credit card. You’re never going to want to leave Seattle.”

I heard her giggling as she left me there, leaving the door a little ajar.

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