Kip and Salina Ch. 04

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Reading the previous chapters first will help understand what is happening in this one. Strong sexual content.


The phone headset that Cricket had trapped between her head and only shoulder was ringing in her ear. After two or three rings a female voice answered. Cricket said hi Trisha, its Cricket. Trisha was happy to hear from her and answered hi, glad you called! They talked about school and classes for a while. Cricket then said she could not drive Kip’s van and asked her what would be a good day for Trisha to start picking her up for the ride to school. Trisha said in the morning would be fine and Cricket said that would be great. She asked her again if she was sure she did not want some gas money and Trisha said no, you are only a little over a mile out of the way and it is not necessary. Cricket said thanks again and that if there was ever any problem, Kip said he would be glad to take care of both of them.

Cricket said that they had been talking about her earlier and Kip and Salina were anxious to meet her. Trisha said she would like to meet them also and asked Cricket to remind her what their disabilities were. Cricket said that Salina had lost both of her arms from an infection; (the real reason might come out later). The right side had a very short stump and the left a little longer, both stumps above her elbows near her shoulders. She had prosthetic hook arms and mostly just wore the one on the left side. Kip had polio when he was a kid and his legs were paralyzed from above his hips down. He wore braces but did not walk much anymore, liked his wheelchair better.

I have birth defects, my right arm and shoulder never developed nor did my right leg and hip. I have a prosthetic leg but it hurts to wear it a lot and makes me move very slow. I don’t wear an arm on the right side. My left arm was very deformed and was amputated above my elbow when I was young and I do wear a prosthetic hook arm on the right.

I met Kip and Salina last summer while working at my parent’s motel and when they found out I was going to start school here where they live, they invited me to come and live with them. Their home is fully wheelchair accessible with lots of room, and they are fantastic people to be around. Trisha said sounds like you do have a good place to stay. Cricket said to Trisha, you never did really tell me much about you, would you mind sharing now?

Trisha said no, she would not mind talking about herself now. When she was 5 years old she was thrown off of a pony that got startled. One of her thoracic vertebra was fractured and severed her spinal cord. She was totally paralyzed from that point down, which was just below her breasts. She had no feeling anywhere below that and had to catheterize herself to pee. Her bladder sphincter was closed all the time. That was the one good thing, she did not have to wear a catheter or collection bag or diaper all the time.

Cricket asked her how she felt about what had happened to her. Trisha was quite for a while and then said she was finally coming to terms with it. She had accepted the fact she would never be married nor would any men be interested in her. Cricket asked how she knew that and Trisha said who would want someone paralyzed in a wheelchair that can’t even feel her pussy. Cricket was able to stifle her laugh and said there are lots of women in your position that are happily married. Trisha sarcastically said and how many men are running around behind their backs. Cricket said I bet not many; you just need to learn how to satisfy them and they will keep coming back for more.

Cricket wanted badly to tell her about what went on in her house but did not. She would try and get her over and let her hear (see?) for herself. They talked a little more about their schedules and parking place so Cricket would be on time for her classes. She had the thought that she would check with Kip and Salina in the morning and see if she could invite Trisha over Friday night for a sleep over. They said good bye and Cricket got the phone turned off using a stick in her mouth to do it. Using her only leg and foot, got the sheet up over her and went to sleep.

The next morning Salina came in to help her get up and ready. She had both arms on over a t-shirt. Salina laughed and asked if they had made too much noise last night. Cricket said no, it was ok, she was glad they both cared about each other so much. They talked more about Trisha and Cricket asked if she could spend the night Friday. Salina said that was great and be sure and ask her to be here for dinner. Cricket shyly said I hope you and Kip make that much noise Friday, I want her to hear you. She is really down on herself sexually, does not think anyone would ever want her that way. Salina asked if she was interested in her and Cricket said she had thought about it a couple of times but would just have to see what happened on down the line.

They got finished getting ready and Cricket ate a bite before Trisha came to pick her Anadolu Yakası Escort up. Kip had said he would be glad to have Trisha stay overnight but Salina did not tell him about the noise they would make that night. Trisha tooted the horn and they all went out to the drive to meet her. Both Kip and Salina had put a little more clothing on. While Cricket was lowering the lift and getting in the van, Kip and Salina went around to the passenger door and introduced themselves. Trisha did not hesitate in shaking her hand with Salina’s hook. Cricket got herself tied down and off they went to school.

After the girls were gone and they were back in the house, Salina poked him in the arm saying wipe that grin off your face. Cricked never said what big breasts she had, they are even bigger than my D cups. Kip pulled her to him and sucked a nipple though the clothing. He said yes, but I bet you are more of an expert in how to put them to use. They both cuddled for a few minutes then Kip went into his office to get to work. Salina went into the bedroom to change the sheets after last night’s sex fest with the three of them. She got the towels out of the bathroom and the stuff into the washer.

At lunch time, as Kip was feeding her a sandwich (Salina’s hooks just went right through the bread), they talked about what to fix for dinner Friday. Kip said let’s get a brisket and slow cook it all day on the grill. Salina said that sounded good and she would give Trisha something to do in the kitchen and she could watch her and Cricket doing things with their hooks. After lunch Salina got the stuff out of the dryer and started folding it. She did it in the bedroom spreading the sheets on the bed to fold them. Her right arm stump was on the short side so she did not get a lot of use out of her prosthetic which was just the way she and Kip had planned it. She did better with the left but it still took a lot of work to get a sheet folded. She loved it!!!

She would have to remember to ask Cricket what she had told Trisha about the loss of her arms. She also realized she was still Horney as hell; her period must be getting close. She and Kip had an agreement that when he was working at home, she would not bother him wanting sex. Only at lunch or after work, but nothing was said about her dropping a hit during that time. She managed to walk naked, and with no prosthetics, by his door twice on the way to the kitchen. She was dressed and only had one arm on when Cricket got home from school. She and Salina talked about their day and Cricket told her Trisha was excited about being there for dinner and the night.

Salina told Cricket she thought her period was near as she was Horney as hell today. Without cracking a smile Cricket said I don’t know how you can tell, you’re that way all the time. Cricket immediately took off to her bathroom to pee before Salina could get her. Cricket changed clothes and came back to the kitchen. The three of them had talked about sex during their periods before and Cricket was anxious to try it. Kip and Salina did it all the time they had told her. Cricket asked if there was anything she could do to help with dinner as she had a paper to write. Salina said no, light dinner tonight so go get at it. Since this is my first paper with the new program it might take me a while to catch on to it. Salina said to let them know if she needed help.

That night when Cricket was talking to Trisha she seemed quiet. Cricket asked her if there was anything wrong and she said she had been thinking about something but was afraid to talk about it. Cricket said she hoped she was her friend and that they could talk about anything with each other. Trisha finally said ok, but she hoped she did not offend her. She told Cricket she liked looking at her because she was an amputee, that she thought she was beautiful that way. Cricket laughed and said is that all and told Trisha thank you very much and she was very flattered she felt that way about her. Trisha was surprised at the response and said you mean you are not offended. Crick said no, not at all and in fact she felt the same way about her.

Trisha finally admitted that for the past several months she had been attracted to looking at people that were crippled. She had no idea why though and thought it was wrong to do so. Cricket said there is nothing wrong with it at all, she did it all the time and if Trisha really wanted to know the truth, she, Cricket was very glad she was so crippled; she enjoyed being that way very much. WOW Trisha said. Cricket told her to go on line and look it all up for herself. Cricket could hear Trisha softly crying and asked her what was wrong. She finally said yes but you can enjoy sex and I can’t. How do you know you can’t Cricket asked. Hearing the embarrassment in her voice she said I have tried touching myself and can’t feel a thing.

Cricket said where did you touch yourself and she said my pussy, inside my cunt, everywhere down there…nothing! Kadıköy Escort Have you ever touched those beautiful breasts you have? Not really Trisha answered. What happens when you see me Cricket asked. I get tingly inside and my nipples get very hard. Cricket smiling to herself said let’s talk more about it tomorrow night when we’re together. Trisha said ok and thanks for not being upset with me for what I said about you. Cricket said no problem and bring whatever you want to wear and need, just plan on staying after we get here from school and have dinner with us. Remember, my bathroom is wheelchair accessible and do you need any help getting ready for bed or up in the morning? No she said.

They said good night and Cricket got ready for bed with Kip’s help. Kip asked what the grin on her face was and she said she would tell him later. Kip turned the lights out and one of the very few times in her life, she wished she had a hand to rub her nipples and clit. She was very turned on by the prospect of getting Trisha to enjoy sex.

The next morning at breakfast she talked with Kip and Salina more about Trisha and sex. All she added was that the two of them had talked more about it last night and would Kip mind wearing slacks and a shirt tonight and Salina a skirt and polo shirt with her left arm on the outside. Neither minded nor asked any questions. After Kip left she asked Salina if she had started yet and she said no. Cricket reminded her to be noisy during sex tonight and that she did not have to wear a bra. Good, cause I don’t own one anymore and they grinned at each other.

The girls got home from school on time and Kip and Salina were ready to great them. Cricket showed Trisha to her room. There was only the one Queen Size bed and Cricket said I hope you don’t mind sleeping with me tonight and Trisha smiled and said not at all. They looked in the bathroom and Trisha said she needed to cath herself. Cricket left and changed clothes while waiting for Trisha. Trisha looked like she wanted to ask a question and Cricket said what? She got red and said looks like you and Salina are braless can I join you and Cricket said you sure can, as you can see I sure don’t need one and Salina never wears one either.

Cricket said do you want me to look away and Trisha said no. She undid the buttons on her blouse and removed it then undid the clasp between her breasts and removed her bra. It was a very sturdy one. That feels so much better she said; she had beautiful 38 DD breasts that had no sag and were pear shaped with small, dark, upturned nipples on the ends. Looking at Cricket she cupped them and rubbed the red marks her bra had left. Cricket asked why she wore it and she just said my parents.

Trisha had moved her wheelchair close to Cricket who was sitting on the edge of the bed. Trisha was watching her face as she removed the bra and Cricket gave a huge smile as she watched them come into view. Cricket manipulated her arm into position with the hooks open right at one of her nipples and moved her body so that the hooks were around a nipple. She slowly relaxed her shoulder causing the hooks to close gently. Trisha looked up into Cricket’s eyes and felt something like an electrical jolt hit her body.

Cricket left the hooks closed there for about 30 seconds, making very subtle movements. Then she moved her body back so the hooks stretched her nipple and breast outward then off the nipple without her opening them. They both heard the click of the hooks snapping closed as they slipped off the hard nipple. Again, Trisha felt another jolt as the hooks pulled the nipple away from her breast and then slipped off.

Trisha took hold of the hooks and pulled them up to her mouth and kissed them. She then let them go and put her blouse back on. Nothing else was said and they went out to the kitchen. Salina was fixing things and asked Cricket to get a salad together and for Trisha to get the rolls in the oven. That was easy and when she was done she asked her to help Cricket. Both Salina and Cricket could see Trisha watch what they both were doing with their prosthetic arms and hooks. Gradually Trisha got a big smile on her face. Both also noticed that Trisha did not strap herself upright in her chair but was just very careful to hold on to something with one hand or the other so she did not fall forward out of the chair. If Trisha could stand she would be about 5’5″ tall and only about 120 pounds.

Salina also noticed that Trisha looked braless now. Kip came in and asked how much longer and Salina said just a soon as the rolls are done. He said good, he was going to bring the meat in to let it rest. Trisha got a pretty good look at his legs and thought they looked a lot like hers, very skinny with no sign of muscles. Even though he had slacks on, the material printed the outline very well. She also noticed he had a chest belt and wide Velcro belt around his legs and chair upright to keep them from falling off the footrest. İstanbul Escort That was something she was going to try soon she thought. She quickly realized she was not the only crippled person there and some were much more than she was. She felt very comfortable around them.

They had a great dinner and conversation. She watched Kip help the girls eat seeming to enjoy it very much. She watched the two other women get the dishes into the dishwasher absolutely fascinated seeing how they used their arm prosthesis. She had another strong feeling wondering if it was arousal. She had never felt it before. She noticed her nipples were hard rubbing against the material of her blouse. When the kitchen was cleaned up Cricket said they were going to her room to listen to music. She put some CD’s on and they talked. Cricket had noticed the hard nipples when Trisha was watching Salina so off hand she said how beautiful Salina was with no arms. After a few seconds Trisha said she would like to see both of them without their arms on sometime.

After a few seconds of looking directly at Trisha, Cricket asked if she would like to see her that way now and Trisha said yes quietly. Cricket moved her wheelchair next to Trisha’s and instructed her in how to remove her arm which she did. Cricket then asked if she wanted to see all of her and Trisha said would you mind. Cricket said absolutely not, I am very proud of my beautiful, sexy body. She pushed her chair back a little and used her leg and foot to pull her top over her head. She then stood before Trisha and asked her pull her shorts down. Trisha’s hands were trembling as she unfastened them and did so. As her shorts fell to the floor, Cricket just stood there watching Trisha look her over. After a few minutes she said you can touch me anywhere if you like. Trisha immediately reached for her missing hip and then saying how wonderful it felt.

Trisha noticed Cricket’s pussy was shaved and looked up at her. In answer to the unspoken question she said it feels fantastic both to me and my lovers like it that way also. By now Trisha had noticed how steady Cricket was standing on just one leg and asked her about it. She said just something I have learned to do after so many years of being this way. Trisha ran her hand up Cricket’s side to her empty shoulder area and felt it for a while. The skin was right on the rib cage where her shoulder should have been. Finally she said WOW, you are so beautiful this way. Cricket just mouthed thank you. She let herself sit back down in her wheelchair.

Cricket then asked what Trisha thought of Salina. She blushed this time and quietly said she thought she was very good looking and sexy with her amputated arms also. Cricket smiled and said what is your body’s reaction to seeing both of us. Trisha unbuttoned her blouse and showed her very distended, hard nipples. She cupped her breast and said it felt like it had swollen some and I have a strange feeling in my lower body that I have never had before. Cricket said those are good signs. Let’s get in the shower she said. Trisha finished getting undressed in her chair and followed Cricket in. She said she had better cath and Cricket asked if she should leave and Trisha asked if she wanted to and she said no. She cathed herself in front of her and they got into the shower.

There was a chest belt in the shower so Trisha tried it so her hands were free to use on Cricket. Quickly she had made up her mind that she wanted her. They got the water adjusted and she washed cricket then herself. Cricket encouraged her to wash good between their legs. She also used her one stump to rub Trisha’s breasts. She lowered herself down to the floor and pushed Trisha’s very atrophied, paralyzed legs apart and moved up to her hairy snatch. She rapidly started using her mouth there before Trisha could say anything. After a few laps she moved her head back and said do you know you are soaking wet and I don’t mean from the water. Without waiting for an answer she went back to what she was doing.

Cricket knew she could not feel anything, but she still wanted to do it for both of them, to make Trisha feel good about herself and because she loved the taste of a wet pussy. Trisha watched in amazement as Cricket stood up just using her one leg and hopped to the bench. She immediately took hold of her face and started kissing it tasting for the first time her cunt juice. She had very strong arms also and was able to lower herself to the floor and headed for Cricket’s pussy. With no leg in the way it was easy access and she wasted no time in lapping at her and even stuck her tongue into her love hole which let a lot of trapped juice out onto her tongue. It tasted fantastic and she lapped it up.

She moved her tongue up and ran into her clit that was sticking way out. She was not very familiar with what to do down there but nature took care of things and she brought Cricket to a huge orgasm. She had to stick her hand up to keep her from falling off the bench. She was able to finally get back up on the bench on the third try and Cricket about came again watching her paralyzed legs flopping around. She told Trisha about it and she said good, guess they are good for something. They got dried and back into the bedroom and on to the bed.

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