Kim’s New Life Ch. 19

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I was beginning to enjoy the fact that Kelly ordered for me when we ate out. She told me that once she was satisfied that she knew my likes and dislikes, my opinion would no longer be solicited. She even warned me that she would, on occasion, order what I didn’t like, especially if I were being punished. After a leisurely meal, we headed home. As we pulled out of the parking lot, she placed her hand on my bare leg and said, “You’re going to think I am crazy, pet, but we are going shopping again. I want you to buy more clothes for yourself. There is a T.J. Max nearby. Higher hemlines are in vogue right now and you look so damn good in the one you are wearing, we are getting more. Half an hour later I walked out of the store carrying a bag of six more minis and several tops. One skirt came with a leather belt that had large chrome grommets along its length. Kelly commented that the grommets would be excellent for bondage. I felt like most of the skirts would barely cover my ass. When I wore them, I would have to be careful even if my Mistress permitted me to wear panties. The very idea turned me on. Kelly was creating an exhibitionist out of a once-shy girl. On the other hand, it might be that I have always been an exhibitionist and only kept that desire repressed. Kelly was simply bringing these hidden attributes of my personality to the surface, and I liked it.

Immediately inside the house, Kelly ordered me to remove everything except my skirt. “I will be waiting for you in the den. Remain on all fours like a proper pet.” I approached her on hands and knees less than a minute later. “You may prepare a pot of tea, Kimmy.”

“Shall I bring one cup or two, Mistress?”

“Two, pet. Since you asked, you may join me. Had you not asked, I would sadly be enjoying my tea alone.”

“Mistress, had I not asked, I would have only brought one cup. Your slave does not assume.” I received a kiss for my honesty and politeness.

I served the tea on a tray, placing it, the pot and two cups on the end table while waiting for the tea to properly steep. I automatically knelt in front of her. She ordered me to rest. “Well, my little slut, tell me if you have enjoyed your time as my submissive pet so far. I need you to be honest. There will be times I will not permit you to express your inner feelings, but when I ask for them, I will always want complete honesty. You will never be punished for answering my questions truthfully.”

“Thank you, Mistress. I can say that the only part I did not enjoy was when you whipped me with the cane during the initiation. However, at the same time, I will admit that it was, nevertheless, a highly erotic experience. Never did I ever think I could be sexually aroused by being spanked or whipped.”

“As I explained, pet, some people are not turned on by sensual pain. I felt that you would be and am please I was right. I have a feeling that, in a short amount of time, you will get aroused by the mere suggestion that you are about to be whipped or spanked. My pet will confirm the theory of Pavlov’s Dog.”

“Ah, Mistress, because I already feel a tingle hearing you say it, I think you are correct. But then, my Mistress is never wrong!”

She grinned at my added comment. “That is excellent, because I may want to spank you on a regular basis simply for my own pleasure. Never have I had the desire to do that to anyone. And I feel a tingle from just suggesting the possibility.” She then commented that the brewing tea might be ready. I took the hint, filled the two cups, handed her one, kept the other for myself, returning to my previously ordered position. While we held the cups tightly, as if warming our hands, Kelly asked, “Is there anything my pet would like her Mistress to do for her.”

“Yes, there is, ma’am, but I do not think it is something that is proper for a slave to request.”

“That decision is mine alone to make. I may not fulfil your desires, but I still need to hear them. As I just told you, there will never be penalties if you answer my questions with honesty.”

I took a deep breath before continuing. “Mistress, I would like you to masturbate for me. Watching you will show me how you like to pleasure yourself and that will help me learn how to pleasure you better.”

Even considering her comment about honesty, I wasn’t sure how my request had been received. Kelly literally sat there, silently, staring at me for a long time as if she were contemplating what to do with me. It was strange watching her roll the cup back and forth in her hands while occasionally stopping only to take a sip of the tea. As for myself, I acted as nonchalant as possible. I tried my best to appear like an obedient submissive, watching my Mistress while sipping my own cup of tea.

It seemed like an hour had passed before she transferred the cup to her left hand, reached out with her right, and softly stroked my hair and the side of my face. Like the pet I had become, I leaned my head into her hand and purred like a kitten. The feeling of her love was intense as she commented, bursa evi olan escort “Wow! I never saw that coming. I expected a more hedonistic request.

“I want you to know that the only time anyone ever watched me masturbate was when my Mistress forced me to do it for her. Your request was honest and the absolute last thing I had expected. While you will not be punished, I will want to extract some payment for the privilege you are about to receive. I do not know how the Fates brought us together, my darling, but, as I have already said, and will most likely say again, I am glad they did. The Fates are, of course, female, so I am sure they knew that I needed you, and I think, that you needed me.” Kelly stood and said, “Rise, my slave, and undress your Mistress.”

My hands trembled as I obeyed. Once she was naked, I was ordered to kneel at rest. She sat, spread her legs, and said, “It will be much easier to fulfill your request if you remove my piercing, little one. Move closer so your knees are touching the sofa.” In two days, Kelly had become my queen. I belonged to her, as her subject, and considered it a privilege to be able to touch her most holy place. I knelt and carefully removed the horseshoe and pendant. When I finished, I returned to my rest position.

Kelly then treated me to the most sensuous exhibition I had ever witnessed. I can barely describe it. The best I can do is say that she leaned back, moved her hips to the edge of the sofa, closed her eyes and started to play her body like a musical instrument. I was mesmerized watching her fingers move back and forth from vagina to clit to nipple and back. I could feel her rise up the ladder to the top of an erotic high. Fingers of one hand entered her vagina while the other hand squeezed her breasts and pulled on her nipples. I watched slowly as her fingers slid through her folds, collecting her copious juices, then wet a nipple with them and massage them in. More juices were rubbed over her clit. She followed this routine over and over. While giving herself the ultimate pleasure, she was, at the same time, really teaching me how to please her as I had requested. What a wonderful gift I was receiving! I watched her breathing become faster and shallower. The desire to start masturbating myself was nearly overwhelming, but to do that I would have to ask permission. Nothing would make me interrupt her now. Once the signs of her impending climax started to become more evident, I anxiously waited for the explosion.

Suddenly she stopped and opened her eyes. She leaned forward, removed my glasses and in a halting voice explained, “My dear slut, your Mistress may have demonstrated how she pleasures herself, but there is no way that she is going to complete that act with her fingers when she has your lips and tongue at her disposal. It is time to make yourself useful.”

Now, who in their right mind could resist an invitation like that, especially after having witnessed such a highly erotic exhibition? I leaned forward and thrust my tongue into Kelly’s hot tunnel. A deep-seated moan of “Yes!” came from her throat. Her legs wrapped around my back while she simultaneously grabbed my hair to reposition my mouth and tongue over her blood-engorged clit. It only took a few seconds before a violent climax shuddered through her body. Her legs tightened around me and her hands strengthened their grip on my head as if she were trying to reverse the sequence of birth. Barely able to breathe, I could still inhale the wonderful scent of her sexual essence. As the pressure welding my mouth to Kelly’s shrine eased, I was prepared to pleasure her more for as long as she desired. That was my desire, but it was not to be. Without relinquishing her grip on my head, she pulled me up and kissed my lips, wet with her juices, then hugged me tightly for the longest time.

“Well, pet,” she said, breaking the silent reverie, “I hope that satisfied your curiosity.”

“Oh, yes, Mistress. Thank you so very much for granting your slave such an honor.”

“From the perspective of your Mistress, dear pet, that was so fantastic we will be doing it again!”

Kelly touched my nipple rings softly and said, “I know Sam cleaned these for you this morning and said that you should do it several times a day.” I nodded and she continued, “Well, I want you to know that, since I now own this body, I will be the only one who will clean them. Run upstairs and bring me the Campho Phoenique and some Q-tips.”

When I returned, the green bottle in hand, I noticed a rectangular strip of leather on Kelly’s lap. Grommets lined the longer sides of the strip. A leather lace lay on the sofa beside her. I assumed these were bondage items but had no idea how they were to be used.

I was ordered to kneel, facing away from my Mistress. “Put your arms behind your back and grip the opposite forearm as close to your elbow as possible.” Once I complied, I waited patiently as she wrapped the leather around my forearms, and threaded the lace through altıparmak escort the grommets, creating a tube that held my arms immobile. I then turned and knelt facing her while she patiently cleaned the hardened body fluids from each of my four rings before rotating the antiseptic coated metal through the pierced holes. I knew the pain would diminish somewhat each day as the healing process continued, but the intensity was still high. I closed my eyes to grin and bear the badges of my submission. “Since we have to work in the morning, maybe we should head for the bedroom.”

My facial expression indicated a look of disappointment, so Kelly asked, “What’s wrong, pet? Don’t you want to go to bed with your Mistress?”

“No, Ma’am, it’s not that. It’s just …”

I hesitated to complete my sentence so long that Kelly admonished me. “Damn it, Kimmy. Out with it! You need to learn to always express your feelings and desires with me. Otherwise I will never get to know you properly. I did ask a question, and as I said earlier, I will never punish you for being honest; provided you are not insolent, of course. There will be times I will forbid you from doing so, but those times will be rare and will normally only be when we are fully in a scene. There will never be any doubt in your mind when you cannot speak freely.”

“But you said you would extract some payment for the privilege of watching you masturbate. I assume that payment is to be a punishment.”

Not fully understanding my intentions, she interrupted me and exclaimed, “And I also said that it would not be a punishment. I need to define the word punishment. I really use it in two contexts. In one case, I like to say that I am punishing you when I am simply administering erotic pain such as through spanking or whipping. We both now know that you enjoy erotic pain. Therefore, I could not use that to discipline you for committing an infraction of the rules I lay out for you. That form of punishment will be something you will not enjoy. For example, I now know you are turned on even when severely caned, but if you have achieved a climax just before the punishment, the same severe caning will produce pure pain. Most of the time I will use the word ‘punish’ in both contexts, but I think you will always be able to recognize the difference. You will know by my demeanor and tone of voice if nothing else.”

“I apologize, Mistress. Your slut must have stated herself incorrectly. Otherwise you would have understood what she meant. I was going to ask if you intended to extract that payment tonight.”

A wide grin crossed Kelly’s face. “Ah, does my slut mean she prefers not to wait?”

“Yes, ma’am, that is exactly what she means,” I replied with a smile.

Kelly rose, went to her desk, opened a bottom drawer, pulled out a rectangular box and returned to the sofa. She opened the lid of the box and held it so I could see inside. It was separated into two sections. In each section were folded slips of paper. Those on the left side were pink and those on the right were white. “The pink ones are discipline slips for true punishment,” she explained, “and the white ones are for erotic punishment.” I will use this box quite often to provide some diversity in our games, and to insure I do not select a method of discipline based strictly on my emotional state at the time.”

You will usually pull the slip from the box to determine your punishment. Since you do not have use of your hands…” She pulled two white slips from the box and held one in each hand. “You may select by telling me to use the slip in my left hand or the one in my right.”

“But Mistress, that is making a decision,” I replied with a grin.

“Don’t get smart with me, bitch,” she exclaimed with a grin, “Or you will be getting both plus a pink slip.”

“Yes ma’am. In that case, I choose the left.”

Kelly read the slip and put it back in the box. “Come with me to our playroom, my little pet.” She connected my leash to “her” collar and I followed her upstairs. Upon entry to the playroom, I immediately lost the skirt. We moved to the center of the room where she had me stand on two short 2″x4″ boards placed about a foot apart. A short spreader bar was locked to my ankle cuffs which I assumed was to prevent me from slipping off the boards.

Two belts were buckled tightly around my body; one above my breasts and under my arms, and the other around my waist. Kelly threaded a rope through a ring attached to the front of the waist belt until the center of the rope was at positioned at the ring. I stood still while she passed the two ends between my legs, between the cheeks of my ass, and up through rings on the backs the two belts. Finally, she tied both ends to a ring attached to another rope that she passed over a hook hanging from a pulley in the ceiling. She moved to the wall in front of me and stopped beside a cleat attached to the wall.

I watched as she started pulling the rope to remove the slack in the rope until there gemlik escort was some pressure against my cunt then secured it around the cleat. She returned to me and adjusted the rope, so the two segments of the rope passed on either side of my labia then walked back to the wall and pulled on the rope until it was so tight against my cunt that I had to rise on my toes to reduce the pressure. I assumed that this might be a “no-no” but also hoped that I would not be in trouble because she hadn’t said that I could not. To my surprise, she tightened the rope even more. I was now in a Catch 22. By standing on tiptoes, I could relieve some of the pressure of the ropes cutting into my vagina. But doing that quickly tired my toes and feet. If I relaxed the pressure on mt toes, my total weight rested on the ropes between my legs. I now understood the reason she had passed the ropes through rings at the backs of the two belts: this configuration kept me from falling forward. A moment later she pulled the ropes even tighter, lifting me so that my toes barely touched the 2 by 4s.

Kelly walked around the room, moving things for a couple minutes before returning to me and saying, “Well, is my pet enjoying her bondage?”

“Mistress, I don’t think enjoy is the adjective I would personally use right at the moment.”

The upward pressure of the rope was squeezing the flowers of my cunt and my clit together. Kelly pulled on my labia and ran her finger over my clit, eliciting an erotic gasp from my mouth. She smiled and said, “Your body says otherwise, dear. I think it is time for the next phase.” Before I realized what she was doing, she kicked the wood from beneath my feet. While the drop of an inch and a half doesn’t seem like much, my toes did not touch the hard surface of the floor. I had no way of relieving the pressure on my vagina. I was literally hanging in space, my entire weight bearing down on the rope between my legs, increasing the pain level exponentially. “I’ll be back in ten minutes, pet.”

“Thank you, Mistress,” was all I could think to say. I had no way to estimate the time and those ten minutes seemed to be a lifetime. When she finally returned my mind was only concentrating on the pressure of the rope between my legs and the numbness I was sensing. Instead of releasing me, as I had hoped, she started sucking on my nipples. I know my moans of pleasure were music to her ears. I watched the top of her head as she started licking the sides of my breasts then slowly licked her way down my body. As I hoped, her goal was my goal. On her knees, she grasped my naked buttocks and pulled my clit to her mouth. The climax that followed was quick and violent. I had never screamed as loud during a climax as I did then. Have I said that before? I also attempted to rub my pubic area against her face as much as my bondage would permit. To my surprise, Kelly remained on her knees and sucked me to a second climax.

Kelly finally lowered me enough that I could put my feet flat on the floor. Holding the rope in her hands, she moved in front of me and grasped me in her arms. When she finally released the rope over the pulley, I collapsed against her like a wet dishrag. As soon as she was convinced I would not fall, she removed the two belts. The rope remained so imbedded in the folds of my cunt and ass, she had to pull it loose. She didn’t remove the sheath around my arms before turning and walking away. I followed her to the bedroom, at the end of her leash, realizing I how much I had enjoyed the pain/pleasure she created.

“I don’t know about you, but I need to pee before retiring, pet.”

“So do I, ma’am.”

Ordered to relieve myself first, I was somewhat embarrassed when she wiped me with a piece of toilet paper, since I was unable to wipe myself. I was even more embarrassed when she ordered me to kneel in front of her and watch as she peed. I found the watching the urine pour from her was yet another erotic experience. When she finished, without thinking I asked, “Would you like your slave to wipe you, Mistress?”

“Yes. That will be one of your regular duties, now. Since I don’t intend to remove your bindings, tonight, you will have to use something other than toilet paper.”

“Will that knowing grin ever cease?” I asked myself when I realized what she meant. Dutifully, but with some trepidation, I leaned forward and licked at the slightly salty remnants of her urine. I didn’t find it as repugnant as I thought I would have.

“That was nice. No one has ever done that for me. You do realize that your tongue will be my toilet paper from now on when I pee, don’t you, pet?”

“Yes, ma’am, I do.”

“You should consider your Mistress’ urine to be the wine of her body. Someday soon, when I think you are ready, I will give you the privilege of drinking her wine directly from the source.” I was sure I could wait a long time to partake of that privilege. At the same instant, I wondered what it would be like.

Returning to the bedroom, she removed the arm binding and, after giving me time to stretch, told me to lie on the bed while she locked an ankle cuff to a chain that she had attached to an eyehook at the foot of the bed. “We both know this chain is not necessary, pet, but the symbolism of being able to restrain you like this turns me on. It solidifies the fact that you belong to me.”

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