Kim Ch. 02

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After a long time had passed, neither knew how long, they got up together, heading for the shower. Neither bothered taking any clothes or putting anything on. After what had just happened, it didn’t seem appropriate. They walked together, and she liked how his hands were always near her body. He was helpful too, grabbing her bathrobe, and picking up towels for them.

She stepped into the tub, turning on the water. After checking the temperature, she turned on the shower, motioning for him to join her. He climbed in, the small space making things slightly awkward. She smiled, putting her face and hair under the water. She felt so good, she wanted to take her time. He was beside her again, their bodies touching, and she took comfort in the fact that he hadn’t just disappeared. She turned to face him and they kissed again. It was more than just an after-sex kiss; she didn’t know what to make of it. Instead of trying to figure it out, she grabbed the shampoo and started washing her hair.


He wasn’t about to let things go so easily. He knew what he wanted now, he had it, and he decided he wasn’t going to let it go without fighting for it. He picked up the bar of soap and worked up a lather in his hands. Her back was to him as she washed her hair, but that only made things better. He started at her shoulders, almost like the massage, tenderly washing her. She paused when he first touched her, but only for a second. He smiled and continued. He washed her back, her ass (which he lingered on), her thighs, and her calves. When he finished, she turned and rinsed her hair and back, while he stood up. He admired her figure, glistening with water, tan and smooth. Her muscles did not stand out with tone, but they weren’t bad. She was turning him on, which he could hardly believe, so soon after the love-making they had just finished. He soaped his hands, washing her face gingerly, but thoroughly. He touched her gently, caringly, washing her face, trying not to get soap in her mouth or eyes, trying so show her his feelings. He hoped she could feel this as much as he did.


She had never had a man touch her this way. Such tenderness, such caring (Was it love? She could hardly hope). She could barely believe any man was capable of this kind of tenderness and emotion, let alone one that she had just made love to. It intrigued her, it turned her Uşak Escort on. When he continued and moved down to her chest, her breasts and stomach, she made no objection. He was doing a good job at turning her on again, whether he wanted to or not. When he washed her crotch, she could tell that he wanted to indeed. Especially when, after washing her legs again, he paid special attention to her thighs, then washed her mound a second time, slipping a finger inside her momentarily. It felt like he wanted her, like he wanted to let her know he thought she was sexy, but wanted her to decide if something more should happen. When he finally stopped, she wasn’t in the mood to let things end. Besides, she decided, he still needed to be washed.

She took the soap, faced him, and thoroughly washed his chest, which she enjoyed, maybe more than he did. Then she pulled him close, rubbing her breasts against his, kissing him, reaching around to wash his back, which made her wiggle against him even more. She lowered herself to the shower floor, letting the water rinse his chest off. His manhood was now directly in front of her face and it was growing hard it. She took him in hand, feeling him twitch and harden, rubbing him with the soap. She let the water rinse him off, stroking him as she did so. When she slid him into her mouth, she heard him gasp.

She reached behind him, washing his ass, not removing him from her mouth. She made sure to take time to finger his anus a little. He throbbed in her mouth when she did and she made a mental note of that. She finished his legs, then dropped the soap. Both hands went to his erection, working him in her mouth. He pulsed now and then as she did so, making her wet inside, despite the shower water. She was surprised that they were both ready for more love-making so soon.

He must have read her mind, because she no sooner had the thought when his hands were pulling her up onto her feet. He kissed her, roughly, ending it a little too quickly. She felt his hands grab her ass, then slide down just a little, barely on her thighs. His body dropped slightly and as his chest slid upwards against hers, his cock pressed against her vagina. Eager for him, she reached down and spread open her lips, guiding him in. His tip pulsed against her, then he was moving inside her. She had thought she was more ready than she was. Uşak Escort Bayan She wasn’t wet enough, and it hurt; not much, but it hurt. He pulled out some, then pushed back in. A few more strokes had her turned on and wet and he was sliding freely.

Suddenly, he lifted her up. She instinctively wrapped her legs around his waist. It didn’t help much when he turned and slammed her back against the wall. His mouth was all over her chest, her teats and her nipples. His hips slammed against hers, while her ass banged against the wall. The whole time what she really felt was his cock coursing through her inner canal. His teeth grazed her breast, not biting, but a soft pinch. He was being rough, but she couldn’t say that it felt bad.

He was pounding her body, their chests alternately rubbing each other, then being sprayed with water. Now and then the water from the shower would splash her in the face, but as she was blinking he would lick it off. He was grunting and she heard herself moaning. She joined him now, using her legs to raise and lower herself on and off of him in time with his thrusts. She licked her lips. She had him in just the right spot now, with her humping his hard shaft, and she moved that much faster because of it.

She threw her head back, panting. His hands held her tightly, his fingertips digging into her thighs as they squeezed his hips. As she made love to him now, she clenched the muscles inside her, needing to cum. He was kissing her neck when the shower spray hit her teats. It sent her over the edge. One last flex was all she needed and, feeling him inside her, she came, crying out.


He had been just enjoying making love to her, but when she cried out, he knew she was cumming. That thought turned him on so much he felt he had to release his orgasm with her now. It was already churning in his balls, but she was done now, and he could feel her sag in his arms. Not having the energy to hold her up much longer, he decided to try something new. He lay her down in the shower and flipped the shower head as far down as it would go. The spray was right where he wanted it; she wiggled as it hit her right between her legs. He lowered himself on top of her, lifting her legs above his shoulders.

He reached down to her mound, feeling the water splash against her clit. It took some effort Escort Uşak to put his fingers inside her, but once she was open he slid his erection into her. She was still wet deep inside from her orgasm, so she covered him with her juices fairly easily. Now as he moved, the water would beat on her mound and then his ass. He could see that she liked it and he certainly enjoyed it himself. The longer he was in her the faster he moved, pounding in and out of her like a jackhammer. He could feel her muscles tighten around him, squeezing his orgasm forward. He started talking to her, not really knowing what he was saying, but not really caring, as long as she knew how much he loved this moment, but more importantly, how he loved just being with her.

She must have been aroused, as he felt the water splash between his legs and off of her, since she began to smile. She was moaning loudly. This excited him, knowing that she was enjoying what they were doing, the pleasure they got from each other. She must have been orgasming, because her body was trembling, and she was pushing him away and pulling him closer at the same time. He felt his balls tighten, the pleasure beginning to travel through him. As he climaxed, he thrust into her as hard as he could, cumming deep within her. He felt their mixed cum all around his cock and felt it dribble down his shaft to his sack.

He kissed her passionately, not having shared love-making like this in some time. As he was kissing her, he remembered where they were and helped her up. They rinsed, each rubbing and caressing the other. Neither wanted this to end, but the hot water wouldn’t last forever.

He shut the water off and grabbed their towels. He wrapped his around his waist, then took hers to dry her off. He still couldn’t get over her figure. She may not be a model, but she was more than he had ever wanted. He moved slowly, letting his hands linger in spots, caressing her once more. Unfortunately, there was a limited amount of water on her. When he was finished, he helped her into her bathrobe.

He dried off quickly, then dressed as she watched. He would pause often to give her a kiss, or sometimes a caress. When he was done, they hugged. He held her close, wondering what their future held, if it lay together at all. They walked to the door holding hands, kissing again, trying not to leave each other. As they clung to each other, he whispered to her that while things may not go easily, he wanted to see her again. She smiled at him, telling him that she wanted to see him too. He kissed her on the forehead and left, with her promising to give him a call as soon as she could.

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