Kim and her Son’s Bully Ch. 05

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“Oh God Jake!” Kim cried out in ecstasy as she laid on her back in the same bed she shares with her husband. This time she didn’t share her bed with her husband, but instead shared her bed with her son’s bully. Kim’s breast bounced wildly and rhythmically as Jake leaned over her fucking her with hard deep thrust.

The sound of rain hitting the concrete outside was drowned out by the grunting of Jake, the moans of Kim, and the skin of the two lovers slapping together.

Kim wrapped her legs around his waist giving Jake full control of their tempo and fully surrendering herself to him. Jake gives Kim his cocky smile realizing just how far she had fallen for him. Taking advantage of this Jake began fucking her unrelentingly.

“Jake! Oh God Jake! Fuck me!” Kim screamed as her eyes became hazily half shut. Desperately Kim clawed Jake’s back as she cried out in pleasure. The bed rhythmically creaked as it hit the wall over and over, leaving a small indent in the drywall.

“I’m gonna cum! Jake! Oh God I’m gonna cum!” Jake smiled deviously as he continued pounding his victim’s mother. Kim’s eyes rolled back in ecstasy. “I’m cumming! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” The sound of Kim’s pussy gushing on Jake’s cock can be heard along with the cries of ecstasy coming from Jake.

Jake slammed again and again until his pace slowed down. With one last deep thrust, Kim yelped in shock. Giving an approving grunt Jake pulled his cock out of Kim’s pussy. It glistened in the bedroom light as his condom was covered with her juices.

Kim’s legs and arms went limp as she plopped down into her bed. Her leg shook as Kim took her time coming back down. Jake smiled as he looked down at his work and joined her in bed.

The sight of Kim’s bedside clock slowly came into focus and read “12:26” as she groggily woke up. Feeling the sheets on her bare skin and the feeling of Jake’s skin against hers she felt a sense of guilt but deep down she knew she didn’t care. “You up baby?”

Kim rolled over to be face to face with her young lover. “We have the house to ourselves unt-” Jake speaks up interrupting her “Don’t worry about that right now baby.” Kissing her softly he looked deep into her eyes “Right now it’s just you and me.” Kim felt herself turn to putty as she gaziantep escort bayan haberleri kissed him passionately.

“Oh my” Kim said shocked as she felt something poking her. Jake smirked as he reached around under the sheet to roughly grab her ass. Biting her lip Kim reached down to wrap both her hands around his cock and stroked it slowly. “I gotta admit…messing around with you in my own bed…is really turning me on” she admit moaning softly as she stroked his cock faster.

“I know you do baby. Because you’re my dirty little MILF” Jake replied as he smacked her ass causing her to jolt but smile deviously. “Do it again” Kim begged feeling ashamed but far too turned on to care.


Kim strokes become faster and faster as the smacks continued.

“Lay on your back” Kim ordered as Jake is taken aback by her sudden dominance, but smiles and lays back in the same spot Mark sleeps on. Getting on her hands and knees, Kim crawled down between Jake’s legs and tugged the sheet back allowing Jake’s cock to spring out.

“God you’re so big” Kim said lovingly giving it the tip a kiss. “Yeah? You like it big don’t you baby” he replied as Kim nodded. Never breaking eye contact she wrapped her plump lips around the tip of his cock and took the tip into her mouth. Giving Jake a wink Kim began swirling her tongue in circles around the tip as Jake grunted in approval.

Taking the next step, Kim slid more of his cock into her mouth taking nearly half of his cock into her mouth, she gagged feeling the tip near the back of her mouth. In an attempt to pleasure the rest of his cock, she wrapped a hand around the base of his cock, stroking it as she took the rest into her mouth over and over. Loudly slurping and sucking she covered his cock in her spit.

With one hand behind his head in a relaxed pose, Jake reached down to run his fingers through her hair. “I know you can take more Kimmy.” She took this as a personal challenge and forced it three quarters of the way as she gagged loudly. Jake took the opportunity to hold her head a bit longer than she cared for.

Pulling her head free she coughed until she caught her breath. Without missing a beat she began tenderly kissing, licking, and sucking on his large gaziantep escort hikayeleri balls.

Moaning as she continued stroking him off while playing with his balls, Jake grunted out “I’m gonna cum babe.” Kim took the chance to go back to sucking his cock taking him half way again and again as she gagged and slurped on his cock.

“I’m gonna cum on your face baby!” Pulling her hair back and holding her still Jake stroked his cock and aimed at her face spraying his thick seed over her face.

It seemed to go on forever in Kim’s mind but with a guttural grunt, Jake shot the last of his cum and coated her face. Kim’s eyes were plastered shut and she could feel it in her hair. She felt the bed rise as Jake stepped out of bed. “Where are you going baby?” Kim asked completely blinded. “Just getting you a towel, I’ll be right back.”

About two minutes passed as she felt a towel placed in her hand. Wiping up as much cum as she could she got up and walked to her bathroom, giving Jake a perfect view of her plump thick ass. His red slap marks still glowing on her ass.

Stepping out of the bathroom, a towel wrapped around her head and a bathrobe covering her naked body she stepped into the hallway searching for Jake. The sound of gunfire could be heard echoing down the hall from the living room. Entering her small but cozy living room, she was greeted to the sight of Jake in his boxer shorts sitting in the recliner Mark would occupy as he played one of Anthony’s video games.

“Having fun?” Kim asked teasingly as she leaned against the wall. “Not as much as you had earlier” he replied giving her a wink back. Feeling her cheeks flush red with embarrassment, she laughed it off. “Hungry?”

“Starving” he replied.

“I’ll make us sandwiches” Kim said as she went to the kitchen giving Jake a soft kiss as she passed him. As Kim went through her pantry grabbing bread and her fridge as she grabbed other ingredients Jake asked her “You free this weekend?” Butterflies fluttered in her stomach as she felt like a high school girl again. “Yeah…yeah I should be free” she said twirling her hair.

“I’m gonna take you to Oliver’s” he said nonchalantly. “Oliver’s?! Mark and I were on a wait list for four months until we gaziantep escort bayan ilanları were able to get a table.”

“I’ll get us in baby don’t worry.” He said pausing his game to walk up to her. “Just make sure you wear something sexy” pressing his flaccid but still massive cock against her ass “because I want desert after our dinner” he whispered into her ear. A chill ran up her spine as he aggressively slapped her ass. Turning around to face him she wrapped her arms around him getting on her tippy toes to kiss him passionately.

She broke their kiss and returned to finishing their sandwiches. Bringing them over to the couch she cuddled up against him as he wrapped his arm around her. They switched it over to TV as they watched various sitcoms laughing and telling each other secrets and hidden thoughts.

“So I still wanna know about your wild college days” Jake says resting his hand on her thigh. Kim felt her cheeks blush again “Fine…I’ll tell you…Saturday night.” Jake smiled and shook his head “Alright but you might have your mouth full.”

Relaxing on the couch Kim knew the time had come. Her phone read 2:25. “Jake I have to get going. I gotta pick up Anthony from school.”

“Alright I’ll get outta your hair” he said pretending to be offended. “Baby you know I would let you stay here all day if I could.”

“I know, but to me this isn’t just some fling.” He said

acting romantic knowing she’ll take the bait. “It’s not just a fling for me either Jake…I really like you” she admitted. “I like you too Kim” he kissed her passionately. Walking him to the door Jake kissed her one last time. “You know you can call me anytime before Saturday.”

“You need to go to school.” Kim said as Jake rolled his eyes. “Babe I already told you, it’s senior year, I’m on the honor roll, and I’m quarterback, that school would rather fire every teacher than suspend me.” Kim couldn’t help but feel proud in him, Anthony was also in his senior year but he was always a C student and his attempt to get on the football team ended with her picking him up early.

“Your education is very important Jake” Kim said trying to persuade him. “You’re very important to me. School is gonna be over before we even know it, but just for you I’ll go back.”

Kim nodded approvingly “You just gotta call me though and I’ll be rocking your world all day” he said smiling as he playfully slapped her ass. “Every once in a while you can ditch school, but you’ve missed too many days because of me.” She rested her hand on his cheek and kissed him “I’ll see you Saturday.” Jake kissed her back and got in his red Mustang and drove off.

Kim went back inside to change into clothes and pick up Anthony.

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