Kent and Angie’s First Night

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Kent Johnson was 35 years old and managed his own ad agency. When Angie let her skirt creep up over rounded, nylon covered knees and gave him a long, smoldering look, he gave her the job. A week after Angie went to work for him, he fired the other girl. That night she went to his apartment.

Kent was smooth and experienced, not uptight like her ex-husband, not to eager, as her old lover, George, had been. After the first martini, he kissed her. She tasted the gin on his tongue, tasted the heat and man wetness and trembled between her legs.

They had an understanding right off, so she stood up and shrugged out of her dress. She saw the hot light in his eyes as they ran over her lush body, growing wider at the sight of bare flesh she wasn’t wearing a bra or panties. Angie cupped the full mounds of her firm breasts, offering their rigid points to him, slid her hands slowly and insinuatingly over her belly and hips, turning to show him everything, the magnificent body she was so proud of.

“You are truly a beautiful bitch,” Kent breathed, unbuttoning his shirt.

Caressing her thighs, she turned back to him, lifting her hips just a little making her pelvis reach out to him. Light gleamed over the thick, rich curlings of her midnight pubic hair.

Posing for him, Angie watched his fingers hurry with his shirt and unbutton his pants. She eagerly awaited the sight of his cock, to see what it looked like. She wasn’t disappointed. Kent’s prick was a good one, not as big as George’s but sturdy and with a heavy, flanged head that was already pulsing and gathering a drop of pre-seminal fluid at its blunt tip.

Angie trembled when Kent stood up and put his hands on her. Shuddering in wave after wave of hot desire. Her mouth locked into his, opening for the probing of his tongue and the clashing of his teeth. Her tits crushed into his naked chest, her rigid nipples digging into his skin.

Kent felt the rhythmic sway of her hips begin, tick-tocking from side to side in a sensuous metronome, her furry crotch rubbing against the hard shaft of his cock, her hands trailing over his muscular back and lightly over the cheeks of his ass. They fell to the couch, tangling together in desperate hunger, in a writhing passion that blended them body to arching body.

His hands found their way between her thighs, cupping her throbbing pussy, fingering through the luxurious hair to find the humid excitement of her labia. She pressed his face between her breasts, his tongue darted out to curl around a nipple, pulling it into his mouth so he could suck on it. Angie found his swollen prick, caressing it with anxious fingers, feeling the distended veins, the puffy head that was at once spongy and hard.

“Come on!” Angie hissed. “Oh Kent, come on, come on! I can’t wait any longer, hurry and get it in me!”

Kent waited. He had her burning up inside, her pussy dripping wet but he didn’t shove his hard cock inside her just yet. He slid down her body, his tongue flicking over her rib cage. Further he went, driving his wet tongue into her belly button, slipping it across her hip bones, nibbling the insides of her thighs while her ass bucked up and down.

His hands were moving constantly, stroking her hips and belly, sliding around to fondle the cheeks of her bucking ass. She felt his Uşak Escort hot breath tickle her pubic hairs. The thought flashed through her mind that he was going to do that, to go down on her. At last she had found a man who would treat her as he wanted to be treated.

Kent delved his tongue into her hair, moving slowly deeper till it touched the slippery lips of her blazing pussy. She humped against his mouth, head spinning, breath rasping in her throat. It was a wild, wonderful sensation, so damned intimate, so lovely. She flinched when he inserted his tongue into her dripping labia, and squirmed as it penetrated, sliding into her vagina.

“Kent,” She panted, “oh, Kent, I’ve never, nobody ever did this to me before. It’s so, so fantastic!”

Working deeply into her pussy, he licked along the inner walls as her lips mashed themselves against his teeth grinding her pussy into his face. She brought her thighs together along his cheeks, trapping his head between them.

Kent ate into Angie’s pussy, burrowing his face into its depths and he began to suck, drawing her lips into his mouth, cork-screwing around them with his tongue. When his tongue probed beneath the hood to discover her clit, she almost lost her mind, there was nothing now but the sensation of his tongue in her vagina. She pounded the couch pillows with clenched fists, her back arching, body shivering and trembling inside and out.

He worked over her clit, thrilling it with his tongue, siphoning it between his teeth where he worried it gently. Angie came with a sudden explosion of raw passion, bucking and heaving against his busy mouth. It was different from cumming on a man’s prick, somehow more deeply satisfying, the shock waves of that orgasm raced to every part of her nervous system.

But he didn’t stop there, snuffling into the folds of her soaked pussy, he continued to eat, to toy with her throbbing clit, to lap and lick like a hungry puppy. Her hands crept down to caress his hair. When she felt another climax coming she worked her fingers into his scalp and forced his head impossibly deeper between her undulating thighs, holding him there as her body spasmed around his talented tongue again.

Angie gasped for air, her tits heaving up and down, as Kent at last lifted his dripping face from her throbbing pussy. He wiped his mouth on her belly and wet her aching nipples with his lips, then plastered his mouth to hers as he lay atop her body. Angie realized that she was tasting the flavor of her own pussy, knowing its musky fragrance upon her tongue, and loved it.

His cockhead poked for her wet pussy lips, nudging its way between them, and she received him gladly, her vagina aching for penetration, needing his meat deep within the grip of her pussy. Kent’s cock slipped in easily, and slid to its full, hard length inside her. She could feel the knob fumbling at the cup of her womb when she rolled back upon her shoulders, lifting her pelvis to him. Rolling on his prick when it was locked perfectly into her juicy socket, ground her crotch across his and felt his balls come to rest in the up tilted crack of her trembling ass. Oh, but it was good, so good, and she tore her mouth from his to tell him so.

“Kent, oh Kent, your prick is so wonderful. I love it deep inside my pussy, Uşak Escort Bayan moving like this, and like this, ahh, Kent, Kent, my lover, fuck me hard!

He responded fiercely, plunging his cock deeply into her clinging snatch, pounding it in with long, hard thrusts that made her tits bounce and the cheeks of her ass lurch in answer. Her long legs lifted wrapping around the small of his back, clamping down on him, helping him to drive his stiff rod ever deeper into her ravenous pussy.

“You hot-assed bitch!” he panted. “What a pussy, so tight and narrow, oh baby, it’s just eating up my cock, biting down on the head, and when you shake your ass like that…”

Kent hammered into her. Rocking back and forth, swinging his ass, his cockhead stroking hard against the inner sheathing of her pussy. The shaft stroked against her expanded clit and set it throbbing, as he sledged his meat deep within the confines of her velvet pussy. Angie gyrated insanely upon it, rocking her ass from side to side, rubbing her crotch strongly into his, giving him back stroke for stroke, meeting his thrusts and squirming delightedly upon them.

Angie could tell when he was about to cum, his movements turned jerky, his legs stiffened out, his toes digging into the couch for better purchase. Hurrying her own orgasm, she made several convulsive humpings that brought her to the same point as he. When Kent loosed the first stream of his semen spitting into her pussy, she was ready for it.

Wringing her pussy around his spitting cockhead, she gloried in the splash of his cum against her cervix. Came with him as more of the rich and creamy liquid inundated the quivering walls of her vagina and backed up on the base of his swollen shaft. Angie’s climax was a terrific one, built up by the others Kent had given with his eager mouth, and it burst throughout her straining pussy with wet tendrils of flame. When her legs slipped down from Kent’s sweaty back, she knew that she had been really fucked, that Kent was a much more accomplished lover than the two men she had experienced before.

They had rested for only a few minutes when Kent slid his slippery cock from the jealous clasping of her pussy and sat up to pour another drink from the icy shaker.

The shaker was empty when she slid down on the carpet and positioned herself between his spread knees. Yes, she had taken one other man’s shaft into her mouth before, but had never gone all the way with it; never known the spurting of semen into the back her throat, and she craved that sensation now, with Kent.

“It’s a lovely cock, ” she murmured, staring at its purplish head with the intriguing ridge around it, at the upright shaft and its turgid veins, the base so thick and strong where it rose from the curly nest of his hairy balls. “I want it all for myself, Kent.”

“It’s yours,” he breathed as she brought her breasts close and fitted them around his swelling cock. “Do whatever you want to with my prick, baby.”

She blew warmly upon the head and stroked her fingers up and down the shaft, teasing them into his balls and back again to curl lovingly around its sturdy shaft. When she kissed the swollen knob, the male odor filled her nostrils, and she adored it, breathing it in like the most expensive perfume. Her tongue Escort Uşak played over the glans, wetting its blunt point, touching the little soft lump of scar tissue below.

Angie couldn’t resist, couldn’t wait any longer; she just had to taste that beautiful thing, and was thankful that George had once forced his big cock into her unwilling mouth. Now she knew that it wasn’t perverted or dirty, knew that it could be wonderful. Opening her lips wide, she slipped them down over the head, curling her lips so that her teeth wouldn’t be painful to him.

He quivered as her tongue ran over his cockhead and down into the sticky little slot. She sucked it deeply, bringing it across her tongue and against roof of her mouth, drawing it back to the cup of her throat. Her cheeks dipped in as she sucked, letting them also caress his throbbing prick, before slipping up and down in a slow, rhythmic motion an imitation of fucking.

Kent took her head between his hands as he spread his legs wider, and Angie pushed the mounds of her rounded tits against his expanded balls, reveling in the soft scratching of his pubic hair against them. He guided her as she bobbed up and down on his hard shaft. Her questing tongue sliding wetly over every inch of his hard meat. Sucking his cockhead, she opened her lips to allow his prick to stand almost free, with only the barest pressure upon it and suddenly drawing it, hungrily, back into her mouth so that its tip would again touch the satin cup of her throat.

Angie could have eaten him forever, thrilled by the way he was arching his pelvis into her face, by the rasping sound of his breath and the convulsive movements of his prick. She knew he couldn’t last, speeding up as she felt his balls jerk against the pressure of her breasts.

His cockhead flexed and seemed to expand within the grip of her suctioning mouth, then the first jet of semen shot out. His cum was heavy and juicy, spilling out to splash against her throat. She gulped it down, rolling her tongue around the dripping head, to bring more of the delicious stuff forth. Kent kept cumming, in smaller and smaller spurts of rich cream that that she swallowed hungrily, the musky perfume of it filling her nostrils, the strong flavor of his semen gushing in her mouth.

She milked him, running her hands over his balls and up his shaking prick, trying to suck him completely dry. Her head was spinning her heart pounding wildly inside, threatening to break out. It was a crazy, primitive feeling that racing through her, making her pussy quiver and her tits ache. She was owning this man, possessing him as she had never taken a man before, drawing his male strength down her throat into her stomach where she would keep it forever.

Sighing, he fell back on the couch, going limp his cock sagging in her mouth. Regretfully, she allowed it to slide from her lips, and kissed her way slowly up his heaving body to his nipples. She chewed them tenderly, then kissed his throat as she crawled on top of his supine body. She gave him a sample of her lips, his opened slowly so that she could feed him the same tongue that had brought his cock to orgasm.

They spent the night experimenting, playing with each other, petting and caressing. Kent didn’t open the office next day.

Kent and Angie really fitted. They were the same kind, shaped in identical dark molds. Angie didn’t even dream then that Kent’s long and varied experience had led him to dabble in acts she hadn’t imagined yet, not in her most fevered nightmares. But she was going to learn, Kent would see to that.

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