Kate Lets Loose Ch. 01

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Kate wasn’t an attractive girl. She wasn’t ugly, but you wouldn’t describe her as plain, either. She didn’t have a nice body, she didn’t have nice legs. Her boobs were small but nice enough. She didn’t do herself any favors by never putting on make-up or fixing her hair. She figured since she wasn’t attractive, why bother.

She grew up in a small town in Vermont where everyone knew everyone. And everyone knew Kate wasn’t good-looking. Growing up, her parents were not very affectionate. Had she known better, she would have realized it was because of her looks.

The few boys in town weren’t interested in her. They didn’t like her looks, and even when a boy would ask her out he wouldn’t hold her hand while they were on a date. She let them touch her body and she liked it when they did, but usually the boys only wanted her to give them a hand job. She always did so, hoping one of them would like her. She was very good at giving hand jobs.

After college, she got a job in a large company that had offices around the country. She was sent to New Jersey, just a few miles from New York City. She went happily, hoping things would be different. Her parents didn’t want her to go. They worried that she wouldn’t have a social life, and they also worried that she would have one. They didn’t know how good she was at giving hand jobs.

It was a big company. She met new people almost every day for the first year she was there. She was self-conscious about her looks, but no one seemed to be aware that she thought she wasn’t good-looking. One of her new co-workers, Jeff, gave her a big hug to welcome her. The older men treated her nicely, sort of like a daughter. She started to like having people treat her nicely. She never thought that any of the older men were interested in her as a woman, but they were.

She had one co-worker, a young Bostancı Escort man named Andrew. He was tall, handsome, athletic. She was athletic. He played rugby. She played rugby. She asked if she could watch one of his games. While watching him play, she noticed he was rather, well she was embarrassed to think this. He was really well built and she was sure she saw his dick when he was tackled. It looked rather long. None of the boys at home had a dick long enough to be seen when they were in shorts. She decided she wanted to see more of his dick. After the game she invited him back to her apartment for a shower and dinner. He was happy to go. He was tired after the game and needed to eat and relax.

At her apartment she offered him a beer. He drank it and then showered. She had managed to forget to give him a towel. When he was finished, he called out to her for a towel. She got one and walked right in on him without knocking. She was very impressed. He was very embarrassed. She lost her train of thought when she saw his body. And his dick. It was the biggest thing she had ever seen. He blushed, grabbed the towel and covered himself. Then he escorted her out of the bathroom.

Andrew was rather untalkative during dinner. He didn’t like her walking in on him like that. He probably would have been happier if she was nice-looking, and he didn’t like himself for thinking that. He had dated a classmate in high school, Donna. She was plain looking, like Kate. They had a great time dating. He laughed to himself when he thought that, because “great time” meant they had lots of sex. At the start of summer after senior year of high school Donna left for college and they broke up. He started dating Laura before leaving for college. She was gorgeous. She was tall, slender, athletic. She had a great body. She had long blond hair. The Ümraniye Escort sex with Laura was almost as good as the sex with Donna, but it was better with Donna. He used to think about that. Laura was gorgeous, yet the sex was better with the plain looking girl. Andrew and Laura dated all during Andrew’s freshman year. Laura was a high school senior. When she got to college the next year she discovered all the boys at college were interested in her. After a few months, she broke up with Andrew since he was in Connecticut and she was in New Jersey.

Suddenly Andrew realized Kate was talking to him. She wanted to know if he wanted another beer. He said yes and looked her over. So the gorgeous girl dumped him and the sex wasn’t as good as with the plain girl. And here was a plain girl who saw everything he’s got. And she has food and beer. Maybe, sex would be great with Kate like it was with Donna. Maybe he should try.

After dinner, they just sat and talked. He made a joke and she laughed and touched his arm. He felt a jolt go right through him. He put his hand on her arm when she talked about not being happy growing up. She felt warm. He felt good. Especially in his dick. It started to respond to her warmth. As they talked and drank, she noticed what was happening in his pants. She encouraged him to have another beer, and she got beers for both of them. When she came back she sat just a little closer than she should have. He kind of relaxed and she felt encouraged. He put his hand on hers as she handed him the beer. He kept his hand on hers.

It didn’t take long before he pulled her closer. He looked into her eyes. She had nice eyes, he thought. Of course, he also thought that he had drunk six beers. He kissed her. She kissed back. They kissed long and hard. His erection got longer and harder. She put her hand on Ataşehir Escort his erection. It jumped. He jumped. She rubbed and he jumped even more. He tried to stop her from rubbing him, but he didn’t try very hard. She pushed him back on the couch and kept rubbing. And rubbing. And soon, his head fell back and he started moaning. She was ready. She pulled his pants down and started licking his dick. He let out with a long moan and then shot his load. It took him about 20 seconds to finish. It took her a lot longer. She kept licking and licking.

Andrew couldn’t believe what was happening. Being 26 years old, his erection came back very quickly. Kate was expecting this. She had taken off all of her clothes while he was recovering and very quickly climbed on top of him. Before he could stop her, she put his dick inside of her. Of course, he wouldn’t have stopped her but she didn’t know that. She didn’t want him to push her off the way the boys did at home. She held his shoulders down and started to ride him. She wanted to cum. A lot. She made sure he was going to last a long time so she could cum a long time.

She felt him pulsing inside of her. He reached up and gently stroked her breasts. They were small but very responsive. Her breathing quickened as he touched her. He guessed she was getting close to orgasm, but didn’t know her well enough to be sure. He figured that Kate would respond the same way Donna and Laura did. He was right. He kept massaging her breasts and he felt her get tense. The pressure on his dick was fantastic! He could feel his balls tighten. Then Kate let out with a long moan and collapsed on him as she came. He kept the movement going as he felt his orgasm reaching up. She opened her eyes and looked into his. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and held it. She moaned and rode him. As he started to cum, she increased her movements and had her second orgasm of the night.

Kate decided Andrew wasn’t leaving that night, even if she had to chain him to the bed. Andrew decided he would stay if Kate would let him. He had a lot to do with Kate and didn’t want to waste a minute.

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