Karmina Ch. 03

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To all readers and fans of this series: This story is a direct continuation of chapter 2, and is meant to be a little misleading. It won’t seem like a continuation at first, but by the end hopefully it will all make sense 🙂



Julie turned off the shower, and stepped out and onto the towel on the floor. With one hand she reached out for the towel hanging up on the wall, while her other was caressing her massive, heavy tits. She loved the way they felt under her hands, lifting them up and feeling their weight, pinching and pulling her nipples. The sharp pain that it caused excited her, and made her most between her legs, and not from the shower. She stopped to dry herself off first though. She was getting ready for bed, and intended to spend a good long while with her ‘special friend’. That’s how she referred to the vibrator she kept hidden at the bottom of her underwear drawer.

She wrapped the towel around herself to cover herself up, and wrapped another around her long, curly black hair, then left the bathroom to make her way down the hallway. It was late, and by now her two daughters would be asleep, so she was careful not to make any noise as she walked across the carpeted floor to her bedroom. But she stopped when she noticed a soft bluish light coming from under Vanessa’s bedroom door. Vanessa was her eldest daughter at twenty three years old, and Haley was nineteen. Julie was curious as to what the light was, and very carefully opened the door a crack, just wide enough to peek through. The light was coming from Vanessa’s laptop, which was sitting on her bed. Vanessa was laying in bed on her side, with one leg cocked up, the outline of her body made visible by the light from the laptop, facing away from the door, intently watching what was playing on her computer. Julie noticed three things straight away about the scene before her. First was that the computer was showing what was undoubtedly porn, second was that Vanessa was naked, and the subtle movements of her arms suggested that she was busy fingering herself. The third thing that Julie noticed was that the video her daughter was watching only had two women in it.

Julie was puzzled by this. She’d never suspected that her eldest daughter liked girls. She’d had a few boyfriends, and therefor assumed that she’d had sex with them. Although as a rule she didn’t want to stick her nose in her daughter’s business, she trusted her not to do anything stupid, she couldn’t help but sometimes hear some sounds coming from Vanessa’s bedroom whenever she had a boyfriend over. But now it seemed that Julie was discovering something new about her daughter. The two women in the video weren’t just having sex, at least not how Julie had ever imagined that two girls would have sex. One of them was wearing a strap-on cock, and was busy fucking the other one with a passion. The sound was turned down low, but Julie could make out the screams of pleasure of the second woman. There was some talking in it too, but Julie couldn’t really make it out. A few words trickled across the room to her, however. Words like ‘bitch’, and ‘take it’. Vanessa seemed to be enjoying what was happening though, because Julie could see her arm move more quickly as she seemed to quicken her pace. Julie could just make out the vague shape of her hand between her legs, slipping back and forth across her crotch, and the musky, earthy smell of female arousal wafted across the room to Julie’s nose.

Julie wasn’t quite sure what shocked her more, the fact that Vanessa was getting off on lesbian porn, or that she herself was getting even more wet from watching. The dull, muted sounds of the video were making her pussy throb, but what took Julie by surprise was the fact that she couldn’t seem to take her eyes off of her daughter’s crotch, watching those fingers moving so quickly and urgently. Julie’s own hands were beginning to wander. She could feel her nipples straining even through the course, thick material of the towel. Her other hand slid down her curvy stomach to her steamy thatch, and quickly found the slick soapy wetness there.

In the video, the girl with the strap-on reached over and pulled the other girl’s hair. She heard Vanessa moan softly as that happened, and somehow the thought of that action in particular exciting Vanessa seemed to excite Julie more. Without thinking she let a finger slip between her lips, and inside her hot, moist pussy. Suddenly she watched as Vanessa rolled onto her back, and raised her hips off the bed. Her fingers were going crazy, the obscene wet sounds that were produced were driving Julie wild, even though she knew that she shouldn’t be watching her daughter like this, she couldn’t stop herself.

Vanessa’s body shook slightly as she raised her hips off the bed again, this time in the clear grip of a massive orgasm. She fell to the bed again, and turned off the computer, casting the whole scene back into complete darkness. Julie suddenly realized how exposed she was, peeking through the door, and quickly Esenyurt Escort shut it, being careful not to make any noise. She hurried to her bedroom, shut the door and locked it. Without bothering to remove the towels, Julie ran to her chest of drawers, pulled open the top drawer, snatched her vibrator and fell onto her back on the bed. She switched her friend onto maximum and plunged it straight into her waiting snatch. The sudden stimulation was like a shock of electricity through her body, but causing pleasure instead of pain. She came within seconds, and in her mind was the image of her daughter in the throes of her own orgasm. Julie pumped the vibrator in and out of her pussy madly as she came two more times.

Afterward Julie felt exhausted, confused, and ashamed. It wasn’t natural for a mother to be thinking of her daughter as she masturbated. She couldn’t do this again. Never again. She promised to herself as she wiped away the slick juices from her thighs with the towel, put on her pajamas and crawled back into bed, this time to fall asleep in just moments. But even as she drifted off to sleep, she could still see the outline of Vanessa’s body as she lay on the bed in front of her computer, hands between her legs. Julie’s pussy began to moisten once more as she dreamed.


The next morning, Julie awoke with normal, everyday things on her mind. She got up, made breakfast for her and the girls, then the three of them ate together as they watched TV. Vanessa and Haley kissed their mother goodbye and left for school, leaving Julie alone in the house for the day. It wasn’t until a few hours later that she remembered what had happened last night. The feelings of shame and confusion came rushing back, as did the sensitive tingle between her legs. She tried to put those thoughts and feelings out of her mind by carrying on with her normal routine. She vacuumed the living room, the dining room and the upstairs hallway, and the constant drone of the vacuum cleaner helped to drown out the images and sounds that she remembered.

As she finished up in the upstairs hallway, Julie saw that Vanessa’s bedroom door was wide open, and her laptop was sitting on the bed, right where it had been last night. The mere sight of it made her body tingle, and her breathing heavy with arousal as she remembered. The faint smell of Vanessa’s musk was still in the air, and in fact if Julie hadn’t known it was there, she wouldn’t have noticed it. But she did, and she could feel her vagina become soapy and wet a she breathed it in. The intensity of her arousal frightened her, her heart felt like it was clenching like a fist in her chest, heavy and painful. She was painfully aware that it was now more than ten years since her husband had left, walked out without ever looking back. It had been more than ten years since Julie had felt the touch of another person, and now it seemed that even the slightest stimulus was enough to make her as horny as a teenager.

She stood staring at the laptop for a long time. She wondered what kind of porn Vanessa had on there, besides what she’d seen last night. Finally curiosity got the better of her, and she sat down on the bed, and pulled the computer onto her lap. To her surprise, there was no password required, and Julie had full access to her daughter’s computer. After a brief search, she found a folder labeled ‘Private’, and when she opened it, the sheer number of files took Julie’s breath away. There were hundreds of videos. Julie clicked one at random, and when it popped up, it started up a scene with two beautiful girls talking on a couch. Julie watched, fascinated, and about a minute into it, the two girls started making out. A few more minutes later they were licking hungrily at each other’s wet shaven pussies in a tangled sixty-nine position on the couch. Julie opened another, and another lesbian scene popped up. And another, and another. The whole folder was filled with lesbian porn. It seemed that Vanessa was no longer interested in boys anymore.

As Julie scrolled to the bottom of the window, she saw another folder labeled ‘Favorites’, and she clicked on it. There were more videos, but far fewer, maybe a dozen or so. When Julie opened one of these ones, a familiar sight met her eyes. It was the same video from last night, the one with the strap-on cock. Julie turned the volume up a little, and this time listened to what was happening. After watching with grim fascination for a few minutes, she realized that the second girl wasn’t just getting fucked by the other, she was being dominated. The girl with the rubber cock kept calling her ‘bitch’ and talking dirty the whole time. Julie closed the video and opened another one of Vanessa’s favorites. It was a different scene, with different girls, but once more one of them was being dominated. This time however, instead of using a strap-on, the dominant girl was holding the other girl’s hair with two fists, and pushing her face forcefully into her bald, very wet pussy. She was İstanbul Escort humping the poor girl’s face with abandon, calling her names and pulling on her long blonde hair. The other girl didn’t seem to mind though, because she was furiously rubbing her clit as she slurped and sucked on her girlfriend’s pussy.

This cast a whole new light on Vanessa’s sexuality. Not only did it seem that she was a lesbian, but she liked S&M as well. The only question was whether she liked to dominate, or be dominated. Julie was shocked at the question she’d just asked herself. Her panties were soaked through with her excitement, and her jeans were starting to show the damp as well. She hurriedly closed the video, then the laptop. She left Vanessa’s bedroom, but was distracted by the way that the vibration of her thighs rubbing together was felt very strongly by her now very sensitive cunt. Julie made her wobbly way to her bedroom, and stripped her pants off, and quickly slipped her panties off too. She fell forward on the bed and shoved both hands between her legs, feeling her wet, spongy, swollen pussy lips with her fingers. She thrust her pelvis harder into her hands, pushing them into the mattress. She was flicking her fingers back and forth across her clit, and her other hand had two fingers buried deep inside her slippery hole. She continued like this for what seemed like forever, but she just couldn’t bring herself to climax. She needed to do it, she needed to find some relief from this seemingly perpetual state of depraved arousal. Maybe once she’d had her orgasm and calmed down, she’d stop having these sinful thoughts about her daughter. In her mind’s eye, she was re-watching the scenes she’d seen on the laptop, but instead it was her daughter’s face instead of the girls on the computer.

Julie stopped, and tried to think of how she could stop herself from thinking of her daughter. Her horny, desperate mind saw the full length mirror door to her wardrobe, and she quickly stripped off her shirt as she got off the bed and sat down in front of it. She spread her legs and looked at her reflection. Her huge, swinging tits jiggled with her every move, and her pussy was glistening wet as she sat with her legs spread wide in front of the mirror. If she was watching herself, she could block out the mental image of her daughter, she thought. She grabbed her nipple and stretched it out hard as she buried her fingers in her cunt again. Not taking her eyes off of her reflection, Julie could feel her climax approach, and she tried to move her fingers even faster. Her pinching and pulling wasn’t enough for her nipples, and in a desperate attempt to get some satisfaction to her carnal desires that lurked within, she lifted one of her breasts up, and viciously bit down hard on her stiffened nub of a nipple. The pain was excruciating, but it brought her closer to that sweet relief that she could feel brewing inside her belly.

She could hear a voice, a memory from the videos as she had her eyes glued to the reflection of her red, swollen pussy. ‘You like that don’t you.’ it said. ‘Take it you dirty slut. Take it and like it!’ Julie moaned with primal, guttural pleasure as was pumping her pussy now, using her whole arm to move her fingers. She grabbed a fistful of her soft, spongy boob, and pushed it hard against her chest as she bucked her hips and came with a wild, desperate scream. She jammed her fingers deeper inside her, and felt her pussy clench and squeeze them hard. She came again, and then again as her continued frustration was finally brought to an end, and she was given sweet relief.


That night, Julie was showering again, getting ready for bed once more. She resisted the urge to play with herself like she normally did. The feelings of shame and disgust with herself were still prominent from earlier that day, and she’d promised herself that she wouldn’t for a day or two until the unclean thoughts she’d been having went away.

As she covered herself with her towels again, she padded her way down the corridor, and stopped as she saw that Haley’s bedroom door was wide open. She glanced inside to make sure that she was alright, but she wasn’t there. A jolt of panic shot through Julie. The girls were supposed to be in bed by now. Where was she? Julie forced herself to calm down, telling herself that she was probably downstairs getting herself something to drink. Just to be on the safe side, Julie decided that she’d change into her pajamas and go check to see if that was the case. Before she got to her bedroom, however, she heard a giggle coming from Vanessa’s room. The door was open a crack, and as Julie walked past, she saw the shape of her two girls sitting on Vanessa’s bed. Well that solved the little mystery of where Haley was, but what were they doing in there?

Julie crept close to the door to check that they were OK. What she saw shocked her to the core. The laptop was on, lighting up the shape of the two of them sitting side by side on the bed. The full Beylikdüzü Escort view of the screen was hidden from Julie, but she could still hear enough to know what they were watching. It was more lesbian porn, and judging by the screams and shouts, it was from the Favorites folder. The two girls were whispering to each other, and despite herself Julie strained to hear.

“I told you it was awesome.” whispered Vanessa. “If you’d told me you were interested before, I’d have shown you this ages ago.”

“Well I didn’t think that I liked girls until a few weeks ago. It took me this long just to admit it to myself.” whispered Haley. Julie couldn’t believe her ears. Both of her daughters were lesbians. She was shocked, but was forced to remind herself that getting turned on by lesbian porn herself, then masturbating to her own reflection wasn’t exactly something a straight girl would normally do. She held her breath as she strained her ears to listen some more.

“So what made you realize?” Vanessa asked. Haley muttered something too quiet for Julie to hear, then Vanessa giggled.

“Well what’s her name?” she asked.

“. . . Maria.” whispered Haley eventually.

“Oh, is that the one with the bright blonde hair and she’s always got those small reading glasses on?”


“She’s cute.”

“I know.”

“You should invite her over one day. You two could hang out, and maybe afterward you could make out.” said Vanessa with a smile in her voice.

“Would I have to do the stuff they’re doing?” asked Haley, and she pointed to the laptop. It was another video of a girl with a strap-on.

“Only if you want to. It’s not the only way that girls can do it.”

“But is that why you have these videos? Do you want to do it like that?”

“Oh yes. This is what turns me on the most.” said Vanessa.

“Which one do you want to be? The one doing the fucking, or the one getting fucked?”

“I definitely prefer being the one doing the fucking. I like being rough and talking dirty.”

“I could never do that.”

“That’s fine, sis. Maybe you prefer to be the one getting fucked.” said Vanessa, she was teasing her little sister.

“Ew, no I don’t”

“Hehe, I bet you’d like it if it was with Maria.”

“Shut up!” snapped Haley.

“Oh my god, you’re blushing! I was right!”

“Shut up!”

“You want to be Maria’s little slave, don’t you? You want to be her bitch.” Vanessa teased, and Haley pushed her away.

“Be quiet, you’ll wake up mom.”

“Fine. But admit it, I’m right.”

“. . . It’s embarrassing.” said Haley, and pulled her knees under her chin to hug her legs. Vanessa put an arm around her shoulders.

“You don’t need to be embarrassed Haley. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with it if it makes you feel good.”

The two of them continued to watch the video in silence. Their conversation about sexual preferences was turning her on again. She fought the urge to touch herself, but still couldn’t bring herself to stop listening.

“Do you like that part?” Vanessa asked suddenly.

“What do you mean?” Haley asked.

“That girl’s fucking her doggy style, and she just smacked her ass. I felt you shiver when she did it. You like that don’t you?”

” . . . yes.”

Julie felt a shiver of her own. That did sound good. She used to love it when her husband had been rough with her.

“Be honest, you’d like it if Maria did that to you, wouldn’t you?”

Vanessa was enjoying the warmth of her sister’s body against hers. Watching her favorite porn had really turned her on, and she could feel that Haley was feeling the same way. When she mentioned Maria’s name, she saw Haley let her legs fall apart, and she slipped a hand down her panties. Vanessa could hardly believe that her little sister was fingering herself in front of her, but she couldn’t take her eyes away. She moved her mouth to Haley’s ear, and whispered as Haley kept watching.

“You’d do what ever Maria wanted, wouldn’t you?”

“Mmmm, yes.”

“What would you do if she said that she wanted you to lick her pussy, sis?”

“I don’t know.”

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t know how to lick a girl.”

“Haley, you don’t need to worry, it’ll come naturally. All you have to do is do to her what you’d like done to yourself.”

“But I have no idea what to do!”

The frantic tone to Haley’s voice made Vanessa feel sorry for her little sister. So she came up with an idea. She stood up and hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties, and let them fall to the floor.

“What are you doing?” Haley asked.

“Just watch.” said Vanessa, and she sat back down on the bed, this time facing Haley, with her back to the headboard. She spread her legs wide, giving her sister a full view of her shaved pussy. Julie could see it clearly as well, and was mesmerized by the sight of it. She couldn’t fight her desires anymore, and her hands made their way to her own wet pussy again. Using her fingers, Vanessa started to gently stroke her swollen pussy lips.

“What I like to do first, is lick right here on the lips, like this.” she said, and used her fingers like a tongue, making gentle licking motions. Haley was watching intently, her hand still down her panties.

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