Karen’s Revelations Ch. 05

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Big Tits

Karen slipped under the blankets between Jenny and Sharmila. She began to pull her thong down but found that both Jenny and Sharmila seemed to be keen on helping too. They both eased the underwear down past her knees and over her ankles. Jenny then placed the wet thong on the settee among the others.

“You know, I’m still having difficulty realising we’re doing this,” said Karen.

“Oh, and what’s that?” asked Melanie with all innocence, on the outside of Jenny.

“You know, lying here with my best friends, under a blanket with not a stitch on down below.”

“Not to mention telling dirty stories!” added Jenny.

“All true as well,” reminded Karen.

Each of the women was highly aware of the erotically-charged situation they found themselves in; warm skin against warm skin and fingers that touched and stroked unhindered. But, perhaps more than anything, they were just as aware their latent feelings were being released and there was little any of them could do about it, even if they wanted to. They all silently realised there was a strong possibility that they were going to cross a certain boundary before very long.

Karen cleared her voice.

“Number five was the one who left me in no doubt that I wanted to be a lesbian ….”

Melanie moved in tighter against Jenny and, on the other side, Trish did the same with Sharmila. There was a conspiratorial wink between Jenny and Sharmila whose hands, under the blanket, touched Karen’s bare thighs.

“Her name was Brenda and she was the image of Kim Cattrall. You know the blonde actress from ‘Sex and The City’?”

“Wow! She’s as hot as they come!” gushed Trish. Her hand had come to rest on Sharmila’s stomach, under her top.

“Yeah, except when I first met Brenda she wasn’t hot or sexy.”

“So where did you meet her?” asked Jenny.

“At my Wednesday night swimming class. We both joined the same night and I suppose that sort of gave us something in common.”

“And why do you say she wasn’t hot or sexy?” asked Sharmila. Her fingers had started to trace lines up and down Karen’s thigh.

“Well, she seemed to have a problem with her own image. She did nothing to make herself look attractive. She wore an old-fashioned black swimming suit while I wore a scarlet red bikini. And afterwards she showered in her swimsuit while I removed my bikini. I got the feeling she wasn’t happy to show her body. Anyway, before I get away from the story, after the third class I asked her if she fancied going for a drink afterwards. She reluctantly agreed. I got the feeling that she didn’t go out much either. We got talking and she told me that she’d just moved south after 22 years of being married to a farmer from the Midlands. She was looking for a job and hadn’t made any friends yet.”

“What age was she?” asked Melanie, her leg now draped over Jenny’s.

“I didn’t ask but I’d say in her mid-forties. She had a lovely face, just like Kim Cattrall, but she wasn’t showing it to full advantage. She complimented me on the way I looked and the way I was dressed and said she just felt like a has-been in comparison, you know, dowdy and what have you. I said there was an easy way to fix all that but her mindset required a bit of work. After a second drink she told me that she was once a beautiful girl before she got married. I told her that the beauty was still there but it all depended on whether or not she wanted to feel sexy and beautiful again. She gave a sad laugh and said, ‘I wish.’ Before we left I gave her my home phone number and told her that she now had a friend if she wanted one. In the car park, behind the bar, she thanked me and went to kiss me goodnight on the cheek. But I decided to be naughty and turned at the last second so that our lips met. I have to say I was surprised that she didn’t pull away or object. I sensed a lot of yearning in her when her lips closed on mine.”

The backs of Jenny’s fingers brushed against the back of Sharmila’s as they both began to caress Karen’s inner thighs, moving up and down her legs, like the tide gently ebbing and floing on a golden beach. Sharmila’s own legs began to part slightly when Trish had started to stroke her friend’s soft bush.

“It was the Saturday after that when she got back to me and said she’d been thinking a lot about what I said and it made sense. The only problem was she didn’t know where to start. I didn’t hesitate when I told her to have a relaxing bath and come to my house at six that night as if she was going out on a date. So I fixed us something to eat and put two bottles of wine in the fridge. Then I had a shower and got myself ready. I must admit that I had a vision of something happening between us later although I knew it was unlikely. She just didn’t seem the type.

“Shortly after six I opened the door to her and I have to say I was a bit dismayed; she looked just like a housewife who’d thrown the towel in some time ago. She wore loose grey slacks and a thick white cotton top. Her make-up was minimal and her hair was the same as the previous night. But I knew this was all down to her mindset.

“We had a light meal and a glass Sincan Escort of wine. I began to like her more and more. Then I asked her if she wanted to see how sexy and beautiful I knew she could be. She made light of the question but I asked her again and she realised I was being serious. She nodded but she still thought I was just being kind. So I gave her something to think about: I said that if I could change her mind about herself within the following three or four hours she’d have to stay the night and help me finish off the wine. She thought about it for, oh, three seconds and agreed.

“I led her into the bedroom and told her to remove her makeup. When that was done I spent the next 45 minutes working on her lips, cheekbones, eyebrows, eyelashes and eyeshadow using my best makeup. I did her hair as best I could because I didn’t have time to style it properly. When I finished I felt really pleased with my efforts. Honestly, she looked so much prettier and quite a few years younger. I let her look at herself in the mirror for the first time since I’d started and I saw her smile. She squeezed my hand and said, ‘I might have to keep you.'”

Both Jenny and Sharmila had allowed their fingers to travel higher and higher and they could actually feel the heat emanating from Karen’s vagina. Karen’s legs were beginning to open slowly. Melanie, not to be outdone, had slipped her hand under Jenny’s top and was fingering her tummy just below her belly button.

“‘Now let’s have a look at your clothes,’ I said to her. She blinked in surprise. I suppose she thought I was only going to do her makeup when she said, ‘What do you mean?’ So I told her that clothes can make a huge difference to the way we feel about ourselves. She half-heartedly agreed. I pressed home the point, adding that our choice of underwear is where we start. She didn’t say anything so I told her I wanted her to take her clothes off. Now, believe it or not, I could have sworn that I saw her shrinking at that moment. I went over to her and said very quietly, ‘Brenda, what I see before me is a beautiful woman hidden behind a disguise. Become the woman that you want to be. Be the woman that you are.'”

“Damn, Karen, you’re in the wrong job, girl!” said Jenny. The others echoed her praise.

Karen smiled and allowed her thighs to open up more as she felt the first tentative touch on her wetness.

“So Brenda said, ‘What do you want me to do?’ I told her to take off her clothes and let me see her. She made a decision, nodded and took off her top, shoes and slacks and let them drop to the floor. Her bra and panties were worse than I’d imagined. They were old-fashioned, flesh-coloured, cheap nylon garments. Awful. I shook my head and said to her, ‘Let me show you.’ I didn’t once take my eyes off her as I removed my own top and mini skirt as seductively as I could to reveal a lacy red thong and bra. Her cheeks started to match the colour of my undies so I told her that I wore sexy underwear all the time, even when alone at home.”

“Unless you have your friends around,” quipped Melanie. Her fingers had strayed southwards from Jenny’s bellybutton.

“I held Brenda’s hands and said, ‘I promise you that when you leave here, you’ll leave as a woman sure of her own beauty and sexiness.’ I told her to trust me and to remove her dull bra and pants. She did hesitate but I suppose she trusted me also and did what I told her. I picked up her underwear and dropped them into the wastepaper basket. Then I stepped back to look at her. I was actually admiring her. ‘Brenda, you have a fantastic figure,’ I said. I told her she shouldn’t hide it under plain clothes that did nothing for her. Then I told her that I was going to dress her to show her what she should look like every day.

“I went to my undies drawer and selected a matching mint green silk thong and bra, black lace suspender belt and sheer black stockings. I instructed her to sit on the edge of the bed and let me do all the fitting. Now Brenda was perhaps just half a size larger than me but the way she carried herself made her seem two sizes larger. So I knew the clothes would fit her alright. I slipped a stocking over her foot and started to roll it up her leg to her thigh, smoothing it as I went and pulling it up tight. She kept trying to close her thighs and I knew her muscles were reacting to my touch. I did the same with the other stocking. I slipped the thong over her ankles and asked her to stand up. Then, with deliberate slowness, I eased the thong up her legs and thighs and over her mound. I also made sure it was pulled tight at the back between her cheeks. Now, as you can imagine, my hands were busy stretching her skin, pulling the elastic and smoothing the material…..”

“You were fondling her in other words,” suggested Sharmila.

“Well, we all know how to do that, don’t we, girls?” added Trish. She was gently stroking Sharmila’s bottom, now and then sliding a long finger along the crack and over her anus.

“Brenda whispered, ‘I’ve never worn a thong before. And the last time I wore stockings was at Etlik Escort my wedding twenty-two years ago.’ When I looked at her thong from the front I realised that she had too much pubic hair which was spoiling the effect. ‘Brenda,’ I said, ‘I’m going to have to give you a trim down here. Would that be OK with you?’ She just nodded and asked me how I was going to do it. I explained that I was going to use scissors first and then a shaving razor and cream. I told her that I always kept mine trimmed and, to demonstrate the result, I lowered my thong and showed her my Brazilian. Although she reddened a bit I thought she also looked impressed. I got my materials and placed a towel under her backside on the edge of the bed. I removed her thong and she lay back as I parted her legs. Instantly she brought her hands down to cover her sex. I told her again to trust me and to put her hands over her boobs. Then I started cutting the hair as close to the skin as possible and, of course, I was studying her slit at close quarters.”

“Was it wet?” asked Melanie. There was a tremulous tone in her voice because her fingers had just found dampness on Jenny’s thigh, near the opening to her sex.

“Not wet, no. Not at first. After I’d finished with the scissors I got the shaving gel and lathered it on with two fingers. I took my time too but explained to her that it had to be applied properly or it would hurt. I could feel the ridge of her clitoral hood becoming more pronounced as I rubbed across it and I saw her thigh muscles tighten when I did this. When I started shaving her with the razor I told her to relax but lie very still. I had to stretch the skin so I wouldn’t nick it and this gave me a good opportunity to see her clitoris and to open her up a bit. And that was when I saw that she had become moist. I used my thumb to pull back her clitoral hood while I shaved the hair on each side of it. She was very quiet while I was finishing off and held her breasts tightly together. When I’d finished with the razor I told her I was going to put a moisturizing cream over the skin to cool it down. She just mumbled ‘OK’ and I said that she had a beautiful vagina that would be the envy of many women. I put some moisturiser on my fingers and worked it over the shaved skin. As I smoothed it on the clitoris I studied her reaction. I saw her thigh muscles tighten and I noticed her squeezing her breasts. Several times I accidentally-on-purpose touched her slit and said, ‘Oops, sorry’. Her slit had begun to open slightly and I could see the dampness. Finally I said that I was finished and she could have a look. She actually gasped when she saw that I’d shaved her hair totally. I looked her in the eyes and whispered, ‘You look damn sexy.’ I slipped the thong back up her legs and over her mound and in between her cheeks. I added the suspender belt and fastened it to the stockings and then we put the bra on her. Her nipples had hardened a bit and were poking through the mint-coloured silk. I had a quick look in the wardrobe and handed her a sleeveless, short black dress. She slipped it over her head and down her body and I zipped her up. When she was finished I stood and admired her and whispered, ‘You are gorgeous, Brenda.’ And she was.”

Karen’s legs were wide apart, splayed over the legs of both Jenny and Sharmila. Jenny had been the first to take advantage and was softly tracing her index finger along the length of the wet slit. Sharmila, on the other hand, had just begun to tease the hardened ridge.

“I put my top and skirt back on and we came back to the settee and started on the wine. She talked about her marriage and the reasons why it disintegrated. She was told by the doctor that she couldn’t have children and I think that was the main reason. She also said she and her husband didn’t make love after the first 8 years or so. She had a few one-night stands but found them unrewarding. Eventually she admitted to owning a few sex toys. I waited until she’d had a few more glasses of wine before I asked her if she’d ever been with a woman. She looked into my eyes for a long time before giggling, ‘I think you’re flirting with me.’ I just said, ‘And if I was?’ But she didn’t reply.

Trish had also discovered the lubrication from Sharmila’s vagina. Her wet finger was now spreading the juices along the crack of her bottom.

“We were both very tipsy when I asked her how the thong felt. She said she could feel the material wedged between her cheeks and every time she moved she could feel the material rubbing against her. ‘Is it making you wet?’ I asked her. She nodded so I said, ‘Well, that makes two of us.’

“I had an idea so I asked her when was the last time she had a slow dance. She laughed and said about a lifetime ago. I quickly got up and put on a compilation CD of slow romantic music. I stood in front of her and held out my hand and said, ‘I’d love to dance with you, Brenda.’ When she looked into my eyes again it felt as if she was coming to an important decision. She took my hand and we held each other close and started to move in time with the music. My hands went Çankaya Escort round to her back and I gently pulled her in and she didn’t resist. I was very conscious of her breasts against my own; I could even feel her heart beating. I also felt her thighs pressed up against mine and I could feel the material of the nylons against my bare legs. I was very wet and I really wanted this woman. We didn’t speak at all when we were dancing but in between song tracks I whispered, ‘You’re a lovely dancer, Brenda.’

“Again she looked into my eyes silently and then down at my mouth. I thought if I didn’t kiss her then I never would. It was gentle at first then she inserted her tongue into my mouth and let loose all her pent-up passion. The dam burst, as you might say. She held me behind my head and her leg came up high between my legs, pushing hard against my sex. Her other hand was squeezing my breast. I had to tell her to slow down before I exploded. Then she suddenly seemed to snap out of it and realise what she’d done and she was begging my forgiveness. She slumped down on the settee where I joined her. I took hold of both her hands and said, ‘I don’t want to forgive you because I loved it and I want to do it again. But only if you do.’ She nodded so I leaned in and kissed her. My hand touched her knee and she flinched a bit and I continued moving my hand up her stockings to the bare skin at the top. She was moaning now and followed my example except she didn’t stop. Her fingers had found the soaked thong and she began rubbing the material over my clit. I knew I was going to come before very long. So I let my fingers stray over her thong too. I couldn’t believe how sodden she’d become. I hooked a finger under the gusset and found her open slit. I eased my finger inside her, as far as I could go. Instantly she shuddered and tried to pull my hand out but it was too late. Her legs slammed shut and she half stood up as her orgasm shook her. I could feel the muscles in her vagina throbbing against my finger. When she relaxed a bit I removed my finger and we both stared at it. Her juices were dripping off it.”

A chain reaction had been set off between the women now. Melanie had followed the dampness on Jenny’s thigh up to its source and was now carefully probing the wet opening with the point of her finger. Jenny and Sharmila had been alternating their fingers inside Karen whose legs were just starting to move in tune with the exploratory fingers. Trish had eased her middle finger fully inside Sharmila and seemed happy to leave it there for the moment.

“I took Brenda by the hand and led her back into the bedroom. By the foot of the bed we kissed some more and felt each other over our clothes. Her nipples had become really hard and prominent. I pulled her dress off and she loosened my skirt and slipped the top over my head. I pushed her gently back on the bed and positioned myself between her legs. She didn’t know what I was going to do and tried to wriggle free. But I buried my face in her silk-covered sex and brought her to the point of no return with my tongue. My face was coated with her juices. I eased her thong to one side and found the large pink bud of her clitoris. As soon as I put my lips around the clit and sucked it in her thighs gripped my head very tightly. She cried out and began bucking wildly as I continued to kiss and suck and lick her. Then her hands dug into the back of my head as she literally squirted her orgasm over my face. She didn’t stop shaking for a long time and I was then able to rub the cum off my face onto her stockings.

“We lay kissing under the duvet for a while, entwined in each other’s arms and legs. Although we had removed our bras we still kept our thongs on. Brenda had also taken off her suspender belt but not her stockings. She said sex had never been anywhere near as good as that for her before. I told her about my initiation into lesbian loving and she genuinely seemed intrigued. After a while she asked me if she could make love to my vagina. Well, I thought she’d never ask.

“We threw off the duvet and she moved down the bed. She started by kissing my legs and leaving a wet trail all the way up my thighs. Then she used the back of her fingers to feel my thong. ‘You are drenched down here,’ she whispered. Next she slipped my thong down my legs. She held it in her hands and examined the gusset and put it up to her nose. I watched as she breathed in the scent. The tip of her nose became slick with juice. She moved back to my slit and used her fingers to pull the sides of my sex apart to study it in all its wet glory. She teased my clitoris with her fingers and then slipped a couple of fingers deep inside me. I arched my back because I was very close to eruption. Then her tongue just flicked at my clit. My poor bud was seriously throbbing at this point. She flicked a few more times while her fingers were pumping away. Then, suddenly, she had my clit between her lips and she was lashing her tongue back and forwards across it. Her pumping had become faster and deeper. In less that half a minute I came in convulsions but Brenda didn’t stop. She just kept up the pace although the liquid must have been flowing out of me. I knew I was building up for a second, even more explosive, orgasm. When I came I clenched my thighs around her head. I suppose that was the only thing that stopped her from persisting in my exquisite torture. The excitement continued to ripple through me for a long time after.

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