Just What She Needs

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The house was quiet as Len walked though the front door. She frowned as she walked into the living room and listened for any sound. Checking her watch she saw it was only 6:30. So where were the kids and Randa? Usually when she got home from work the kids were either running around or watching tv and Randa was working on the computer or making dinner. Walking further into the house she started calling out. “Kimmy? Ricky? Tommy?” She walked around the whole first floor but there were no signs of the kids. In fact it looked like they hadn’t been there all day, the house was spotless which was unusual when you have three 4 year olds running around. “Randa?” She called as she headed to stairs.

That’s when she heard soft music playing from somewhere upstairs. The raven haired woman ventured up looking in every room trying to find the source of the music. “Randa?” Se called once again but still got no answer. As she drew closer to the bedroom she shared with her wife Randa the music grew louder. When she opened the door she gasped.

Candles were lite all over the room lighting the room with a sensuous glow. The air smelled of lavender and was filled with the soft sounds of smooth jazz. The king size bed was made up with midnight blue silk sheets and in the middle lay Randa, dressed in a stunning red, body hugging, sheer nightie that left nothing to imagination. It showed off to perfection Randa’s 36 C breasts and was sheer enough to show her dime sized puffy nipples. Her pussy, with her neatly trimmed red curls, could also be clearly seen through the material. Her silky red hair flowed down around her shoulders. And sitting on the bed beside her was a tray with chocolate covered strawberries and two glasses of wine. “Wow.” was all Len could say as she took everything in.

“Welcome home baby.” Randa said in the sexiest voice she could muster.

Len walked over with a huge smile on her face. “What’s the occasion?”

Randa smiled back. “No occasion. I just wanted to do something special for my woman.” She sat up carefully so she wouldn’t knock down the glasses.

“Where orhangazi escort are the kids?” Len asked refereeing to their triplets.

“They’re at mom’s.” Randa answered as she got off the bed and walked over to Len. She put her arms around her neck and kissed her. Len wrapped her arms around Randa’s waist pulling her tight to her body. “Mmm. You look beautiful baby.” She said softly.

“Thank you sweetheart. But I think you’re a little over dressed for what i have in mind.” Randa replied and started to undress Len slowly as she kissed her. She worked quickly getting Len out of her business suit, then lead her over to the bed pushing her onto it gently before joining her. Randa handed her wife a glass and they took a sip while looking the other in the eyes. So far the mood was relaxed which is how Randa wanted it. She took Len’s glass and set it on the night stand along with her own. Then she leaned over to kiss her again, a slow, long burning kiss. Their tongues danced around each other as their lips melted together. Their bodies were pressed together and Len could feel Randa’s hard nipples press against her. They moaned softly through the kiss as their hands explored each other’s body. Having been together for many years they knew just where to touch to make each other shiver and tremble with desire.

After what seemed like hours Randa broke the kiss. “Lay back darling.” She whispered and Len quickly obeyed. The redhead moved over to sit beside her and started feeding her the strawberries, kissing her between bite. Randa smiled as she watched Len slowly relax. She knew how stressed her lover had been all week over work. That’s why she planned this night, to help her relax and unwind.

Once the wine was gone and the strawberries all eaten Randa had Len roll over onto her stomach so she could massage her back. Len sighed as Randa straddled her back and started working the knots out of her shoulders. They both were quiet as Randa worked down Len’s back all the way to her ass. She massaged Len’s firm globes then started kissing them. nilüfer escort “I love you Len.” She said quietly as she kissed and licked all over her ass making Len moan softly. “I love you too.” She replied.

Randa licked along her crack before spreading her cheeks and licked inside. Her tongue circled Len’s asshole wetting it then plunged inside making Len moan and arch off the bed. “Yes Randa!” She loved having her ass licked. Randa pushed her tongue in as far as she could and wiggled it touching as much of Len’s hot ass as she could. She thrust her tongue like a tiny cock fucking her wife’s ass. Len felt her pussy flood, she could feel an orgasm already barreling down on her fast. Her hips started to buck and her moans grew louder as she pushed back against her wife who was doing her best to make sure Len got off. Len’s body jerked hard as she screamed into her pillow, her juices flooding down her thighs as her orgasm rushed through her.

Randa kept licking until Len started to calm down. Only then did she pull away and smile. “I think you liked that.” She giggled and got off the bed to go clean up and let Len catch her breath. Once she came back she crawled between Len’s legs like a cat. Len had turned over so that she was now laying on her back but still had her eyes closed and her chest was still heaving a bit as she settled down. But before she could regain her composure Randa was on the attack again, this time she attacked Len’s clit. She put Len’s legs over her shoulders and her tongue started fighting with Len’s clit as her fingers slowly pushed into her entrance. Len pulled Randa’s face tight to her pussy. “Yes baby! Suck my clit!”

Randa sucked Len’s clit into her mouth and nibbled on it making Len cry out in ecstasy. Her fingers plunged inside and started finger fucking her lover hard and fast driving her quickly to her second orgasm. Len screamed as she climaxed, her body trembled and her breast heaved with her panting. She pulled Randa up kissing her deeply, tasting her own juices still on Randa’s lips but she didn’t mind. She pushed türbanlı escort Randa onto her back and ripped the red nightie off her beautiful body. Her mouth captured one of Randa’s hard nipples and she sucked hard on it making her moan. Her fingers trailed down over Randa’s flat stomach through the downy red curls to her puffy lips. Len could feel the moisture there as she caressed the soft lips making Randa arch up. Then she pulled away and got off the bed making Randa pout and whine. “Where are you going?”

Len didn’t answer as she moved over to their dresser and got out their goodie box. She pulled out the strap on and turned around to Randa with a smile on her face she strapped it on. Randa smiled back and trembled with anticipation. The raven haired woman walked back over to the bed and settled between Randa’s spread legs. She rubbed the head of the dildo along her slit wetting it before placing it at Randa’s entrance. Their eyes locked Len pushed the whole thing in with one stroke. “God!” Randa cried out. They held still a moment savoring it, then Len slowly pulled out til just the head was left inside.

“Do it Len,” Randa whispered. “Please.” Len didn’t keep her waiting for long and plunged the thick dildo up Randa’s tight hole. “Ohhh fuck!” Len moaned as the strap on pressed onto her clit. Setting a steady pace she fucked Randa hard causing the head board to bash against the wall. “Ooohh YES LEN! FUCK ME!” Randa screamed out and clawed at her lovers back. The delicious pain made Len fuck even faster. “Oh fuck yeah!” Both were reaching the breaking point and were desperately fighting back from the edge. But it was a losing battle. Almost at the same time they both screaming out their passion so loud the neighbors could hear. It was a wonder no one called the cops.

Exhausted Len carefully pulled the dildo out and flopped down beside Randa both trying to catch their breath. It took them several minutes before they were recovered enough to talk. The sweat drying on their bodies made them shiver so Len pulled the covers over them and Randa cuddled close laying her head on Len’s chest.

“That was wonderful baby.” Len finally said and kissed the top of Randa’s head. “Thank you, it was just what I needed.”

Randa sighed contently and smiled. “You’re more then welcome sweetie.” Cuddled close they fell asleep both completely relaxed and in love.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32