Just Watching

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To my editor for this story, EroticaSeanStyle, thank you once again.


Julie sat in the front seat of the police car looking at Mark. A friend as well as a cop, she enjoyed tagging along as he did his patrols, living vicariously off the adrenaline rush of hunting down bad people, and racing through the night with lights and sirens blazing above.

As was customary for them, they were talking about sex. It seemed that it was always the one subject they could never stay away from, and though it was a comfortable item for both of them to talk about openly, she was the one who never allowed herself to cross the line. Or to fantasize that the late night rides would turn into anything more. She always reminded herself that they were “just friends”- not to mention both committed to other people and presently unavailable to an outside flirtation.

This time, though, the conversation centered largely on sexual frustration and masturbation.

“You know, it really isn’t fair. You men have it easy. YOU could just whip it out and go for it! Women can’t exactly do that. But you go ahead. I’ll just sit here and watch.” Julie muttered, grumbling slightly to herself. “Yep… you just go ahead. I’ll just sit back and watch… I even promise to keep my hands to myself… you just go right ahead.” Her face was split with a smug grin as she tossed out the bait she was sure would be refused with a chuckle. But instead…

Mark glanced over and asked, “You’d want to watch that?”

There was a tone to his voice that she hadn’t heard before, and her heart was skipping beats. Still, Julie didn’t want to get her hopes up that he was considering her suggestion, so she responded nonchalantly “Well sure, wouldn’t you want to watch a woman?”

Mark hesitated for a moment, considering. “Yes, but that’s different.”

“Why is that different? If a man can get aroused watching a woman, why can’t a woman get aroused watching a man? I think the idea is incredibly sexy. Not to mention a total turn on.”

Mark looked across the front seat of the patrol vehicle for a long moment Casibom digesting her words. Debating. Finally, he breathed a long pent up breath and said the words.

“Okay, now just to find a spot to do this.”

Julie’s heart started racing, and she could feel her thought process enter a dream like state as passion started taking over. As she watched Mark drive the car, she knew that this was the last thing she had expected from what was turning out to be a very interesting evening.

Mark pulled to a stop at the top of the hill over-looking the city. The stars were incredibly bright, and Julie could make out many of the constellations that Mark had shown her on their previous journeys through the late night. There were a few lights on from the houses nearby, but this late at night she doubted that anyone was awake.

She looked over at Mark as he unfastened the pants of his uniform and pulled them down slightly. His erection sprung forth in his hand smooth and hard, and she swallowed hard at the size of him, watching as he started rubbing it with the palm of his hand. She was aching to touch him, and yet not daring for fear that the breach in her promise to keep her hands to herself would ruin the moment. Still, the pleasant surprise of finding that he was well above average in length, an easy 8 inches, was making her feel faint.

“I’m shaking.” She whispered.

“So am I.”

Mark looked at her, his eyes dark with passion and she once again felt her heart skip a beat. She was so incredibly hot.

“I’ve shown you something,” he said. “Do I get to see something too?”

Julie’s eyes grew heavy lidded and her insides quaked. Thinking about the fact that she had neither a bra nor underwear on she asked, “What would you like to see?”

“Can I see your breasts?”

Julie lifted her sweatshirt, her large breasts exposed to his view, the cool air working her nipples into stiff peaks.

“Now those I want to touch! Can I?” Mark whispered.

Not trusting herself to talk, Julie nodded, and closed her eyes at the sensation of his hand Casibom Giriş lifting and massaging the heavy mounds.

“Do you want to touch me?” he asked.

Julie’s eyes flew open and she replied excitedly, “Oh my God, yes…”

Julie reached over and caressed his hard shaft with her fingers, loving the feel of the smooth skin beneath her hand. Closing her hand around him, she gently started stroking. Masturbating him.

“Stop. Please? I told you it wouldn’t take long and I don’t want this to end just yet.” He pleaded, then, “Can I taste you?”

“Yes.” Julie whispered. Once again she raised her sweatshirt to his gaze. To his mouth as it closed gently around her left breast and he began sucking gently. Convulsions raced through her body and she closed her eyes- reveling in the feel of the pleasure that was consuming her.

Mark’s head lifted and his eyes locked with hers for a brief moment before they started looking around the car.

“Do you have a towel, or anything?” Julie asked.

“No. I guess I wasn’t very prepared to do something like this.” Mark replied, smiling. He pulled up his pants, refastened his belt, and started the car. “We’re going to have to go to the office.”

They arrived at City Hall moments later and made their way into the office through the back door of the Police Department. Mark walked through the office and into the bathroom grabbing a couple of paper towels. Julie watched as he returned and made himself comfortable in the soft leather of the chair at his desk, while she sat in a matching chair and rolled up beside him.

“I don’t want to put a damper on the mood, but are you sure about doing this?” Julie asked hesitantly. “I personally, don’t seem to have a conscience right now.”

Mark answered by unfastening his pants, and once again pulling out his cock- still incredibly hard.

Leaning back in the chair, Mark reached out to cup one of Julie’s breasts, gently rolling the nipple back and forth under his thumb. Julie used her fingertips to caress his balls, the skin on his inner thigh, his abdomen, Casibom Yeni Giriş and to stoke the softness of his shaft. Stopping every minute or so to prolong the event. Wishing that she had enough courage to kneel down and run her tongue up his cock and take him into her mouth to taste him.

Instead, she picked up one of Mark’s hands and extracted his middle finger, slowly taking it into her mouth. With her eyes closed she nibbled on the ends, sliding her tongue up and down all sides of his finger, listening as he moaned.

Deciding it would be more fun to watch his reaction to her giving his finger head, she opened her eyes. Taking a second finger into her mouth and sucking on them both, darting her tongue between the two to lick the crevice between his fingers. Using one hand to hold his in her mouth, and the other to continue the gently stoking of his balls and inner thighs.

Mark’s free hand drifted upward to touch his chest and he breathed a long breath out as Julie took a third finger into her mouth, gently sucking on all three. Mark’s hand repeatedly came upward to touch his chest as if he was overheating. He looked so peaceful. His eyes closed and his head relaxed gently to one side.

Julie released one of the fingers, going down to two, and then another, so that she was back to the original finger she had started with. Nibbling once more before releasing it altogether.

Mark reached out to once again gently caress and hold Julie’s breast, as she took his firm erection into her hand and began stroking slowly. Releasing her breast and leaning slightly forward, Julie watched as every movement Mark made while reaching for the towel was as though it took him an extreme act of will. Watching as he struggled to settle it across his lap, Julie continued the slow rhythmic motion for a few more seconds before gradually increasing speed.

“Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God.” Mark whispered over and over before falling silent as Julie held and stroked at a quick steady pace. Watching as Mark’s back arched and in silence he came in her hand.

A few minutes later, as he was attempting to finish cleaning up and fasten his pants Mark whispered, “My God that was powerful. I can barely stand. Wow.”

Julie smiled. “I’m not sure you’d call that ‘just watching’. But that was incredible. Thank you.”

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