Just One Time

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Janelle thought about what she was about to do. She would never before even thought about doing what she was about to do. She was certain she had lost her mind. She was a middle-aged housewife, a mother for crying out loud. Yet here she was sitting in a bar waiting on some stranger to join her for a drink. She knew that drink was a prelude to sex, an icebreaker if you will. She was not much of a drinker but she ordered a margarita while she waited on the man she had only talked to online and the phone.

Janelle enjoyed playing pool online. Most of the time she played the computer until this one day she was joined by a man who asked if she minded if he join her. Now and then, someone came in, played a game or two, and left and it was nice to play against a real person so she agreed. His screen name reminded her of a truck. They played a while, chatting and exchanging pleasantries. He asked if he could add her to his list and if they could play again sometime. She agreed and they played two or three times a week, whenever he was able to get computer access.

They began learning more and more about one another and becoming friends. He told her he drove truck and often stopped at the truck stop near her. He liked to spend time in her town exploring by the riverfront. They learned about one another’s lives, likes, dislikes, and needs or lack thereof. They found they had many similarities and they became fast friends. Finally, she agreed to talk to him on the phone.

He stopped at the local truck stop to fuel and called her while he ate. He would im her when he got there and then call if she said it was ok. They would talk until they announced that his truck was ready and then he would be on his way. Finally, he had gotten her to agree to meet him. They both knew their marriages were lacking romance and they craved the romance of life and loving. He told her that there was no sin in friends meeting for coffee or a drink, friends did that all the time. Both wanted to have someone who’s hand they could hold, kiss and cuddle, it didn’t really matter if it got any more intimate or not, just to be with someone who wanted to do these little romantic things would be enough although intimacy would be a bonus but not something that had to happen.

Janelle sat in the truck stop bar surrounded by other truckers, couples, and the usual array of women, some she was sure were hookers. She felt silly and yet seeing the looks, she was getting she felt oddly good. She knew she was a sexy, beautiful woman although she was sure some would not agree but that was their loss and yet seeing the approving looks, she got made her feel more confident. She was a real woman, not some Barbie doll, her beauty and sexiness was an inner quality although she was far from the ugly duckling. She sat there watching the couples dance and talk and the women try their best to get the eye of some man when someone tapped her shoulder. She started from her reverie as the tall blond trucker asked her to dance. She politely declined telling him she was waiting on a friend. He told her it was his loss and that the friend was a fortunate man.

She thanked him and he walked away never knowing the boost he had given her and her lagging confidence. She now sat a little taller with a gleam in her eyes that hadn’t been there before. Her cell phone rang and she answered it. It was Eddy and he told her he had gotten a bit behind, he had just crossed the state line, which put him about three miles away, but he would be there in about 15 minutes. Her nervousness returned a bit but there was also a calmness that came over her. She ordered another drink and waited.

Eddy walked into the smoky bar; he immediately spotted the red haired beauty sitting alone at the corner table. Her pictures didn’t do her justice. She was beautiful in a way a camera couldn’t capture and when their eyes met he saw a fiery romantic passion that touched his soul. He made his way across the room to the slightly out of the way table she had chosen. In the smoky light her hair was the hue of a raging fire, her eyes intense yet sedate, her smile meltingly captivating. He came up beside her and touched her arm, leaned over, said hello into her ear and kissed her cheek while taking her hand in his. He slid into the booth beside her and immediately put his arm around her.

Janelle spotted him as he walked in the door. He was tall with raven hair and a smile that melted her to the core. As he leaned in to take her hand and kiss her cheek, she looked into the sexiest violet eyes she’d ever seen. There was tenderness there and yet a look of content. She scooted over and let him slide in beside her, his muscled arm enveloped her firmly yet tenderly. She felt dwarfed beside his 6’4 frame. He was almost a foot taller than she was and very muscular. She immediately felt safe ad relaxed and nestled into his side. The waitress brought the drink he’d ordered when he walked in and they talked and sipped their drink. It was as if they’d known each other forever.

A slow song began and he slid out and took her hand. He wrapped his arm around her and led her to the Tokat Escort small dance floor. They melded together and danced to the music as if they were floating. Her face was nestled against his chest and she could smell his musky cologne and his manly scent. He felt her full body pressed against him, her warmth, her scent it was heavenly. He held her close as the song ended he kissed her then led her back to the table. After another drink, they decided to leave.

With his arm around her, they headed for the door. The tall blond man stopped them along the way, it turned out that Eddy knew him from previous stops.

“Eddy, man I haven’t seen you in a while,” the blond man said as he clapped him on the back. “Man I didn’t even see you come in or I’d have bought you a drink.” It was hen that he noticed Janelle, he nodded to her and said, “Well if it couldn’t be me to captivate your attention I’m glad it’s a good guy like Eddy” He kissed her cheek.

Eddy smiled, Janelle blushed. “So I see you 2 have met already.” Eddy said.

Before Janelle could answer the man said, “I tried but she shot me down man” and laughed.

Janelle smiled. “Well had I known you 2 were friends I might have accepted your offer. I wouldn’t have felt so strange sitting all alone.”

The trio chatted for a few minutes before Eddy excused them. They walked out the door into the fall evening. They strolled arm in arm to his truck while he got his bag. He had parked in the Holiday Inn lot since he had reserved a room already. They walked into the lobby and he registered and got the room key. Her butterflies returned as they headed to the room. He opened the door and hit the light switch and she went in ahead of him.

He finally got a good look at her. She was dressed in a black blouse with a flower print, which was unbuttoned enough to see her ample cleavage, and a black skirt that hit mid-calf and was slit high on either side showing black stockings with a sexy pair of black pumps with a high heel. He could see how they shaped her calves as she walked to the table to sit her purse down. She wore simple golden dangling earrings and a gold cross around her neck. She looked sexy, scrumptious and yet innocent all at the same time.

Janelle felt him looking at her and blushed. She had taken great care in picking her outfit. Her skirt and blouse were sexy but understated while her choice of lingerie wasn’t. She felt safe yet nervous. She took out a cigarette and went to light it but Eddy was beside her taking the lighter and doing the honor. He watched as she brought the long white cigarette to her deep red lips, their eyes met, he noticed her perfect makeup, her eyes done in such a way as the shade and liner bought out the gray of her hazel eyes. They changed from a sultry grayish to a smoldering bluish color. He remembered her talking about the eye color changing with her mood and knew the blue was a good change. They sat at the table talking nervously. Both knew the time had come.

Janelle looked away from Eddy as she sat down. She finally looked around the room, the ice bucket was full, and there was an unopened bottle of Coke, which is her drink of choice sitting beside two tall glasses, real glass not the motel plastic. There were candles of all shapes and sizes jus waiting to be lit all around the room. She smiled to herself, he had been setting up the room not still on the road, and it meant he remembered their conversations.

With her lighter still in hand he got up and slowly began lighting all the candles and when finished turned out the lights. The room glittered in the flickering candlelight; he turned on a radio, which played the old romantic tunes she loved, her mood music. It was the perfect setting for making love. He walked towards the bed stand where she spied a vase with three roses in it, one red, one peach and one off white. She smiled again. He had remembered, he had all her favorites all her mood setters. She put her cigarette out and stood.

Eddy stood in the center of the room looking at her in the flickering candlelight, she had a more radiant. He watched her put the cigarette out, stands, her skirt fell back to normal, and he could only see her sexy ankles instead of her claves too. He started to move towards her but the look she gave him froze him in place. He watched as she raised her hands to the front of her blouse.

Janelle slowly unbuttoned her blouse allowing it to gently fall open. She untucked it from the back allowing it to open fully exposing the black slip-like top under it. With a shrug of her shoulders, the sheer blouse fell to the floor. Again, she reached behind her, first the zipper then the button and her skirt landed in a puddle at her feet. She now stood before him in a black corset style teddy with red trim, black elastic held up her black stockings and her heels.

She looked him in the eye and stepped over her fallen clothes, stopped and turned full circle so he could see her lingerie. He could see the deep-cut of the back along with the thong strip nestled between her ample ass cheeks. He couldn’t remember seeing Tokat Escort Bayan such a beautiful site. The front was held with whisper thin red ribbon, the small triangle of black satin covering her mound left little wonder to the wonder if there was hair there. When she turned again he saw the lushest ass, all plump and full hipped. Finally, he let out his breath not having realized he’d been holding it. It sounded like a tire deflating.

“God woman you look so sexy,” he sighed as he stepped forward taking her into his arms. “You look good enough to eat.”

She blushed and giggled as their lips met for their first real kiss. There was a static spark as there lips met but the kiss itself could have generated enough electricity to light a city. Lips locked, tongues intertwined, passion was abundant. She ran her fingers through his hair and his hands ran rampant over her lush skin. Her skin tingled behind his trail, she felt aflame. She could feel her passion rising s she felt his manhood rising against her belly as they pressed together. Her knees felt weak, she couldn’t remember the last time she felt like this, this alive.

He pulled away from her and held her at arms length. He looked at her flushed face and smiled. He scooped her up into his arms and she squealed. He walked around to the side of the bed and laid her down. As she looked up at him he began unbuttoning his shirt, he stood before her all taught chest and tight jeans. He kicked off his boots and then took off his belt. As he looked down to unfasten his jeans, he heard her take in a sharp breath. Her eyes were riveted to his hands following their every move. He moved his hands to his chest and her eyes followed as he touched his already hard nipples then went back to his jeans button. Once unbuttoned and unzipped he peeled them down and kicked them off.

She watched as he undressed for her. Finally, he stood before her in a black thong that looked like the male counterpart to hers. The front pouch was full to the point of overflowing and as he tuned she saw the sexiest, tightest ass she had ever seen on a man. She giggled slightly as she envisioned herself reaching out and squeezing his ‘buns’. He slowly climbed onto the bed with her and she welcomed him with open arms. Once in one another’s arms hey melded together, this time gently caressing one another and kissing tenderly. She was mewling like a contented kitten s he roller her over onto her back.

He held her arms above her head almost causing her breasts to spill out from under their satiny covering. He nuzzled into her exposed neck and began kissing and licking. He felt her shaking under him but continued until he was at her cleavage. He released her arms and began unfastening her corset. Her arms stayed above her head as he unlaced her and unfastened her stockings. He took off her corset and began kissing and licking her breasts all around avoiding her tight chocolate cap and nipples. Finally, he crossed her chocolate areola and licked her hard nipple, kissing, licking and sucking. She moaned and writhed under him. He was determined to taste every inch of her. After sucking each nipple, he gently rolled her over and got up.

“Don’t move,” he said.

She laid face down with her arms still above her head as she listened to him rummage through something in the bathroom. Then she heard water running. Every fiber of her being cried for her to look and see what he was doing and yet she stayed all but frozen in place. She closed her eyes remembering his kisses, caresses, licks, nibbles and sucks while she waited. He water quit and she heard the click of the switch as he turned the light out. She felt him climb back onto the bed before hearing the familiar flip of a cap and blurb sound of gel being squeezed from a tube. A mild panic overtook her as her mind raced. Next, she heard the squishing sound of the gel being rubbed between his hands. She kept her eyes tightly closed.

Eddy walked to the bathroom and got the bottle of massage oil he’d brought with him. He flipped the cap and the vanilla aroma escaped, he breathed deep and then closed the cap sitting the bottle under the hot running water while he took a leak. He flushed, dried the bottle, flipped the switch off and headed back into the room. He admired her lying there in nothing but her black stockings. He loved a big woman, none of those stick figures for him. His glance took in the thick back, wide hips and fleshy ass. He loved a fleshy ass and couldn’t wait to get his hands and lips on it. He longed to run his hands, lips and tongue all over that sweet meaty ass.

He climbed onto the bed where she lay with her hands still up above her head nervously playing with the rattan on the headboard. He would love to tie her spread eagle on the bed, lick, and kiss her in all the right places until she begged him to fill her. He knew though that he couldn’t do that, he wanted everything to be perfect for their first tie together, maybe later but not this time.

He knew from past conversations she wasn’t into bondage but if she only knew the pleasure of romantic bondage, Escort Tokat he knew she would change her mind. Maybe another day but for now he’d have to be content to just make love to this Goddess.

Eddy squeezed some of the oil onto his hands and rubbed them together, slowly and gently beginning at her shoulders, he began giving her a sensual massage. His fingers worked their way down her back, skipped her ass for now and moving to her legs, down one and up the other until he reached her sweet, plump ass. When he reached the base of her ass cheek, he could feel her heat and wetness so he knew he was having the desired effect.

He put more oil on his hands and slowly began to kneed the oil into her cheeks. Janelle was so relaxed under his gentle touch even if her breathing was a bit labored. As he worked on her ass, she involuntarily raised it to meet his hands.

Janelle was so enjoying the massage and amazingly was getting more aroused. She loved a good massage and now hat he had moved to her ass she was in heaven. He had pulled the thong and stockings off as he worked on her. He rolled her over and let out a slight gasp as he took in the beauty of her totally bald pussy, her ample breasts spread as she laid there o her back totally exposed to him with a dream like look on her face.

Eddy began at her legs again working his way up her body until he reached her plump ‘y’, again he passed it by for the time and went over her belly to her breasts. He took great care massaging each one, kneading the flesh until he reached the nipple, which he rubbed and rolled between his fingers making them even harder. Her back arched as he massaged each breast

He finally pulled his hands from her breasts and she moaned. He put more oil on his hands again and worked his way to her lovely mound. He massaged over the entire mound without delving into the crease until finally he allowed one finger to slip into the magical slit. He found her to be very wet. She tried to open her legs to give him full access but he held them closed and continued to tease her. Each stroke lightly caressed her clit and soon she was moaning and writhing wildly, he knew he had her on the verge of her first orgasm but he wanted o hold off just a bit longer.

Finally, he let her spread her legs wide for him and he rubbed up and down her slit from clit to that cute puckering hole. He picked up the oil bottle and drizzled some down the crack of her pussy allowing it to run freely to her asshole. With legs spread wide he now laid beside her, took a nipple into his mouth, and let his hand wander over her pussy. He stroked her pussy to her ass feeling her push towards his hand. He sucked on the nipple as he allowed a finger to press a bit deeper kneehole as it was passed until the tip of his finger was entering each hole.

Janelle now writhed under his loving touch, unsure of which part of her body to raise for him. Her whole body was on fire as he sucked and fingered her to the verge of orgasm. She could feel it building again and hoped this time he’d allow it to overtake her. He again took his hand away just before the wave crashed over her. She let out a cry, she was so in need of release. He moved up and began kissing her she tried to roll onto him but he held her fast until she calmed a little. He needed to taste her pussy but he had to let her body calm because he didn’t want her cumming too soon.

When she had calmed enough, he moved between her fleshy thighs, wrapped an arm around each and buried his face in her musty sweetness. Her scent was meshed with the vanilla from the oil and the combination only fueled his desire to eat her forever. His tongue teased over her mound at first before dipping into the slit until he felt her try to raise to his mouth. He raised her hips and spread her lips so he could lap at her succulent juices. He licked and sucked as he tongued her juices from her making more and more as he went. He would occasionally let his tongue graze over her asshole and by her movements, he could tell she was enjoying it.

He raised her further and used his fingers to stroke her clit and pussy while he tongued her ass in earnest. Her juices dripped down onto his tongue as he licked her. When he felt, the tie was just right he went back to her pussy licking and sucking until he wave crested and she quaked with the most intense orgasm she had ever felt. When she had calmed under his tongue he lowered here hips, crawled back up her body, and began kissing her.

After recovering from the only orgasm, she had eve had from oral Janelle pulled his lips from hers and began kissing down his body. She reached behind her and took the oil bottle with her. She proceeded to kiss, lick, nibble and suck her way to his nipples as she put some oil on her hands. She dipped her head between nipples as her hand, beginning at the base began stroking his already rigid cock. She sat up a bit and took the oil bottle in her hand and allowed a few drops to dribble over the swollen head watching as they rolled down to her hand. She stroked the oil in with one hand as the other worked oil over his balls and down to his asshole, teasing it as she passed it. He bucked his hips trying to lead her mouth to his cock that cried to be sucked. Finally, she lowered her mouth to the swollen head. Her tongue darted out deftly removing the beads of pre-cum that were forming.

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