Just Being With My Baby

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For Women

Being with my baby is more than just being close

Being with her is heaven on earth and I love her so much I want and need the full dose of all the joy love can bring.

When she whispers to me that she loves me my whole body reacts like an eruption of a volcano.

And when she lays her head on my chest and I feel her soft hands wandering to where I hope they will wander, I am in spasms of electric-like pulses running up and down my spine.

And when she squeezes there, so gentle yet so firm, her love flows to me and immediately I grow so strong.

I whisper to just do it like that, the occasional squeeze that feels so nice and so good, so I can control her ardour and enjoy the moment before I let go and cum so strong

“I love you so much” says my baby with the sound of passion and lust.

“You feel so good my hulk of Adonis, my dream, my gentle lover and sometimes my rough fucker.

Then I feel her warm lips touch mine and we enjoy a very long but sensual deep French kiss as I feel her squeeze become more regular.

The kiss finished she opens her eyes slowly and says;

“I just cannot help myself baby you feel so wonderful and full. Baby, can I do what I so yearn to do and I know you do too?”

I nod yes please. Lay back and close my eyes anticipating Tekirdağ Escort that so wonderful and delicate feeling as her mouth wraps my cock inside, half length at first but then the teasing and tongue touching as she rolls it back to expose its ridge at the head, her moans becoming more incessant as she begins to suck me slowly.

With the feeling there, her sweet mouth saturating my length I feel so good and complete, the feel and the touch of woman so beautiful, the sweet odour of her nectar and the feel of her hind as I stroke it beneath her short red taffeta skirt, teasing her silky tie-on red thong I love to see so much.

“You can peek beneath my skirt on condition I can remove these? She says tugging my boxers. “They do get in the way when I want to do those special things we both love to do.”

Her smile was catching and immediately I wiggled my way out of them and opened my thighs blatantly, to let her see what she loves to see.

For that came the adoring compliments, then the shifting of her legs to reveal the sexual darkness between her thighs beneath that gorgeous red dress I love her in so much.

“A little further” I ask her, “a little wider so the light gets in.” And then I see her red thong sure enough and know that when she squeezes me Tekirdağ Escort Bayan to the hilt it is time for me to act too, and so I do, teasing my fingers through her thong and over her crotch, I feel the silkiness and the sensual mound beneath as she makes sweet little noises to greet my touch.

Then as she begins to suck me more deeply I arrange myself so I am in a sixty nine position, she on top and me below -snuggled nicely between her gorgeous thighs, face up and sniffing her femininity which makes me to randy.

I love it like this, feeling her deep sensual sucks enjoy me as I push my mouth into her sweet crotch and enjoy the taste of her ripe and very wet pussy, feeling her wetness smother my face and it feels so warm and lovely, suckling her up as I work the seam of her tiny thong aside and taste the essence of her bare and very wholesome sex, she loves it as I suck her, I feel her hips move to and fro as I really let myself go and push my face into her middle just as deep as I can, and moving a hand down below I can feel that she has the whole seven inch length of my hardness inside her mouth. I can hear the familiar sound of her mouth working on me and the feeling of her fingers squeezing and tantalising my firm balls and more too, when she likes to rim Escort Tekirdağ her little finger down along the line between my balls and my ass as then. her very busy fingers start to rim around and around me, just as I do with her sweet pussy with my mouth and my tongue- so we are both rimming each other with those wonderfully erotic circling movements sending each other into an oblivion.

We both know, no matter how wonderful and sensual the loving has been, how we have explored in foreplay with each other to the full, tasting her love in my mouth and she does mine as we share that last pre-fuck kiss, gradually adjusting ourselves for the ultimate gratification we know we can give so warmly and lovingly to each other..

“My poor Baby, you are beating so much, it is time to put that to rights, darling how would you like it today?”

“Doggy” I say with baited breath, being to amorous and excited, my cock standing to attention after having been touched, squeezed stroke sucked and I don’t know what by my passionate Louise.

“Was hoping you would say that, I feel so much in the mood for that way today Pete” and she placed her body in place – placing all fours upon the thick carpet in front of a roaring open fire and I amaze at her beauty as the shadows of light flicker over her, her beautiful rear all perked up in the offering and there am I to gratify that and really take her strong and deeply inside as we fuck our hearts away on a wonderfully long and sensual deep fucking, thrusting easily in and out of my beautiful baby to give her my very all in love and devotion.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32