Just a Friday Night Ch. 01

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I sit at the gay bar in my usual spot, drinking my drink every Friday night after having a hell of a week at work. I’ve unbuttoned my shirt and am trying to relax after thinking about all the paperwork I now have in my bag that I’ll spend the weekend going over. I know most of the customers in this quiet after work spot, and although we never speak to one another, we do the occasional customary nod, leaving ourselves to dwell in our solace.

This bar may be a gay bar, but I know straight people often frequent it, just for its chilled back atmosphere but I know all of the girls behind the bar are lesbians and the DJ is a gay guy named Paul who cares way too much about his hair. Usually the music in here is relaxed jazz music, until it gets to about 10pm and then it turns into one of Melbourne’s best gay nightspots for Friday and Saturday nights. As it’s only 6pm though, I know I have a few hours of relaxation ahead of me before it turns into one big gay orgy full of sweaty gyrating bodies on the dance floor.

On this Friday evening though, the atmosphere seems charged, almost as if something big is about to happen. I’m not sure what, but I’m a little bit excited.

I sit there making the small chit chat with my favourite bartender Beck, who dries glasses with her usual cloth which always sits on her hip.

“Bit quiet tonight Bella? What you thinking about now?” she asks me after I paused halfway through the conversation. I don’t answer her as I’m too busy looking at the beautiful blonde woman who’s just breezed through the doors. Beck follows my line of sight and smiles at the woman dressed chicly in designer jeans and a cute buttoned up baby blue shirt.

“wow..” I breathe out quietly, but knowing Beck can hear me. Beck giggles at my lack of speech. The blonde doesn’t look as if she’s looking for anyone as she takes a seat two down from me at the bar.

“What can I get ya?” Beck asks the blonde, while winking at me as I watch the two interact, sipping at my coke.

“I’ll have a vodka and raspberry please” the blonde says pleasantly. I watch them from the corner of my eye as the blonde hands Beck some money and starts sipping at her drink.

She looks at me and smiles, I attempt to smile back but choke on my drink, falling off the bar stool and onto my ass. I’m sure my face is bright red as I hear Beck start to laugh loudly at my antics and I look down at my pants, which are now covered in my coke.

Well, that’s just great I think to myself. Way to make an idiot of yourself in front of the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen, I chastise in my head.

“Oh my gosh, are you ok?” I look up to see beautiful blue eyes staring into mine and a hand outstretched in front of me. I take the hand and stand up with her help.

“I.. yes, I’m ok, thank you.” I say, blushing furiously. Beck throws me a cloth as I attempt to sponge up some of the sticky liquid which has now run down my pants and drips onto the floor.

“Great, now I have to catch the train home in a sticky mess” I say to myself out loud. I look up to see the blonde smiling at me.

“Well, I can’t do much about the sticky mess but how about I buy you another drink?” she asks me with the same smile on her face.

“Uhh.. umm.. sure that’ll be nice. I’m just having a coke” I say, feeling the blood rush to my cheeks.

“I’m Hailey, nice to meet you” she says, with a bit of a blush on her cheeks.

“I’m Belinda but most people call me Bella” I say back with a grateful smile, knowing she’s trying to ease the awkward tension. I sit back at the bar next to her as Beck’s now picked up the stool and has mopped up most of the coke on the floor. I put my now empty glass on the bar as Beck pours me a new drink.

I subtly look at the blonde next to me, taking in her beauty. She’s got long, flowing blonde hair and those eyes, damn, they are bright blue and seem to show a lot of emotion. Her skin is flawless, like angel skin and her jeans show off long, gorgeous legs.

“So Bells” I snap my head up at her, hoping she didn’t catch me gawking at her.

“Actually, do you mind if I call you that? I don’t like the name Bella because of those awful Twilight movies” she says in one breath, playing with the straw in her vodka and smiling at me.

“Sure, I actually hated when those movies came out as people Beylikdüzü Escort always asked me what team I’m on” I chuckle and smile at her. Bells. I like that. I think in my head as I take a sip of my new coke.

“Haha, I could imagine” she replies as she adjusts herself on the stool, crossing her legs. I notice she’s wearing cute black flats.

“Yeah, it gets old after people ask me the 50th time” I say back with a laugh.

“Well, what team are you on? Edward or Jacob?” she laughs and waits for me to answer.

I giggle nervously. Here goes nothing. “Hmmm.. to be honest, I’d be on Team Alice more than anything” I say with a nervous smile.

She thinks about my answer and then grins at me. “I’d have to agree with that” she laughs.

I choke on my coke for a second time but manage to stay on my seat.

“Wow, are you ok?”she asks me in concern.

“Ye-yeah, I’ll be ok” I say, with a final cough. “I think I should go home though, I’m a sticky mess and I don’t seem to be good company though” I blurt out.

“Nonsense, I like making new acquaintances” she replies. “How about we get you cleaned up? I live 2 blocks from here” she says with a shy smile.

“Umm..” I look at Beck who is nodding vigorously at me and pointing to Hailey with an obvious look on her face which means “What are you doing fool?! Go for it!” I nod slightly at Beck.

“Sure, that would be nice” I say smiling genuinely, looking back at Hailey.

“Excellent! Let’s go” she skulls her vodka, forgoing the straw and grabs my hand, neatly ripping me out of my seat as I manage to grab my bag.

“Bye Beck” I call over my shoulder who is now winking at me and mouthing “good luck”.

Hailey leads me outside, still holding onto my hand and lets go realising I’m standing next to her, waiting for her to show me to her place. She starts walking to the right and I follow, in step next to her.

“So, Team Alice, huh?” she teases as we walk at a comfortable pace.

“Heh, yeah, she’s gorgeous, what’s not to love about her?” I say back with a grin.

“Well, Jacob has a hot body and Edward has the mystery about him, which is what most girls love” she says gushing into a rant. I smile at her adorableness.

“Yeah, I know, but when you’re not into guys, that stuff doesn’t really do it for you” I say back, looking at the ground.

“No, I guess not” she says gently and walks closer to me, our arms brushing. “This is me” she says, grabbing my hand and pulling me up the steps to a quaint apartment building that looks fairly new.

“Wow, you weren’t kidding about 2 blocks away” I say amazed.

She laughs and lets go of my hand for a moment to pull a key chain out of her pocket as she opens up the front door. She leads us to the elevator and presses the up button.

“So, what floor you live on?” I ask

“Well, I live in the penthouse which is on the 14th floor” she says back with a smile.

“Wow!! The Penthouse?” I ask amazed as we step into the elevator.

“Yeah, a gift from my parents” she said pressing the 14th floor button and swiping a card I didn’t notice was in her hand. The elevator doors shut.

“That’s pretty generous of them” I say genuinely.

“It’s ok” she says, as she watches the numbers go up as we near her floor.

We get out of the elevator into a small hallway, with two doors. One reading ‘PH’ and the other reading ‘Rooftop’. She opens her door with her key and we walk inside. She takes off her shoes and I do the same, putting them next to the front door with my bag, glad I wore matching socks today.

I notice the apartment is very new, from the front door, I notice a beautiful white couch in the corner with a giant flat screen TV against the wall opposite it. She walks into the kitchen, and I follow, as she says behind her “would you like something to drink Bells?” pulling out glasses and looking at me with a smile.

“Umm, water would be fine” I say, slightly shivering as the coke is still seeped into my jeans and the cool breeze outside seems to have given me the chills.

“Oh, gosh, I forgot, we have to get you cleaned up, here follow me, you can borrow my sweatpants, and we’ll wash those for you” she says, pulling me into a long hallway and into the second door on the left. I notice the bathroom Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan is very clean and seems to be very new and she tells me to wait there as she leaves and goes further into the hallway. I unbutton my jeans as she comes back and hands me a light grey pair of sweatpants.

“Here you are” she says with a smile “I’ll go get that water for you and we can watch a movie or chat if you’d like?” She asks as I stand there awkwardly holding the pants.

“Sure, that would be nice” I say, looking at her in amazement. She leaves the bathroom and shuts the door behind her. I quickly change into the pants, and then wonder what I’m doing in this apartment with this beautiful woman who is showing me a lot of kindness.

I walk back into the open lounge holding my pants as she’s walking towards the couch from the kitchen, a glass of water for me and what appears to be a vodka and raspberry for her.

She grabs my jeans and hands me the glass of water and says “I’ll go chuck these in the washing machine for you” I smile back gratefully.

“Thanks Hailey”. I sit on the couch and wait for her to return.

She returns and sits next to me, but with enough space between us. I awkwardly take a sip of water and put my glass on the coffee table. I look at her, as she’s staring into her glass, stirring her ice with a straw. She seems to have a troubled look on her face.

“You ok?” I ask her sweetly, but concerned as she looks worried.

“I don’t usually do this” she says quietly, looking at the coffee table.

“Do what?” I ask. “Be nice to random strangers you just met 30mins ago?” I say with a chuckle.

She giggles quietly. “Want to have sex with random strangers and take them back to my apartment actually. Especially someone as cute as you.” she says, finally looking up and into my eyes.

I blush straight away. “You think I’m cute?” I say softly.

“I think you’re adorable” she replies, moving a little bit closer to me. “I saw you as soon as I walked into the bar, you looked so cute sitting there sipping on your coke and looking like you had been waiting for that drink all day” she smiles, putting her drink on the coffee table and looking at the ground. I put a finger gently under her chin and nudge her face up so she’s looking at me.

I take a deep breath, looking at her lips and then her beautiful blue eyes, and slowly I lean towards her, brushing my lips against hers for a moment.

“Well, I think you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen” I whisper against her lips.

She blushes and moves closer to me, as I feel the atmosphere change and I can feel the electricity between our bodies. She smiles and moves onto my lap, straddling my thighs and kisses me.

I put my hands onto her hips and kiss her back, sucking softly on her bottom lip and hearing her moan into the kiss and feeling more brave, I start rubbing small circles onto her hips.

She slowly grinds down on my lap as the kiss turns more passionate, she pokes her tongue into my mouth, asking for permission. I open my mouth as our tongues collide, and WOW my mind is blown by how well this woman can kiss. She breaks the kiss and pushes my unbuttoned shirt off my shoulders, and I lean forward to get rid of the material. She notices my tattoos on my arms and traces them with her fingers as I close my eyes and relax at her touch.

“I love your tattoos” she whispers, still tracing them. I don’t reply and just lean up and kiss her as sweetly as I can. I start unbuttoning her shirt and pull it off her and onto the floor as she’s straddling me in her jeans and a cute purple bra. My lips go straight to her collarbone as I suck on her skin softly. She tangles her hands in my hair and moans into my ear and I can tell things are heating up quickly, her skin feels like heaven and I kiss all the skin I can, over her neck, collarbone and chin and the top of her breasts, just above her bra. I want to see those boobs so I quickly undo her bra and reluctantly remove my lips from her skin to slide the straps off her arms and throw the bra to the floor. I look up into her eyes and she seems very self conscious so I kiss her again, softly.

“We don’t need to do anything you don’t want to” I whisper, as I break off the kiss and look into her eyes, rubbing my hands over her Esenyurt Escort hips again. I see her eyes shine with passion and determination as she kisses me back harder.

“I want to do this” she whispers back as my hands move straight to her breasts as I hear her declaration. I squeeze them gently, and flick her nipples, hearing her moan again.

“You are so beautiful Hailey” I say softly, kissing her neck again.

“I think you are wearing way too many clothes” she giggles, pulling back and tugging on my singlet.

I lean back and pull my singlet off in a rush and then undo my bra and throw them both onto the ground. She laughs at my impatience. I capture her lips in mine again, feeling the electricity run through our bodies as our naked breasts touch for the first time. I moan into the kiss and can feel her smile in return. She gets off me and I feel the heat leave my body immediately. I pout at her and she giggles and gives me a chaste kiss.

“You’re too adorable for your own good” she laughs as she pulls me off the couch and leads us down the hallway into the end room. I see a queen size bed, covered in a purple bedspread as she leads me over to the bed and pushes me down onto it as she straddles me again. I lean up on my elbow and cup her face with one hand and kiss her hard. She kisses back as her hands go around my shoulders, holding me in place.

“We have far too many clothes on” I say, breaking the kiss.

She giggles as I flip her over and start unbuttoning her jeans. She helps me take them off, wriggling her cute hips as I pull them off and throw them onto the ground. I stand up and take off my socks and the sweatpants and kiss my way up her body from her stomach to her boobs where I take a nipple in my mouth.

“Bells” she moans as she holds her hands on my head and I suck on her nipple and flick it with my tongue, listening to her grunts and moans, knowing she’s loving this as much as I am. I switch between her nipples, paying attention to both of them as she’s moaning and writhing underneath me. I kiss my way down her body to her cute, little purple lace panties and lick her panty line and then I look up at her for permission. She nods, so I pull them down her legs and off her and take a tentative lick up her slit which is already dripping wet. She moans again and tangles her hands in my hair. I start licking faster, tasting the irresistible smell of her arousal. I start sucking on her clit as I slowly push a finger inside her. She moans my name again and pushes my head down, urging me to continue.

I push another finger inside and suck hard on her clit, listening to her moan as I start thrusting both fingers inside of her. She’s grinding her hips down onto my mouth and fingers and moaning my name every second. I can feel her already getting close so I slow my pace and hear her groan in disappointment. I giggle “we have all night baby girl, be patient” as my lips go straight back to her clit. She’s starting to grinder harder, so I give in and thrust my fingers inside her, curling them slightly, so they just graze her G Spot. She moans loader, panting now as I hear her say “harder Bells” so I increase my pace and thrust my fingers even harder and faster inside her, still sucking hard on her clit. She’s moaning now, I can feel her walls pulling on my fingers so I curl my fingers with one hard thrust and she’s cumming, screaming my name and moaning loudly.

I slow down my pace, holding her orgasm as long as I can, and slowly remove my fingers, and put them straight into my mouth sucking all her juices clean off them. I look at her, all dishevelled, hair around her like an angel and looking like she’s about to pass out.

I laugh, and pull the covers over her naked form and climb into bed with her, my arms wrapped around her protectively.

“Mmm.. no, your turn now” she says sleepily, cuddling closer to me.

“Shhhh, it’s ok, we can get more acquainted tomorrow” I say softly as she falls asleep. I kiss her bare shoulder.

“I’m so glad I spilled my drink at the bar” I say quietly.

“Mmm..” she replies, almost asleep now. I giggle again, and feel sleep coming over me as I fall asleep too, my arms still around her.

I wake up the next morning to wandering hands touching my body and squeezing my boobs.

“Hmmm.. good morning beautiful” I say with a smile, and remember last night’s events, I smile bigger.

“Good morning Bells” she says in a sleepy voice, a grin on her face as she looks into my eyes.

“Ready for round 2?” she says as she kisses me hard.

“Always baby girl, always” I say, kissing her back with a smile.

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