Jules Loves the One She’s With

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5 – If you’re not with the one you love, love the one you’re with

It has been a long week, it has been a week I had not been looking forward too, it has been a week I dreaded to see arrive, Jules was going out of town on a romantic trip to Florida with her husband David. How could she say no? He has stood by her side throughout some lonely, trying, and difficult times. He has watched his normally active wife sleep sixteen hours in a row, drained her ports after surgery, arranged to have food in the house for her children. He asked for nothing. She could not possibly say no.

So they went.

She left on Wednesday and stayed in a rented home not far from Epcot Center. That would be the last I saw of her for six days. We texted off and on, she sent me a couple photos, but we lacked constant communication for the entire time.

You probably already know this about me, but I have an overactive imagination. If I am going to Florida for a romantic getaway with a pretty and seductive lady, I will take full advantage of the alone time with her. So, Jules being alone for all that time with David, in a home with bedrooms, her away from the demands of her family, him being deserving of gratitude, things were going to happen.

The days dragged on, and finally, Tuesday has arrived. She arrived back home on Monday, but it was late and she wanted to spend time with her family.

We agreed to meet at Manner Hall, the building on our church’s property at about 7:00pm that evening. Both of our spouses had meetings, so we had about 90 minutes to spend together. Needless to say, I was excited.

When my wife left I quickly climbed into the car and texted “in transit” to Jules. She was already in her car, so we called each other. I was nice to hear her voice, and I could tell she was anxious to see me. In the back of my mind, the lingering question remained with me – did she or didn’t she? However, we had so much other stuff to talk about, that topic did not come up.

We arrived at Manner Hall about the same time and went into the dark building. Quietly we ascended the steps, just the sound of our breath and probably the sound of my heart pounding was heard. At the top of the steps, I pulled her to me. She was so receptive to my embracing and kissing – I acted like an 18 year old about to get layed for the first time. We held hands as we walked back to our room. The making of our mattress was a well-rehearsed routine, as was our disrobing. I would like it to be a little more romantic, but time was not on our side. Therefore, we have to make every minute count.

As I’m sitting on the nearby sofa removing my shoes, I look up and view Jules. I love to watch her move, particularly undressing – it seems so perfect. She looks up and sees me looking, our eyes lock. Most of our clothes are off, so we climb onto the mattress.

Being conscious of parts of her body that were not working at 100%, I laid on my back and pulled her on top. Our eyes never parted. We kiss again as she reached under and placed my dick at the entrance of her pussy.

I whisper, “are you sure about this?” She nodded and the tip slipped in. Jules’ face winced in pain.

“I can’t, Levi.” Tears welled up in her soft brown eyes.

“Don’t worry about it, lover,” I responded. “Another day perhaps. But then I want to attempt to please you without penetration.” I smile a devilish smile.

“How about the lazy 69?”

“Sure! Tekirdağ Escort It’s been a while, but maybe I’ll remember how it goes,” I said as we both laughed.

Facing each other, we both lay on our sides and rested our heads on the inner thigh of the other. My tongue investigates the region that has been ignored for a long time, as her lips and tongue find my prick. In synchronization, we both sigh as if we just found a mutual comfort zone.

My hand reaches around to her butt to draw it closer. The smells are heavenly, as were the sights. I have watched lots of porn in my life, but her pussy was by far the prettiest I’ve ever seen. I do not think that is an exaggeration. The color, the folds, everything…

Jules licked around the head of my wanting penis for a minute then stopped. There was no touching on my dick from her mouth or hand. This was kind of odd. I felt her breath – there is something different.

“Levi,” she said with some reservations in her voice.

“Yes?” I replied.

“I gave David two blowjobs in Florida.”

There was silence.

“Are you okay, Levi?” I felt my once throbbing cock slowly deflate. I did not know what to say. The woman I love and cherish had her mouth around another man’s penis, even though it was her husband. But it is what I expected, and I did ask her to tell me if it happened or not.

“You ask me to tell you if it happened. Matter of fact, you asked for details. I did not want to hurt you, and still don’t, but we have a very frank and open relationship. He is my husband.”

From between her legs comes a tepid voice saying, “I know.”

“Do you still want details? Or should we talk this out?”

My mind was racing. I did not like the feelings that I was experiencing, but yet I did. I cannot explain it.

At this point, both of us just had our heads resting on the other’s inner thighs, and there was a pregnant silence.

Finally, I made up my mind. “Okay, details.” With those two words, the floodgates opened. I believe she was waiting for those words. So she started her story. Or should I say, stories?

We did the wine and beer tour of Epcot Center on Thursday. It was a lot of fun, and we had plenty to drink. At the end of the evening we got into the car to take the short ride back to the house. David was very cautious while driving, and he wasn’t very drunk.

As we were driving I placed my hand in his lap. I felt his organ through his light shorts. Of course he didn’t respond, he couldn’t. I think I told you about his ED problem.

I muttered an inaudible sound saying yes. She understood.

We got back to the house, and got undressed. David went into the bathroom to brush his teeth. I had already prepared for this event. In my suitcase were his expired bottle of Viagra and a baby blue linen handkerchief. I folded it nicely, set it on his nightstand, and placed a glass of water next to it. In the middle of the handkerchief I positioned two of his pills and got into the cotton sheets.

My deflated organ started filling with blood. Jules saw this and consumed the entire awakening organ with one swoop. She came up for air, then repeated. I gasped.

David came out of the bathroom and sat on the edge of the bed. It took a second, then saw the gift and looked at me.

“You don’t have to do this, Jules” he said quietly.

“I want to do it for you. I spoke to the doctor about intercourse, Tekirdağ Escort Bayan and she advised against it. So, I want to give you a blowjob. It has been a while, hasn’t it?”

Actually, I lied a little and wanted to save the intercourse part for you, Levi, so that part was NOT going to happen.

David nodded, reached out and slowly placed the pills in his hand.

“Two?” he asked.

“They are expired. So, I figured that they lost half of their potency. Therefore, two.”

He put the pills on his tongue, took a gulp of water and swallowed the pills.

I knew it took about thirty minutes for the drug to take effect, so we laid side by side watching TV. He never touched me. It was weird. It is as though he was nervous.

After about twenty minutes, I reached out and started playing with his still flaccid dick. In about a minute, it started coming to life. He was sitting up with his back against the headboard and pillows.

“Are you comfortable?” I asked. He stammered that he was.

I sunk down between his legs and held his rising penis. It is not as pretty as yours, Levi, and I was thinking about you the whole time.

With that statement, Jules again swallowed my dick. I placed my heel on the back of her head rendering her incapacitated. My dick stayed in her throat for a minute, she gagged, then I let her go. Without missing a beat, she continued the story.

I opened my mouth and took him in. He still was not fully erect, so I did that thing I do to you when you aren’t hard yet. David and his cock seemed to enjoy it. David gasped and his erection increased – a lot.

“Okay, you knew I was going to ask this – is David’s bigger?” I interrupted.

“Yours is prettier and size doesn’t matter.” She retorted.

“By that response, I gather it is. I don’t care, it is what it is.”

“Yes, his is larger. But I enjoy and want yours a lot more.”

With that she licked around the head of my dick, then pointed her tongue, and penetrated the tiny hole a little. I gasped again. Is she ever finished showing me her skills?

She continued the story.

I knew from experience that David doesn’t take too long. So I got into a rhythm, just bobbing my head up and down. He is a no frills kind of guy. I didn’t try any of the techniques I do with you, just a plain vanilla blowjob.

In about four to five minutes David let out a soft moan, and my mouth was full of three years’ worth of cum. God, what a load. It leaked out the sides of my mouth, or should I say poured out the sides of my mouth. He was nowhere near as animated as you, and he finished cumming quickly.

I got up and went to the bathroom to remove the deposit. I grabbed a warm washcloth and went back into the bedroom. There was cum all over the bed between David’s legs. I cleaned him up first, moving his now flaccid cock and balls back and forth to get every crevice. Then I asked him to move and I cleaned up the sheets as best as I could.

You were on my mind the entire time, and I wanted to remember all the details to make you happy, Levi. What I wanted more than anything at that moment was to return to that bed and see you, to feel your touch, to kiss you, to snuggle with you. But what I got was David, on his side, facing away from me, snoring. I had no expectations, and received none.

After watching some TV, I slowly went to sleep…

Again, my penis disappeared Escort Tekirdağ into Jules’ talented mouth. I gingerly licked the pretty pussy that remained in front of me. I felt her breathing increasing, and her attention to my cock decreasing. I intensified the pressure and speed my mouth and tongue was delivering on her. Her hand came down and held the back of my head. I started to insert a finger or thumb into her, but decided against it. Let this be soft and loving.

In about two minutes her fingers intertwined themselves in my hair, she emitted a guttural noise from her throat, then came. My nose was smashed into her, and her legs were on both sides of my head. Her body stiffened, then relaxed. There were beads of sweat on her body. That was a magical moment for me. I love this woman!

When her breathing returned to normal, she took a broad tongue and ran it from my balls to my tip. I was ready!

“Blowjob number two?” I said excitedly. My dick was throbbing.

“Okay”, Jules responded. “But this time I did not arrange it”.

David and I decided to go to church on Sunday morning. It was a nice service in a small church near the rental home. After we got back we were getting undressed to get into our swimsuits to hang out at the pool for the afternoon. Both of us were naked and just about to get our suits on when David turns to me and says “Jules, can you do me a favor?”

I didn’t think much of the question figuring it was him about ask to get him a sandwich or help with his insulin kit.

“Sure, David. What can I do?”

He wouldn’t look at me and became a little fidgety.

“Can you give a blowjob like you did the other night? It felt good, and I forgot what I was missing”

This was a shock. It has been many years since he has initiated sex (if you call asking for a blowjob as initiating). I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t know want to do it. If I did do it, it would be strictly mechanical – just get him off. I was paralyzed. But then I thought of you, Levi. Another story. It seems so wrong to do this, but it is a win/win for all the guys that mean something to me.

“Okay”, I said. “Take a couple pills and let me go poop. By time I’m finished, the drug should be kicking in.”

“I believe I texted you during that poop. Of course, I did not tell you what was about to happen. I will never tell you about something like that via texting.”

“I do remember that text. Didn’t you send me a photo of your legs at that time?”

“Yep,” she flippantly responded.

I finished up and left the bathroom. David was sitting on the sofa and watching TV.

“Are you ready?” I asked him.

“I don’t know,” he responded. “It doesn’t seem to be working.”

“David, it is not a magic pill. It doesn’t force an erection. You still need to be stimulated. Let me help.”

I got on my knees in front of him and took his flaccid organ into my mouth.

Again my throbbing organ got lost in Jules’ mouth. She took me about halfway in, then started making circular motions on the bottom of my dick with her tongue. I don’t know what I wanted more – the conclusion of the story or to unleash into her throat.

She withdrew, sucking hard on the head on the way out.

At this point the story becomes kind of boring. I sucked his dick for a couple minutes, it became hard, I sucked longer, he came, I spit it out, and we went swimming. The End.

I needed to cum, but I wanted a connection with Jules. So, I asked her to replace her mouth with her hand. We both sat up, backs against the sofa, and I gazed at her face. Her hand performed their magic, so I came while looking at her and kissing her. I have never had a more intense orgasm – and yes, I was immaturely animated!

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