Jon and Chris’ Trip to the Cabin

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Jon had been looking forward to going camping for months. He and his friend from work, Chris, had been talking and Jon had told Chris how he had had a cabin when he was a kid and wanted to rent one for him and his wife when they had some vacation time. Chris has laughed and told Jon his family still had a cabin, about six hours outside of Chicago. Why didn’t Chris and Jon and their wives plan a trip for the end of summer?

Now only a few days away, Jon was getting really excited. Fishing, hiking, campfires, he loved the whole deal. Chris’ family even had a ski boat, and Chris had promised Jon he would teach him how to wakeboard. Everything was going to be great.

Until Michelle, Jon’s wife, told him her uncle had died.

‘What?’ said Jon. ‘Your uncle died today? We leave on Friday. When’s the funeral?’

‘Sunday’, Michelle replied. ‘I have to go. I’m sorry.’

‘Yeah, I know, it’s okay. I’ll call Chris, tell him we can’t get there until Monday or Tuesday.’

‘Jon, don’t be ridiculous. You go up with Chris and Beth, I’ll go to the funeral and I’ll meet you guys there. I know you’ve been looking forward to this all summer.’

‘Thank you, thank you, thankyouthankyou!’ exclaimed Jon. He could’ve sworn he felt that prize trout he was going to catch slipping through his fingers. ‘Are you sure? Can I drive you to the airport, what can I do?’

‘Relax, Jon. Call Chris, let him know.’

When Jon talked to Chris, he found out Beth, a nurse, had to work until Sunday and wouldn’t be driving out until Monday as well. ‘Why don’t the girls carpool?’ asked Chris.

They talked to the girls, and it was settled. The boys were going out Friday, the girls driving out Monday.

The truck was loaded up with gear, they had a cooler filled with beer in the back seat and the boys were off camping.

The drive was pretty uneventful, the guys talking about the Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup, both trash talking the other’s baseball team (Jon liked the White Sox, Chris cheered for the Cubs).

They turned off the highway after four hours and began the two hour drive into the back country. There was a little town about 45 minutes from the cabin, but after that, wilderness until the lake. As soon as they turned into out of the little town, having filled up a couple Gerry cans for the boat, they cracked a couple beer and got excited for the cabin.

Their conversation somehow turned to sex, and Jon admitted he was looking forward to attacking his wife as soon as she got out there. They talked about the good and the bad (Beth was often too tired from her 12 hour shifts; Michelle didn’t like giving blowjobs) and both admitted they were excited to see each other’s wives in bikinis at the lake.

They pulled into the campsite. The cabin was amazing. Built on a hill, you could walk in the front door but the two story house had a view of the lake from both floors. There were three bedrooms (Jon and Michelle were downstairs, Chris and Beth upstairs) and a full bar downstairs. A wrap-around deck was upstairs and there was a hot tub downstairs! A walkway led down to the lake and the boat dock. The beach was pristine, and the lake was calm as glass.

They unpacked the truck, downing a few more beer in the process. ‘Well, ‘asked Chris. ‘What do you want to do first?’

Jon grabbed his fishing pole. ‘Might as well catch some dinner.’

Chris laughed and grabbed his pole as well.

They filled up the tank on the 12 foot aluminum and were soon fishing in the middle of the lake.

There was two eryaman escort bayan other cabins on the lake, all three almost equal distance from one another. ‘What does your dad do?’ asked Jon.

‘He is a partner at Chase-Whitney. I went into tax law, wanted to see if I could make it on my own instead of following his footsteps.’

They kept talking, drinking and fishing until about 8pm, when it started getting dark. ‘Those clouds are looking ominous’ said Jon.

Chris agreed, and they started the engine, but before they had gotten a third of the way across the lake the clouds started pouring. Chris and Jon were absolutely soaked by the time they got ashore, and raced towards the house. They threw the trout they had caught in the fridge and went to grab towels. There were none upstairs. ‘There are towels by the hot tub. Come on’ said Chris.

Jon and Chris raced downstairs. The hot tub, out on the veranda, was covered from the rain. As Jon was drying off, Chris motioned to it. ‘We’re cold and wet. Want to hop in?’

Jon shrugged, and they started doffing their clothes. When Jon got to his boxers, he hesitated. But Chris was already ass naked, so Jon thought what the hell. They were in the woods in the middle of nowhere. What’s the problem?

They climbed in and Jon sighed. The water was screaming hot, just the way he liked his hot tubs. The boys relaxed, after a minute, Chris swore. ‘Fuck. We forgot the beer. Hang on.’ As Chris climbed out, Jon found himself staring at his dick. It was a nice looking one, though Jon couldn’t claim to be an expert. Chris wasn’t hard, so he couldn’t say how big it was, but it looked about the same size as his when he was flaccid. He shook his head. ‘What am I thinking about?’

He changed the subject in his head, thinking about how much fun it was going to be camping here for the next week. He had closed his eyes and was resting his head on the edge when he heard the door slide open. Chris threw off his towel as he approached the hot tub, a bottle of scotch in his hand. ‘Hey, look what I found. The old man left it here when he was here a couple weeks ago. The note said it was for us. Wanna drink?’

Jon loved scotch, but he didn’t like spending a couple hundred bucks on a bottle. He had too good of taste for his own wallet. When it was free though…


They clinked glasses and took a drink. It was amazing. So smooth. Jon let out an involuntary moan.

‘I know. Dad’s got good taste.’

Twenty five minutes later they had gone from singles to doubles, and Chris was pouring Jon a triple at the moment. They had been talking about the girls, and Jon had suggested they have a hot tub au natural when the girls arrived.

The beer and scotch and heat were definitely getting to him when he said, ‘Beth has such a sweet ass, and her tits are so perky. I’m jealous you get to fuck that, man.’

‘You’re jealous? Michelle has those big tits, it’s surprising on a girl that small. Are they fake?’

‘Nope,’ replied Jon. ‘All hers. And all mine.’ They laughed and cheers’ed.

‘Man, its fucking hot in here.’ Said Jon.

‘Do you want to get out?’

‘No, I’m just going to sit on the edge for a bit.’

Jon, forgetting he was ass naked, sat up on the edge as he sipped his drink. Chris did the same.

Jon realized talking about their wives’ bodies had had an effect on them, when he noticed Chris was sporting a hard-on. It was about six or seven inches, same as Jon, though polatlı escort Chris was totally shaved. He realized he had been staring at Chris’ dick and looked up, feeling guilty, only to catch Chris doing the same thing!

Chris caught Jon’s eye, and they looked at each other for a minute. Slowly, Chris grasped himself and started jerking himself.

Jon couldn’t believe Chris was stroking his cock in front of Jon, but without thinking about it, started doing the same. They watched each other rub themselves for a bit, when Chris looked Jon straight in the eye and said, ‘Tell me to shut up if you’re not interested, but…I’m drunk, you’re drunk, the girls aren’t here, there is no one around, we are naked and hard in the hot tub and I’m game if you are.’

Jon thought for a minute, then realized he was actually thinking about it!

Fuck it, he thought. I’m not gay, I’m happily married, but why not try it? I have watched some bi and trans porn, and its not like anyone ever has to know. I can do gay stuff and not be gay, my wife had sex with a couple girls in college, why can’t I do the same?

‘I’m in. But we both gotta do the same stuff. Deal?’ Jon was interested, but he definitely didn’t want to have to suck dick and get fucked in the ass, without getting anything in return.

‘If I do it to you, you do it to me, agreed.’

They downed the scotch in their classes and slide towards the shallow seats. They sat side by side, the water up to mid-thigh but their cocks and balls out of the water. Jon took a deep breath and grabbed another man’s penis for the first time in his life. It was slightly longer than his own, but not quite as thick. It was very hard and very hot. He was surprised that it felt so much like his own yet was totally different to grab. Chris’ hand wrapped around Jon’s shaft and they both started slowly stroking one-another. They didn’t look at each other, just stared at each other’s cocks as they stroked. ‘So,’ Jon started, ‘no offense, but for some reason playing with each other is okay, but I don’t really want to kiss each other or anything.’

Chris laughed. ‘I was just thinking that. Just whatever we are doing now. Deal.’

‘It kinda feels okay. It doesn’t feel ‘gay’ or anything.’

Chris looked at him. ‘What does that mean?’

Jon shrugged. ‘I don’t know. I thought it would feel different, but this is fun. I’m excited.’

They laughed, and Jon lightly squeezed Chris’ shaft. He was starting to speed up a little, but had to tell himself to relax, and slow down. His friend’s hand on his dick felt so good, though. Jon didn’t know how to start it, but this felt great, so he was fine just stroking it.

They kept stroking for a minute, then Chris looked up. ‘Who wants to start?’

Jon slid off the seat into the middle of the hot tub. When he turned around, there was Chris’ dick staring at him, a drop of pre-cum on the head of his dick. Jon grabbed his dick, and wiped off the pre-cum. He wasn’t ready for that. Slowly he moved forward, until Chris’ head was an inch from his mouth. He totally forgot about Chris at that point. Instead, he thought about the shaft in his hand like his own. He suddenly relaxed a little, and gently licked up from the bottom of the shaft up to the head of Chris’ dick. It tasted like the hot tub water, and a little musky. It wasn’t unpleasant. He licked the head, felt how soft and rubbery it was compared to the rest of the cock. He licked all over the head, got it lubed up with his saliva then gently ayaş escort kızlar took the swollen mushroom into his mouth.

He realized immediately he was using his teeth, and used his tongue to cushion them. He gently sucked the head, then slowly started bobbing up and down, taking a little more dick into his mouth with each bob. He could only get the first few inches in, so he used his hand, stroking Chris in rhythm with his mouth. Chris moaned gently, and Jon moved his other hand forward. He knew how much he loved having his balls cradled when he got head, and so he gently rolled Chris’ in his hand. Jon loved a sloppy blowjob, so he made sure to drool as much as he could, getting his friends manhood as slick as he could. This was fun! It kind of felt like masturbating, in a way. Jon thought of the cock in front of of him as his own, and tried to give himself the blowjob he had always wanted. Jon swirled his tongue, sucked the balls, kissed up and down the shaft, and just enjoyed the feeling of a dick in his mouth. He didn’t know how long he sucked his friend’s cock, but suddenly Chris stiffened and pushed Jon away. Jon pulled off, his chin covered in drool. ‘What?’ he asked.

‘I’m about to cum!

Jon shrugged. For some reason he hadn’t thought about what was going to happen when Chris came. He figured he’d have let him cum in his mouth. He loved it when Michelle lets him blow his load and she swallows it. Jon kept jerking Chris, cradling his balls, when he felt his sac tighten up, and then the shaft jerk in his hand as Chris shot his load onto Jon’s chest. After three big shots, Jon slowed down, and felt the tension leave Chris’ body.

Jon sat up next to Chris, who smiled. ‘If that was your first time sucking dick, you’re pretty good, man.’

Jon shrugged. ‘I just thought about what I like when I get head.’

Jon poured them each another scotch, while Chris recovered.

Chris smiled as he started rubbing Jon’s dick, then slid into the water. Jon spread his legs a bit so Chris could get in closer. Chris started the same way as Jon, licking all around. Jon relaxed. The hot water, the scotch and the mouth working his dick was too great. He just let Chris suck his cock. Soon Chris started working more and more of Jon into his mouth. He got about three quarters of Jon into him. Jon was impressed. It felt great, and he said so. Chris took Jon’s hand and put it on the back of his head. Jon started pulling Chris down onto his dick, gently fucking his mouth, until Chris took the whole thing, right up to the balls, into his mouth!

Soon Chris increased the pace, and Jon began thrusting his hips until he realized he was going to shoot his load! He quickly started to pull Chris off him, but Chris pushed him away. “Finish!” Chris said, then dropped his mouth back on Jon’s cock and kept sucking. Chris’ head was bobbing rapidly, and Jon couldn’t handle it anymore. ‘Fuck!’ he yelled, as he shot load after load into Chris’ mouth. Chris just kept sucking, taking every drop of cum Jon had to offer. Chris swallowed the whole load, and then grabbed his glass and took a swig of the scotch to wash it down.

‘Holy shit,’ said Jon, ‘that was one of the best blowjobs I’ve ever had!’ Chris laughed. ‘That was actually fun. I can’t believe I got all of you.’

‘No shit! How did you do that?’

‘I don’t know. I didn’t gag, so I kept going.’

‘Why did you swallow?’

‘I dunno,’ Chris shrugged. ‘I just wanted to. It wasn’t bad, I don’t know what the girls get so upset about.’

Chris sat next to him again. Jon noticed Chris was hard again. ‘What’s next?’

‘I don’t know. Is there anything else except to fuck each other?’

‘I dunno. Are you ready for that?’

‘No, but what the hell. I didn’t think I was ready to suck a dick either, and I guess I was.’

Jon started stroking Chris’ shaft. ‘Well, let’s go inside, grab some lube, and see what happens.’

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