Jolene’s Adventures: Double Trouble

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Barely a day after the fuck fest with Sly, Jolene was home in bed fantasizing about their next encounter. As much as she played with her pussy you would think it would be used to the pounding she had gotten but it still throbbed. Sly’s cock was so big and round it had stretched her till it hurt but it was a delicious hurt. This morning she had awakened after a very good nights sleep. After leaving the school and her double encounter with Sly and Tom, a long hot shower relaxed her and she had fallen into a deep sleep. Now she was dreamily reviewing the encounter in her head as her fingers drifted to her moistening pussy lips. She was lightly running the tips of her fingers over her lips causing them to part. A familiar hum began in her clit, which was already beginning to harden. Here I go again she thought. Good thing you can’t wear this out but I love trying she thought.

Her thoughts drifted to the previous night’s double pleasure in Sly’s office. When Tom came out from the shadows with his cock in his hand Jolene had a huge thrill go through her. Since she was a teenager she was curious about how it would feel to have all her holes filled by big strong men. At first the fantasy was a cock in her pussy and another in her mouth having them cum at the same time. Then as she grew more adventurous and discovered her need for stimulation in her ass the fantasy changed to double penetration. A look through a sex toy catalog satisfied that idea one day. She had found a double dildo as well as numerous butt plugs that looked stimulating. Working her way up from a butt plug and a dildo to a double dildo proved to be a delicious feeling but the urge was still there to have two real cocks in both her holes. A third cock to suck on would be heaven but possibly a distraction. It was worth the distraction she thought.

It didn’t take long before her fingers found her favorite spot and began to stimulate her clit. A creamy drip of pussy juice was working its way out of her hole and down the crack of her ass. In the mirror she could see the shine on her lips as her fingers worked their magic. She could do this all day but she wanted to feel Sly’s tongue in her pussy and Tom’s cock in her mouth again. The thought of Tom shooting cum in her face and on her tits excited her to the point she began to cum. She didn’t know why she felt this way but it was possible it had to do with the power she had over Tom at that moment. Jolene had the power to control men with out trying. Once a man had sampled her charms she could get anything she wanted from them. A gasp escaped her lips as a pang went though her from her engorged clit to her brain. Sivas Escort Briefly she went blind and couldn’t breathe as the orgasm surged through her loins. The sound of a ringing phone brought her back to reality.

“Hello,” she answered.

“Good morning Sweetness, whatcha doin?” asked Sly.

“Playing with myself and thinking of your fat cock, of course,” she quipped.

“Nice. Why aren’t you over here sucking my cock?” he said with a chuckle.

“You haven’t told me to get my ass over there yet obviously,” she snapped back.

“Well, what are you waiting for, an engraved invitation?”

“I’ll be there shortly,” she said with a giggle and hung up.

Jolene had not actually been to Sly’s house before now but she had driven by it a few times. Arriving in twenty minutes after his call, dressed in her short shorts and a crop top he appeared stunned at her arrival.

“Wow, aren’t you sexy,” Sly observed.

Placing her hands on his chest and pushing him inside and to the floor she straddled him and locked her mouth to his. Winding his hands in her thick hair he forced his tongue into her mouth and sucked her tongue to him. Pulling away and standing up over him she began to remove her top.

“I’ve got you where I want you,” she giggled.

Sitting up he reached for her shorts and unsnapping them, she was relieved of them in one motion. His tongue went straight into her already moist pussy and his fingers followed. In this position he had easy access to her in order to stuff both her holes at once and lick her at the same time. She gasped and bent her knees outward slightly in order to get the best effect. He knew what buttons to push and he was pushing them hard. Not to be out done she had some thoughts of how to get even with him but for now she was going to enjoy herself. A knock at the door brought them both to a standstill. He pulled back and looked up and she looked down at him,

“Don’t answer it,” she said pleading.

“It is probably Tom. He said he might come over.”

“Oooh, you devil. When were you going to tell me that?”

Laughing he got up from the floor to answer the door as she ran for cover. Sure enough it was Tom.

Opening the door, he said, “Nice timing buddy Jolene is here.”

“Oh, I’m sorry I’ll go….,” said Tom.

“Nope, too late she knows you’re here. Maybe we can have some fun with her together. I think she is game,” said Sly with a grin.

Moving to the living room Tom noticed Jolene’s top on the carpet.

Tom said, “I see you have already been warming her up?”

At that point Jolene Sivas Escort Bayan came out of hiding and said suspiciously, “Are you two conspiring against me?”

Sly looked at Tom and said, “Why of course not Sweetie”, with a grin.

Jolene looked at both men’s pants and saw the unmistakable outline of two hard cocks straining to get out. That was all she needed to see.

Pulling down her shorts and turning around so her ass was to them she said, “Ok boys. Let’s see what you can do.”

Then bending over, she spread hers legs wider and getting up on the balls of her feet to show off her tanned legs she said, “Let’s do this.”

Not needing any more invitation than that both men moved toward her and picked her up from under her arms and whisked her off to a bedroom. They deposited her face down on the bed. Arching her back like she was trying to get to her knees brought her ass up in the air invitingly. Tom was quickest on the draw and dove under her sinking his tongue in her sopping pussy. Putting his hands on her ass he drew her down to his lips. Alternating between his tongue and lips he began to lick and suck her rock hard clit and inserted his fingers in her sucking hole. She bucked and writhed in delicious agony as an orgasm began to build. Lifting her head slightly and pushing herself up on her hands to get a better fit her mouth was confronted with Sly’s big cock at her lips. Opening her mouth wide she enveloped his cock with her lips letting her tongue slide down the underside as she took him in down to his balls. A moan escaped his lips as her tongue tickled his balls. A long sucking pull on his cock brought a taste of his pre-cum to her taste buds. This was definitely becoming a dream come true.

Tom was getting more than a mouthful as her honey dripped onto his chin. A shudder going through her gave away her first orgasm from him eating at her pussy. Pulling away slightly to break the buzz, gave Tom time to make his next move. He jumped off the bed and shed his clothes in about 5 seconds, and then he was behind her. Sly had two handfuls of hair and pulling her head up and down enjoying a long deep blowjob. As his cock came out of her hot wet mouth to the tip the cool air relieved the heat from his cock. Holding it firmly by the base Jolene continued to tease him with her tongue in the slit occasionally and swirling her way back to about halfway down his shaft. The suction was incredible. The cum was definitely rising from his balls and about to be deposited in her mouth. Knowing this was not a good use of his juice Sly began to slow down to keep from cumming. Escort Sivas Tom was pumping Jolene’s pussy now for all it was worth. His balls were slapping her clit loudly and she was lunging forward on Sly’s cock with every thrust. Tom’s two fingers were deep in her asshole and he was trying to get a third in. Jolene’s moans were vibrations on Sly’s cock and he would have to decide what to do soon or she would get a cum bath. Suddenly it came to him what to do next. Pulling is cock out of her mouth he laid back on the bed and slid down under her licking and sucking his way down her chest. Jolene put her hands on his head and assisted him sliding under her.

Tom, seeing Sly moving into position under Jolene quickly figured out what he was up to and let Sly get his legs between theirs. Pulling his glistening dick out of Jolene’s pussy he eased her down onto Sly’s cock as he pulled his fingers out of her ass and put the head of his cock in her asshole as it was closing up. Now Sly was in Jolene’s pussy up to his balls and he was waiting for Tom to get in her asshole. You’ve got to love teamwork between friends. Jolene was in ecstasy, her eyes closed and her head pulled back by her hair. Tom’s cock slid effortlessly into her because she was so wet from the juice already on it. Sly began to fuck her slowly at first and Tom followed to keep in rhythm so they wouldn’t accidentally fall out of her. Once they got going they were both going in at the same time and coming out at the same time. The feeling to Jolene was intense and she wondered if she would pass out from the pleasure. It crossed her mind that these guys’ cocks were rubbing together through the thin wall between them. If she thought about it later she was going to ask what it felt like.

Soon Tom, who had the tightest grip on his cock, was at the short strokes. He had been slowing down and speeding up trying to hold himself from cumming. He wondered if he should pull out and shoot on her back. Sly was also trying to hold back.

Jolene settled it for both of them by shouting, “Give me all your cum in both holes, cum in me guys!”

Both men momentarily sped up and began grunting as they splashed cum inside her, keeping it going as long as possible as they emptied themselves into her. Jolene thinks she fainted as she felt the first blast hit her cervix. Both men’s cocks were jerking and pumping their juice deep into her. An overpowering orgasm starting at her clit and flowing up through her stomach, into her chest and finally exploding in her brain caused her to faint.

When she woke up a sheet was covering her and someone had obviously cleaned her up. Tom was gone and it was getting dark.

Sly came into the room and said, “You have been having a fun day.” “Licked, sucked, fucked and cum in every hole.”

“Mmmmm, what will you think of next? Three cocks?” Jolene giggled.

The story continues…..

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