Joe and Craig go Sailing

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It had been 3 weeks since I last met Joe. And for that whole time I had been thinking of the night we’d spent together. I couldn’t get it of mind but I at the same time, I couldn’t make up my mind – did I want to meet him again? I mean I have feelings for him, I told myself, but maybe it was just about sex. I mean the sex was great, but was it too great? Would we be able create such an incredible level of passion again? These confusing thoughts rendered me indecisive. I could feel him slipping away, but should I let him? What was right!

It turned out that Joe eventually reached out to me. He texted me and told me, in his very direct way, to come over again next Friday night. In a way I was relieved to have received the text and so I accepted straight away, but as soon as I did that strange mixture of excitement and apprehension boiled up inside me.

He said that he would cook us meal and we would eat in at his house. On my way over I stopped at the liquor store to pick up a bottle of wine. I came close to losing my nerve shop; I could feel my feet getting colder by second. I was almost in panic trying to decide how much I should spend. I mean I didn’t mind splashing out but how would he receive it? Would he think that I was too needy, was he just in it for sex himself? I wanted to make a good impression but it irked me that Joe always appeared so sure of himself, while I was often a nervous wreck. In the end I pulled myself together and bought a mid-priced prosecco, because everyone loves some fruity fun, I told myself.

When I arrived I knocked on his door and this time he actually answered.

‘Hi Craig! It’s lovely to see you again. Oh and look, is that prosecco? How did you know? It’s my favourite.’ I was very pleased by this welcome. The meal was ready when I arrived and Joe had served up two dishes. The beautiful aroma of thyme and well-cooked lamb filled the air. We had two cutlets each with a big side of mashed potato. He had also lit a candle in the middle of the table; this and a standing lamp looming over the kitchen counter were the only sources of light: it was very romantic. Oh it looked so lovely as I watched the sensuous plumes steam lifting off the food and winding their way up beyond the farthest reaches of the candle light, only to disappear somewhere near the dark roof.

‘Well don’t just look, sit down and tuck in,’ Joe said with a chuckle.

Dinner tasted just as good as it looked and smelt. We had three weeks to catch up on. Neither of us had really done anything of note but still we babbled on about all the menial details we could remember. The conversation wasn’t exciting, but it wasn’t boring either. I felt comforted by the gentle stream of his words. I felt almost as if I were drinking them, drinking them from a mountain spring as I lounged under a pleasant sun. Perhaps this simple conversation meant something more serious was on the cards in terms of a relationship. I was very content with the meal and the fact that we could hold such a humble conversation with ease. But as it happens, unstrained small talk, albeit a good omen, doesn’t produce a night of high passion. We were both feeling the pressure of emulating the same pleasure fever that we were able to manifest last time – alcohol was just what was needed. I was glad that when we finished eating Joe asked, ‘I suppose you’re thirsty?’ He stood up grabbed the bottle I’d left on bench. When he picked it up he laughed to himself with gleaming eyes. I got nervous, why was he laughing.

‘What’s so funny,’ I asked timidly.

‘Well it’s prosecco, doesn’t really go with lamb cutlets does it? A hearty red would have been more in order, don’t you think?’ Şişli travesti Oh no! I thought to myself, how could I have been so stupid! I felt very embarrassed. But wait, I didn’t know what was to be served and it is his favourite or was he just saying that? Still he’s right, oh why does everything always go wrong. All these thoughts rushed around my head in a spilt second. Craig, noticing my reddening features and lack of retort laughed again. ‘Haha, lighten up, I’m only having fun, come on let’s get drunk.’

A couple of glasses in and already we were getting giggly and our conversation was becoming more risqué. I was telling Joe about my boss, his name was Thomas Johnson but we called him Tommy Boy. Anyway I thought it was a funny story as Tommy Boy was bald and often got angry. When this happened his head turned bright red and it very much resembled another type of head. But after I finished speaking Joe looked terribly glum. He was just staring down into his glass and didn’t say a word. Oh no, I thought, I haven’t been funny, what a fool I’ve made of myself all because I got tipsy too quickly. But my thoughts stopped when I noticed Joe’s knuckles whitening as he clutched his glass tighter and tighter.

‘Joe, are you okay?’ I asked, fearful that the glass would break and cut his hand. He looked up and I saw him release his hold. ‘Oh I am sorry Craig, it’s just my ex… he used call his… he used it “Tommy Boy.”‘ This is bad, I thought, damn I’ve ruined everything just because I drank too much and told a silly tale just to get a laugh.

‘Oh I’m sorry Joe, please I didn’t know, would like to talk…’ But he cut me off.

‘Hey, you know I have a name for mine?’ He seemed to have returned to his usual jovial self in the blink of an eye. ‘Guess what it is. I’ll give you a clue, it has a place name.’ I had no idea what he called his penis, and why would he name it after a place? I was mildly annoyed with him for making me guess but I laughed to show my relief at his return to a jovial temperament.

‘Haha, I don’t know Joe,’ I said between forced chortles, just tell me.’

‘It’s The South Pole!’ He exclaimed enthusiastically before turning stern to give an explanation: ‘And for years the men of The South Pole have been leaving en masse. The region would very much welcome some foreign sailors. Are you much of the sea faring type? Do you know any worthy seamen? Any that would like to risk their fate on frosty waves?’

‘Joe what are you saying? You know I’ll try almost anything with you but I don’t know what you mean.’

‘Excellent, well then I insist – after your voyage you must harbour at my port tonight. Set a course for The South Pole, but be wary: you’ll need a good wind. A wind to blow your sail stiff! Let rocks themselves shatter on your sail! For only with a well stiffened sail will reach this destination.’

I was speechless, bewildered. Why does he get like this, is he mad, like properly mad? I thought. But I was distracted from such thoughts because, mad or not, I was going to accept this so called “voyage” yet I still had no idea what I was in for.

‘Come on captain, drop those dacks on the deck!’

Okay here goes. I dropped mine and he his. Gosh he’s big, I thought. I didn’t get a good look the other night, as I was riding him the entire time while he remained prone. Initially I was excited by his size but I had to do a double take; something didn’t seem quite right. Upon further inspection I discovered that he was only average sized: the extra length I had at first perceived was just ghastly illusion. To my horror, he had a foreskin that accounted for roughly 25% the length of his phallus. Taksim travesti What an utter monstrosity! I thought. My goodness I had never seen the likes of it. It was the way it was hanging that was hard to stomach- there it was, just drooping off his knob like a terribly wrinkled soggy sock. It looked as if someone had pulled apart a longer tube, stretched it to breaking point and when it did break the outer sheath had snapped back with forceful elasticity and now here it was- an immense mass of redundant convolutions.

‘I can see you marvelling at it,’ said Joe. ‘It’s amazing, even when I’m fully erect still I have a sizeable foreskin. And staying with topic of the sea: when I need to pull it back for cleaning, I’ll tell ya, it a takes a few good tugs; I imagine I’m rigging a very heavy sail- hahaha.’

His gaze now fell upon my member. ‘Very nice, I wasn’t quite sure but I thought you were circumcised. Your poor little fella’s never had a hat. Don’t worry hell be cosy tonight. As you can see, there is ample room in this dock for two fine ships, I wonder, will seamen disembark?’

‘Joe stop playing, what do mean by dock?’

‘I’m about to show you but first we need to wait for that wind.’

He started fondling my ball sack. Golly, I must have been eager for his touch because my penis became erect and ready very quickly.

‘Haha the wind is strong today indeed!’ Joe shouted with glee. He was only semi erect at this stage.

‘Okay it’s time,’ he said.

With what appeared to be disproportionate effort for the task, Craig heaved his foreskin back to reveal his bare head. God, it looked like he was holding back a crazed horse- one big fleshy spring tense with violent elastic force.

‘Quick Craig, I can’t hold it long, Joe joked. ‘This is it lets go tip to tip.’ The tips of our penises pressed into one another.

‘Okay let’s just gently rub for a bit- we can pretend that our piss-holes are like two sets of lips having a big old kiss.’

I’d never done such a thing before but it felt amazing. Our dicks “kissed” for about two minutes and it was a very tender moment. I became a lot more comfortable and I think Joe noticed,

‘You’ve had a stormy journey but this dock is ready to house your swollen hull.’

With those words he released his hold, the skin shot back down over his head, only this time the excess didn’t droop down into an empty nest of sad wrinkles, it kept flowing until it completely enveloped my head as well. Joe’s foreskin was pulled taught over our two heads. It wasn’t the prettiest sight I must say. It looked one gluttonous slug was struggling to devour another. But he was was right- it really was warm in there. Everything seemed to fit a feel perfect, maybe this truly was meant to be. For a while we just stood there gazing into each other’s eyes but I felt an impatience starting to grow.

‘So what now Joe?’

‘Well I think it’s time you stared the unloading process, go on jerk off into me.’

I grabbed my penis and started masturbating gently, so as not to dislodge our tender connection. I continued for a while but I could feel that it wasn’t happening.

‘Joe I’m sorry but I’m not sure if I can do it, I think I’m used to being more vigorous when I tend to myself and…’

‘Craig, Craig, don’t worry, here let me take the helm. Just relax.’

I let my left hand fall to my side, of course I had started with the right but it had fallen from fatigue much earlier in the process. Joe put his fist around my shaft. With slow strong pumps he engendered an incredible sensation. I was going to cum, how has he done it so quickly?

‘Joe, Joe,’ I said Gümüşsuyu travesti ‘I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum!’

‘Yes you are.’

Never before had I had such a profuse ejaculation. It just flowed and flowed, but Craig’s foreskin caught it all. It was the most incredible orgasm and I felt so connected to Joe in that moment; it was like I was sealing our knobs together with hot glue gun.

‘Not bad, right?’ Said Craig

‘Oh Craig, it was amazing, I loved it.’

‘Here watch this.’ He started stepping away from me; his foreskin slid right off my head with a silky smoothness and wiped off every last drop of cum with it.

‘Wow, I don’t believe it, I’m completely clean.’

‘Haha yep. But here, I can’t take all the riches; I want you to have some too.’

He grabbed his foreskin like a near empty tube of toothpaste and slid his hand up until a little pearl droplet came out, which he delivered onto my head.

‘Feel how warm it keeps the cum? Come on let’s lie down.’

We lied down next to each other. I watched Joe draw back his foreskin. Voluptuous waves of semen were released and they flowed all over his phallus like a lazy fountain. We just lied in silence for a while. I was almost about to nod off when Joe shook my arm. The semen residing on our cocks was starting cool.

‘You feel that Craig? You created such warmth with life now you’re feeling the coolness that comes with death. You’ve brought the snow to The South Pole, or should I say ice? Because it’s no longer white but as clear as crystal. And looks like you’re welcoming the cool change.’

He was right. The sensation of the semen evaporating in the dry air was occurring right on my sensitive bell end, and was causing arousal again. Joe himself had remained erect as he was yet to come.

‘Hey Craig, I’ve really enjoyed these two nights we’ve spent together but on both occasions you’ve been the one who has given, let me give back to you now. I’m yet to come and I can see you’re up for it again. What do you say?’

Immediately I was roused from my sleepiness, invigorated by his offer. Without a word I rolled onto my stomach and said, ‘Take me like I took you the first time.’

‘Are you sure this way Craig? I mean I’m quite a bit a bigger than you.’

‘Yes I’m sure, don’t worry about that.’

Joe began to survey Craig’s body. He sure is thin, thought Joe, but there appears to be strength in his diminutive limbs. He’s also very smooth, not a hair to be found. And not mention well-tanned. You know, I think he could quite easily take my mount. In the dim light Craig’s body looked like varnished wood to Joe. His arms could be the bars of a baby’s cot. He will stay the night. I will play first then he can wrap me in those arms and I’ll sleep like a baby, reasoned Joe.

Joe penetrated Craig’s bottom. It went in easily; the semen that remained on his cock acted as good lubricant. Oh this feels really good. It’s actually comfortable resting on the back of his legs and I can rock back and forth with fluidity. Joe started having fun, like proper fun as when child plays. He was enthusiastic and full of youthful innocence. He started riding harder, but kept a smooth consistent rhythm. He loved it, the ride, not some much the sex but the ride itself, then he started to laugh. He couldn’t help it.

What is happening, why am I giggling like toddler? An image started forming in Joe’s mind. What’s happening now in I’m having visions! He was taken back to his childhood playroom, where he was looking up at his favourite toy. Oh there’s Poncho, my old wooden rocking horse. Haha I’m riding poncho again! Craig’s body felt oddly cool and firm beneath Joe’s thighs. He liked the feeling so much that he grabbed Craig’s back and tightened his thighs in an attempt to feel more.

Craig began moaning. Oh what beautiful moans. Why, my horse’s hinges are creaking. Don’t worry my little pony: lubrication is coming!

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32