Jingle Tingle

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There’s nothing like the joy of the holiday season. Festive decorations are everywhere and people seem to be kinder, happier and more thoughtful. I love the holidays as it gives me the opportunity to celebrate with friends. I work as a sales associate at one of the finer department stores at the mall and the holidays are especially hectic. Long hours combined with stressful shoppers who aren’t sure what to buy loved ones makes for one tired gal at the end of the day.

I work in the mens department, so I always try to dress in a low cut top and tight skirt. It helps get the customers attention and when I smile and wiggle my ass, they get pretty engaged and wind up buying a little more than they usually planned on spending. I don’t work on commission, but I like the idea of helping others.

Today, I’m wearing a tight red sweater that shows the tops of my big firm tits. With it, I’m wearing a mid-length black pencil skirt that hugs my curves delightfully. I have a pair of delicious black strappy . heels and I feel pretty sexy. I wore my thick blonde hair up in a bun today with little tendrils framing my face – I love that look. Makes me feel like a school teacher.

It’s old in the store today, and I am wearing a lacey bra that allows my big, pink nipples to poke through. I love the feel of my hard nipples against the fabric, it makes my body tingle and I can feel the wetness between my legs. It’s been awhile since I’ve gotten laid – I think I’m overdue.

It’s mid morning and I’m straightening up the ties when a handsome fellow walks up to me and asks me if I can help him pick out a suit for a party. I noticed him across the department awhile Sivas Escort ago, but did not approach him as I didn’t want to be pushy. Instead, I glanced over at him every once in awhile to see if he looked confused. I liked that he was tall, with dark hair. He even had some scruff on his chin – like a 5 o’clock shadow, which I thought was incredibly sexy. I immediately wondered what that scruff would feel like rubbing against my sensitive nipples.

When he came up to me, I was lost in sexy thoughts of him, so when he said hello, I was a bit startled.

“Camille?” he was clearly reading my name tag. “Do you mind helping me look for a suit? I have to go to a party next weekend and need something sharp.”

“Sure, it would be my pleasure. But please, call me Cami.” I flashed him my brightest smile and I got one back in return. We spent some time talking about his style and what he was looking for. I pulled a few options from our inventory and asked him to meet me in the dressing room so we could see how they looked.

Now, the idea of this gorgeous man undressing just a few feet away from me was daunting. He was the hottest guy I’d seen in the store in some time. The fact that I hadn’t been with anyone in months didn’t help. I was horny as hell and needed to get fucked hard. My already hard nipples were pressing against my top – pushing and aching to be sucked on, played with, take care of. I was literally aching.

As I brought him the samples, he had already undressed down to his briefs and for a slight moment i was mesmerized by his beauty. He was rock solid and had a perfect body.

“Cami, you don’t have to leave Sivas Escort Bayan when I try these on. It might be more helpful if you stayed and helped me get in and out of these. Might make it faster.”

“That’s not really company policy,” i responded. I wanted to stay more than anything, but I was afraid of risking my job. It was in that moment that he took the tip of his forefinger and gently caressed the tops of my breasts, tracing the edge of the sweater as it dipped between my cleavage and then back up to the top.

In reaction to his touch, my breath quickened and my breasts heaved. There was no mistaking that my nipples were longer, harder, needier than ever. “Please?” he asked gently as his mouth moved downwards and traced the same path as his finger did. His breath against my skin make me weak. I felt myself swoon and immediately, his hands were around me, supporting me and making sure I didn’t fall.

The feeling was mesmerizing. My entire body was on fire and I wanted nothing more than to rip off my clothes and let him have his way with me. So I did.

His mouth came up to mine and kissed me passionately while his hands reached for my breasts – caressing and massaging them to the point that a small moan escaped my lips. His mouth moved from mine down my neck to the tops of my breasts. I was on fire, aching for more of him. I reached down and touched his cock – it was so long and hard. I could feel him throbbing through his underwear.

He pulled my sweater over my head and buried his face between my tits. They were so big that most of his head got lost between them, but he managed to find his way Escort Sivas out of the abyss and lick up towards my left nipple – hard through my bra. He reached back and unclipped me – so my tits fell freely around him. HIs hands, one on each breast, massaged and caressed them as his mouth took turns licking and sucking my nipples. I was in absolute heaven.

I hiked my skirt up and pulled my panties to the side, sliding my fingers over my clit. It was so slippery and wet. I rubbed some of that wetness on my nipples and loved the sound of his moan as he tasted me on them.

Reluctant to have his mouth ever leave my tits, I got down on my knees and took him into my mouth. The deliciousness of him is indescribable, I can only say that he was a yummy mouthful of manliness. His hands in my hair, he undid my bun and my long locks fell against my back as he pushed himself deep into the back of my throat. I loved hearing him moan as I took him over the edge and filled my mouth up with his cum.

After swallowing every drop, he pulled me up and pushed me up against the wall. My arms held above my head, by one of his hands, i wrapped my legs around him as I felt him push deeply, quickly into me. The ferocity of his need matched mine and we fucked hard for just moments before we both exploded. It was the hottest, most incredible sex I had ever had.

A few minutes later, I left the dressing room, composed and satisfied.

He took his time trying on the suits and when he came up to the register and handed me his AmEx, I smiled.

“I appreciate your business today, Michael. Thank you SO much for shopping with us today.. I hope you’ll be back again soon.” I smiled.

“With that kind of service, Cami, I will be a regular, you can count on that.” He smiled back.

With that last sentiment, I wished him a Merry Christmas and expected to see him back in a few days to pick up his newly altered suit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32