Jimmy Gets a Girl Ch. 03

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Jim had made it through recess somehow. He had thought about going to the toilets to jerk off, something boys under eighteen did frequently as a result of seeing older boys or teachers doing their girls. Yet he wanted to save it, to wait until he was at the ‘Torium. Even if it meant he would blow his load as soon as he tried a girl, he wanted to wait for it, to maximize the excitement. So at recess he had hidden himself, keeping away from anyone with a girl.

Third period was Maths. He was lucky in that Mr Peers was away. They had a substitute female teacher instead. This was a blessing, as Mr Peers’ blonde girl was very cute and distracting, especially because Mr Peers often had her go around naked with a giant dildo stuck in her ass. Rod was in his Maths class as well but was evidently still satisfied from History, as Renee just sat quietly next to him.

As he was leaving Maths, Jim realized his next problem. Fourth period was English, which meant he would be in the same class as Carl Majors for an hour. Carl was something of a joke and a legend at the same time. He was always the geekiest kid possible, scrawny with pale blotchy skin, knock knees and big thick glasses. But he was one of the oldest boys in the school and a few weeks ago had taken a day off, only to return with one of the most physical women Jim had ever seen. He couldn’t think how else to describe her.

Titania was huge, over six feet tall. She towered over Carl. Her body was big without being fat. Her long legs went up to muscular thighs and a big, rock hard ass. Then, amazingly, she tapered in to a tiny waist, almost incredulously narrow and muscular, with pronounced abs. Then she flared out again with muscular shoulders and some of largest tits Jim had ever seen, even more massive than Dad’s girl Tiffany, so that they looked huge even on Titania’s frame. Then the face of a sex goddess, big thick lips, cute nose, wide bright brown eyes and a cascade of dark chocolate hair that fell past her waist. Her skin was a dark rich brown, the same shade all over.

Jim and Liam made it to the English classroom before anyone else and Jim breathed a sigh of relief. He hadn’t seen Carl anywhere today, maybe he was away sick. The class filed in slowly and still there was no sign of Carl. Every guy in the class seemed to be waiting for him, or more precisely waiting for Titania. Finally Mr Alvarez turned up, trailing his girl Samira, a hot Latin girl. Alvarez was unusual in that his girl was always dressed and he never did anything with her in class. Today she was wearing skin tight jeans and a t-shirt that looked a few sizes too small.

Mr Alvarez had just finished marking attendance and getting them to take out their copies of Frankenstein, when there was a burst of laughter from the doorway. The towering figure of Titania was in the doorway, entirely naked except for a pair of red stiletto heels and a broad white smile. Jim stifled a groan as he felt his cock go rock hard instantly. Carl was right behind her, laughing. The whole class stared as they saw that Carl wasn’t wearing any pants. From his sneakers to his school shirt, his skeletal pasty legs were exposed, as well as his long thin dick. Before looking away Jim noticed that it was bright red and erect.

“Carl, you’re late,” Alvarez snapped. “Where have you been?”

“Sorry, sir,” sivas escort Carl answered from the doorway. “We lost track of time.”

“That’s no excuse,” The teacher shot back. “You’ll be staying back after class.”

This was when Jim realized his mistake. There were two empty chairs right next to him, which Carl was heading for. He was going to be forced to have a front row seat to Carl’s craziness all period, in his condition. It would be amazing if he didn’t blow his load like Liam.

Carl sat down next to him, his dick waving about, with Titania coiled ready on the other side.

“Hey Jim.” Carl grinned smugly.

“Hey Carl,” Jim said resignedly. “How’s it going?”

“Quiet over there.” Alvarez called over at them.

Carl kept grinning at him for a moment, then fished out his copy of Frankenstein from his bag. Jim knew it was only a matter of time. He stared fixedly ahead, trying to will his peripheral vision to turn off. It was hopeless. No matter how he tried to focus on the lesson, he was too keyed up for the madness to begin.

There was an odd grunting sound from beside him, accompanied by the sound of deep fast breathing. Jim couldn’t help himself, he glanced to the side and saw the beginning of his problems. Carl was leaning back in his seat, looking at the board. Titania, meanwhile, was bent over in her chair and sucking Carl’s cock with angry force. The grunting was coming from her as she forced his long dick into her throat. Her hands were squeezing her own breasts as she swallowed him. Jim quickly looked away, but the sounds kept going on.

He tried leaning on his hand so it blocked his ear, but it didn’t help. Carl was making quiet moans to accompany his girl’s grunts and gagging, plus their chairs were creaking in time with the blowjob, which made it even easier to imagine.

“Get up here, baby,” He heard Carl say quietly. Chairs and tables creaked. “Yeah right there.”

He had to look over again. The naked, brown form of the girl was bent over the desk, her huge breasts squeezed against the wood, gripping the edges with her fingers. Carl had taken out a bottle of lube and was pouring it over his red dick. He couldn’t look away as the skinny nerd put down the lube and brought his glistening penis towards his girl’s muscular buttocks. Carl saw him looking and grinned.

“Its going in her ass.” He confided. Then he pushed forward, his eyes closing in pleasure. Jim heard a squelch from Titania’s asshole as he entered.

“Yeah fuck my ass honey.” Titania growled. Carl started shoving against her firm butt, the muscles of which did not even wobble slightly. Jim couldn’t believe how muscled her body was, with only her tits jiggling where they squashed on the desk top.

Carl looked over at him again. He was still grinning.

“Yeah. I’ve been fucking her ass all day,” He told Jim. “She’s so tight.”

It was believable. Her ass cheeks were so firm that they were concave, the muscles quivering. Jim could easily imagine that they must clamp on his geeky dick like a strong fist. His eyes were drawn all along the length of the ebony girl, from her rippling cheeks and thighs, over her narrow waist and to the muscles of her back and the chocolate swell of her tits. He saw that Titania was looking at him and smiling çorum escort broadly, obviously as exhibitionist as Carl.

“Fuck my black asshole,” She purred, smiling back at Carl. “Shove that white dick in me.”

Carl ignored her and kept talking to Jim. “Her pussy gets so wet, I can feel the moisture on my balls.”

“Really? Wow.” Jim managed to choke out.

Alvarez had come up to them, looking annoyed. He was standing right in front of Titania, who smiled up at him. Carl slowed down but didn’t stop.

“You’re distracting my class, Carl,” The teacher said. Jim saw that everyone was indeed looking. “Can’t you take a break?”

“Sorry sir. Can I just squeeze out a load first?”

Alvarez sighed. “I guess so. Just try to make it quick.”

“I will. Do that thing, Titty.”

Titania stood up straighter, with Carl’s dick still in her ass. She had to crouch a bit as she was so much taller than him. Her strong hands grasped her own buttocks and spread them, whilst Carl’s hands went to her gigantic tits. They were much more than a handful, spilling out over his fingers.

Alvarez had not moved away, instead watching the action with raised eyebrows. The bulge in the front of his slacks was noticeable. With the black girl half-standing her face was quite close to the teacher’s and she was still smiling at him with her brilliant white teeth. It was easy to imagine that Samira would be getting a workout after class.

Despite his promise, Carl didn’t seem any closer to coming. He was jamming that black ass even faster than when he started. Him and his girl were very vocal, another part of his legend around the school.

“That black hole is so fucking tight. Tight as a fucking meat condom.” He exclaimed.

“I’m squeezin’ it hard for your cock, honey.” She answered.

“So tight, it’ll always be this tight, for fucking ever.”

“Blow another white load in my ass!”

Carl grinned at Alvarez. “This’ll be my third load today.”

“This isn’t my idea of quickly, Carl.” The teacher said, but his voice was thicker.

The whole class was watching the show. Jim was especially turned on by the sight of Vicky Green, a girl he had a serious crush on, who was staring at Carl’s pumping hips with a lot of colour in her face. Jim couldn’t help imagining if he had a girl exactly like her, with his dick up her tight ass. Vicky had long brown hair and big tits that stretched out her school shirts, very noticeable now with how heavily she was breathing.

Carl was mauling the black breasts now, kneading them hard. He was laughing his high-pitched cackle as his cock slid in and out of her anus. Titania was laughing huskily with him.

“This is taking a while, Carl.” Alvarez admonished.

“Sorry sir.” He gasped.

“Sorry Mister Alvarez,” Titania drawled, smiling, shaking with the impact of Carl’s hips on her hard ass. “My boy’s gotta paint my asshole. Whitewash!”

She laughed cheerfully. Jim was noticing the contrast between her rich brown skin and Carl’s pasty white, how it made the whole picture even hotter.

“Can you do anything to speed things up?” Alvarez asked her, making her laugh again.

“I’m squeezing his joystick as hard as I can, Mister.”

“Yeah, her ass is tight, sir,” Carl said. “Tight denizli escort black ass all the way up.”

Jim felt faint. He was sitting right next to the whole thing, so close he could smell a musky odour that he realized was Titania’s pussy juices. He could see fluids dripping on the carpet between her legs, a mixture of lube from her ass and her own juice. She was pulling her ass cheeks wide, slamming herself back against Carl’s hips.

“I think I’m going to come now, sir,” Carl gasped. His fucking somehow increased in speed. “Yeah, third time today!”

“Go Carl!” Someone called out from across the room. Carl released one giant tit to fist pump in the air. Jim couldn’t take his eyes off the free tit that swung and jiggled with her ass pumping.

“Gimme that white come!” Titania growled. “Come in my ass!”

Carl pushed Titania down on the desk, grabbed her ass cheeks and jammed himself fully inside her. His whole body seemed to screw up and shake like he was having a fit. His eyes bugged out of his head and he emitted a thin squeal that went on for ages. Titania shouted encouragement as his body shook with orgasm. Jim couldn’t believe how intense it looked.

Finally Carl sank into his seat, exhaling a giant breath. His cock emerged from her ass with a loud pop and a flood of come that poured out onto the carpet. Titania stayed bent over the desk, giggling and biting her lip. Her face was very close to the bulge in Alvarez’s pants. The teacher seemed to realize this with a start, and marched away.

“Maybe now we can get back to work!” He announced, but Jim saw him cast a longing glance at his sultry girl.

Jim was looking at Vicky Green now. She was staring at the pool of thick sperm on the carpet, her face coloured, one of her hands absently squeezing one of her full tits. Jim would’ve loved to shove his straining dick in her half-open mouth. He was envisioning this vividly when she looked up and saw him staring. She blushed harder, looked away, then looked back. Jim smiled and she turned away quickly, facing the front of the room.

There was a gagging sound. Looking around, he saw that Titania was bent over Carl again, sucking the dick that was fresh from her anus. The nerd grinned at him, his eyes unfocussed behind his glasses.

“Just you wait, man. You’ll see.” He advised.

The bell rang just as Alvarez was getting started again. Carl watched as Vicky Green quickly got up and left before anyone else. She was so tall and slim, with an ass that pushed out her short skirt.

Jim left quickly as well. Instead of going to his next class, he took off for the office and went straight up to the desk.

“Hello there.” The office lady said.

“I’m feeling really sick.” Jim said. She looked him over.

“You do look a bit peaky, dear. Come back to the sick bay.”

Jim smiled as he followed her. Now he was safe until the end of he day.


School was over. Finally.

Jim waited at the kerb, so excited he could barely breathe. He averted his eyes as Carl walked past, still without pants, Titania still naked beside him.

Mum’s car finally pulled up beside him and he climbed in, almost sick with anticipation. It took him a moment to notice how upset Mum looked.

“I’ve got some bad news honey. You’re father has hurt himself at work. He’s alright,” Mum waved him back. “But he’s broken his ankle. I’m afraid we won’t be able to go to the ‘Torium tonight.”

Jim stared out the windshield. He felt close to tears.

“I’m sorry, honey. You can have the day off tomorrow and I’ll take you.”

He just stared. His balls ached.

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