Jim and Alicia Pt. 04

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Chapter 9 – Just The Girls

Having applied for a few jobs over the previous week, Alicia was happy to finally have some free time so she could be with Jim again. She had to admit, she missed him… a lot. It had only really been three days, but it seemed like an eternity to her.

Alicia glanced out her bedroom window and noticed Jim’s car wasn’t in his driveway. She frowned, but knew he didn’t usually stay out late at night, the few times he did actually go out.

Just then, the phone rang and, after checking the caller ID, Alicia picked it up and said, “Hey Sophora, what’s up?”

“Nothing… are you busy?” came the other girl’s voice over the phone.

Alicia, knowing she wouldn’t mind some company after having been apart from the amazing sex she recently stumbled upon, answered with a no. “Do you wanna come over? I don’t really wanna be alone right now….”

Sophora smiled, as she had a surprise for Alicia, and she replied, “I’ll be over in a few minutes hun… make sure you’re showered and shaved.”

Before Alicia could respond to that last comment, the line was dead. Her pussy gushed at the thought. She now knew Sophora was a very freaky woman, and would more than likely try anything once, and continue to do it if she liked it enough.

About four minutes had elapsed and Alicia smiled broadly when she heard a car pull into her driveway. Ready for anything, she stayed seated on the couch and yelled, “Come in!” when she heard Sophora’s knock.

Strutting across the living room towards Alicia in an exaggerated manner, Sophora had Alicia’s jaw on the floor.

“You cut your hair!!!” exclaimed Alicia, “oh my God, I love it!!”

Sophora did her thing down the hallway of Alicia’s house, pausing at each end and turning like a model. She tried her hardest not to bust out laughing.

Not only had Sophora changed her hairstyle, but she was also dressed quite differently. A black wife beater shirt accompanied long Army-brown boy shorts and a pair of black Etnies completed the guyish look.

Alicia was so turned on at how sexy Sophora looked dressed the way she was, and she sat forward on the couch as her friend came to stand in front of her. Alicia didn’t think to glance at Sophora’s crotch, but if she had, she’d have seen the bulge there.

Sophora looked down at Alicia, seeing if she’d noticed, but she hadn’t, so Sophora said, “I think it’s time for your surprise…”

Reaching for her fly, Alicia’s eyes got wide as Sophora undid her pants, pulling out the 9″ strap-on she was wearing.

“There you go… you look surprised,” Sophora said with a laugh.

“I am… when did you get this??” Alicia inquired, tentatively reaching for the dong that was mere inches from her face. Lifting it in her small hand, she knew this was going inside of her, but she wondered how they’d manage it.

“I got it today, but all I need you to do for me is listen and relax,” Sophora said as she pushed Alicia back onto the couch and kissed her friend deeply.

Alicia moaned softly into the kiss and automatically brought her hand up to jerk the fake dick off. It was habit, but Sophora felt the tug on the toy and smiled into the kiss, knowing what her friend was doing.

Sophora pulled away slightly and asked Alicia, “You wanna play with this?” pointing to the toy that dangled between them.

Alicia nodded and licked her lips, looking up into Sophora’s gorgeous ice blue eyes. Sophora stood again and Alicia scooted forward on the couch, taking the head of the cock into her mouth. Sophora could tell Alicia missed Jim’s dick, and she felt a slight pang of guilt for doing Avcılar Escort what she had done only two nights before, but that quickly diminished when she entangled her hand in Alicia’s hair to hold it back, giving her a better view of the toy disappearing into Alicia’s hungry mouth.

Sophora began pushing her hips forward in an effort to sink more of the rubber dong into Alicia’s throat, and it worked, cuz she heard Alicia gag slightly.

“Sorry,” Sophora mumbled, but she didn’t really mean it. Not entirely anyway.

“Get it nice and wet, I wanna fuck your pussy soon,” Sophora demanded of Alicia, and Alicia obeyed. She sucked as much of the toy as she could into her mouth, and then pulled off and licked up and down the artificially veined shaft.

Using her hand, Alicia made sure the entire 9 inches was coated in a sheen of spit, then she stood, pushing Sophora back slightly and removed her pants and thong together and tossed them to the side. Sophora then removed her own shorts and sneakers and said, “On your knees, on the couch, facing away from me, now,” and Alicia got on the couch, extra excited that Sophora was ordering her around like the slut she knew she was.

“Very good, I’m just the right… height,” and at the last word, Sophora pushed the cock forward, holding it steady at Alicia’s pussy. The head popped into Alicia’s sopping wet cunt and she moaned loud and long at how good it felt to be stretched again like that.

Sophora didn’t really care, but she asked anyway. “You okay? Can I move now?”

Alicia nodded just as Sophora pushed more inside, not having waited for her answer. Seven of the nine inches sank fully into Alicia’s twat before it stopped. Alicia’s whole body was shaking at how wonderful it felt. She wanted to… no, needed to be fucked, and she was glad that Sophora, her best friend of so many years, was the one to do it now.

“Ohhhh my god yessssss baby please, fuck my pussy. I want you to pull my hair and spank me, fuck me so deep, I need this so fucking badly, mmmmmmm…” was all pouring out of Alicia’s mouth, almost at an unintelligible pace.

Getting the idea, Sophora pulled Alicia’s hair hard, yanking her head up, forcing Alicia to cry out in both pleasure and pain as Sophora shoved her dick into the greedy pussy in front of her.

Sophora grunted slightly in her efforts to fuck her friend thoroughly, and she felt as though she could cum from just watching it move in and out of the tight hole that was Alicia’s pussy.

Wanting to see Alicia squirm on the toy, Sophora pulled out so just the head was left imbedded in Alicia’s cunt, receiving a low whine from her friend at being left so empty.

“Move on it, bitch,” Sophora hissed through gritted teeth, and she brought her palm down hard on Alicia’s right ass cheek.

“OH FUCK!” Alicia nearly screamed, as the smack on her bare ass caused her vaginal muscles to contract strongly around the portion of the dick still left inside her.

“Did I tell you to stop?” came Sophora’s seemingly angry response.

“No, please, do it again…” moaned Alicia. “Spank me, I’ve been so fucking bad, punish me!”

Glad to oblige, Sophora’s hand again came down on Alicia’s ass, causing a loud slap sound to echo in the room, and each slap after that made Alicia’s pussy tighten around the large toy.

Sophora alternated slapping both of Alicia’s ass cheeks as she went back to fucking her friend in earnest.

“Fucking you is making me so hot, I think I might actually cum, and I want you to cum with me, you little bitch… ohhh God, I’m almost there,” Sophora groaned, Beylikdüzü Escort and she doubled her already-frantic efforts on her friend’s twat.

Sophora reached around and rubbed Alicia’s clit quickly just as she felt her own orgasmic waves crash over her. Alicia and Sophora both tensed and shook as they came simultaneously, breathing heavily and mumbling almost inaudible curses and moans.

“Oh Christ, that was amazing,” Alicia sighed as Sophora pulled out of her best friend’s hole, and Sophora looked at Alicia and held the dong up, saying, “Suck it clean for me… taste your delicious pussy cream on my dick.”

Happy to do so, Alicia turned around and swallowed almost the entire toy in one gulp, savoring the flavor of her cum that coated her new ‘friend.’

“Mmmm, you look so hot with a dick in your mouth,” Sophora chuckled, and she moved the hair away from Alicia’s face in order to watch her clean the toy better.

Smiling wickedly, Sophora said to Alicia, “My turn… go put this on,” and she shimmied out of the harness and handed it to Alicia.

Alicia stood, taking the harness, and stepped into it, pulling it on and adjusting the straps ever so slightly to fit her pelvis just right.

Sophora stood and said, “Sit on the couch, I wanna ride you, but…” and she paused for a moment to retrieve some anal beads from her bag, and holding them up for Alicia to see, continued with, “I’m just full of surprises today.”

“I think you should have to suck it now, cuz you made me,” declared Alicia, “it’s only fair.”

Sophora looked at Alicia and knew she really wouldn’t mind doing it, but she assured Alicia, “Trust me, I’m wet enough, I don’t need any kind of lube… besides, I think I’m done with the real thing for a while, and I’d rather not do anything I used to do to them in the past… like sucking them.”

Sophora finished speaking and was just staring at Alicia, who seemed to be mulling it over in that pretty little head of hers, and after a few seconds decided that was good enough for her, and she shrugged and said, “Okay, climb on!” with a big smile on her face.

Smiling as well at having her answer being sufficient enough, Sophora straddled Alicia on the couch and lined up the fake prick with her pussy, and sank down, taking every last centimeter in.

“Wait, let me get these in,” said Sophora, meaning the anal beads, and she began pushing them into her ass one at a time, liking how they felt as they filled her other hole.

“Okay, that’s all eight of them… when I tell you to, I want you to slowly but deliberately pull them out,” Sophora instructed Alicia, and then she began moving on the toy that was already buried so deeply inside of her pussy.

“Mmmmmmm yeah, this feels awesome,” Sophora said, speeding up every now and again, fucking herself good on the toy she had bought. “It’s been days since I’ve been fucked this well, ohhh man…”

Grabbing both of Sophora’s tits in her hands and pinching her nipples, Alicia asked her friend, “Who have you been fucking lately?” and knowing the real answer would crush her friend, Sophora lowered her face into Alicia’s neck, right where it met her shoulder, and mumbled, “Just some guy I met recently,” and she said nothing more, but instead bit into Alicia’s flesh lightly.

Alicia thought that was sort of a strange answer, seeing as how her and Sophora talked about everything sexual in their lives, but she was really too wrapped up in trying to meet her friend’s thrusts with her own hips to analyze it any further.

Figuring a powerful orgasm would clear the lingering guilt created Bahçeşehir Escort by her own conscience, Sophora concentrated on the feelings in her pussy and ass, and wanting the thing that pushed her over the edge to be sharing this moment with her good friend, her eyes locked on Alicia’s and Sophora whispered, “I love you, Alicia,” knowing Alicia would understand just the way she meant it, and both girls smiled and Alicia said, “I love you too, babe,” and they kissed passionately as Sophora felt yet another orgasm beginning from deep inside her cunt.

Not really wanting to break the kiss, but needing to give Alicia the signal to pull the beads out, Sophora, moaning at her quickly-approaching orgasm, said, “Now, pull them out, nowwwwwwwwww…” and she threw her head back in ecstasy just as Alicia pulled the beads, causing Sophora’s body to jerk with the passing of each bead through her sphincter.

Alicia caught Sophora’s mouth in another delicious kiss as she could feel the spasms that the obviously quite powerful orgasm was causing her friend to convulse with.

Not knowing what to do with used anal beads, Alicia just dropped them on the floor and hugged Sophora around her midsection as she felt Sophora hug her back, her shirt-covered tits pressed against the side of Alicia’s face.

After having cleaned the toys properly and getting dressed again, Sophora sat Alicia down on the same couch they had just made love on.

Sophora took Alicia’s hands in her own and, in a serious manner, addressed her friend.

“Do you love Jim?” was Sophora’s first question.

Having Sophora ask that question was odd, but Alicia nodded her head and said, “I’m fairly certain I do… I think about him all the time, and I’m pretty sure he thinks about me a lot too. He must have been so lonely without me the past few nights.”

“Not really…” Sophora mumbled under her breath as she looked away, thinking of how to tell Alicia that she was fairly sure Jim didn’t feel the same way about her as Alicia felt about him.

“What did you just say?” Alicia asked, getting very serious for the moment.

Sophora sighed loudly, knowing it was too late to take anything back, and feeling that it was only fair that Alicia knew Jim wasn’t a one-woman man.

“Alicia… there are some things you don’t know about Jim,” Sophora began.

Afraid this was leading to something like, ‘I fucked your man,’ Alicia’s eyes locked onto Sophora’s and she waited for her to finish speaking.

“After I called you and found out you wouldn’t be at Jim’s, I called him and asked if I could go over there… and to keep this story short, I slept with both Jim and his friend Aaron, whom I’m pretty sure is gay now,” Sophora blurted, almost unable to stop herself.

Alicia’s mouth opened in shock and horror, and she removed her hands from Sophora’s grip, turning away, obviously upset.

“Look, I know, I fucked up, but if he’ll sleep with your best friend and his friend, I don’t think he’s the best match for you, romantically…” Sophora tried to offer as a little comfort.

“Wait, he fucked a guy???” Alicia asked.

“No no no, he didn’t touch Aaron, but we were all drunk and high and he let Aaron suck him off… I don’t think he enjoyed it much, though. I’m so sorry, but I felt you had a right to know this… if you want me to go, I will,” Sophora mumbled and she stood to leave.

Alicia, grabbing her friend’s hand to stop her, looked up at Sophora and said, “You and I have been friends for so long, and we’ve definitely connected on many more levels, and I don’t think you sleeping with any guy I like could ruin that. I love you and I’m not mad at you.”

“But you’re thinking of a way to get back at Jim, aren’t you?” Sophora asked, smiling cruelly at the idea.

“You’re damn right I am,” returned Alicia, thinking of the toy they had both just fucked each other with………………

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